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0/ a fundamental look at the state of @arbitrum, the leading optimistic #rollup L2 in the #Ethereum ecosystem!✨

🧵with @aurumcrypto research insights (0/26)👇
1/ @arbitrum has seen a 36% increase in active daily users on #arbitrum one mainnet on a month on month basis, while #ArbitrumOdyssey is still paused📈

source: @tokenterminal 📊

2/ number of active users has been steadily growing since January 2021 and growth has accelerated in recent weeks with #arbitrum one mainnet reaching >32k active daily users on September 5th

source: @tokenterminal 📊
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Arbitrum Updates 🧵

#Arbitrum recently announced Nova and also has planned to implement its major upgrade, called Nitro, in the coming days. To clear up the confusion let’s briefly discuss what #Nova and #Nitro are.

The Nitro upgrade, going live tomorrow, is aimed to be a better version of the current Arbitrum network.

One of the major problems with Arbitrum was its high gas fees, especially during the #Odyssey load. Nitro upgrade will decrease the gas fees through

Advanced Call Data Compression. Nitro will also bring additional L1 compatibility for developers. I’ll leave the technical explanations for the technical guys.

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1/ When #l222 > L1

@arbitrum fees caused a frenzy last week. But is there any need for concern?

This thread will explain
- what happened
- will it happen again
- what can be done to mitigate it in the future
2/ A common misconception with the emergence of layer-2 and #rollup protocols within #Ethereum is that they will automatically come with cheaper gas fees and easier transactions for users.
3/ While this will largely be the case and is the intended goal, it is by no means impossible for a rollup to suffer from high fees, especially in its current nascent form.

This is precisely what occurred in early July.
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Hey anon, got rugged by @arbitrum #Odyssey? 😭

Don't worry Wagame will not let you down! Here is the #ImBroke list Part 2 with the ⛹️‍♂️ Quests you can do while waiting out the #bearmarket and #ArbitrumOdyssey to be continued.
⛹️‍♂️ Quests are achievable also with small 💸

@arbitrum 1/ Reminder: last time we spoke about token-less #Web3 social apps 🗣️ that you can try out without spending a c̵e̵n̵t̵ gwei
@arbitrum 2/ In this week's edition we'll cover the following opportunities for ⛹️‍♂️ Quests:

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#Smallville #Descent

Chloe searching for Brainiac across the country's power grids. Image
#Smallville #Descent

Lionel's opera CDs! On brand until the very end. Image
#Smallville #Descent

A nice look into Lionel's safe. Is that the necklace Lionel gave Martha in #Arrow? Wasn't that stolen and Green Arrow returned it though? Nice bit of continuity: Lionel was reading "Beyond Good & Evil" in #Suspect. And there is no better description of him. ImageImageImage
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Gm anon, excited about the @arbitrum #Odyssey? So are we! #BridgeWeek starts tomorrow, Thuesday June 21. 🎉

For this opportunity we prepared the perfect cheat sheet for you 🤫👇 and some 🚨Alpha no one else is talking about🚨

🧵👇 Image
@arbitrum 1/ First off, some confirmed info wrt #BridgeWeek

✅ no min. bridge amount
✅ ony ETH transfers eligible
✅ use any chain on eligible bridges
✅ using busiest bridge this week will get you bonus #NFT

⚠️CEX on-ramps don't count for bridging, below the eligible bridges 👇 Image
@arbitrum 2/ 🚨Alpha🚨: looks like some projects are also planning to encourage bridgors to use them during #BridgeWeek, e.g. @lifiprotocol, @hashflow (#POAP? #NFT?).

Also remember that LiFi don’t have a token (yet) 😉 Image
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Q. How is $OHM not a ponzi?

A. $OHM is completely transparent and generates revenues beyond bond sales.

~$30k/day ($11 mm annualized) from trading fees and it could generate another $3 mm / yr on its stablecoin balance, assuming 11% yields.


$14 mm / year WITHOUT bond sales Image
There are roughly 1 million $OHM in circulation so $14/OHM is the non bond revenue/OHM/yr

Non bond revenue per $OHM / price per $OHM = 14/415 = 3.4%

Without ANY external capital inflows, $OHM holders can realize a 3.4% dividend yield right now.

Ponzi schemes cannot do this. Image
Q. But these trading and yield farming revenues are less than 10% of total rev, what about that?

A. $OHM is less than 4 months old and it’s in an expansionary phase. It’s treasure balance is barely $30 mm with liquidity barely $65 mm.

Over time non bond revenue % should ⬆️ Image
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Según vaya por el juego quiero hacer comparativas de ciudades en #Odyssey y en reconstrucciones artísticas supuestamente reales.

Empezamos con el Oráculo de Delfos. Siento la calidad de mierda, he sacado una foto a la tele xD
Lo que es el recinto sagrado está cojonudo. Prácticamente tal cual, así que mis dieses. Aunque le falta un montón de casas alrededor que era donde vivía la gente.
Os dejo para acabar un planico de todos los edificios y templos que lo componían. Era dentro de Templo de Apolo donde estaba la Pitia, o Pitonisa, y hacía sus adivinaciones para el futuro.
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