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A new movement called #Walkaway is happening.

The BS of the left & MSM is turning away DEMOCRAT SUPPORTERS in droves.

They are eating their own.

The Facebook group
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#QAnon #TheStorm #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #IBOR #PatriotsFight #OIGReport #Unredacted @POTUS

Sunday, June 24th, I'll have a new long #QAnon #Thread


#QAnon #TheStorm #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #IBOR #PatriotsFight #OIGReport #Unredacted @POTUS

Sunday, June 24th, a new long #QAnon #Thread


still ways to go, but it's looking cool:

*the secret gmail comms

*murder threat against POTUS?
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What does it tell you when out of 535 politicians in Congress, not a single one will address the 12,000+ plus pedophiles, child pornographers, and child molesters who have been arrested since President Trump's inauguration? Some incidents there are thousands rounded up at a time.
It's not just an American problem, there are no doubt global pedophiles online, and child-sex trafficking rings spanning the globe.
It's one of the most profitable illegal industries on the planet; making more than firearms traffickers/arms-dealing.
Close to surpassing narcotics.
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The Clinton lawsuit is very interesting, and names numerous entities including George Soros, John Podesta, American Bridge 21st Century, Shareblue, Media Matters, Correct the Record, the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton-Giustra Enterprise-#UraniumOne
For those unaware, the plaintiff, Gary A. Byrne--was both a Secret Service Agent and outspoken critic of the Clinton Cartel. He's also the author of "Crisis of Character," in which he made numerous allegations against Hillary Clinton & her "fits of rage" while in the White House.
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New #QAnon 1569-1570.

Their FF attempt was thwarted. To shift narrative off the damning #IGReport & successful #TrumpKimSummit, they're focusing on immigration/child separation- a projection of their own involvement in child separation/child trafficking. #FreeIran2018 is next.
New #QAnon 1571.

Jackson Lee made headlines yesterday, when she leaked plans to fire RR on Friday at the #SenateHearing. How'd she know? Who told her? Who is she protecting?

Interesting ring, Sheila. Part of the club?


#Pizzagate #ChildTrafficking #IGReport @POTUS
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#QAnon No.1828481

FF prevented.
Immigration / chikd separation.
Narrative change critical.
IDEN talking points.
Distract IG report / hearings / Korea.
Iran next.
Regime in trouble.
People awake.
These people are sick.

#GreatAwakening @POTUS

Spelling error due to mobile.

#IGReport #UnRedacted

Have a peek at her ring. Just sick


Part of the club.
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This is just common sense. Mueller's career has been nothing but cover-ups & he has not once exposed any criminality by anyone in government from OKC to 9/11 to the anthrax murders.This is a hoax so all involved walk free...
@SharylAttkisson Lisa Paige is Mccabe's kid. All the texts are subterfuge & throws no matter how many ring true. I dug on Strzok the second Mule fired him & found ONE mention of him PERIOD (below) which is a sure sign of a fictional character as there should have at least been evidence of his...
@SharylAttkisson time in the military or high school or FBI activities or even something w/ family or his father it was Pete Strzok the CIA pilot from the 60s-90s who likely worked w/ Zig B creating the Muja & on other ME black ops. This is a ruse so that all guilty walk free & a distraction...
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#QAnon No.1813048

LP “Viva Le Resistance.”
Viv[a] vs Viv[e]
[J C]
Why classified by intel comm @ highest level?
Define title.
Define role w/ Mueller.
Exchange shelters VERY senior member.

#GreatAwakening @POTUS

Why so much attention?……
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#QAnon #TheStorm #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #IBOR #OIGReport #PatriotsFight #QAlert #ThreadAlert

(2) We will read Q drops, tweets and news pieces to see what we can learn about the role of this player in #TheStorm.
#QAnon #TheStorm #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #IBOR #OIGReport #PatriotsFight #QAlert #ThreadAlert

(3) It begins with drop 3. POTUS always knew the situation of Rod and Bob, and yet he appointed them to their pivotal role. There is a play unfolding.
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#QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS


What a wonderful day.
ES in the front row.
GOOG access KILLS.
[J C]
Happy Hunting D!…

Ability to share [open].
(Heat) on who?
(Full) transparency _ DECLAS?
(Undiscovered) facts emerge?
Ability to move forward?
Occam's Razor.
Did you know?
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@ToshiroIndigo @OuterLimits816 @31 Disclosure: There is a World Trust, ALL inherit. The gold is inaccessible to those who 'pretend' to control it. They were offered stewardship in 1947 (same year CIA was formed as it's private intel arm). Original document:

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #FollowSnowWhite
@ToshiroIndigo @OuterLimits816 @31 Those who profess to own & control DO NOT, this is 'the secret.' Their stewardship no longer valid, for violating directive & more. Signature page (with BO 2012) 884 central banks 8,750 accts. DIRECTIVE: NO source tool military NOR Harm Innocent!

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #FollowSnowWhite
@ToshiroIndigo @OuterLimits816 @31 Related #FollowTheMoney

#Qanon #GreatAwakening #WeThePeople #MAGA
#FollowTheWhiteRabbit #FollowSnowWhite #WWG1WGA
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Thread for 06-17-18 #QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS

Do you believe in coincidences?
Have faith.
Anon comment-
Mr Rosenstein/Mr Wray ~ @DevinNunes on @FoxNews ~ Don't get docs that have been asked 4? Monday docs should start flowing w/ plan by Wed morning or hell to pay ('not going to be pretty') ~ we can hold in contempt ~ we can impeach ~thinks we r getting close 2 there!

