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Video Dedicated to #CCP's 100th Anniversary by #Gotion High-Tech, Which Will Build Factories in the #US.
In other words, the US is giving $715 M taxpayers' money to such a company.
#USChinaRelations #CCPChina #China #ChinaNews
This video was downloaded from Gotion High-Tech's Chinese website at
But the same video is not on its English website.
My full exclusive report about this issue: #Gotion Exposed: How Did a #CCP Controlled #Military Linked Dishonest Company Get #US Approval
Part 1:
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🇨🇳 #RosemontSenecaBohai= #CCP CO-MINGLED
🚩 #FollowTheMoney expose how COMPROMISED
+FBI verified
#Bobulinski's claims of CEFC+China ties
#Burisma $83,333.33 pmts
in co-mingled
Bank Statement⬇️…

WHY Benefit #CCP 🇨🇳not 🇺🇸 ?
#HunterBiden sold US owned #COBALT Mine in Congo to #CCPChina

¬BIDEN puts 20 YEAR BAN on
Mining of US RenewableEnergy MINERALS

¬US passed #ChipsAct #Infrastructure rely ON MINED Materials…… ImageImageImageImage
🚩UnConstitional #ESJ #ESG
Uses SocialJustice

#SocialScore DigitalID:
+LIMITS EV #GeoFence
+BANS Bank loan
👋NO #2ndAm
+Reports #CarbonFootprint
Pay #PerMileTax
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1/ #Russia #China #CCPChina #SouthAfrica

Inaugural ceremony of Russian–Chinese–South African naval exercise in Port of Richards Bay
2/ Today, the Port of Richards Bay (South Africa) was the venue of the ceremony to inaugurate the naval exercise that will involve the ships of the Russian Navy, South African National Defence Force, and Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy.
3/ The ceremony was attended by Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Chinese Navy Vice-Admiral Li Yujie, Deputy Chief of South African Joint Command Counter-Admiral Bubele Mhlana, and other guests of honour.
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1/ #Russia #China #CCPChina #SouthAfrica

The frigate ‘Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov’ arrives in the port of Richards Bay in the Republic of South Africa
2/ The crew from the Northern Fleet will attend festivities, dedicated to the Day of the Armed Forces of the Republic of South Africa, and a trilateral naval exercise with the South African National Defence Force and People's Liberation Army Navy of China.
3/ The main emphasis of the exercise will be placed on countering security threats at sea, as well as demonstrating the readiness of the naval forces to jointly maintain regional peace and stability.
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What has Happened to me ~Testimony of an Uzbek Woman~ (1/7)#Uyghur #stopuyghurgenocide #China #CCPChina
What has Happened to me ~Testimony of an Uzbek Woman~ (2/7)#Uyghur #stopuyghurgenocide #China #CCPChina
What has Happened to me ~Testimony of an Uzbek Woman~ (3/7)#Uyghur #stopuyghurgenocide #China #CCPChina
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1. A very worrying issue shared by a #Chinese doctor: infected for the second time/repeated infection.
According to this doctor, their hospital beds are currently largely occupied by ppl with second infections. These patients' pain is 5-10 times worse than the first time.
2. Their immunity is extremely low, and many people rely on immunoglobulin infusions, which cost more than 800 yuan per dose. They need two infusions a day, spending 2,000 yuan for a one-day hospital stay. Don't listen to the experts on TV. After being infected, you can only have
3. immunity for a month. Second infection is very serious. We have run out of immunoglobulin. Many patients lie in bed without being able to buy any. They suffer a lot. I have given up my plan to travel to my hometown for the Chinese New Year. The situation is too bad. But the TV
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1. Summary of audio of a man in #Beijing who fought for more than 43 hours to try to get a #cremation service for his dead family: during the 2-3 hours when I was waiting, 20 more bodied were sent in. Now the waiting time is over 30 days. If I want to jump the queue,
2. the cheapest price is 30K yuan ( $43100). They have the phone numbers of all crematoriums there. I called 4 of them, but none could be reached. I called the crematorium in Changping. They also said the waiting time is more than 30 days.
3. And they only accept local people. Now I may have to choose to pay 30K to jump the queue. They said the body can be cremated in 3-5 days if I pay 30K yuan.
#chinalockdown #ZeroCOVIDpolicy
#CCPChina #COVID19 #CCPVirus #AmazingChina #COVID #ZeroCovid
#XiJinping #CCP #China
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Short OSINT on #CCPChina MSS outpost or "Fuzhou Police Overseas Service Station" in #Rotterdam located at Van der Sluysstraat 370 staffed by 'former' PLA & Chinese intelligence/security officers for surveillance, harassment, or even kidnapping of dual Chinese citizens: 🧵
2/ Report names Yanping Shu, and Jie Chen & Xiangrong Zhou as his seconds, all 3 are also on board of "Qingtian Nederland", another CCP front.

