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#POTUS tweet 4 Jan 2020 - 5:52:05 PM
Time: 5+5+2+5=17=Q
Dots: 4+4+5+4=17=Q
[35] Delta
The Department Of Defense Calls It Silent Sound Spread Spectrum=634
“Silent Sound Spread Spectrum: The Relentless Invasion of Our Minds”
"HAARP openly stated they wanted to own the weather by 2025."
@realDonaldTrump #POTUS tweeted 52 & 52 = 104=14 mirror 41
Iranian General Qasem Soleimani=14 letters: began his military career in 1979, which was 41 years ago
.... = H
.... = H
..... = 5
.... = H
HH5H=62 Reverse Ordinal
Qasem Soleimani was 62 years
Qasem Soleimani Full Reduction 62
General 62
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@realDonaldTrump Order Up!
@USArmy paratroopers!
@CENTCOM "U.S. Marines assigned to Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-Crisis Response-Central Command deploy to Iraq to bolster security at the US Embassy and ensure the safety of American citizens, Dec. 31."
@realDonaldTrump @USArmy @CENTCOM @OIRSpox AH-64 Apaches protect 🚁
@USEmbBaghdad “We have taken appropriate force protection actions to ensure the safety of American citizens...and to ensure our right of self-defense."
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@realDonaldTrump 3726
Q !!
Dec 19 2019 00:40:57 (EST)
Durham is not just looking at FBI
Also looking at other agencies and departments, and private actors

Durham is not just looking at FISA
Also looking at all the conduct, both before and after the election
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12/18/2019 - Amusing to see Dem's so happy today over #ImpeachmentDay - & they have no idea.
<- Decode showing their impeachment plan known & manipulated into a #BOOMERANG only just starting to return. #Qanon #TrumpImpeachment
This decode more recently explains better how they were tricked - They thought the Ukraine president was their puppet, they were mistaken. #QAnon2019 #Ukrainegate
Another relevant set of comms regarding another piece of it - they just get disconnected cause I decode comms as they come, often from multiple vantage points. Clowns talking about patriots & patriots talking about clowns both talk via symbolism in media
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Q !!
Dec 17 2019 17:03:45 (EST)
First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening.
First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction.
They will fight but you are ready.
Marker [9].
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn 3717 & 3716
Q sent this post 2 times. #Q emphasizes what is coming.
No later than [9]❓
Between today and the 26❓
If #Patriots, have not already done it...
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12/15-16/2019 Trump Deleted Tweet Comms
So on the 15th we get a tweet about Mark Levin/Hannity & POTUS Misspells outrageous by missing the ou which makes the word Outrages. Note tweet prior highlighting 95% Approval among the right "a Record!" #Qanon
Notice his phrasing of " Think of where I’d be without the never ending, 24 hour a day, phony Witch Hunt, that started 3 years ago!"
Consider missing "ou" - phonetically Owe You. i.e. the record rating of Trump is due to folks like Mark Levin/Sean Hannity over past 3 years
After that Trump tweets a handful about Pelosi - even going so far as to mock her for her teeth coming out. Which is another comm but not connected to this one - it just is a comm wedged in between two other comms so I'm noting it.
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12/14/2019 Trump Deleted Tweet comms
Trump deletes 3 tweets, then tweets a quote from a man named "Waltz" then fixes deleted tweets.

1st tweet: -3 periods
2nd tweet: +1 period
3rd tweet: Adds contact link for his advisory staff
Note the very next tweet Trump makes after fixing the tweets (by adding CONTACT INFO TO HIS CAMPAIGN), is his son. Notice the subject is the same regarding the 31 Trump district Dem's: He is giving their CONTACT INFO. #GreatAwakening #8kun #MAGA2020
Why is that relevant? Note the +1 period added in the 2nd tweet Trump of his fixes. What else happened today?… That's right - one of those Trump District Dem's became a Republican! That's the +1 #QAnon2019
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#Ukraine USAID Audit

@POTUS has the authority to without any foreign aid if financial corruption is suspected.

To prove that financial corruption has been going on within Ukraine, all we need to do is look at the audited USAID financial records for 2016.


USAID is responsible for managing US foreign aid to civilian groups and some gov programs.

When it comes to military aid one of the main contacts for the dept of defense in aligning and structuring programs is USAID.

