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30-31 March: On Thursday & Friday, Hindus were attacked in West Bengal & Bihar along with other states during Ram Navami.

Stone pelting and torching of vehicles were done during Hindu festival to create #RamNavamiViolence.

West Bengal CM @MamataOfficial first held dharna on Ramanavami.

She later blamed Hindus:
I’ve said it earlier that violence may occur if you take out #RamNavami rally through Muslim areas.

She also said:
Muslims observe #Ramzan & cannot be involved in wrongdoing.

3rd April:
Calcutta High Court directed West Bengal govt to deploy adequate @WBPolice force in the affected areas where incidents of violence took place during the #RamNavami procession so that peace and tranquillity prevail.

(Pic for representation)

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Sudhir Hegde, 54, is a devotee of Sringeri Mutt & assistant commissioner of police. This #Ramzan, he & his officers visited 19 mosques & many of 100 temples during Ramzan/Ramnavami. @SauravK1890 reports on a unique initiative.1/n…
As first apprehensive, then relieved, faithful at mosques watched as uniformed officers met them & joined in iftar. ACP Hegde brought his considerable experience in keeping the peace to bear in Madiwala, #Bengaluru

At a time when #Hindu fundamentalists, aided by govt, have pushed or enforced #hijab ban, boycotts, demanded bans on halal meat & azaan over loudspeakers, Hegde’s personal touch helped locals recall inter-faith traditions. 3/n
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I have been thinking about samosas for the last week & here is a thread about them. For starters the Samosa comes from West Asia and was originally meat wrapped in a dough cone and fried - the sambusak! The only truly veg versions are all Indian! #Samosa #Sambusak #PunjabiSamosa
I grew up in Mumbai eating what is now known as the Parsi/Bohri Samosa and which I simply knew as a Samosa. Lightly spiced lamb mince cooked with onions, green chillies and corriander, stuffed into a triangular pocket made from flat precooked sheets of samosa patti. #Samosa
These were then slowly fried in hot (not too hot) oil till golded brown & served with a typically Parsi Green chutney made with coconut, mint, corriander, peppercorns, green chutney & lime juice. These treats were rare and cherished! #Samosa
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Next is "HM Furniture" in Lahore , issuing invoices with no GST # or Sales Tax Amount, asked authorities to check if they are even registered for Sales Tax?
2ndly Aren't they a Tier-1 Business? Shouldn't they be linked with POS already?

149/n ImageImage
Complaint on 08 Apr, Reply on 01 Jun

Notice has been served to Business to explain their position on both accounts.

150/n ImageImage
Next "Hungers Den" at Kashmir Road #Karachi

Asked #FBR if the Restaurant is registered for Income Tax? As SRB officers visited for Services Sales Tax complaint the owner didn't produce any NTN

151/n ImageImage
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The sighting of crescent in #India marks the end of auspicious month of holy #Ramzan across the nation. I wish all the people of India a happy & prosperous #EidAlFitr. I as a #Kashmiri Indian Muslim will be celebrating #Eid with my family across the country 🇮🇳. 1/4
There is a cloud of #COVID19 over the country as we mourn our losses. I hope we offer #Eid prayers at home today & celebrate this Eid with austerity. Let's pledge to help those who are underprivileged & stand together whenever our nation demand our attention. 2/4
This is the high time to synchronise sighting of crescent in Kashmir wth India & celebrate our Eid wth the people of our own country.Last but not least let's pray fr the nation that's going through second wave of COVID19 & remember those who lost their lives to this pandemic. 3/4
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Yesterday, my Maa—a Hindu woman who fasted every Tues "for Ganpati" all thru her 32 yrs of marriage, until Papa passed away—observed her one day of #Ramzan fast, for the 16th consecutive year.

She put to use her food photography skills—learnt over many shouting matches with me—
...neatly arranging her #Iftar spread to share pix with her Muslim friends.

She began teaching at a kindergarten school in a predominantly Muslim + Punjabi neighborhood (Kurla), when I was in high school. Her colleagues fasted.
She joined them, on what she learnt as the most...
...auspicious day of #Ramzan month.
She was a teacher in the morning shift. But on this day, she would carry a watermelon ("it's cheaper from your nearby Kalina market") & take the crowded bus again to school in the evening, to break her fast with colleagues who worked in the...
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گزشتہ دو دہائیوں سے زیادہ کےعرصہ میں حمزہ جیسے کئی بچے آپ کی زکوٰۃ و عطیات کی بدولت اپنی زندگیاں بھرپور طریقے سے گزارنے کے قابل بنےـ حمزہ نے2019 میں شوکت خانم زکوٰۃ مہم کی نمائندگی کی جب کہ وہ کینسر سے نبردآزما تھاـ آج حمزہ کینسر کو ہرا کر اپنے زندگی کے سفر کو جاری رکھے ہوئے ہےـ
اس وقت بھی کینسر میں مبتلا کئی بچے شوکت خانم ہسپتال میں زندگی کی جنگ لڑرہے ہیں ـ آئیں کینسر کو ہرانے میں ان معصوم بچوں کا ساتھ دیں، کیونکہ ان کی تو صرف ایک ہی ضد ہے، جینے کی!
زکوٰۃ و عطیات دینے کیلئے وزٹ کریں
زکوٰۃ و عطیات دینے کیلئے وزٹ کریں
گھر بیٹھے چیک یا کیش بھجوانے کیلئے 080011555 پر کال کریں یا 03000666363 پر اپنا پتہ واٹس ایپ کریں ـ

