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Turns out that a lot of fishy things are going on in Rajiv Gandhi Foundation which was founded by Suman Dubey, accused in National Herald scam and is the brother of Defense analyst @ajaishukla. Isn't this shocking!…
Furthermore, its Chairperson is Sonia Gandhi and Executive Committee members are @RahulGandhi,@priyankagandhi and @PChidambaram_IN and the trustees include Manmohan Singh.
Technically, this foundation is a front organization of Congress
When Manmohan Singh was Finance Minister in 1991, he tried to allocate 100crores to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation in installments of 20cr for 5 years. Why was public money being diverted to a "Private organization" which is linked to the then ruling party?
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Prime Minister's National Relief Fund meant only for relief work during calamities shows up in the donors' list of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation

#PMNRF does not allocat or donate money for research work to a think tank, foundation or NGO - so were the Gandhis diverting funds?

In fact not only the PMNRF, several other government departments, ministries and PSUs including the Ministry of Home Affairs was on the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation donors' list!

Did you know?

In its first year, the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation was sanctioned Rs. 100 crore of taxpayers' money by Manmohan Singh in the 1991-92 Budget Speech!

The transfer was cancelled followed by a huge uproar by opposition leaders.

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Do you think #China is a bigger problem for #India than #Pakistan? Or do you think that Pakistan is a bigger problem for India than China?

#IndiaChinaFaceOff #indiachinastandoff #GalwanValleyFaceOff

Do you think that the #Indian government has taken suitable steps to give #China a befitting reply?

#IndiaChinaFaceOff #indiachinastandoff #GalwanValleyFaceOff #IndiaChinaBorder

Who do you trust more on the matter of ongoing disputes with #China:The govt of #India or the Opposition Parties of India?

#IndiaChinaFaceOff #indiachinastandoff #GalwanValleyFaceOff #IndiaChinaBorder
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(Via WA, Credits to Unknown)

जीवन परिचय
राहुल जी एक ज़मीनी और बुनियादी नेता हैं जो बचपन से ही देश के तमाम सामाजिक आंदोलनों में जूझते रहे हैं…

तमाम संघर्षों में भाग लेने वो इटली से अमेरिका तक भी जाते रहे… थाईलैण्ड के संघर्षों में तो उनकी प्रमुख भूमिका रही है

ग़रीबी और अभावग्रस्त जीवन होने के कारण उन्हें तमाम बार ग़रीबों, दलितों की झोपड़ियों में जाकर खाना माँगकर भी खाना पड़ा
उनके फटे कुर्ते की जेब भी अक़्सर फटी रहती थी
नोटबन्दी से संघर्ष के दौरान उन्हें हज़ार दो-हज़ार रुपये के लिए भी भीड़ में धक्कामुक्की झेलनी पड़ती थी...
उनके द्वारा सभी देशवासियों को भइय्या सम्बोधित करने के कारण अस्सी-नब्बे साल के बुज़ुर्ग भी ख़ुद को युवा महसूस करते हैं…

सन 2004 में अपने इंग्लैण्ड सत्संग के दौरान वेनेजुएला निवासिनी एक स्पेनिश आर्किटेक्ट उनकी शिष्या बनी…

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Its not easy being @RahulGandhi

With all the success & failures in ur attempts; I firmly believe that you have a pure heart filled with true love & concern 4 the land & its people.

You saw the death of your uncle at the budding age of just 10.

When you saw the blood soaked dead body of your beloved Grandma, you were 14; you had just entered your teens. One cannot even dare to imagine the pain and fear that you must have experienced.
And at the young age of 21, you were again burdened with collecting the remains of the blown body of your own Father.


Your mind & emotions are well controlled; so humane and forgiving that you forgave his murderers.

