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Jak wiecie, korzystaliśmy razem z @arbitrum na testnetach, potem już na produkcji, żeby finalnie popsuć tą sieć przy okazji #ArbitrumOdyssey 🙃

Dziś "krótko" jak zamierzam rozegrac #airdrop 🪂
1. Zastanów się nad ceną jaka Ciebie zadowoli przy sprzedaży twojego dropa.. 20c , 50c , 1$ , 2$ ?

2. Spisz na kartce i połóż ją przed sobą, żeby w trakcie odbierania tokenów i ich sprzedaży nie włączyła ci się chciwość. Wtedy głowa jest spokojna i podchodzisz "na chłodno"
4. Pamiętaj jak wszyscy zaczną claimować tokeny zrobi się tłok i paraliż na stronie. Warto tutaj skorzystać z rady Dobrego Wujka @tomkowalczyk żeby być na czele pelotonu 🚴‍♀️

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**Bedrock: Next milestone of Optimism**

The slogan of bedrock upgrade for optimism is:"Bedrock is the cheapest, fastest, and most advanced rollup architecture.Ever."

How bedrock achieve to be “cheapest, fastest, and most advanced rollup".

Let’s find out 🧵 Image
Rollups is,currently,the major technology for Layer2 solution. Both @arbitrum and @optimismFND use optimistic rollups and took up over 70% of Layer2 marketshare.

More protocols choose to build on the top of Layer 2 seems Let crypto native think rollups is flawless. Image
While, Rollups still has it own limitation.

🔴Gas fee still unfriendly if considering more users will step into crypto world in the future.

A example: During #ArbitrumOdyssey event, without Arbitrum Nitro upgrade. Gas fee is more expensive than Ethereum Mainnet.
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0/ a fundamental look at the state of @arbitrum, the leading optimistic #rollup L2 in the #Ethereum ecosystem!✨

🧵with @aurumcrypto research insights (0/26)👇
1/ @arbitrum has seen a 36% increase in active daily users on #arbitrum one mainnet on a month on month basis, while #ArbitrumOdyssey is still paused📈

source: @tokenterminal 📊

2/ number of active users has been steadily growing since January 2021 and growth has accelerated in recent weeks with #arbitrum one mainnet reaching >32k active daily users on September 5th

source: @tokenterminal 📊
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Did someone say #Airdrop? 👀

The hottest #Layer2 solution on the market is undisputably #Arbitrum - they are leading by TVL, Volume, userbase and overall adoption growth.

the recent #ArbitrumNitro update brought down fees even lower, while making the chain faster 🏎️ Image
As you might know there is no $ARBI token yet, but we're getting closer to the official airdrop which you definitely don't want to miss!

The way they designed the so called #ArbitrumOdyssey, you actually learn how to use the protocol while getting tickets for the airdrop &
Earning cool rewards such as time limited #NFTs.

Now let's dive into the actual steps of how to qualify for it 👇

Step 1 check NFT claim eligibility:… Image
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Aug 31, #ArbitrumNitro will be released, 1 year after the #ArbitrumOne mainnet

So have you ever wondered abt Arbi Nova, Odyssey,.?

In this 🧵, I'll give you the most basic information about @arbitrum that you must know & what we need to prepare for the upcoming $ARBI airdrop🧑‍🚀 Image
1/In this thread I will cover you guys:

>What is @arbitrum and their scaling solutions?
>What are the differences between Arbitrum One, Nitro and Nova?
>What is #ArbitrumOdyssey & how to prepare?
>Future forecast for $ARBI token value?
>Gud reads for @arbitrum

Let's go, frens Image
2/>What is @arbitrum and their scaling solutions?

@arbitrum is a product under @OffchainLabs

It is a @ethereum L2 scaling solutions to reduce the costs and latency of decentralized applications

Currently, @arbitrum has 2 main technologies: Arbitrum Rollup and AnyTrust chains Image
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1/ A follow-on 🧵 from yesterday's post about the #ArbitrumOdyssey fee spike.

This thread will discuss, in more detail,:
- the nuances around Optimistic rollups (ORs)
- what are the primary costs associated with ORs
- why there's hope
- @OffchainLabs roadmap
2/ In the case of ORs, no computation is actually done.

They “optimistically” assume all state changes are valid & post the off-chain txs to #ETH’s L1 as calldata.
To counter any potentially fraudulent txs, a dispute period is put in place for ~one week after posting to L1.
3/ During this time, any 3rd party can publish a fraud proof to verify the validity of the txs across L1 and L2.
If the txs are found to be invalid, the invalid txs and all affected txs will be reverted.

