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Another death recorded in #BC bringing total up to 1. We have 74 new cases of #COVIDー19 bringing total up to 424. Dr. Bonnie Henry says latest death linked to #LynnValley Care Centre in #NorthVancouver. @NEWS1130
#BREAKING More secondary businesses ordered to shutter in #BC include hair salons and other “personal” service establishments. @NEWS1130
Henry now explaining how she hopes to “flatten the curve” in #BC. She says social distancing measures are key to keeping everyone safe. He voice shakes again as she stresses how crucial it is these orders are followed. @NEWS1130
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🇨🇦👨‍💻 Analizando ofertas de trabajo en Canadá como Senior #Software Engineer y similares.

Un compañero de @DevzCommunity está cerca de que se le extienda una oferta para venir a #Canada. "Echamos montón" entre algunos expats para sugerencias y tips. 🧵👇🏼 (1/13)
💳 Creds:

∙ Llevo casi 8 años aquí. Entre #Vancouver, #Toronto y KW.
∙ He contratado, o ayudado a contratar, a algunos muchachos de 🇲🇽
∙ He mentoreado a varios muchachos de varias nacionalidades a establecerse, o mejorar sus condiciones de trabajo

🙅‍♂️ Disclaimers:

∙ No soy abogado
∙ No soy contador
∙ Puede que esté equivocado en algunas cosas, en cuyo caso pls házmelo saber. Pero lo digo con toda la buena vibra del mundo

Dicho lo anterior...

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#Coronavirus UPDATE & Resources
Mar 7th 9PM EST
-105,981 = 95 Countries & China
-3,586 have died🌎
-59,916 have recovered🌎
-80,695 Cases in 🇨🇳
-7,134 #SouthKorea
-5,883 #Italy
-5,823 #Iran
-949 France
#COVID19seattle #NC #WA #CA #MA #CT
1/8 #US #COVIDー19 Stats 👇🏾
2a) #US #COVID19 Update
March 6th 9PM EST
-424 #Coronavirus cases in US
-32 states have confirmed cases
-94 new cases as of 9pm
-15 have recovered
-17 have died #WA #CA
-US Citizens in Self-quarantine: 13,900+
-See Pandemic Prep Resources 👇🏾
#CoronavirusUSA #Houston #Chicago #NJ
Below you will see 3 things:
-The number of #coronavirus cases in the 32 states w/#COVID19
-The transmission origin - nearly half is community spread followed by an infected/sick person who lived in #Westchester who then infected 54 others
-chart showing the daily # of new cases
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#BC government-wide response to #COVID19 includes -IF NECESSARY- prep for outbreak lasting up to 4 months.

Premier @jjhorgan and Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry say focus remains on identification and containment of isolated cases. #health #bcpoli @NEWS1130
.@jjhorgan says more than 2800 tests done in #BC and response so far has been “robust.” He’s appointing deputy minister to oversee response. #COVIDー19 #bcpoli @NEWS1130
Premier offering assurances everything that can be done is being done to keep #COVIDー19 virus from spreading in #BC. So far, only one case out of 21 admitted to #ICU. @NEWS1130
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#BREAKING: B.C. has its first #COVID19 case from someone from Washington state who was visiting family in the Fraser Health region around #Vancouver.

Total cases in B.C. has now reached 21 with 8 newly confirmed cases in the last day.… @TorontoStar
#BREAKING B.C.'s top Health Officer says the patient is a Seattle woman in her fifties who was visiting family in B.C. and sought assessment for respiratory illness and tested positive for #COVID19 #coronavirus… @TorontoStar
.@wanyeelii @alex_mckeen wrote earlier about whether there should be more measures to prevent transmission of #COVID19 cases across the border.

