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#Czechia #Prauge #Coronavirus

Prauged mayor ZdenΔ›k HΕ™ib who ones graduated from the Medical Faculty in Prague, is now officially a volunteer at University Hospital Vinohrady according to his FB page.
He clarified that in the department that deals with the treatment of patients who are suspected of being diagnosed with COVID-19 but are still waiting for the test results, he will be taking afternoon shifts.
Furthermore, by offering a hand to the Red Cross, by contributing plasma or simply following the sanitary measures in place, he called on anyone who needs medical education to choose one of many ways to help.
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#Czechia #Prauge #Coronavirus

As the coronavirus epidemic deepens, steps are being taken by the Czech Government to avoid the collapse of the health system, which is burdened by an rising number of hospitalizations and the spread of infection among medical personnel.
The government is also seeking to gain funding from abroad to tide over hospitals at the height of the outbreak, in addition to ordering in medical students and calling on volunteers.
The Czech Government has called for all those with medical experience, including those who have left their profession or are employed abroad, to come back and help as the Czech Republic is preparing for the worst health crisis in its recent history.
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#Czechia #Prauge #Army #Coronavirus

The Czech Army has started preparations for the construction of a field hospital at the Prague Exhibition Center. In Hradec Kralove (KΓΆniggrΓ€tz), around 100 kilometers away,
the first containers with medical equipment were loaded on Saturday, as the Ministry of Defense announced.

The convoy is scheduled to make its way to the capital on Monday. "The fight against the pandemic is now not only the number one task for the army,"
said Defense Minister Lubomir Metnar. The field hospital should be available as reserve capacity in the event that the hospitals are overloaded with corona patients. It has a fully equipped operating room, intensive care unit, laboratory and X-ray machines.
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#Czechia #Prauge #Coronavirus

In the Czech Republic, a national emergency is to come into force again from midnight on Monday night.
The government under Prime Minister Andrej Babis had decided to declare a state of emergency because of a "rocket-like increase" in the corona numbers.
Among other things, it enables the government to restrict civil rights such as freedom of assembly and to take measures without the consent of parliament. Most recently, a new high in daily corona infections was reached in the Czech Republic on Friday with 3792 cases.
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#Czechia #Prauge #Elections

The populist ruling party ANO led by Prime Minister Andrej Babis has surprisingly clearly won the regional election in the Czech Republic. The movement garnered the most votes overall, ranking first in ten of the 13 regions.
The CSU statistics agency announced this after counting almost all votes. According to observers, the ANO of multibillionaire Babis will find it difficult to find coalition partners to provide the regional president in each case.
The co-ruling Social Democrats (CSSD) suffered dramatic losses and gained just under five percent of the vote. The strongest opposition party was the Czech pirates.
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#Germany #Czechia #Berlin #Prauge #Pirna #Sachsen #Coronavirus

The federal government declared the entire Czech Republic a corona risk area on Friday evening. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) published an updated list.
This eliminates the exception for two regions, including the Usti district to Labem on the border with Saxony. The whole of Luxembourg and the state of Tyrol have also been included in the list of risk areas.
A travel warning from the Foreign Office is expected that evening. Travelers from risk areas must be tested for Corona within 48 hours before or after entering the country and must remain in quarantine until the test results.
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#Czechia #Prauge #Coronavirus #RESTRICIONS

In the fight against the rising number of corona infections, the Czech Republic is introducing a curfew at 10 p.m. in pubs and restaurants.
"Under the influence of alcohol there is much more frequent contact and the disregard of elementary rules," said the new health minister Roman Prymula on Wednesday. The measure is initially limited to two weeks.
Industry associations fear a drop in sales of up to 30 percent. There is a distinctive pub culture in the Czech Republic. With more than 140 liters a year per capita, the Czechs are among the world champions in beer consumption.
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#Czechia #Prauge #Coronavirus

With 2394 new infections, the Czech Republic recorded the second-highest daily increase since the beginning of the pandemic. This increases the number of detected infections since the first case in March to 53,158,
according to data from the Ministry of Health. The Czech Republic is one of the European countries in which the virus is currently spreading the fastest; the number of new infections doubled in September.
In response, the authorities have reintroduced some containment measures, such as wearing masks and tightening bar opening times.
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#Czechia #Prauge #Coronavirus