GOOG OP provided undeniable proof.
How do you share what you already know (legally)?
Those who don’t act now know they cannot hide the reasons why.
What a wonderful day.
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New #QAnon #Q #GreatAwakening @POTUS

It looks like GOOG is getting some attention
Anonymous 06/15/18 (Fri) 16:30:22 371f97 No.1762874

so what happens in 2.5 hours ?

Q !CbboFOtcZs 06/15/18 (Fri) 16:33:00 0d582e No.1762912

Think meeting yesterday.
Anonymous 06/15/18 (Fri) 16:33:28 ea66c0 No.1762921

Access Kills
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What is obvious is things were still being covered up then.

What is still being kept from us? This wasn’t just redacted, which would indicate that at least there was something there. This was a manipulation which completely removed a any indication that a response existed.
Why should you be concerned about this? Because you are being manipulated and the truth is being hidden. You would have no way of even knowing it was missing. I have retrieved text messages from a phone before. All the information is retrieved and ordered by the threads.
I have also redacted sections of privileged information in discovery. It doesn’t hide the fact that something was there. It merely says that information is being withheld unless a judge or someone says it must be provided.
It can be misleading, like when they redacted “lures”
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#QAnon #TheStorm #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #IBOR #OIGReport #PatriotsFight #QAlert #ThreadAlert

(2) One of my favorites: FLOTUS, POTUS, King Salman, and Egiptian president Sisi around the glowing Orb, in the opening of the Global Center for Combating Extremism in Riyadh.
#QAnon #TheStorm #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #IBOR #OIGReport #PatriotsFight #QAlert #ThreadAlert

(3) Under the Statue of Freedom, in his first SOTU adress to Congress.
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New QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS

Q !CbboFOtcZs 06/13/18 (Wed) 11:23:17 4d9abd No.1730584

Busy day.
Q !CbboFOtcZs 06/13/18 (Wed) 11:26:27 4d9abd No.1730618

Why are many Iranian resistance (Freedom Fighters) tagging #QAnon on Twitter?
Big things coming folks.
Anon - Jeff Sessions has already caused great damage to Trump and has cost 17 million dollars for the Mueller investigation.
I 100% support Sessions but he ain't done nothing to help Trump.
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@Jordan_Sather_ And @newsweek wonders why they're seen as a crap-ass hoax rag? Now from a field that can't duplicate 1/2 of their studies, the phrase "conspiracy theory" is legitimatized? That alone proves @PsyPost & this study is pop-psych BS. Who decided what was CT & what was real, @Snopes?
@Jordan_Sather_ @Newsweek @PsyPost @snopes So a RICO is CT until indictments & if 1 or 2 conspirators gets away it was a CT? How do you benchmark what is CT if you can't even get blatant crimes tried in a court of law?

Study says, "People who trust their intelligence believe their eyes, ears & critical thinking skills."
@Jordan_Sather_ @Newsweek @PsyPost @snopes We've suffered 54 years of unbridled & unpunished criminality & corruption & many are just waking up to that fact. I saw every minute of it but was eye-washed by crap propaganda like this study. Just 500 days ago I was calling people who had bits & pieces of the puzzle RWNJs...
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New #QAnon 1464.

At the 1:07 marker, the moderator states, "Out of the darkness can come the light."


#MAGA #WWG1WGA #Trump #potus #PatriotsFight #TuesdayThoughts #SingaporeSummit #TrumpKimSummit @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
Remember this day, June 12th. A day for the history books. #Trump & KJU signed 3 comprehensive documents. Chairman Un states, "The 🌏 will see a MAJOR change."

Dark to LIGHT.

#QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Trump #PatriotsFight #SingaporeSummit #TrumpKimSummit #TuesdayThoughts @POTUS
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New #QAnon #Q #GreatAwakening @POTUS

Q !CbboFOtcZs 06/12/18 (Tue) 10:08:47 No.104

No. 100
Dark to Light.
1:07 [Marker]

Do you believe in coincidences?
Q !CbboFOtcZs 06/12/18 (Tue) 11:02:24 c65afd No.1714572

Would you believe Hussein tried to call Kim prior to the Summit?
He did not have his updated phone number.
(3) NK Generals [released] closed the pathway for bad actors.
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!!!NEW Q DROP!!! 11:08 Q posts Q and asks if we heard Dark to Light at the 1:07 marker!!! Yes, Q, I heard it and just posted it in my Singapore Summit thread!!! Video Here: #QAnon #DarknessToLight #SingaporeSummit #NoCoincidences @realDonaldTrump
My Singapore Summit thread here! #QAnon #SingaporeSummit #DarknessToLight @realDonaldTrump
!!!NEW Q DROP!!! 06/12/18 12:02 Q says Hussein tried to call Kim before the summit but someone forgot to give Hussein Kim’s new phone number!! 😂 The three North Korean Generals Kim [released] closed the pathway for the bad actors!! #QAnon #NorthKorea #SingaporeSummit @POTUS
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