#JeenayKiZid #GiveZakatToSKMCH #ZakatForLife #Zakat #SKMCH #Life #Ramzan #Charity
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#PlusD Il nuovo capo della #CIA William #Burns da #Mosca racconta "La storia segreta della guerra in #Cecenia" #Confidential 2006…
Dopo il crollo dell'#UnioneSovietica funzionari Gov e militari hanno acquistato petrolio a prezzi in rublo, lo hanno dirottato all'estero e venduto sul mercato mondiale
Il Gen #PavelGrachev ha dirottato il petrolio al Gruppo forze occidentali, il Com #Burlakov alla #Germania
#Kadyrov ha chiesto di creare una compagnia petrolifera sotto la sua giurisdizione
Gli hanno piazzato una bomba sotto il suo posto.. L'omicidio ufficialmente attribuito ai ribelli ceceni ma molti credono sia stato il modo in cui l'esercito russo respingeva la sua richiesta...
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Vaishno Devi Shrine prepares sehri, #iftar for 500 Muslims amid #Ramzan

Imagine if all our 40,000 temples were not destroyed how many of our Muslim & Christian bros & sis we could feed

Glad #RamMandir is getting finally rebuild. It is a good start 🙏🏼

Remember during Tablighi virus spread LeLiJi spread fake news that 400 devotees were stranded inside Vaishno Devi temple & are Corona positive.

Today the same temple is giving them free food.
Interesting find. In 2014 when RBI wanted to issue Rs5/10 coins with Vaishno Devi on it. Mr. Nafis Qazi filed a case in Delhi court to block it. This is how fake secularism works.

Free is always good for these people.
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Ramzan Mubarak to all.

Ramzan is observed worldwide as a month of fasting, prayers, devotion, spirituality, faith, gratitude, forgiveness and charity. #RamzanMubarak Image
This year's #Ramzan comes at a time when the whole world is fighting a battle against the spread of Coronavirus on several fronts.
Even though traditionally #Ramzan, like most of our festivals, is a time for social and spiritual gatherings, this year, we may have to observe Ramzan and offer prayers at home with our family & avoid large gatherings. Let's all stay home & pray for wellbeing of the entire world.
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@HarisBaig16662 @HarrisRichard77 We started observing this trend at the end of last month when we saw that the number of patients requiring emergency treatment had declined from 1,800-2,000 to 600-700 a day,” a critical care specialist at the JPMC told The News.(8)
@HarisBaig16662 @HarrisRichard77 But the number of people who either were dead on arrival or died within a couple of hours after their arrival increased with every passing day. Initially, we didn’t pay any heed, but now we’re seeing a pattern. And this is also being reported by other hospitals,” he shared.(9)
@HarisBaig16662 @HarrisRichard77 The doctor added he started noticing the unusual pattern of DOA and near-death patients from March 31, when seven bodies were brought in—of which 1 death was due to a road accident—and seven other patients who were brought in alive died before they could be moved to the wards(10)
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I feel anxious for my children because tomorrow if mob surrounds them and asks, “Are you a Hindu or a Muslim?” …they will have no answer, says actor #NaseeruddinShah
#Tathya with Apoorvanand
In the context of the Sajjan Kumar conviction in the 1984 genocidal violence against Sikhs, we need to rethink about other incidents of violence that have happened in the country, says Prof. Apoorvanand.
We wish you a #MerryChristmas with the Christian Qawwals of Delhi.
"People look at me and wonder who I really am. I have only one answer for them. I am you," says Bernard Rufus, also known as Sahil Sufi Nizam, a popular singer of Christian Qawwalis.
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While *most* South Asian Muslims use #Persian terms for religious concepts, Muslims in #TamilNadu & #Kerala (who trace their roots to Arab trading communities) have distinct traditions also reflected in their terminology, which freely draws from #Tamil/#Malayalam & #Sanskrit.
Instead of rozā, the #Persian term for Islamic fasting (itself a translation of #Arabic ṣawm) used in #Urdu, #Bengali, #Gujarati etc, #Tamil & #Malayalam speaking Muslims use nōmpu, lit. ceremonial fasting. The word is from a proto #Dravidian root meaning to do penance. #Ramadan
Sanskrit is used too. #Malayalam speaking Muslims commonly refer to #Ramzan as puṇya māsam, #Sanskrit for month of good merit. Nimskāram, the Malayalam counterpart of the #Persian namāz (Islamic prayer), is from #Sanskrit namaskāra (lit. prostratration, here, to a god). #Ramadan
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