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6/cps >90% of the Cos/corporates within this 60% are part of the #PartySector run by #PartyCapitalists (party members, their family, friends & special agents) who owe allegiance to party and follow its directives on all policy matters(or get jailed for corruption or worse)
7/cps Beyond what China experts label #SOEs, lies a vast a shadowy, grey #PartySector run by #PartyCapitalists who were funded by #SOEs, provincial parties, #TVEs and State owned, controlled, run, banks and which foreigners were persuaded is the #PrivateSector :
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"It's the #Party #Sector, stupid" The shift πŸ‘‡πŸΌis from autonomy of #PartyCapitalists with respect to everyday decisions & depend on self control to implement #CCP's goals, to explicit monitoring of key parameters like obedience of the #Party #Capitalist to #Xi's directives!🧐
2/cps #CCPchinaInc (2)Th freedom to decide what % of profits to take for personal use by party capitalist viz for party goals including maximization of growth &/or employment is being controlled more actively since 2014, and more desperately since collapse of growth & profits
3/cps #CCPchinaInc Most China experts don't understand #China's #Socialist #Market #Economy or the transformation of the #TVEs of the 1990s into the #PartySector of the 2000s (+ the e-economy created by new party members) 🧡
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#CCP That's been known to #Communist watchers for a century, what is unclear is why left intellectuals, media and politicians (#LIMPs) regurgitate these lies?
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#D10 Of Free open democracies which are willing and able to stand up to the Communist Dictatorship and its Allies?
2/d10 (Democracies or 🀑?)#D10 need a National Security Law to deal with a ruthless communist party run dictatorship which can control the actions of every citizen, including former citizens living abroad:
3/d10 #PartySector firms cannot be trusted, but even citizens living abroad can and will be pressured through their relatives in China or through Triads/Tongs abroad:
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#CCP controls the #Commanding #Heights of the economy directly and all the other heights of the economy through the #PartySector. Genuine #PrivateSector is allowed only in the valleys where they cannot ever threaten the #Party's absolute control.
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I have been warning American friends for several decades, about the #CCP's, historically unprecedented, whole of China, approach, to technology spying, grounded in Marxian theory of value. #READ strategy is just the formal manifestation of it!
3/ispy #CCPchina #OrwellianState1 I've said for ~20 yrs(based on study of Marxism, Maoism, Chinese & Indian communist parties and post-Deng China), that all China organizations & domestic companies have #CCP minder more powerful than CEO (#PartySector):
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#Trade ideologues (who πŸ’• graduate trade theory) don't even understand the meaning of "China treatment" (in trade, tourism, FDI, technology)πŸ§πŸ€”
2/trd #FreeTrdIdeologues You will surely object to this violation of free trade? Graduate Trade theory textbooks don't mention slave labor? prison labor? πŸ§πŸ€”
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