#Trump @realDonaldTrump @TomFitton #QuidProQuoJoe
2016 Audit for USAID, Ukraine was done by:
Thomas E. Yatsco
Assistant Inspector General for Audit

@AdamSchiff #PelosiHatesTrump
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12/05/2019 Pigeons spotted wearing tiny red cowboy hats in Vegas
Ok, symbolism comms… Note that I'm giving the date of the video not the date of the article as that's the start of the comms. #Qanon #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall
12/05/2019 Pelosi directs House Democrats to proceed with articles of impeachment against Trump

So we have two pigeons filmed wearing red hats among other pigeons - the same day as this comm.… #GreatAwakening #ImpeachmentHoax
12/09/2019 Las Vegas animal rescue hopes to safely remove tiny cowboy hats from pigeon heads
Note that the Trump friendly outlet NYPost doesn't include anything about removal of the hats.… There are other articles like this one btw.
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Meet Ali Fayad
A Lebanese born-
Ukrainian Arms dealer
Iranian Spy
Hezbollah Operative
Adviser to former #Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych
Ali Fayad gathered intelligence on US targets.
Recruited sleeper agents within the US.
Formed an alliance between the Mexican drug cartels and Hezbollah.
Ran multi-ton shipments of cocaine into the US.
Established Hezbollah safe houses and training camps all through
South America.
Paid off governments
and on and on.

@BarackObama and his administration were briefed about him on multiple occasions.
Hezbollah in South America and operating so freely did NOT move any Obama officials to act, arrest and shut down the estimated 450 million
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12/06/2019 For 2+ Years Now Trump's Salt And Pepper Shakers Have Towered Over Everyone Else's…
Symbolism comms:
Dark Classified (Pepper)
Light #DECLAS (Salt)
Trump reminds people he has the ultimate power to keep things secret or expose them. #Qanon
There are occasions link above shows when all the shakers were equal size (even in the same room where they weren't other times) Thus it's contextual per situation. The message being sent atm. Also the odd spacing is also noted #Qanon2019
The link also mentions that Obama/Clinton didn't have massive shakers - they just enjoyed coffee. So clearly whoever is writing that piece knows the comms. Not that that's surprising mind you, just pointing it out. #GreatAwakeningWorldwide
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Solomon's Rebuttal Thread
Vindman called it a “false narrative,” which he knew to be untrue based on “authoritative sources.” who found Solomon claims against Yovanovitch “preposterous … I think all the key elements are false.”… #Vindman
John Solomon: "Under oath to Congress, he asserted all factual elements in my columns about Ukraine were false" "And so Lt. Col. Vindman, here are 28 of my primary factual elements fact complete with attribution and links to sourcing"… #Qanon
Direct Link to Response…
Fact 1a: Hunter Biden was hired in May 2014 by Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company, at a time when his father Joe Biden was Vice President and overseeing US-Ukraine Policy.…
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Remember the fired prosecuter @JoeBiden had fired for a BILLION dollars?
Here are his notes into Hunter Biden and others.

American Watchdog tries to smear @RudyGiuliani for dlong his job, accidently publishes his notes and prosecuter notes detailing Biden money laundering +
Timeline notes continues from page 1.
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11/24/2019 Trump Deleted Tweet Comms
Trump Retweets/Deletes about a VIP Townhall

Comm? A "Town hall for VIP's" has been deleted

Town Hall = an event at which a public official answers questions.

Given the date, meaning seems clear (cont) #Qanon
it connects perfectly to yesterday's Q. Impeachment is being announced as dead behind closed doors. The House is chickening out for the same reason as the "Official Secrets" Prosecution chickened out. So no Senate Town Hall : ( #8kun #ImpeachmentHoax
Note Trump gave her another retweet regarding Schiff that wasn't deleted. i.e. what happens next. Note surrounding tweets to it. How will Schiff react as he is forced to pull it. He'll have to be angry. Looking forward to it? XD #qanon2019
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Quid Pro Quo @BarackObama and Joe.
Emails from Cheryl Mills to @HillaryClinton

184 people who donated $50,000 to $500,000 or raised money Obama + @JoeBiden recieved nice government jobs or government

80% of those who raised $500,000 or more were given let admin jobs.
@BarackObama appointed 24 Ambassadors , more then half had raised
If those 24 Ambassadors:
14 raised $500,000 +
6 raised $200,000 +
1 raised $50,000 +
The rest of the email included lists a only a sample of some of those donors, the amounts and what they recieved in return.
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1. Cicada 3301
James Comey associates himself with this group in a secret twitter he had that was recently exposed.
I've tried to decode those letters/numbers - and actually I think I can now. So let's get started. #QAnon #GreatAwakening #8kun
One of my favorite accounts is
who also has that notable 3301 - however unlike Comey (based on my digs) ffe is a patriot and clearly knows the comms

He recently gave this reply to someone asking his affiliation to Cicada #Qanon
I gave my attempt to decode using the symbolism comms I so often decode things with here, and he replied with a "well done". but there is a "However" in his reply and as we get into the details I think this will get more interesting. #GreatAwakening
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Is it me or is Q levelling a clearly worded threat today?

Eyes on Patriots!
Show's starting soon...

Hunters become the hunted...