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On the 12th of February 2020, @RahulGandhi forewarned the Govt, about the impending #COVID19Pandemic .
A full month later, on the 13th of March 2020, the @narendramodi Govt be responding, the #COVID19 isn't a health crisis.
Look around you, now.
And after Rahul Gandhi forewarned the nation, about the impending #COVID19 crisis, the BJP force multipliers, rushed in, almost on cue.
Watch for yourselves, how authoritatively Sir @awasthis questioned RG, questioning the opposition & not the govt, is their forte.
In March, even before lockdown, @RahulGandhi was telling anyone who was willing to listen, that we were heading for a economic debacle.
The govt didn't pay heed & the BJP mocked him, in May, we knew the economy has tanked.
Look around yourself now.
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1/n #RahulShowsTheWay to what exactly ? someone explain him - "MAHAMARI" is not some cozy island getaway near Bora Bora. #congress has history of negligence & its collective intelligence is ill-equipped to deal with ANY crisis.
2/n #CongressForIndia has thus far only treated the labour force of this country as a mere statistic & not living breathing people. distributing flyers claiming #SoniaGandhi has paid for their travel fair on #ShramikSpecialTrains. #RahulGandhi HAVE YOU NO SHAME ?
3/n lying scheming and manipulation can only u so far. the singular contribution the congress has had in the recent past is not what they have done, but what they have not done. thankfully people like Capt. Amarinder have managed to stay above the stagnant pond.
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@harishrawatcmuk @BJP4India @tsrawatbjp @narendramodi @AiryKashi @nitin_gadkari @TIRATHSRAWAT @MahendraRishi @PMOIndia @MalaRajyaShah @AjaybhattBJP4UK @AjayTamtaBJP #हेमवती_नंदन_बहुगुणा जी को जन्म जयंती पर नमन !

एक कद्दावर नेता जो #नेहरू_नकली_गांधी वंश की भेंट चढ़ गए ...

नेता के तौर पर और उनके व्यक्तित्व के अधिकतर पहलुओं को हमेशा नमन रहेगा...
अधिकतर बड़े नेताओं की तरह वो भी कुल गोत्र की मर्यादा नहीं रख पाए !

@harishrawatcmuk @BJP4India @tsrawatbjp @narendramodi @AiryKashi @nitin_gadkari @TIRATHSRAWAT @MahendraRishi @PMOIndia @MalaRajyaShah @AjaybhattBJP4UK @AjayTamtaBJP शराब को बढ़ावा की नीति से
शराबियों के हुड़दंग से बचने के लिए,
10-15 सालों में पहाड़ों में दिन में #विवाह हो रहे!

और अब
#रोजगार के नाम पर
के लिए #Uttarakhand Govt में लॉबिंग🤔

हे #बद्री_केदार,
#देवभूमि को बचाना!
@harishrawatcmuk @BJP4India @tsrawatbjp @narendramodi @AiryKashi @nitin_gadkari @TIRATHSRAWAT @MahendraRishi @PMOIndia @MalaRajyaShah @AjaybhattBJP4UK @AjayTamtaBJP #हरदा @harishrawatcmuk
को जन्मदिन की शुभकामनाएं!

#करप्शन #तुष्टीकरण #शराब जैसे कई कारणों से उनसे विरोध है,
लेकिन ज़मीन से जुड़ा उनके स्तर का कोई दूसरा नेता नहीं #देवभूमि का!
#गैरसैंण में जो झंडा उन्होंने गाड़ा है उसे और ऊंचा करने के सिवा कोई चारा ही नही !
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#SupremeCourt hearing on petition by #ArnabGoswami begins.

For #Congress-ruled states, Sr adv Kapil Sibal, Vivek Tankha, Manish Singhvi appear although Goswami's petition is yet to be admitted for hearing or notices issued.
Sr adv Mukul Rohatgi commences his arguments on behalf of #ArnabGoswami, starts with narrating the facts of the #Palghar lynching.
Rohatgi laments killing of two sadhus in #Palghar by 200 men even though 12 policemen were present there.

