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My impressions of what Musk is doing with Twitter, and his likely chances of success, have changed as I’ve seen the past month play out.

Short version: Despite the chaos, the advantages of his position are becoming clear (thread)
As I said weeks ago, so long as Twitter depended on ads for the vast majority of its revenue, Elon couldn’t truly run the company as he wished. He’d have to bow and scrape to them. And advertisers are responsive to activist pressure. So his hands are tied, right?
But after an initial attempt of questionable seriousness to placate advertisers, he apparently decided, screw it, let them leave. And many have. (I assume some others joined but not anywhere near enough to make up the shortfall)…
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Es reseñable que entre los tontos del #RIPTwitter destacan NOTABLEMENTE los Covidianos

Es el colectivo más empeñado en que Twitter YA no vale, y en promocionar el migrado a Mastodon

¡¿Qué nivel de protección pensaban que tenían para esta HISTERIA por un cambio de oligarca?!
Qué grado de protección, de censura, de colaboración sentían, o sabían, que les proporcionaba el anterior mafioso?

No puede ser sólo por perder la publicidad constante, desde la pestaña de COVID-19 hasta los avisos de contenido PELIGROSO o falso y las redirecciones favorables
Esa propaganda de lo kosher sigue llegando, por el propio Twitter, en forma de información oficial, medios publicistas y verificadores hormonados

No, no es eso

Es porque la mentira ha roto por todas sus costuras y hace falta la censura absoluta de la Burbuja

Y por eso Mastodon Image
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Elon Musk #RIPTwitter Telegram Se o Twitter Portugal #Caminhoneiros Militares Agro Perdeu Mané Gilmar Mendes QG DO GOLPE Denunciem #SOSFFAA #GloboLixo #BrasilNasRuas #COP27 Trump COVID Pfizer Faz o L OTAN


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(ひでぇセリフww。これはジョークです。WMC is just kidding probably)…


※この会話はWMCのジョークですジョーク!本当にこんな言う訳ないじゃないですかww この写真でイーロンの周りにいるツイッター社に残った「ハードコア・エンジニア」の皆さんに興味があります。みんな有能なんだろうな。
この写真を見る限りショボくれた奴は1人も居ない。目が生き生きしてるし面魂も皆なかなかのもんじゃないですか。多分イーロンと同じフロアでザコ寝してるんだろうか。この #RIPTwitter 騒動の日々が新生ツイッターの偉大な歴史の1ページとなる事を祈念いたしております!
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Welp, Twitter is dying and I just poured my first Yukon Jack snakebite to celebrate!

So, let me tell you about the time I (a Master Sergeant) argued with the aircraft commander (a major) to divert his C-130 to avoid a missile attack in Iraq!
It's 2003 and BUFFALO 28 is flying 40 soldiers to Kuwait for a funeral ceremony. It's part of a two-ship with BUFFALO 30 carrying seven caskets. ⚰️

Wing commander Col (BGen select) Gibson has stopped BUFFALO 28 on the runway so I can board as Historian.…
BGen-select Gibson understands the gravity of the situation and he's tossing me aboard to document the mission. As the only 3H0x1 in Iraq, I'm something of a diplomat to the other military services when we do casket transfers. Our presence lends the commander's gravitas.
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So, in re: #RIPTwitter, read this important thread I posted here, then come back here, because I have a question (this will be a long 🧵 if you read all the embedded threads).
Focusing on Twitter as town square:
Here's another one, on Twitter as an emergency management too:
Finally, here's my late-night end-of-Twitter screed — less essential here, but I'm focused on tech fake-it-til-you-make-it culture.
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Je vais perdre mon travail à cause d'@elonmusk.
Pourtant, je ne suis pas employé @Twitter.

