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🔹Carnival Cruise told Trump, “We can match those big Navy hospital ships with some fully staffed cruise ships.”🔹GM & Ford said, “Hold our cars, we can make ventilators by next week.”🔹Construction companies said, “Here are some masks for the medical staff & doctors.”
🔹Restaurants & schools said, “We’ve got kitchens & staff; we can feed the kids.”
🔹NHL & NBA players are writing checks to pay the arena staff during postponed seasons.
🔹Churches are holding online services & taking care of their members & community
🔹Women & children are making homemade masks & handing out snacks to truckers.🔹Breweries are making sanitizer out of the left-over ingredients.Mike Lindell from My Pillow is making 50,000 masks a day and donating them..
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@spencercain23 @MelissaH2016 @elenochle Still no power.. 17hrs! As I lie awake w/ candles & phone to read about ATL airport, one of the very highest sex trafficking in the nation. 300k in our area went without power today as we endured a tornado in Alabama that I didn’t see near us 🤷🏼‍♀️ Eitherway a #StormIsUponUs #QAnons
@spencercain23 @MelissaH2016 @elenochle Keep in mind I’m NOT IN ALABAMA. I am in Atlanta but they are saying outages are from tornado. Google says tornado hit Alabama. I didn’t hear or see any tornado.
@spencercain23 @MelissaH2016 @elenochle No doubt, my husband just heard a bunch of what sounded like 18 wheeler trucks & came to get me and then we heard the helicopters!! I tried to video but so black out!! #ItsHabbening #TheStormIsUponUs #Atlanta #Qanons #UnitedWeStand
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I hear Birds. And it’s 7:18 am on [ 🦊 ] I’m not Q << no Comms > outside LOL 😂 yaw BUTT HURT over [ AS ] << so What. #IAMQ TOO. WE FAM STILL. NO DIVISION JUST BIENG HONEST. ARE WE NOT ALL A LITTLE Q.uestionable ! Lol. #WhenDoBirdsSing
Does 7:18 am = Qdrop 781. Going through the military q op. program. I was like am I under something or can I justbfake news. I mean you do see all the crumbs holding into 🍞 being dished out back 2the mass 2bconsumed the way it is. We know some1 was singing like a canary
When I was watching the news and I heard the birds chirp I looked at the clock and I was like my eyes are wide open. 🦅 song >>?? Who knows. But the dominoes are falling in the map is lining up. 🚢 🚢 🚢 Titanic events are occurring
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Public service announcement.

Appreciate everyone's pure beautiful ♥️ in answering the call of your soul to show up, doing what you can, where & when you can, gifting madskills & talents to a better world for all. Pray for guidance before taking action, leads to optimal results!
A kind reminder, we are not here to attack others in service to this movement. #UnitedWeStand

It has come to our attn some are being funded by Soros ops, we expected this would happen at some point. I believe, those taking dirty money would rather not. Please lead by example.
There are protective measures in place, those who remain pure, will be first in receiving the blessings this movement & Providence brings.

Stay strong, remain brave. You may literally be the piece of the peace God is relying upon, your pure service has more power than you know!
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कोई केहता हैं १९८४ के नरसंहार का, कोई १९९३ तो कोई २००२ के नरसंहार के बदले की बात कर रहा है, अब उसमें २०२० भी शामिल करदो। सदियों तक पीढ़ी दर पीढ़ी यही नफ₹त बाँटते रहो। ना खुद चैन से जिए नफ₹त के मारे ना अपनी पीढ़ियों को चैन से जीने दोगे। वक्त है अभी भी बंद करदो ये नफरतों का खेल😢
बदले की भावनाओं से ना कुछ हासिल हुआ है ना हासिल होगा। आँख के बदले आँख में सारी दुनिया अंधी हो जाएगी। राम, ईश्वर, अल्लाह, God में यदि सच्ची श्रध्दा है, तो उसे ही न्याय करने दो ना। यदि श्रद्धा और सबूरी नही है तुममे तो खुद को उस रब का भक्त कहलाना भी छोड़ दो।
भक्त अपने रब को नाराज नही किया करते। कोई धर्म किसी को तकलीफ देना नही सिखाता। ये खुद के भीतर का अहंकार है जो उस रब ने बनाए मनुष्यों को चोट पोहोंचाने को उकसाता है।
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Hold center Patriots. This is just the beginning to the end of corruption. No one get's away with what has been done to our Nation! #WeHaveItAll Original Evidence... the root of everything that is to fall!