"It is shocking somebody took a video of the sadhus being lynched while the police is standing by & is virtually complicit," adds Rohatgi.
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∆~ 1 @RahulGandhi ~ Start Indias fight against deadly #coronavirus early before its too late, lockdown the country before the virus spreads

Bjp ~ Haha haha Corona nt dangerous

√After 2 months,India has15000 Covid cases n counting despite low testing

∆ ~ 2 @RahulGandhi ~ Protect our Companies from Chinese takeover

Bjp ~ derogatory replies

√After 6 days,govt tightens FDI norms
After 8 Days NATO warns its members of the same thing that #RahulGandhi said

∆ ~ 3 @RahulGandhi ~Govt must start minimum income scheme in India to save poor during lockdown

Bjp ~ Don't teach us

√After 2 weeks, developed countries start schemes similar to #RahulGandhi s proposed NYAY (minimum income scheme) during #Coronavirus

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#RahulGandhi ji’s address at #YuvaAakroshRally today in #Jaipur found much resonance with the youth, when he said, the power that can change the nation is of our youth and students. Our young people have the vision, strength and power to take India to new heights.
UPA government believed in giving money in the hands of the poor and also our farmers. #RahulGandhi ji told the youth how MNREGA and Food Security helped the rural economy grow.
Today the young people are suffering because they do not have jobs. #RahulGandhi ji assured them that he is with them in their struggle.
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Thread on #RahulGandhi

People just want to avoid to be seen supporting #RaGa because of the fake image is tagged with him.
Reality is that he is ready for India but India isn’t ready for him. He is too kind and humble for the nation of naturally dishonorable simpletons. 1/n
Ironically, ask a parent what kind of person you would like your son to become, more will take Rahul Gandhi’s name than Modi’s.
#RahulGandhi is the only politician in India at this moment who can take on the communal ideology and win against it for good. 2/n
Only he can pull everyone together under congress’s big tent just like it happened during independence struggle. Had the unfortunate events of #Pulwama dint happen, I would not be taking this stand on him, but talking about economy, social justice and employment stats. 3/n
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When i scan a wide spectrum of opinions, news, random tweets on their own experiences by people who you would not even know in the normal course of events what is very clear is that an entire eco system that ruled India directly or indirectly for 7 decades which insists on status
quo has sensed blood literally & thirsty to taste it. They are convinced that it is just a matter of time before they taste blood. Every last penny is now being thrown for this #CAAProtest & the biggest error of judgement this govt has done is by talking of #NRC. They have thus
given a handle to everybody who was down & out to suddenly get oxygen loaded with testosterone. A complex subject which even the most educated haven't been able to wrap their head around has opened a huge door of opportunity to the old ecosystem. Early in the new govt they sense
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There is a saying in Bengali which means the house owner starts taking precautions once the robbery is over. For last three weeks @RahulGandhi became a poster boy of #Pakistan by his immature acts on #Kashmir issue. The realization now dawns that he must change track. 1/n
It is not known what prompted #RahulGandhi 2 try visiting #Kashmir last week, knowing fully well that the #Modi government got moral/legal sanction from the Supreme Court 2 take all preventive measures 2 stop blood spill and, that Gandhi would be returned like other leaders. 2/n
One may see the shadow of #Wayanad in #RahulGandhi's desperation but, to me his acts only helped the politically irrelevant #Left to stay in news. Left has a history of opposing Congress in States while joining hands hands in d Centre. #Congress's gains were short term. 3/n
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On the day when #ShyamaPrasadMukharjee was arrested in #Kashmir and died in custody protesting different constitution for Kashmir, let’s remember an aspect, as much in fashion as it is forgotten. On this day when #PriyankaSharma is in Jail for meme of @MamataOfficial . #FoE
Why #Nehru became so uneasy with #Freedom which was just won in one year that he wanted to amend the constitution? Mostly because of few articles in the press, critical of government which he tried to ban, but couldn’t due to fundamental rights. But that was one reason.
One big reason was #NehruLiyaqat pact. Many nationalists, including Dr Mukharjee considered partition temporary aberration and believed that nation will eventually become one. Nehru didn’t like that and a speech which could cause “excitement in neighbouring nation” was included
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Since the cartoonist is supposed to be a mirror of what happened, I am tweeting a thread of what the Great R K Laxman thought of Mr #RajeevGandhi over the years. Source of the cartoons is his collection by @PenguinIndia an excellent book if anyone wishes to collect
The reluctant Son who had to be crowned after the “Chosen One “ dies tragically.
Years later this Cartoon by Laxman would turn out to be a Prophecy.. #dynasty #RahulGandhi
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Contempt petition against #RahulGandhi in #Rafale case: #BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi seeks time to file a reply to Rahul's affidavit. Mukul Rohatgi, for Lekhi, says Rahul's affidavit is just a lip-service & that he has expressed no apology.
#CJI: "Will we use the word 'Chowkidar' in our order? How can that be a submission".