Je vais vous expliquer pourquoi j'ai 90% de chance de tout perdre d'ici 48h👇
Quel sera l’avenir du #sociallistening si #Twitter tombe ?
En ce vendredi soir, pensez-vous avoir encore accès à Twitter lundi matin ? 🤔
Alors que le nombre de publications autour de #RIPTwitter (1.05M) et #TwitterDown (125k) explose littéralement, on voit clairement l’expression d’un stress de la part des utilisateurs de voir leur plateforme d’expression préférée disparaître 😩
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Judging by the influx of new followers I am getting over at Mastodon, a lot of people are starting to think that Twitter's future looks really bleak. So a few thoughts on #RIPTwitter, the future of #sciencetwitter and all that:
First of all, I have no insight into what is going on at Twitter. I am simply someone who has been addicted to this particular platform for many years, really loves what it has allowed me to do and hopefully has contributed the kind of content that made Twitter valuable to many.
As others have pointed out Twitter is as unlikely to go up in flames tomorrow as it is to become a well-run, nicely moderated global town square. But like @oneunderscore__ I find it increasingly hard to see any good outcome at the end of all this

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If Twitter is about to collapse. Let's go out with a smile.
Here are some of my favourite films I made for you guy's to enjoy over the years.

Fred Astaire dancing to Smooth Criminal

A Thread
#StingsThings #RIPTwitter #TwitterDown #Twittershutdown
The Best of Erin Gray

This is one of my favourites, for obvious reasons
I'd also like to give a special shout-out to whoever was in charge of the wardrobe department on Buck Rogers... Thank you, thank you, thank you
The Sopranos

January 10th marked the 23rd anniversary of The Sopranos, so I made this mini montage to celebrate one of the greatest TV shows ever made
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1) Els mitjans DE no són massa optimistes sobre el futur de Twitter, fa poc @tagesschau deixava caure q el govern podria cancelar els seus comptes (no s'ha confirmat). Altres com @Wuv són més apocalíptics i ho comparen a la caiguda del mur de Berlin. 🔽…
2) Els experts preveuen que Twitter no podrà operar de la manera que ho feia fins ara i q el col.lapse podria ser imminent. (Alguns fixen la data fatal com a molt tard el diumenge, coincidint amb el començament del Mundial de futbol).
3) Segons @wuv bona part dels equips de personal clau pel funcionament de Twitter s'han dissolt completament i "la complexa tecnologia de Twitter no pot operar sense ells durant molt de temps". El problema més greu, afegeixen "és que no existeix personal per substituir-los".
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As #RIPTwitter #TwitterDown #GoodByeTwitter trend, here's a thread on my first blog on Twitter. I wrote this after using Twitter for few days the first time:…

July 2007.
I joined in July 2007 out of FOMO. All the techies around me in Bangalore were talking about it and I felt left out. "...quite cool. That’s the thing with these technologies. Everyday they are inventing new means to make your virtual identity more vivid," I wrote.
"Twitter as the name suggest is a chirp. I am sitting at my workplace while my boyfriend is having lunch with a client. So I go to my twitter account and twitter, “My boss just yelled at me that asshole.” My bf would get this message either on his twitter page or Gtalk..."
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Thanks to our favorite director and mastermind Ewen Wright @You_n_Ewen for putting this together.
If Twitter is indeed going bye bye you can find us on TikTok @mandypatinktok Insta @MandyPatinkin and FB, YT and Zamblam! We might have made one of those up.
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一大トレンドとなった #RIPTwitter の実態は恐らくアンチの人々の期待した通りのものではなかったのではないかと私は考えます。アンチの考えるストーリーは「ツイッター社員の大量退社に…
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Musk has done it. Twitter is finally all about him. 20 of the top 30 trending topics are about the Elon’s destruction of Twitter.
For example:
My favorites are
#Titanic and #SpaceKaren Image
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#RIPTwitter mit Hintergrund Überlegungen, oder der Tread zum Ende der Twitter 2.0 Welt auf Deutsch🧵

#Musk irrt in Gewichtung Code vs Human Capital. Über Jahrzehnte gewachsene IT Infrastruktur Systeme können nicht rebootet werden, wie Smartphones. Mitarbeiter System Know How kann nur langsam ersetzt werden. Twitter ist IT Backbone Verfügbarkeit, nicht hippe Code Genialität. 2/6
Die Werbe-Einnahmen bei Twitter boten Kunden Image Effekten, nicht klassischer Multiplikation. Industrie wirbt auf Twitter, wie sie Kultur fördert. Nicht als Werbung, sondern als ergänzende Image Aktivität. Zentrales Anliegen sind Brand Safety & Reputation ▶️ Twitter Image. 3/6
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Congratulations to #Indonesia on successfully hosting the #G20 meeting in Bali this week. I hope the world knows Indonesia a little better now. However, just in case – here’s a thread...