Today B.C. confirmed its first case of a Seattle woman who travelled to Canada and tested positive.…
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1. Happy #ValentinesDay! Meet Peipei Li & Luhua Rao. Days after PRC tycoon Luhua met Peipei in #Vancouver he told her he loved her. A few weeks later he gave her a Tiffany diamond ring. A few months later he gave her C$18m & they married in Vegas. But (you know there's a but)...
2...Luhua was already married. His wife and mother of his two sons is vice-president of his multi-billion listed tech firm Shenzhen Clou Electronics
3. But moving on. Peipei set up a real estate investment firm in the Bentall Centre in downtown Vancouver. She bought a Rolls-Royce Ghost ($467,700). She bought this Shaughnessy home for C$7m
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Holborn Group has been working on their Hudson's Bay parkade redevelopment for some time. Scale of what they're imagining is breathtaking: I know "world class" is thrown around a lot; this is truly global scale #Vancouver #vanpoli #vanre #vancre 1/7 THREAD…
This concept by Beijing-based MAD Architects for downtown's Bay parkade would be Metro #Vancouver's tallest tower, close to 900 ft. Note: this concept made in 2016 is likely outdated, but it's refreshing to know this was actually contemplated. #vanpoli #vanre #vancre 2/7
This concept has an incredible range of uses:
- hotel
- residential
- indoor & outdoor shopping mall, including department store
- roof garden & pool
- observation deck

Scope/uses worthy of central location & next to two SkyTrain stations.

3/7 #Vancouver #vanre #vancre #vanpoli
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#Iran plane crash victims
Dr. Neda Sadighi, a member of the College of Optometrists of Ontario, and the Iranian Association of Ophthalmologists.
University of Waterloo students Marzieh Foroutan & Mansour Esnaashary Esfahani
University of Guelph students Ghanimat Azdahri
The University of Guelph confirmed that Ghanimat Azdahri was its PhD students of the Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics
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Last night, Don Cherry made comments that are wrong in describing Canadians' remembrance of our veterans. His remarks don't recognize the contribution of Canada's diverse communities. I hope we can turn this into a moment where we can learn about about all who have served. 1/7
All Canadians should remember the sacrifice made by the Chinese Canadian community, like #Vancouver-born, Frank Wong. He was on Juno Beach & was there for the liberation of Holland during the Second World War. 2/7…
Canadians also remember Jeremiah "Jerry" Jones of Truro, Nova Scotia who enlisted in the 106th Battalion. He fought during the Battle of Vimy Ridge & was posthumously awarded the Canadian Forces Distinguished Service Medallion for his heroic actions. 3/7…
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Dear #Vancouver,
#translink 72-hour strike notice is out. If negotiations keep going poorly by Thursday night, Friday’s commute is going to be chaotic.

“Hire more drivers & buy more buses” feels like they’re striking more for my benefit than theirs!…
Ok #Vancouver,
We don’t yet know if the #translink #transitstrike will happen Thursday midnight.

We don’t know if it’ll be a full shutdown, rolling strike, or a work-to-rule slowdown as they fulfill exactly the parameters of their contract:…

It’s all TBD.
Our 2001 #yvr #transitstrike lasted 123 days until legislation forced unions back to work. (…). Then, blame was placed squarely on TransLink’s chair.

We have even more people using transit now. And unions are asking for things that benefit riders. Ridership increasing since 1999
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I hear it was the largest individual #climateCrisis protest in history. Any city wish to challenge that? Regardless, 500,000+ people in #Montreal today for #ClimateStrike makes a POWERFUL statement that we’ve reached a real turning point toward #ClimateAction! Via @GretaThunberg
This makes me happy of many levels — including that #Vancouver showed up 100K+ strong for the @ClimateStrike, AND that citizens did it by showing how streets, bridges & our FUTURE are about people, not cars. #ClimateCrisis
Hat tip to @SimiHeer, great video!
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1. A thread on #Vancouver city-building, politics & bikes:

I’ve still got a lot of optimism about most of our new city council, but I’m still hearing the concern that they are trying too hard to distance themselves from work/directions of the #VisionVancouver terms of Council.
2. This may be particularly true regarding safe bike infrastructure, & the still badly needed work toward getting to the next level in bike mode share, & making our bike infrastructure safe & comfortable for all ages & abilities. See here for more on #AAA:…
3. I’m not here to defend #VisionVancouver, but one thing that’s long been true here in #Vancouver is that new councils have generally built on past successes, rather than undoing or reversing (as we’ve unfortunately seen in many other cities). That’s how we’ve made progress...
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Stephen Ross is not a 'passive investor' as @Equinox's statement claims. @Equinox is a subsidiary of Stephen Ross' Related Companies. It doesn't matter if Ross isn't involved in the management, he is the owner.…

#BoycottEquinox #BoycottSoulcycle
@Equinox "Celebrities and other members are fleeing the @Equinox and @SoulCycle fitness chains because the parent company’s owner, wealthy developer Stephen Ross, is hosting a big-ticket Trump fund-raiser this week"
#BoycottEquinox #BoycottSoulcycle…
@Equinox @soulcycle Stephen Ross' Related Companies' subsidiary @Equinox also owns Pure Yoga, Blink and a minority stake in Rumble Boxing. @Equinox has locations also in #London, #Toronto, and #Vancouver, so the Brits and Canadians can join the boycott too
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I had a really good day yesterday exploring #Vancouver city. I had the day off from work because of #CanadaDay152. So I went out to take in the city. Here are som highlights from my excursion of Vancity yesterday. #LifeAfterMaldives #Refugee #ExMuslim #Atheist
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💰💦Trump Tower Projects

Bailed Out By Russia 1987-2014

Trump’s efforts to establish a hotel in Moscow go back at least to 1987, when, according to his book The Art of the Deal, he discussed the possibility with the Soviet ambassador Yuri Dubinin.…
💰Trump Soho - Bayrock Group

Trump SoHo broke ground in 2007, typifies how the Trump Organization benefited from financing coming out of Russia and the former Soviet Union. Much of the project’s financing came from the Bayrock Group.…
📌Investigators are looking at whether Trump associates laundered financial payoffs from Russian officials by channeling them through offshore accounts.…
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Gas Profiteering Report*
Nanaimo BC
Rack price: 84.20c

Fed: 10.0c
BC Motor: 14.50c
BC Carbon: 8.89c

Gas price: 148.9c

Profit: 31.31c

*Note: This is not an endorsement of low gas prices which discourage #climatecrisis acttion.
Gas Profiteering Report*
Vancouver BC 11/06/19
Rack price: 82.60c

Fed: 10.0c
BC Motor: 25.50c
BC Carbon: 8.89c

Gas price: 133.9c

Profit: 6.91c

*Note: This is not an endorsement of low gas prices which discourage #climatecrisis acttion.
Gas Profiteering Report*
Nanaimo BC 12/06/19

Daily Rack Price: 85.30c (+2.7)

Fed: 10.0c
BC Motor: 14.50c
BC Carbon: 8.89c

Gas price: 148.9c

Profit: 30.21c (-1.10)

*Note: This is not an endorsement of low prices which discourage #climatecrisis action.
#bcpoli #gpr
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Another interesting criticism (Dr. Peterson's speech in which he sings the praises of Indian guest-workers 'pumping money back to India like mad' is particularly telling): .
@threadreaderapp : please UNROLL
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“But it’s believable to me that if there’s an impact it would be at the higher end (of the market),”

Let's say 700 homes change hands per year in West Side #Vanre. Avg say $3M per home. That's roughly $2B per year.

Say half that is mortgaged, so…
2/ $1B per year COMPLETELY controls the West Side mkt.

Last week I tweeted about ONE woman from China 10 years ago looking to buy 4 to 5 homes on the West Side. If she's looking to spend $20M, all you would need would be 49 more of her to completely buy up every
3/ property that hits the mkt on the West Side.