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis has admitted failings in the fight against the novel corona virus. His government acted wrongly when it relaxed the corona measures before the summer vacation, Babis said in a televised speech that evening.
Babis said he let himself be carried away by the summer time and the "general mood". "That was a mistake I don't want to repeat." The government in Prague had initially responded to the corona pandemic with strict measures and, among other things,
imposed a mask requirement that also applies outdoors. However, before the start of the summer vacation, the government relaxed most of the measures. Recently, the number of cases in the Czech Republic rose sharply again.
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#Czechia #Prauge #Coronavirus

Czech Health Minister Adam Vojtech is under criticism for his handling of the corona pandemic. Now he draws the consequences and steps back. As in numerous other countries,
the incidence of infections has been increasing significantly in the Czech Republic for some time. A total of 49,290 cases have been recorded so far.
For Sunday, the authorities registered 985 new infections on the third day as a result of a decrease in the new corona cases determined daily. However, there is less testing at the weekend than during the week.
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#Czechia #Prauge #Coronavirus

After the last four days of rapid increase, the number of new infections in the Czech Republic has decreased somewhat. The Ministry of Health reports 2111 further infections within 24 hours.
A new record was registered on Friday with 3130 new cases. The total number has roughly doubled to 46,262 within around three weeks. As a percentage of the total population, only Spain and France in the European Union have seen larger increases in the past two weeks,
the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control announced. The government has already responded by reintroducing restrictions.
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In the neighboring country of the Czech Republic, the corona numbers are rising rapidly. On Thursday, the 3000 mark was exceeded for the first time with 3130 new cases. Image
The total number of people infected since the pandemic began rose to just under 44,200. 489 deaths have been linked to Covid 19 disease. The Czech Republic has almost 10.7 million inhabitants, which is less than a seventh of the Geman Federal Republic (83 million).
Now stricter rules should calm the situation down again. Pupils must wear a mouth and nose cover in class - except for first graders. Restaurants, bars and clubs will have to close at night between midnight and 6 a.m.
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#Czechia #Prauge #Coronavirus

In the Czech Republic, the threshold of 2,000 new corona infections was exceeded within one day for the first time. On Wednesday, 2,139 cases were added, according to data from the Ministry of Health on Thursday.
The total number of those ever infected rose to around 41,000. It has been proven that 482 people died in connection with Covid-19 disease. The number of new infections every day is currently almost as high as in Germany,
although the Czech Republic has just under 10.7 million inhabitants. The German federal government has extended its travel warning for Prague to the neighboring Central Bohemian region.
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#Czechia #Prauge #Coronavirus

Due to increasing corona numbers, the Czech Republic has imposed stricter rules. Restaurants, cafes, bars, night clubs and similar facilities are only allowed to let in as many people as they have seats.
This was announced by the Ministry of Health in Prague. For indoor events with more than ten people, each visitor must be assigned a seat in the future. This should create a "certain distance", it said. Exceptions apply to exhibitions and trade fairs.
Previously, the number of new infections every day in the Czech Republic had reached a record level. 1675 more cases were added on Tuesday - more than ever since the pandemic began. So far, 481 people have died in connection with Covid 19 in the EU country.
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#Czechia #Prauge #Coronavirus

Those who test positive in the Czech Republic will in future receive the result immediately by SMS or email. "The patients will know more quickly what they are doing," said Health Minister Adam Vojtech on Wednesday.
They also received instructions on how to behave in order to prevent the disease from spreading further. So far, only negative test results have been transmitted electronically. The number of new infections every day has meanwhile reached a new record.
1677 more cases were added on Tuesday, more than any other day since the pandemic began, according to data from the Ministry of Health. The total number of those ever infected was just under 38,900. 476 people verifiably died in connection with an illness.
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#Czechia #Prauge #Coronavirus

Despite the increasing number of corona cases, the Czech Republic is easing its quarantine regulations.
Anyone who has come into contact with an infected person and shows no symptoms no longer automatically needs to be isolated at home if both sides have worn a face mask.
Health Minister Adam Vojtech announced that these contact persons would only have to monitor their state of health from Tuesday. People who have survived Covid in the last 90 days are also exempt from the quarantine obligation for contact persons.
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#Czechia #Prauge #Coronavirus

The Czech Ministry of Health reports 1541 new coronavirus infections within 24 hours for the third day in a row, a new high. It is also the fifth day in a row with more than 1000 new infections.
The Czech Republic is one of the EU countries in which the disease is currently spreading particularly rapidly again. In view of the increasing number of infections, the government in Prague had recently tightened the mask regulations,
but it wants to avoid extensive restrictions on public life. The Czech Republic has 10.7 million inhabitants.
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