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I had the great pleasure of discussing vaccines for #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 #coronavirus on @MPRnews this morning with @KerriMPR. I was especially glad to join my colleague from @UW, Dr. Deborah Fuller, and hear about her lab's exciting vaccine work…
Dr. Fuller's lab recently released an excellent pre-print describing some really fantastic preclinical results from a new #SARSCoV2 vaccine they developed:…
This vaccine is like the Moderna vaccine in that it uses RNA to generate immune responses against #SARSCoV2 spike (S) protein, but with a twist. Instead of using messenger RNA (mRNA) to express S, this vaccine uses a RNA replicon. What is that, you ask?
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🦠 El virus de @georgesoros se contagia por todo el mundo y llega hasta Europa

🚨 París (FRANCIA)

Protestas por la muerte de George Floyd.
¿Distanciamiento social?

➡️ Para los globalistas, ¿ya no hay coronavirus?

Sigue ⬇️
🚨 Movilizaciones en Curitiba (BRASIL) contra el patriota y antiglobalista @jairbolsonaro

💣 También se registran incidentes.
🚨 Manifestación en Ámsterdam (Holanda) por la muerte de George Floyd.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/02/2020-2…

What COVID-19 Means For The Future Of Capitalism, Democracy And Sustainability…

#coronavirus #future #capitalism #democracy #Sustainability
U.S. COVID-19 Contact Tracing Programs Designed for Failure, Despite Bloomberg Money; Why Can't the U.S. Copy the Lessons of Hong Kong's Success? | naked capitalism…

#tracing #failure #contact #Bloomberg
Stretch and flow: Research sheds light on unusual properties of well-known materials…

#research #flow #materials #Stretch
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Relatório interno da OMS indica que a #China escondeu que o #coronavírus poderia ser transmitido entre humanos por mais de duas semanas.

#Pequim decodificou o vírus em 2 de janeiro, mas só alertou sobre a transmissão no dia 20.…
O presidente dos #EUA, Donald Trump, vem apontando há meses que a OMS e a #China forneceram orientações equivocadas desde o início da pandemia do novo #coronavírus.

Confira no YouTube:
No início de abril, Trump alertou:

“A OMS realmente estragou tudo. [...] Muito centrada na China. Felizmente, rejeitei o conselho deles de manter nossas fronteiras abertas à China desde o início. Por que eles nos deram uma recomendação tão defeituosa?”…
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The tragic death of #GeorgeFloyd reminds us that racism puts Black lives at risk in the USA - but systemic racism isn’t just an American problem. 1/6
Black Britons are more likely to experience poverty, have poorer educational outcomes, be excluded from school, be unemployed, and come into contact with the criminal justice system. 2/6 Image
BAME children are also more likely act as #youngcarers for ill and disabled family members, but more likely to miss out on support. 3/6 Image
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Whn whole world is looking for the solutions as to how the human lives could be saved from #coronavirus, our @UniversityJammu is asking us to take exams like we r immune to this global pandemic. Ok.if u r doing this thn lemme make u sense d reality.
#JUitesDemandMassPromotion Image
Frm Abrogation of Art370 to Covid Crisis, students of J&K r the worst sufferers.Frst, complete digital lockdown ws imposed across UT, evn thn we continued our studies.N now, whn whole India is livin in a digital world during lockdown, we r still provided with 2G internet.
And on this 2G lollipop, a whole drama of online classes is going on where only few students,who fortunately enjoys gud internet connection, r made to study. But wht about d students hailing from far flung areas?Dont they hv right to study?
#JUitesDemandsMassPromotion Image
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🔥We are about to see a #Trumpbloodbath. @realDonaldTrump is inciting a Civil War‼️ Get indoors and off the streets‼️ #AmericaOrTrump #TrumpIncitesViolence #AtlantaProtest #DCProtests…
🔥Trump: "As we speak, I’m dispatching THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of HEAVILY ARMED soldiers, military personnel, and law enforcement officers to stop rioting, looting, vandalism, assaults, and the wanton destruction of property. We will end it now." 🔥#TrumpBloodbath #AmericaOrTrump
🔥Here it is.. @realDonaldTrump’s civil war begins tonight. Our healthcare workers said that #Coronavirus felt like a war zone. It’s about to get exponentially worse. 👇
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1) Montreal appeared to make its most significant progress to date in controlling the #COVID19 #pandemic on Monday. The numbers are almost too good to be true. In this thread, I will try to explain why we should view the latest figures with a certain degree of skepticism.
2) Throughout the #coronavirus crisis, Quebec has revised its statistics constantly, whether as result of error, a change in methodology or delays in reporting data. On Sunday, for example, the health ministry added 165 #COVID deaths from previous weeks to the provincial tally.
3) In that context, the declaration of only eight #COVID deaths on Monday in Montreal (see below) seems suspiciously low, especially since the daily range for the past two weeks has been in the 20-to-50 range. Undoubtedly, more deaths will be added to this date in the future. Image
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1/ Today we welcome @DrBMBrawner as a guest Nerdy Girl to discuss racial disparities and #COVID19. She is an Associate Professor at the @PennNursing and a nurse practitioner.