Rohatgi: "Ask him. He used it".
#CJI: Why don't you put everything in an affidavit?

Rohatgi: Give me 10 day.

#CJI: We will give you more time. We think this matter should be heard with the main review petitions in #Rafale
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Every election, I have hope. I hope that as advised by Ashfaqullah Khan, Indian #Muslims will rise above Pan-Islam. As citizens, our causes are same- Roads, education, health, national security, political corruption. I can understand, not being satisfied and asking more.
If someone is obviously working, you want him to work more, it is understandable. Asking @narendramodi to work more on National security, on healthcare, on education is fine. But to use perpetual victimhood to support an eternal non-performer is absurd.
Earlier stupid Rakhtpat story was built by @INCIndia Kharge to make Muslims vote on insecurity. Nothing happened in last five years, except bloated stories of random crimes. Even areas which saw riots under Akhilesh’s SP rule were peaceful.
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@Kaalateetham @INCIndia India's population - 1.3B
20% of it 0.26B

0.26B x 72,000/- INR = 18,720B = 18.7 lakh crores which is almost one tenth of our country's GDP.

Considering the debt we will have - Rahul Gandhi will take us back another hundred years! #MinimumIncomeGuarantee
@Kaalateetham @INCIndia *(#venezuela is a dead bankrupt country because of #socialistmeasures by Maduro, prez.* Pro-China & Pro-Pakistan, RahulGandhi wants to bring this state to India, with his brainless populist measures)
India spends 1.5% of its GDP on defence, 1% on health, and ~2.7% on education.
@Kaalateetham @INCIndia Pappu is promising 14% of GDP as #freebies to win 2019 elections. This so called fake Gandhi #RahulGandhi instead of making people competent with skills, is making them useless, incompetent with a dead promise of freebies (which never would see the light)
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#Bhopal #Congress #rajeevgandhi

भोपाल : 2-3 सन 1984 दिसम्बर की कड़कड़ाती रात थी वो,अजीब सी खामोशी छायी हुई थी।
ये वक्त था यूनियन कार्बाइड में नीचे टैंक संख्या ई 610 में साफ सफाई के लिये मजदूर उतरे।
अचानक वहां का तापमान 200° हो गया गैस का तापमान 4.5° हो गया जो 20° होना चाहिए था।
ये वो वक्त था जब लोग गहरी नींद में थे। इधर कारखाने में पाइपलाइन में पानी के रिसाव के कारण मिथाइल आइसो सायनाइट एकदम खौलने की स्थिति में आ गयी थी ।
अंग्रेजी मैनुअल, बचाव सम्बधी उपकरण के खराब होने और न ही कोई ट्रेनिंग के अभाव के कारण गैस रिसाव होना शुरू हो गया।
करीब 45-60 मिनट में भोपाल एक ऐसी भयानक त्रासदी में घिर गया, जो जहां था वही अचेत हो गया। ज्यादातर लोग नींद में ही इस गैस की चपेट में आ गये।
अगले 2 दिन में इसने करीब 15000 लोगों को मौत के आगोश में सुला दिया और करीब 5,50,000 लोग प्रभावित हो गए जो आज भी प्रासंगिक है।
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