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So this has been making the rounds. I realize it’s probably meant to be a thought experiment & deliberately provocative, but still, philosophical arguments should be rooted in at least some amount of reality.

I will now rage tweet about everything wrong w/ this concept. Enjoy🧵
Let’s start w/ the author’s premise: if we’re ok w/ #organdonation after brain death, then we should be ok w/ “whole body gestational donation” (WBGD).

Even putting aside the part about this sounding like a horrifying, dystopian baby farm, they’re not even remotely comparable.
Here’s why:

#Organdonation after brain death typically happens very quickly (a few days or less). This is not simply because we’re uncomfortable keeping someone’s organs alive longer; it’s because it’s incredibly challenging & often not possible, despite the authors assertions
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One of Brazil's richest and most powerful men, Chiquinho Scarpa stunned the world when he announced that he was burying his million-dollar Bentley so that he could lead his later life in style.
It attracted a lot of media attention, mostly negative and was strongly criticized for its extravagant gesture and the destruction of a valuable vehicle.

Why won't you donate the car?

How far is this gentleman from reality?
Moments before he landed his Bentley car ready to was then that he made a statement that he would not bury his car and then revealed his true motive behind the whole thing was to create awareness for organ donation.
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Investigation into the identity of David Nwamini Ukpo and Sonia Ekweremadu.

A Thread

Image 1 (below): David Nwamini Ukpo has a page on @facebook called Davido Nwamini who recently moved to the UK. His in a relationship with Princess David (his sister actually). Image
Princess David's page claims to be in a relationship with Unstoppable. Please don't forget the hat in Image 1 above.

Image 2 (below): Unstoppable happens to be Davido Nwamini and the page's full name is David Nwamini Unstoppable. His Nigerian phone number is 09037585336. Image
Image 3 (below): A photo of Princess David and her brother Davido Nwamini.

The lady also has a Facebook account for a Davido Ukpo that matched the image of Davido. Davido Nwamini, Davido Ukpo, and David Nwamini Unstoppable are all the same person. Image
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Hey Twitter! Excited about getting out of lockdown? Ready to download your COVID digital passport? It’s super simple - just go to the Medicare app. But while you’re there, let’s talk about something else you could do which could save lives and takes only a couple of minutes 1/7
REGISTER AS AN ORGAN DONOR There are around 1,800 Australians currently waitlisted for a transplant and more than 12,000 additional people on dialysis — many who may need a kidney transplant. 2/7
In 2020, there was a 16% decrease in the number of donors compared to 2019. Organ donation is a rare event. Only around 2% of people who die in Australian hospitals – approximately 1,300 – meet the criteria required to be an organ donor. 3/7
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Its #OrganDonationWeek this week and we're promoting through virtual platforms a run/ride/hike/swim/whatever in the shape of an organ - here's mine. I also decided the pass the time on the bike with a VLOG, talking about deemed consent in England 👇[Thread]
What this is all about #OrganDonationWeek
#organdonation is much more rare than people think #OrganDonationWeek
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Today is #WorldKidneyDay, so here is a thread about living on #dialysis & #OrganDonation. My name is Belinda Otas. I’m #African. I’m #Nigerian. I'm #Benin. I’m #British & I’m #Black. Beyond the nationalities or passports with my name, I also believe in our shared humanity.
I was 16, when I was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure (ESRF.) I had no idea what was happening to me because at the time, it made no sense. However, I remember the pain of that period like noonday. I lived on dialysis until i was 22. #dialysis #OrganDonation #renalhealth
It took over my teenage years. I don’t remember having much of a life as a teenager because dialysis was 3x a week & every session was 4hrs. Add the time it takes to recover from being exhausted by the process, my day was pretty much over. #dialysis #OrganDonation #renalhealth
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"#OrganDonation is an altruistic act that should be celebrated..." (p6)

So why not do that, and devote more resources to making donation easier - an approach that has delivered measurable results - instead of a regressive move to #OrganHarvesting?…
Describing a *significantly narrowing* shortfall (cf. graph, also p6) in available organs is not a justification for a change to #OrganHarvesting; nor are emotive appeals. This reads like #PolicyBasedEvidenceMaking.
"We want... to change the culture around organ donation in this country in the longer term." (p7)

Stopping it being a gift, freely given, and instead the State 'deeming' you to have given permission will certainly change that! Presumption ain't 'donation' and will erode trust.
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#MustRead 'Heart sent from Hyderabad to save a kid in Dubai'
An inspiration to all of us. #OrganDonation we need more awareness about this cause
Shri. Kochouseph Chittilappilly, father of @arunpally, has been doing phenomenal work for this cause.…
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