Registered to address also is "Biao Zhi Holding B.V." which was founded in 2014 & whose phone # match those in @SafeguardDefend report:
3/ Biao Zhi Holding B.V. (kvk#62040618) is listed variously as a "construction & repair" and a "financial holding" company of just "1 employee".

The address is an unremarkable & unmarked residential flat 75m²/3000m³ likely occupying 3 floors.
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1/2 Wow, you'll never imagine this new #lockdown method at Zhongliangguobing (中梁国宾府) community in Pizhou, #Xuzhou City, #Jiangsu Province, #CCPChina. Every household is to put a lock on the front gate. So unless ALL the families agree to open the gate at the same time...
2/2 no one can go out. They call this new method "Not a single is to be missed 缺一不可". The #CCP is forcing the public to monitor & lock up one other. If you still don't understand, see the locks inside the red circle in the picture. #COVID19, #CCPVirus #AmazingChina #COVID
Sorry, "Not a single one is to be missed"
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Incorporated in America but Commanded by #CCPChina By Clyde Prestowitz…
On December 2, 2015 a terrorist attack took place on a training event of the Dept of Public Health at the Inland Regional Center of San Bernardino,Calif..
2/4-On December 2, 2015 a terrorist attack took place on a training event of the Department of Public Health at the Inland Regional Center of San Bernardino, California. Of the 80 people attending, 14 were killed & 22 were seriously injured.
As chance would have it,the shooters..
3/4-dropped an #iPhone which was picked up by investigating police. In their efforts to catch the shooters & break up any terrorist ring of which they may have been members, the police asked #AppleCorporation at its headquarters in Cupertino,California 2 open the phone & search..
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@DNC is getting desperate. A raid at #PresidentTrump’s home!?!?! After trying to trap him for 7 years? Must be hoping they will find his campaign plan on that computer.

And giving #Taiwán to #China?!? Must be part of the payback for the #2020Elections’ fraud.
@DNC is getting desperate. #Pelosi to #Taiwan right before they said, take it to #CCP …. Scuttlebutt it is the @DNC trying to get the #TaiwanChipManufacturer to move to the USA from #Taiwan….
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Residents in #Beijing #CCPChina are required to wear this electronic bracelet after returning to Beijing from other cities so that their movements can be monitored. The bracelet can monitor your body temperature 24/7, as well as your locations and movements.
You must wear it all the time except when you recharge the battery or have a shower.
The purpose? To fight the #COVID #COVID19 #CCPVirus, according to the #CCP.
The bracelets are made by 北京微芯感知科技有限公司 Beijing Microsense Technology Co, which also developed multi-sign sensing equipment that was used in this year's #BeijingWinterOlympics & #WinterParalympics.
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Now everyone in #CCPChina is monitored and controlled by this so called Health Code. If your code turns yellow or red, you are doomed. It can turn yellow if you stay in the same 800mx800m square with a #Covid positive person for more 10 minutes. #CCP tracks all your movements.
Everyone is so anxious to show that they have a green code without realizing how ridiculous and dangerous this whole thing is.
This old gentleman in #Shanghai was not allowed to use this public restroom because he doesn’t have a Health Code. One needs to scan his/her Health Code to get in. The staff member asked him to seek help from the Resident Committee. So they argued.
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“The police are hitting us!” Woman in #Shanghai crying and shouting. Looks the police are arresting people who broke the #lockdown barricades. #上海 這樣的瘋狂還要持續多久?#CCPChina #CCPVirus
Actually, the real story is: On Apr 14, #Shanghai government expropriated the NAXI International Community at Zhangjiang, Pudong New Area as a #quarantine site & immediately enforced it, with police using violence to evict residents. #CCPChina #CCPVirus #COVID19
剛了解到,故事是這樣的:4月14日,#上海 政府征用纳仕国际社区(浦东新区张江)作为隔离点,并立即执行,警察用暴力驱赶居民。#中共病毒
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#CCPChina, no comments!
People ask what is the context? I don't think there is any particular food shortage right now. However, in #CCPChina, 40 million were starved to death. Ppl have deep memory & fear of hunger and poverty. Ppl no longer have shame. So when free food is offered, they fight like this.
People from China won't ask what is the context of this video. It is almost "everyday" practice when anything free is offered. So they won't ask.
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Astonishing! Henan Province in #CCPChina is now setting a price table for "harvesting donated organs"!
See the price table with English translation that I added.
I didn't make this up. See the original Chinese report I just archived:
The price unit is 10K yuan. For example, the hospital will charge 260K yuan($40K) for "harvesting" a heart from an adult, 100K yuan($15.6K) from a child (younger than 18.)
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Companies in Hong Kong fear being crushed between China and US

Most US business orgs (@AmChamHK) care more about their bottom line and access to China markets, than about democratic freedoms and human rights—core values their business foundations rely on.…
@AmChamHK “A member of the US business community in HK said that while many were ‘horrified’ by police carting off pro-democracy activists in unmarked vans, they did not see it as relevant to their business.”