Q. Why are we seeing such disparities in #COVID cases and deaths?
2/ A. One word: racism. Individual, institutional, and structural.
There is no biological basis for “race,” even though people in these groups can share genetic traits. Race is a socially constructed way to categorize people that has changed over time, location, etc.
3/ This presents a challenge when these categorizations were used to deem non-Whites to be inferior, with laws and systems put in place to enforce and maintain this declaration.
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He visto tuit de @bearicoactriz Aquí voy a explicar para miserables varios que les jode que no haya muerto nadie en las últimas 24h por #coronavirus la diferencia entre nuevas notificaciones y personas fallecidas las últimas 24 horas.
Confundís nuevas notificaciones con fallecimientos nuevos en el día de ayer. Una notificación puede ser de ayer como de hace tres meses. Durante el mes de marzo, por ejemplo, servicios médicos NO pudieron realizar por la saturación los certificados con FECHA REAL en residencias
O en esas mismas residencias se tomaron muestras PCR a pacientes que poco después fallecieron y en cuyos laboratorios se decide priorizar los resultados de aquellos pacientes que estaban vivos. Y se quedaron literalmente en la nevera
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1/ On the eve of June 2nd primary elections in the District of Columbia, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and South Carolina, I'll be looking out for a number of things, including:
2/ In-person voting. Because of the health risks inherent to in-person voting—which often requires standing in crowded lines and touching shared surfaces—there will likely be less of it than usual, but it still must be safe for pollworkers and voters. #Elections2020
3/The expected surge in #VoteByMail (VBM). While VBM can minimize person to person contact and reduce spread of the virus, successful VBM elections are highly dependent on secure and accurate voter registration databases.
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Naturally, he also raged about Twitter🤔 on Twitter, tweeting: “Twitter is now interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election. They are saying my statement on Mail-In Ballots, which will lead to massive corruption and fraud, is incorrect, based on fact-checking
by Fake News CNN and the Amazon Washington Post … Twitter is completely stifling FREE SPEECH, and I, as President, will not allow it to happen!”
This would be like if he declared war on Arby’s because they said there are 550 calories in his curly fries
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/01/2020-2…

Daring Fireball: A Spectacularly Bad Washington Post Story on Apple and Google’s Exposure Notification Project…

#apple #notification #exposure #google #tracking
Girl, 12, survives heart failure tied to Kawasaki-like syndrome believed caused by coronavirus - The Washington Post…

#failure #coronavirus #syndrome #heart
Investigating neural mechanisms underlying individual differences in perception…

#neural #perception
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Oggi ho pubblicato i numeri della mortalità #USA dimostrando come in fin dei conti questo #coronavirus non abbia cambiato granchè il numero di morti complessive rispetto alle altre stagioni invernali

Molti ribattono che è merito del #Lockdown

Sarà cosi?

Vediamo confronti 👇
Prendiamo ad esempio la Russia. Ha iniziato il blocco totale i primi giorni di aprile. Il #COVID19 ha continuato beato la sua corsa raggiungendo il picco solo 40gg dopo. Le morti stanno ancora aumentando dopo 50 giorni.

Vediamo altro esempio... 👇 ImageImage
Il Belgio.

Belgi hanno iniziato SUBITO il #Lockdown appena raggiunte le prime decine di casi.

Anche li, il virus ha raggiunto il suo picco circa un mese dopo, calando nettamente dopo 40gg
Le morti pure hanno iniziato a calare dopo oltre un mese.
E chi non ha chiuso? 👇 ImageImage
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In honor of the old adage "You are what you tweet", I have analyzed the president's tweets from last month as our nation faces unprecedented times, including numerous racial justice protests all around the country and a public health crisis that has killed over 100,000 Americans.
In the month of May, the president tweeted 1083 times.
The mean (±SD) number of tweets per day was 35 ± 21, averaging to about three per hour for a 12-hour “work” day. The day with the largest number of tweets was May 10th, which was Mother’s Day. He tweeted 125 times.
65% of @realDonaldTrump tweets are re-tweets. Of those, 11% are self re-tweets, and 7% are White House re-tweets. These do not include re-tweets by other Trump affiliated accounts, including Team Trump or War Room Trump.
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.@realDonaldTrump, Please stop injecting yourself into crises. Don’t try to tell governors what to do. Instead of calling for calm & for the nation to unite, you were sequestered in the White House basement & silent. Governors and mayors, on the other hand, were actively (1/5)
engaged in trying to bring order to their cities and towns. The #NationalGuard has been deployed across the country and most of the demonstrations were largely peaceful. While you only seem to feel the need for the use of more force, local elected leaders tried to (2/5)
control things in a way that will allow them to build for the future. While you just want to condemn people, real leaders are acknowledging the very real racial issues we are facing. In times like this, real leaders step up, and deal with the immediate problems while (3/5)
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Some #StarTrek thoughts today because even though they heavy-handedly mess up a lot of their allegories, it's still a go-to for my mind's happy place. As always, I'm no expert, just someone running their mouth on the internet who has a little time right now. (1/12)
I think about TOS Spock's conversation with Kelvin Kirk after Kelvin Spock threw him off the ship. "Jim, I just lost my planet. I can tell you, I am emotionally compromised." (2/12)
In this "time of #Coronavirus," I don't have the benefit of being Vulcan, but it is still hard for me to let myself show how fucked up I feel a lot of the time and trying to suppress that has pushed me to the breaking point more than once. (3/12)
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1⃣ #ObviousLie
#Iran's interior minister downsizes the massacre of November 2019 #IranUprising.
Mullah's dictatorship massacred 1,500 protesters. Now, with more than 48,200 on #Coronavirus, they disappointedly try to prevent from future #IranProtests.
2️⃣We neither forgive nor forget
Mrs. #MaryamRajavi: World must condemn horrific #CrimeAgainstHumanity, take action to stop it & free all prisoners; inaction is inexcusable & the regime will construe it as a green light to continue its crimes.
3️⃣What the Iranian ppl demand of western govs!