To help gift overview, my insight, in hopes it supports Patriot in #UnitedWeStand

I would like to share a story...

Over 4 years ago, I received a knock at the door, the person had seen me on the news the night before, somehow found me (the 'how' part of the story comes later).
As a peace ambassador, sometimes there is a request to take witness testimony, perform human rights abuse inspections, etc... this visitor led me to being part of a peace team documenting original documents, artifacts, witnesses and evidence to the root corruption in the world!
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@realDonaldTrump @RepAdamSchiff @RepJerryNadler @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi

From very start of this"sham impeachment"process brought forth by incompetant House Leadership and executed by even more incompetance of from #Schiff #Nadler & #Schummer.
@realDonaldTrump @RepAdamSchiff @RepJerryNadler @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi If the House & Senate Democrats choose to conduct themselves in denial of @realDonaldTrump President Trump whom the millions of Patriot citizens Duly Elected as OUR President & to Lead Our Nation..That will be your choice to make.Foolish & Childish as it will is still ..
@realDonaldTrump @RepAdamSchiff @RepJerryNadler @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi Be yours to make. However, it is apparently necessary for someone to remind you of the facts at hand here,as to why @realDonaldTrump Our President WILL be aquitted.

1st and foremost:
@realDonaldTrump President Trump did absolutely nothing wrong to begin with
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Bolton's Statement given to Rep Engel back in Sept
House Committee Chairman @RepAdamSchiff and House Speaker @Pelosi continue to cry that @realDonaldTrump President Trump blocked his administration from being called as witnesses in impeachment hearings.
@RepAdamSchiff @pelosi @realDonaldTrump In particularly John Bolton. However House Democrats have once again been untruthful about this fact.As was recently reported by none other than Chairman of Foreign Intel @RepElliotEngel , with the release of a statement Bolton & he had back in September
@RepAdamSchiff @pelosi @realDonaldTrump just after Bolton's exit from the White House. Also, in a NEWSWEEK article, Rep Engel, again speaks about statement given to him by Bolton after his departure from the White House.

Article below…
Now ive underlined specific parts of article ...
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@HeavensGateG1 @Registery
#vaping #VapesWin #Vaporizors #vapecommunity Another great Win because of @realDonaldTrump The only #vape banned was #Juul #juul And what company makes Juul? #PhilipMorris They though they could put the little guy out of business! I used Vix recepe
I got on line, and put it in medical grade glycerine.
It cleard up a cough I had for 3 straight years, Bronchitis I used to get twice a year, and no COPD after 50 yrs of smoking! You must use the best quality cold pressed oil on the market, and make sure what you use is safe.
I cant not take responsibility for anyone else trying this. I am only sharing my experience, and in no way tell others to do it. I have my own methods of making things for myself only. But it begs the Questions. Why were we told menthol cigarettes were more dangerous? Does
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WE THE ]#PEOPLE[ Have to Pick Up Where Our #Founders Left Off. Protect The #Nation Protect the #Family, [Protect the #Children] living in our Great #UnitedStates of #AMERICA..


This is for the like #minds, and everyday #thinkers who do right and care for the future of our nation. IF you just found out #WELCOME!! #America Needs you!, We need you!

We #communicate, post, #network and RESEARCH #RESEARCH @WhiteHouse
RESEARCH, #INFORM REPEAT...(and #joke poke & prodd #ideas/people minus the hate of course(sometimes) (we get it)). get the #word out!! If 💩 hits the fan! Just know WE r HERE& #TRUST we R #UNITED! Please #Guide and #Teach like mind who will add @NSAGov
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Hillary Clinton Can Not Run Or Be President Of The United States:

Cornell Law Library – Regarding- Hillary R. Clinton’s personal email and home-based server

According to the Cornell Law Library: Former United States Attorney General Michael Mukasey tells MSNBC that"not only ...
are Hillary Clinton’s private email and server illegal, her mishandling of government property(specifically her emails while Secretary of State) “disqualifies”her from holding any federal office." Mukasey, then refers to a very specifically federal law code:Title 18. Section 2071
Here is a video link for you to watch. Former AG Michael Mukasey States That Hillary Clinton Has Disqualified Herself To Be POTUS For those of us who do not have the United States Code[1] committed to memory, here’s exactly what it says: “(a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully
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Blessed Sunday Family!!
God Will Never Fail You!!
Deut. 31:8 And the Lord , He it is that goes before you; He Will be with you. He Will Not Fail You, or Forsake You!!