Multiple meanings on this. From Ukraine being thrust into the light and the Biden's connections scrutinized now cuz of impeachment... To following the families....
Six o'clock = dangerous...

What does the common military term "Got your 6" mean? 😈😈

Keep their heads on swivels. Let them see what adrenochrome feels like when your body makes it.😈

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Q3574 analysis that no one found out yet. I was just looking for the gematria value of the #chabbat leader from #Russia, when I found out that it equals "RIG FOR RED". Therefore, I will share here the meaning which @Tiff_FitzHenry shared, the leader and why the 93 days? #qanon
1. @Tiff_FitzHenry: “Rig for Red" is a command used in a submarine control room when the sub is going to be surfacing or coming to Periscope Depth at night."
2. The gematria value of "RIG FOR RED" equals the name #BerelLazar.
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DRUM- this is a curious way to put this sentiment- a symbolism comm here perhaps? - What could a call to beat drums mean in relation to current events?… #Qanon #GreatAwakening #JoeBiden
the same day Biden called for beating of a Drum - Kamala & Klobuchar danced to only drums and whistles. Symbolism comms can be calls to action - to organize a major push between "News" Celebs, Politicans, & Tech for one big loud speaker #QAnon2019
When asked about this symbolism ty @Vintagesquirrel for link both myself and another guessed independently the symbolism could be "War Drums" - It is something #MSM does. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
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This house cleaning article was posted by CNN -… And is about a very young boy + an adult man + the act of scrubbing down the boys room every day. #QAnon2019 #GreatAwakeningWorldwide
Location given in article: "Masonic Children's Hospital"
Note "Life after discharge" Define "discharge"- talks about "mopping up" - Note pill bottles under "taking his popcorn away" and "really bummed if someone else cleaned the room" (FBI) #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Other possible comms include only showing the cat's rear in mopping photo (another name for cat?) - and the authros name Chillag - as in don't panic about the AG news - but these I'm less confident in. Anyway, let's move on.
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Trump Tweet Comms:
Article = Mr. McCon
Trump changes to = Mr. O'Con
Comm is about Trump's win thru McConnel's 2018 Judge deal which REQUIRED Schumer to agree to!
Q: Many Gov's feed the 'Eye'
Trump is praising Mitch for conning the Eye. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
McConnel's name already had a "conning" symbolism. So Trump is just tweaks the symbolism to send the comm. Article Trump quoted from is here…
"No participation from Dem's needed." It's like an "Assembly line" for Trump nom's. #TheGreatAwakening
08/30/2019 Schumer’s deal to fast-track Trump judges makes progressive activists furious
Schumer gave Trump an assembly line going 150+ strong now of Lifetime Trump judges, and what did he get in return? A 2018 mid-term Vacation lol.… #Qanon
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09/14/2019 14 Strange Facts Exposed As General Flynn's Endgame Approaches
Now you can see why Flynn refused to withdraw his guilty plea in 12/2018. A withdrawal would let the Mueller team off the hook & they’re not getting off the hook.… #QAnon #Flynn
Fact 1
Flynn’s trip to Russia in 2015, where it was claimed Flynn went without the knowledge or approval of the DIA or anyone in Washington, was PROVEN NOT TO BE TRUE.… #QAnon #Flynn
Fact 2
Flynn was suspected of being compromised by a supposed Russian agent, Cambridge academic Svetlana Lokhova, based on allegations from Western intelligence asset Stefan Halper. This was also PROVEN NOT TO BE TRUE.… #TheGreatAwakening #MAGA
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🔸 Conspiracy (Truth) Thread🔸
▫1A: Canabalism Agenda

The media, celebrities, scientists and other groups seem to have a push on to normalize humans eating humans.

To combat climate change
(of course)

Pics: Marina Abromovic (spirit cooking lady) events.
Remember the Mad Cow Disease outbreak?
The cause was from cows eating their own species. 100% proven
In fact the exact same disease with all the exact same symptoms have been found in humans who consume humans.

Pics 1, 2: @johnpodesta's office.
3: Marina Abromovic
Is this really the direction humanity is heading?

Here is a great documentary on the canabalism / Mad Cow Disease.
(I believe it was produced by National Geographic)

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@jemelehill @TheAtlantic
Your article is a band-aid solution to a problem where surgery is needed.
Cancer will not heal it'self with medication alone. A surgeon must go in and disect the root cause of the problem.

In the case of your article the root cause is:
There are less opportunities existing for African American communities.
Higher poverty.
Less employment, which leads to Higher crime rates for survival. Higher drug use + sales + violence + murders + school drop outs etc.
#QAnon2019 #USA #school #love #NFL100
My statement can be easily
confirmed by every statistical analysis of Democrat vs Republican run cities and schools.
50 + years the cities with the highest poverty, crime, corruption etc are run by democrats.
School facilities are overwhelmingly run and taught by Liberals
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