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Congies, especially congies who live abroad, happen to be absolutely delusional!🤦‍♂️

They simply cannot understand that the Nehru-Khan dynasty is way past its sell-by date! #Pappu #Rahul Khan himself does NOT have a clue about ground realities at all. He is destroying India's GOP.
Fans of 🇮🇳's #GOP, don't misunderstand me. As I have made it clear again & again, I hate ALL 3 'C's (chaddies, congies & commies) in equal measure!

I do hate the Nehru-Khan dynasty, but I do NOT hate #pappu #Rahul at all! I can see that he is a GOOD fellow, but a BAD politician.
#Rahul is very unlike all his ancestors of the Nehru-Khan dynasty who had power (directly & indirectly!)

Unlike his sister, #pappu has inherited NONE of their evil, bloodthirsty, crooked, criminal mindset! He remains a GOOD fellow at heart, with NONE of his family's viciousness!
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What did The Honourable Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and the members of the Constituent Assembly say about India as the "Union of States" in the Constituent Assembly?

A thread 🧵 on #Pappu comment on India as the "Union of States"

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Prof. K. T. Shah moved an amendment to Article 1 to call India a "Union of States equal inter se" as Mr Rahul Gandhi expressed in his Parliament speech and same in his recent interview above.

Dr B. R. Ambadker opposed the amendment and did not pass the vote

Mr Naziruddin Ahmad moves an amendment to call India the "United States of India" and "Indian Union"

Later withdrew the amendment before putting it to vote after Dr B. R. Ambadker clarified his stance to assembly
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This is completely false, Raga must be reading American history.

States did not "come together." States were repeatedly reorganized after independence and have no fixed identity per se.

Bharat is a civilizational entity, 1000s of years old. The dangerous #pappu denies that.
The Constitution itself says:

—(1) India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States.

"shall be", not "is."

In fact is reiterates that states can reorganized at will in Clause (3) right after.

Not what an entity which is a "negotiated union" of existing states can do.
#Pappu's followers are as dumb as he is.

Is constitution saying India is a union of these 565 princely states? It must then list these and get authorization of each of these to form this "union" no?

And how is it they are often reorganized?

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Thread 1/9
BATTLE OF THE FRINGE ! For long if there was one thing that remained undemocratic in India it was PRIVILEGE. A preserve of few who constituted a #FRINGE that made rules for the billion other. That Fringe seems rattled hence battling & battling hard
2/9 Political fringe is angry. Family pedigree no longer matters & rank upstarts are reaching highest. #Politics has become about boring policy & all that fun about election tourism, headgear & tribal dance seems so distant
3/9 Bureaucratic fringe is angry. Queens English, JNU & Das Kapital are no longer qualifiers for the rusted frame. Keats & Shelly are not appreciated & suddenly accountability is not about juggling accounts & lateral entrants threaten to sully the Sunday club
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while #pappu talks of "institutions". His darbaris give chorus..

new RWingers or youngers do NOT know a name called Romesh Bhandari.

Read abt him when he was Guv in UP and KalyanSingh was CM. What Family loyalist as Guv in UP did.

Then read about Syed Sibtey Razi - Bihar Guv
Then there was Buta Singh as Guv .... read about his conduct....

The history is replete with total disrespect and subversion of democratic votes by ppl, rule of law by this family....

Everytime Darbaris (who keep crying abt institutions today) were fully in support then..
why go that deep in history (well 20yrs is too too deep for most in India) :-) . just go to UPA when Ashwini Kumar was caught red handed in manipulating CBI report then brazenly stated "We were checking grammar" 😂

All imp files of gvt use to go to Maino and No robot PM! :-)
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Is the dharam Sansad at Raipur being used for building a certain narrative for the benefit of the Dynasty & #Pappu in particular. If we cud tolerate Nehru,Indira, Rajiv & Sonia why are we objecting to the exercise of birth right of #Pappu were they others installed on merit.
We all know how Nehru became PM & then onwards for the Dynasty Congress & this country became personal property. No one cud question that until 2014 happened & repeated in 2019. Another repeat in 2024 is unthinkable.
Our generation & the generations before us were trained not to question the decisions of our elders, or contest them. This is visible When Netaji quit Congress instead of contesting the decision of MKG. Ditto with Sardar he accepts the decision of MKG even when it was wrong.
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*Thread, via Whatsapp University but good one.

(1) I Come from an India which indigenously developed a corona vaccine, administered over 100+ crore doses(mostly free of cost)& also donated to other countries in need, despite poor health infra and lobbying by int'l medical mafia
(2) I come from india which developed an indigenous app called COWIN that helped in smooth administration of vaccines and generating digital vaccine certificates.the tech which is not there even in world's 'best' country.this indian App now being taken up by other countries too
(3) I come from an India where an indigenous technology (UPI) helps in safe and secure digital transactions & being used by poorest of street vendors and retailers..even Google asks the 'supreme power' to replicate my India's model.Meanwhile india launched more advanched e-rupay
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Read Rahul and its connection with China...
#RahulGandhi #Pappu #China #Biden #America
Rahul Gandhi asks for American interference in India's internal matter with Harvard Professor Nicholas Burns

The Breaking News in US media....

Biden to name Harvard Professor Nicholas Burns as US envoy to China. He is widely regarded as one of USA's top diplomats.
Now connect the dots
Rahul Gandhi is Chinese agent?

Let' see where Rahul travels in May. Italy to meet Ghost Nani or some other location
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Believe it or Not
I think this will be a series that will never end😁🤭

#lielikemodi #believeitornotiwasthere #iwasthere #modi #pappu #feku #india #indians #bangladesh #pmmodi #currentaffairs2021
Believe it or Not
I think this will be a series that will never end😁🤭

#lielikemodi #believeitornotiwasthere #iwasthere #modi #pappu #feku #india #indians #bangladesh #pmmodi #currentaffairs2021
Believe it or Not
I think this will be a series that will never end😁🤭

#lielikemodi #believeitornotiwasthere #iwasthere #modi #pappu #feku #india #indians #bangladesh #pmmodi #currentaffairs2021
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So-called Nobel Economics Prize for 2019 awarded to Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer for studies on poverty as part of Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab.
Much Married Banerjee had a love child with Esther. He was also her supervisor. Banerjee is JNU alumni.
Amartya Sen got Nobel Economics Prize after marrying Emma Georgina Rothschild. Now Abhijit Banerjee get one after marrying his former doctoral student Esther Duflo.
BTW, Amartya Sen was their matchmaker.
Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (JPAL) is a very shady outfit that works with notorious organizations like Ford Foundation and terrorist-linked Saudi Abdul Latif Jameel family that had a role in supplying Toyota cars to ISIS.
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Let me unmask Rajiv Gandhi's communal mind-set.
Leading election in Dec 1984, he unleashed communal campaign in Print!
Created by his cousin Arun Nehru's friends in Rediffusion, the campaign depicted Sikhs as enemy, out to divide and destroy India.
This was one of that series:
Read the ad's copy that balatantly targets Sikhs:
"Why should u smile uneasily at yr next door neighbor just because he belongs to another community or speaks another language?
Why should feel uncomfortable riding in a taxi driven by a taxi driver who belongs to another state?
Rajiv Gandhi's campaign was based on negativity that aimed to create hatred against Sikhs.
Sikhs living in great fear, had the only self-defense provided to them by the constitution was Ballot. They turned out in large number to vote wherever they lived.
[HT Delhi's 1984 issue]
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