Is that so inconceivable?

50 wealthy Chinese investors could come in a corner the West Side #Vanre mkt.

Now throw in the local money launderers as in the #VancouverSun article and you need even less than 50 Chinese buyers.
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(Warning: This will be a long thread, grab a cuppa coffee)

Most people are familiar with Warren Buffet's saying "Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked."

I believe it may be EXACTLY what lies beneath the
2/ level of the tide that could be the final nail in the #Vanre mkt once the full effect of foreign owners (FLIPPERS) selling their West Side SFD's kicks in. Considering that we are already 35% off the peak mkt highs, that in itself is an ominous thought.

Now, I've always
3/ suspected (no proof) that MANY #Vanre home owners have dipped into the "equity lottery winnings" that they have realized in the past 10 years to fund who knows what.

So when I saw an article yesterday from @BetterDwelling about Cdn Helocs,…
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.@Wilkinson4BC - this leaflet is a disgrace. You are knowingly misleading people in #MapleRidge for your own political gain #bcpoli
You KNOW this housing includes 24/7 staff supports, onsite clinical supports and connections to addictions services.
It follows the same model as all supportive housing including ictoria Johnston st location which YOU site as a success.
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Next Wednesday @CityofVancouver staff report back to #Council on ramping up our #ClimateAction, in line with the #IPCC science and in response to the #ClimateEmergency. Here’s my breakdown of the recommendations 👇
This #ClimateEmergency report outlines 6 Big Moves for Council to direct staff to pursue & come back w. comprehensive/costed plans. Plus 53 Accelerated Actions to move on now. The targets are strong & won’t be easy. This is what governing in line with the science looks like.
Big Move 1: By 2030, 90% of people will live within an easy walk/roll of their daily needs (we’re at 45%). Focused on land-use & complete n'hoods, it would ⬇️ 153,000 tonnes carbon/year, while creating ⬆️ housing choices, ⬆️ social interaction, and supporting local businesses.
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The typical European car is parked 92% of the time. It spends 1/3rd of its driving time looking for parking. Its 5 seats only move 1.5 people. 86% of its fuel never reaches the wheels, & most of the energy that does, moves the car, not people. #CityMakingMath
HT @circulareconomy
Still think drivers pay their way & people on bikes are “getting a free ride?” If commuters had to pay for their impact on society, drivers would pay 87 cents/km. People on bikes would GET 25 cents/km.

Commuting by bike saves society money. #CityMakingMath

HT @urbanthoughts11
“We know factually that walking & biking are the two ways of getting around that actually save society money for each km travelled. And that’s even before we consider all the many benefits that aren’t just about money.” #CityMakingMath Me, in @DailyHiveVan…
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1/ How transphobic backlash hit after city cut funding to Vancouver Rape Relief because it excludes trans people, days after the B.C. Supreme Court ruled in favour of a trans youth to access treatment despite father's objection… @torontostar @starvancouver
2/ Some tweets insisted that “trans women are men” and accused trans women of being sexual predators. One called a trans person an “indignant g-sh,” a slang term for “vulva” or “something useless.”

“People have really strong views about whether trans women are women," -@VanAlias
3/ We discussed whether we should reproduce some of the hateful comments but giving a sense of the vitriol was important to help readers understand the backlash against the city's support of trans inclusion. Story on funding decision by @TessaVikander:…
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#vancouver #scicomm peeps: Any preferences on date/time/location for this year’s hot chocolate fest meetup?

I can do Feb 7-12.
Festival locations & flavours:

Stick to a weeknight at Diva, or do a weekend daytime somewhere new?
Dear #Vancouver peeps: Pick a date for this year’s #scicomm hot chocolate social.

Meetup will be a weekday evening (after standard work hours). What day?
Related: Should we stay downtown or relocate somewhere new this year?

Festival info:

I think these are our options for where’s open late on weekday evenings:
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