There’s a lot more to Indonesia than Bali. 1/25
On Monday President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo and First Lady Iriana Jokowi hosted a spectacular gala dinner for leaders of the #G20. 2/25

If like me your invitation went missing in the post. Don’t worry you can watch it all here:
Indonesia is the 15th biggest country in the world covering a total area of approximately 1,904,569 km2. Argentina is the 8th covering 2,780,400Km2. Russia is by far the biggest covering 17,098,242 km2. From east to west Indonesia stretches over 5,000 kilometres. 3/22
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Podsumujmy co się dzieje obecnie z #Twitter:

- Elon Musk ogłosił "hardcorowe" godziny pracy i dał pracownikom ultimatum albo się zgodzą pracę na wysokich obrotach przez 6 dni w tygodniu albo odejdą

- ludzie zaczęli odchodzić (jeden z pracowników nazwał to wprost: "exodus")

🧵 Image
- Twitter zrobil badanie z którego wynikało, że ponad 42% pracowników (którzy wzięli udział) zamierza odejść, 25% niechętnie ale zostanie i tylko 7% zadeklarowało, że zostanie

- Elon spotkał się z osobami, które zajmują najważniejsze stanowiska i przekonywał ich do pozostania Image
- obecnie biuro Twittera w San Francisco zostaje zamknięte. Do poniedziałku. Prawdopodobnie po to by ludzie, którzy odeszli nie mieli dostępu do kompów.

- polecam sprawdzić hasztag #RIPTwitter, który został zapoczątkowany przez ludzi, którzy odchodzą wczoraj/dzisiaj z pracy
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Hagamos un Hilo de los mejores memes 🥲

#TwitterOFF #RIPTwitter #CierraTwitter #AdiosTwitter Image
Yo recibiendo tweets de que se acaba todo. 🐸
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Rescatando joyas de youtube mientras dure twitter

String Calculator kata by @ploeh

#tdd #Kata #RIPTwitter #TwitterTakeover #TwitterOFF
String Calculator kata with AutoFixture. Exercise 1
String Calculator kata with AutoFixture. Exercise 2
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In the event that twitter implodes entirely, I'll miss the thought-provoking interactions, but be less nostalgic over miasma of hate-mail, pile-ons, and disinformation this hellsite enabled. You'll find me here in interim…

#RIPTwitter #TwitterDown
...I think it's worth remembering while a nice idea, in practice twitter had serious problems, vectoring an awful lot of hate & poison. A problem perhaps soluble with strong moderation and good policy - but a petulant man-child like Elon Musk was only ever going to make it worse
...and of course, mastodon, which I have no idea about using...
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Lonely petulant spoilt narcissistic damaged man-child Elon Musk may yet destroy @Twitter.

Should it all go tits-up, here's how to preserve your Twitter archive in searchable form, which holds memories, & a path to finding people.

Your Twitter archive holds your profile information, address book, tweets, DMs, Moments, media (images, videos, and GIFs you’ve attached to tweets, DMs, and Moments), as well as a list of your followers; a list of accounts you follow; & details of any connected lists.
It also has interest & demographic information that Twitter has inferred about you and information about ads that you’ve seen or engaged with on Twitter.

The archive is not just an info dump; it can be searched with words, phrases, hashtags, and usernames.
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If Twitter goes down I want to acknowledge and thank all of the remarkable mental health pros and advocates I have learned so much from. Without your empathy encouragement and support from so many of you there is a good chance I wouldn't be training to be a therapist. #RIPTwitter
There is no doubt that without this site my life would be so much different. So many of you helped me get better and helped me figure out I have a place in the mental health space. It has been an absolute honor to be in community with you. You all mean so much to me.
I am so nervous I'll forget someone but I will do my best and add later. Thank you @talk2spirit, @dremilyanhalt, @nikkiLynette, @_mombrain, @Rwenshaun, @TashaJacksTweet, @hcdawes, @avflox, @DrBrodSawyer, @DepressedWBlack, @thatjillian and so many more.
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