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The dangerous & unhinged extremists in the Protect Nebraska Children group are back on their bullshit -- this time accusing State Board of Education member @Educ8Nebraska Deb Neary of being a "pedophile" and a "groomer."
Completely baseless lies like this have already led to violence across the nation, and contributed to the death of Nebraska's own Milo Winslow this year.…
And yet nobody is speaking out about it -- not the Democrats, not the Republicans, not the local press.…
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⚠️ NEW: A train, which wasn't in service, has just collided with a fallen tree at #Longfield.

❌ The line is blocked in both directions between Swanley and Rochester while the tree is removed from the line.
⚠️ UPDATE: We also now have reports of a tree falling on the line at #Kearsney, with the line now blocked in both directions.

❌ Trains can't currently run between Dover Priory and Faversham via Canterbury East in either direction.
⚠️ UPDATE: In addition to this, there are now trees reported on the line at #Broadstairs and at #MaidstoneBarracks, in addition to those at #Longfield and #Kearsney.

❌ Lines are blocked at both locations while staff work to get the trees clear of the line.
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¡Diez cosas que siempre quisiste saber sobre los #vikingos y nunca te atreviste a preguntar!
¡Adentro 🧵!
#Arqueologia #Arte e #Historia de este pueblo de la #EdadMedia escandinava. ¿Salvajes guerreros, intrépidos exploradores o refinados comerciantes?
1⃣ Es posible que os baile la cronología vikinga. Tradicionalmente se usan como inicio y final del periodo dos fechas:
793-Saqueo del monasterio de Lindisfarne (Inglaterra)
1066-Derrota de Harold el Despiadado en la batalla de Stamford
Por tanto, se ubican entre los s.VIII y XI
2⃣ No constituyeron un estado unificado, sino que les unían la lengua (noruego antiguo), la cultura y las creencias religiosas. Suele hablarse de #vikingos daneses, suecos y noruegos, según su ubicación original.
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Thread: New England, Crimea. How Anglo-Saxon migration transformed Byzantium and created the first English colony.
955 years ago today, William of Normandy defeated Harold Godwinson’s army at Hastings and became the King of England. William’s regime was slow to eliminate Anglo-Saxon influence in England, but Anglo-Saxon uprisings in the north of the country drew his wrath.
Over the winter of 1069-1070 William prosecuted the “Harrying of the North,” killing his way through Northumbria. Records from the Domesday Book estimate 75% of the population fled or was killed. The last Æthling, Edgar, submitted to William in 1074, making his rule uncontested.
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Random thoughts on the farcical #impeachment #show #trial.

Where's #ChiefJustice #Roberts?

To clarify, the Senate is NOT required to employ the services of the Chief Justice in the conduct of an impeachment trial except when the President is on trial.
Excepting presidential impeachments of #Clinton and #Trump, the modern Senate has impeached through a process in which the matter tried in committee, rather than before the whole Senate, and then and submitted to the Senate for ultimate judgment by the entire body.
In fact, this method was used in the modern impeachments of federal judges @RepHastingsFL and #WalterNixon.
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Sorry to say we've had a problem between #Robertsbridge + #Battle on @Se_Railway's #Hastings line all morning - and it is likely to continue for the rest of the day. The issue is a cable fault around Mountfield (pictured) 1/
The cable is 37-core - which means 37 individual strands - and the fault is affecting 2 level crossings, 4 signals and 7 train detection circuits in the area below. It's a 600metre length cable and we have a team of 7 on site trying to narrow down the failure. /2
Our cables on this route are hidden in troughs so the team is walking the line looking for obvious external damage. It may not be obvious - it could be inside the sheathing - so they are also testing each "core" to see which ones are misbehaving. /3
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Hoy tenemos una gran #citaconlahistoria

#TalDiaComoHoy en 1066 comenzó la conquista normanda de Inglaterra.

Haced palomitas 🍿 para ver cómo ingleses y franceses se zurran de lo lindo sin intervenir los españoles.

Bienvenidos a la batalla de #Hastings ⤵️
El duque de Normandía, Guillermo II, desembarca un 28/09/1066 en las paradisíacas playas de Pevensey para pgepagag no pgesisamente una sena de picoteo. Consigo trae unos 10.000 hombres muy fisnos: 50% infanteguía y 50% caballegos y agquegos.
Mientras, el rey de Inglaterra Harold Godwinson, enterado por radio macuto tras su pírrica victoria en Stamford Bridge, sale zingando a marchas forzadas hacia el sur para enfrentarse a Guillermo con un ejército diezmado, agotado y con ganas de sentarse en el sofá a ver una peli.
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#Hastings Mayor Corey Stutte says it’s difficult to say but the community spread was inevitable.
Total number of COVID-19 cases are up to 4.
The source of exposure for previously confirmed cases were not able to be identified, making the conclusion community spread.
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@SurvivorsnetBtn @RASASC_London @survivorstrust @Danvers07943910 @ObjectUK @BrightonSurvivorsNET “In the light of a highly disturbing increase of #transphobia locally & nationally…” IF everything anybody says or does is #transphobia, of course you can say it is rising. Any reputable statistics?
@SurvivorsnetBtn @RASASC_London @survivorstrust @Danvers07943910 @ObjectUK “…so the date @Womans_Place_UK event feels like a concerted effort to make #trans ppl, & particularly #transwomen, feel #intimidated and #invalidated” Is it the position of SN that the sensitivities of #transwomen mean that #democracy should be suspended any time they say so?
@SurvivorsnetBtn @RASASC_London @survivorstrust @Danvers07943910 @ObjectUK @Womans_Place_UK #Transwomen do face special challenges but they remain #bio #logical #males but it is fine for them #Gender express as ‘women’ but with the best will in the world, they remain #bio #logically #male @WomenEqualities @Commonswomequ @PennyMordaunt @MariaMillerUK @LesleySemmens
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