@ArbitrumDailyTK , @optimismPBC , @bobanetwork , and @fuellabs_ are ORs
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Hey anon, got rugged by @arbitrum #Odyssey? 😭

Don't worry Wagame will not let you down! Here is the #ImBroke list Part 2 with the ⛹️‍♂️ Quests you can do while waiting out the #bearmarket and #ArbitrumOdyssey to be continued.
⛹️‍♂️ Quests are achievable also with small 💸

@arbitrum 1/ Reminder: last time we spoke about token-less #Web3 social apps 🗣️ that you can try out without spending a c̵e̵n̵t̵ gwei
@arbitrum 2/ In this week's edition we'll cover the following opportunities for ⛹️‍♂️ Quests:

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FAQ odnośnie pierwszego tygodnia w #ArbitrumOdyssey 👇 + PYTANIE BONUSOWE (na końcu)

❓ Kiedy zaczyna się Odyseja?
🇦 21 czerwca, 19:00 czasu PL - Tydzień z mostami

❓ Czy są jakieś wymagania dotyczące udziału?
🇦 ETH bridgujemy Image
❓Czy mogę wziąć udział, jeśli nie głosowałem w snapshot?
🇦 Tak, możesz wziąć udział, głosowanie w snapshot nie było wymagane.

❓ Ile NFT będzie do zgarnięcia?
🇦 W sumie dostępnych będzie 17 różnych NFT.
1 - w pierwszy tydzień z mostami
1 - bonusowy z pierwszego tygodnia, jeśli użyjesz mostu z największym volumenem ETH
14 - przez w tygodniach 2-8
1 - za zdobycie 13 z16 NFT

❓ Gdzie mogę ubiegać się o swoje NFT?
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Gm anon, excited about the @arbitrum #Odyssey? So are we! #BridgeWeek starts tomorrow, Thuesday June 21. 🎉

For this opportunity we prepared the perfect cheat sheet for you 🤫👇 and some 🚨Alpha no one else is talking about🚨

🧵👇 Image
@arbitrum 1/ First off, some confirmed info wrt #BridgeWeek

✅ no min. bridge amount
✅ ony ETH transfers eligible
✅ use any chain on eligible bridges
✅ using busiest bridge this week will get you bonus #NFT

⚠️CEX on-ramps don't count for bridging, below the eligible bridges 👇 Image
@arbitrum 2/ 🚨Alpha🚨: looks like some projects are also planning to encourage bridgors to use them during #BridgeWeek, e.g. @lifiprotocol, @hashflow (#POAP? #NFT?).

Also remember that LiFi don’t have a token (yet) 😉 Image
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Here's a list of projects on #Arbitrum that still do not have a token

Interact with them to increase your transactions on Arbitrum and, hopefully, get some project #airdrops

Let's go!

P.S. Don't forget #ArbitrumOdyssey. It is almost certainly a precursor to an Arb token
1/ @SlingshotCrypto to swap tokens

Slingshot does not have a token as yet, although it has a NFT. If you can, then maybe buy one as well

Note: All swap providers in the Odyssey have tokens. Use them for the Odyssey NFT eligibility and Slingshot for all other swaps
@SlingshotCrypto 2/ @yield is participating in the Odyssey. And it does not yet have a token. So maybe do a bit more than what they ask you to do?

That way, you get your odyssey NFT and increase your chances for a Yield airdrop when it happens. See screenshot from their FAQ section on discord)
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1/22 Hey anon, got caught by on-chain detectives 🕵️ @gzeon or @raise_exception sybiling $HOP #airdrop? 😱
We love #airdrops 🪂 but strictly against abuse 🙅‍♂️ .

Check our reasoning why sybil farming is not sustainable and why devs should implement measures against it
@gzeon @raise_exception 2/22 first things first: does it still make sense for #Web3 projects to airdrop instead of just conducting a token sale or #LBP?

Reminder of desired outcomes for having a token:
✅ high degree of decentralization
✅ genuine users taking responsibility
@gzeon @raise_exception 3/22 likely outcomes for 2 different token distribution methods:

1⃣ LBP:
👎concentrated ownership stakes
👎available to non-users

2⃣ Token sale:
👍allocation per person basis
👎mandatory KYC
👎available to non-users
👎not web3
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1/15 GM anon, we hope you didn't get rekt by the recent market events 😭 - we are back with some 🔝 alpha: earn NFTs 🖼️, Token rewards 🤑 and maybe even #airdrops 🪂 on @arbitrum

🧵👇 Image
@arbitrum 2/15 Last few days showed us that #decentralization IS important. The recent narrative of scalable but affordable alt #L1 blockchains is now under question. Now comes the time for a better solution - #L222 on top of the arguably most secure L1, @ethereum Image
@arbitrum @ethereum 3/15 Assume by now you've heard about the upcoming #ArbitrumOdyssey? This 🧵 will drop some alpha about it 🤫 that not many are talking about yet. Read on if you want to find additional ways to earn and get yourself some potential rewards 🤑 Image
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