#HeWillNotFailYou #GreatIsHisFaithfulness #TrustHim #GodWins
President Trump and General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
In case you wondered - I save these daily for historical purposes and to note any changes.
#TwitterBanners @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
Anon notable posts will be added throughout this thread!! Notables are not endorsements!!
#QResearchBoard #8kun #AnonNotables
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1. "None of this is conspiracy theory...Fusion GPS's not hired 4/2016 to research Trump... Obama already knew everything about Trump campaign; they were monitoring everything.. Dossier [from] Fusion was cover-story & justification for the op against Trump"…
2. "'Insurance policy' was needed..Dossier..was the virus FBI wanted in the system. To get virus into official status, they used FISA as the delivery method & injected it into Carter Page. The FBI already knew Carter Page..Page's irrelevant; they needed the warrant.." cth
3. "#FusionGPS was not only hired to research Trump, the intelligence community was already doing surveillance and spy operations. The intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to give them a plausible justification for [pre]existing [illegal] spy ops" that Adm Rogers'd stopped.
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If you've followed me for a length of time and research this hash tag #actof1871 you will find I've posted this many times.

I do not say this to boast but rather to verify my integrity.
Now my fellow brother in the fight of truth justice and liberty @Incarcerated_ET let's go a tad deeper.

Let's shine some more light on the legality of this evil and how it was used to enslave us.

Bless you all. #unitedwewin #UnitedWeStand #WWG1WGA…
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@ZendamaParanorm @WattersWorld WE THE ]#PEOPLE[ Have to Pick Up Where Our #Founders Left Off. Protect The #Nation Protect the #Family, [Protect the #Children] living in our Great #UnitedStates of #AMERICA..


@ZendamaParanorm @WattersWorld @realDonaldTrump This is for the like #minds, and everyday #thinkers who do right and care for the future of our nation. IF you just found out #WELCOME!! #America Needs you!, We need you!

We #communicate, post, #network and RESEARCH #RESEARCH @WhiteHouse
@ZendamaParanorm @WattersWorld @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse RESEARCH, #INFORM REPEAT...(and #joke poke & prodd #ideas/people minus the hate of course(sometimes) (we get it)). get the #word out!! If 💩 hits the fan! Just know WE r HERE& #TRUST we R #UNITED! Please #Guide and #Teach like mind who will add @NSAGov
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Good Morning Family!!
We Wil Not Be Shaken!!
Psalm 16:8 I have set the Lord always before me: because He is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.
Listen to this beautiful song!!
#TrustGodsPlan #GodHasThis #FinishTheRace #KeepTheFaith @realDonaldTrump
!!NEW Q -3628!!
12:05:46 EST
Enemy of the People.
You are the news now.
Facts matter.
#QAnon #NewQ
!!NEW Q - 3629!!
12:33:24 EST
New board created [pending approval /CM/]
#QAnon #NewQ #NewBoard
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I'm seeing LOTS of dissension among Twitter personalities.

This is an old game.

Do you remember?

Sleepers within the #MAGA community embedded implanted until the time is needed for them to cause division and strife.

Examine closely.

Pray for discernment.

Choose wisely
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@realDonaldTrump Okay, look.

First of all, it's not about you.

Second of all, who thought the embroidery on this coat was a good idea to wear on #September11?

#NeverForget #WorldTradeCenter #TwinTowers
#NeverForgotten #remember911 #911Memorial #UnitedWeStand
@realDonaldTrump Here's you, holding a campaign rally in IL in 2018, going to great lengths to explain how the NYSE was opened the day after #September11 to justify holding a campaign rally after a synagogue shooting.

NYSE was closed from 9/11-9/17. #NeverForget
@realDonaldTrump Here's Trump on the campaign trail talking about literally clearing rubble at ground zero after #september11.

PS: This is a lie.

#NeverForget #WorldTradeCenter #TwinTowers
#NeverForgotten #remember911 #911Memorial #UnitedWeStand
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#MarchAgainstWhiteness is racist. Another race card being played to continue the division of this Nation. As a Native American and Mexican decent I’m absolutely disgusted by even the thought of a March like this. #AmyJackson you are a disgrace to Humanity!
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👀👀 #AntifaTerrorists 6 days apart the shootings in #GilroyGarlicFestival & #ElPasoShooting
and to add more butter This kid changed his party affiliation right around #FakeNews push #QAnon a Terrorist…
OMG. @realDonaldTrump @SenTedCruz
Report: Far-Left Groups Plan ‘Siege’ On El Paso, Texas, To Push ‘Border Resistance’…
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