The Iranian people have started a new era, their resistance expects the intl community to respect their struggle 4 liberating Iran from the evil & mischief of the mullahs’ regime.
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So much going on between the fake Pandemic, 5G, 60 GHz weaponry being installed in our schools to target our children & the stage protesters/Rioters attacking innocent people & looting private businesses.  I know the globalist is behind all of this, BUT many blame the...
...fake left party or the Trump Adminstration. Folks failed to realize this ENTIRE system is not constitutional and it became De Facto/Totalitarianism by the never ratified 14th Amendment. I will break it down real simple. Everyone from local level to state are NOT the...
3) form, they are section 3, 14th Amendment agent of state & they work directly with the Federal Corporation.  The current Federal is NOT the original, what we have is the Reconstructed Federal/Totalitarianism courtesy to the Reconstruction Act of 1867 & of....
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1. According to the store clerks, #GeorgeFloyd attempted to make a purchase with a #fake $20 bill. The clerk refused the money.

George left without incident but decided to hang out in front of the store, just standing around. #Nothingtoseehere.
2. In the meantime, just for practice, the clerk notified the police of the incident. The #police then rushed right over because, you know, police in big cities are usually free to rush over to check fake $20s from people who have already left the scene. Happens all the time.
3. Imagine their good fortune to find #GeorgeFloyd still standing there. That’s what most people do after being caught with a counterfeit bill, right? Just walk outside and stand there.

I find it odd that these two men, #DerekChauvin and George, may have known each other well.
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Moody’s Investors Service (Moody’s), in the latest out-of-calendar review of the credit ratings, affirmed Botswana’s rating of ‘A2’ for long-term bonds denominated in both domestic and foreign currency, and changed the outlook from stable to negative.
According to Moody’s, this update to the recent March 2020 rating, on a date that deviates from the previously published sovereign release calendar,..
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So Sidiq Khan @SadiqKhan has written to @michaelgove
asking him to apply for a #Brexit extension saying forcing issue on Jan 1 2021 is "needless and harzardous" @SMFthinktank report says 'no deal' fallout will NOT get lost in #coronavirus /1…
@SadiqKhan @michaelgove @SMFthinktank The Social Market Foundation Report @SMFthinktank by is here, and per @SamuelMarcLowe at the launch it really challenges this Westminster meme that #coronavirus economic shock so bad it will be 'cover' for a 'no deal' brexit.../2…
@SadiqKhan @michaelgove @SMFthinktank @SamuelMarcLowe He made the (rather disconcerting) analogy of a sick patient who is just about surviving at home, without going to hospital, but doesn't need much to "push him over the edge" (I quote from memory @SamuelMarcLowe) /3
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while international community remain visibly silent, when it comes to #yemen, #SaudiArabia is facing astonishing ambitious western pressure, when it comes to the detention of a #Prince.
a #thread.
Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz and his father are held in detention since January 2018.
After being detained for around a year in the high-security Al-Ha'ir prison near #Riyadh and later in a private villa with his father Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, 2/
the prince, "who who apparently espoused no political ambitions" was "moved to a secret detention site in March, multiple sources told AFP."
"He was mysteriously returned to the villa last week to be reunited with his father, three of those sources said." 3/
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So in last few days, both Russia & China have been flooding the US w/ digital propaganda, looking to hijack the nationwide protests/violence for their own agenda.

There’s a lot to unpack here. Giddy up.

<<cue thread>>
Let’s start off w/ the basics. Since May 30, #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter & other US-related hashtags have become a mainstay of official Russian/Chinese @Twitter activity. Here’s the top 10 most-used hashtags. See a trend?
@Twitter And it should go without saying that the US has now surpassed China in the country getting the most mentions, collectively, from Chinese/Russian official Twitter users.
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