We talking about the same US companies here?

No paywall
@AmChamHK These same companies do not hesitate to virtue signal their support on social media and portray themselves to be the paragons of social justice.

But in HK many of these US companies and orgs (ie American Chamber of Commerce) are blue ribbons who refuse to acknowledge our voices.
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U.S. media & others around the world are commemorating #CCP100Years, so let’s discuss the Cultural Revolution truthfully.

“During the Cultural Revolution, the collection of bullet fees had great symbolic value to revolutionaries.

“Following the public trial & execution of Liu Wenhui as a counter revolutionary on March 27, 1967, a mob of “revolutionary rebels” and indignant neighbors led by an officer from the police station descended on his home shouting “down with” slogans…

“while police collected a bullet fee from his mother. Likewise, after the execution of the musician Lu Hongen two days before that of Lin Zhao, the authorities demanded a bullet fee from his wife.

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“Within months, repeated denunciations, brutal handcuffing and beatings, reduced Lu Hong’en, then in his 40s, to a graying & balding shadow of himself.”
“He also experienced bouts of madness during which he screamed in terror that “the witch”—Mao’s wife—had come for him.”
“He developed a conditioned reflex to the color red and would rush to smash or bite anything that color, he would also bite inanimate objects that had the syllable MAO in their names, be it a towel (maojin) or sweater (maoyi).” — Blood Letters #CCPChina #Mao #communism
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#CCP party secretary Wang Yongzhen at #Fudan University in #Shanghai was killed today(June 7) by 39 y/o Jiang, who is also a teacher at Fudan University. Jiang calmly told the police he did so because he had been "framed and treated badly" by Wang in all these years. He felt... strongly about the "bad treatment" that he couldn't speak for a few seconds. He said he bought his knife on Internet and came directly from his home to kill Wang. He cut open Wang's throat...
Some Chinese netizens applauded him for "sorting it out with the right person."
The police only gave out his surname Jiang. I don't know his full name. Wang Yongzhen was 49 years old, according to the police. Image
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A long thread on #TiananmenSquare Massacre: The Ugly and Brutal Face of Communism in #China on June 4, 1989

What exactly led to the peaceful protestors in China exactly 32 years ago?

Read till the end…
Tiananmen Square is located in the center of Beijing, the capital of China.

Tiananmen means "gate of heavenly peace."
April 15, 1989 - Hu Yaobang, a former Communist Party leader, died. Hu was a symbol of an open political system and democratic reforms.

April 18, 1989: Post his death, 1000s of mourning students march through the capital to Tiananmen Square, a walk towards democracy.
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40/n So here is Part-3 of story of #Biowarfare by #CCPChina

Last I spoke about Shi Zhengli. In this part I'll elaborate about work of her team that caused confusion about #WuhanVirus too.

Please read on.
41/n 2003,SARS broke out. Scientists begin to find the source of the virus .

SHI Zhengli began extracting virus from the bat. Their research paper was published on Science magazine. claiming that they had extracted Corona Virus from the bat. Image
42/n 2008,Zhengli's team publishes new paper.

It found:first,both human SARS virus & 2019 #WuhanVirus use ACE-2 infect human cells.

The 3 major finds were:
1)Bat virus can't enter into human cells through ACE-2

2)Human SARS virus couldn't possibly be combined with bat’s ACE-2 Image
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1/n #COVID19 is a #Biowarfare crafted by #CCP.

In continuation to last year's thread (quoted tweet is last tweet of that thread) where I had exposed how @WHO was compromised by CCP, In this long thread I'll show how it was created by China.

In part-1 you will get basic dots. Image
2/n In 1980s China had realised urge to revamp Science & Technology.

In starting of 90s they realized lack of good Academic Leaders & in 1994, Hundred Talents Program" was initiated.

All details pulled from (few are untranslated) Image
3/n 14 people, including Zhu Rixiang, Cao Jianlin & Lu Ke, became the first group receiving the support of the program.

2 million yuan per talent fund was alloted.

It became one of the most imp project of CCP. ImageImage
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Another big expose on #ChineseVirus

Thread 1/3

Real Culprit of COVID is Ralph s Baric. He secured patent on #coronavirus in 2002 which was experimented on PIGS

Between 2010-13, Ralph worked to get #coronavirus in Bats to jump to humans

@AltNewsMedia @majorgauravarya

Why BATS? BATS r Mammals, same class as humans!

2009 @pfizer decided to set up R&D in Wuhan where Wuhan Institute of Virology is based. Now dots are getting connected very well.

Ralph who own patent for #coronavirus experimented to put virus in BATS & from Bats to humans

The whole thing funded by @pfizer to develop vaccine for business.

#CCPChina used these Bats to Human Corona to take control of world & develop its own vaccine.

Obama at lab with @melindagates in 2015!👇🏽

@arifaajakia @TarekFatah @ramnikmann @Shehzad_Ind @RatanSharda55
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