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It's been 23 days since our landlord illegally shut off the water to our quite occupied home, with New Brunswick's Deputy Chief Residential Tenancies Officer, Steve #GOURDREAU's signoff on it.

The trouble is: Stevie and I have spoken before.
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[#Thread] @PastyPepper just woke me up from a dead sleep/nap. She's writing down what happened, because she was rightfully freaked the fuck out.

I was asleep, she was outside doing stuff for the house --- some asshole pulled half into our driveway and started taking pictures of her and the house -even fucking waved at her.

As soon as she took notice and tried to approach them - they peaced, she didn't even have time to get a license plate.

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Friends? Ask Constable Fuckins (#FOLKINS404) & Inspector Brian #FORD of @CityFredPolice about the emails I sent them with blank job applications.

Also sent to @DominicCardy, @ACORNCanada's "Field Director" John A., and the two #Government employed panelists for @NbTenants event.
And - if "files cannot be drawn from @YouTube for Court purposes," as Mr. Fuckins points out above, well I have a question.

If that's true -why was it acceptable for City Police to take screenshots from that same YouTube, even taking a screengrab FROM my accident video to court?
Re: Our #Eviction that didn't happen yesterday. We haven't had any of our calls nor emails answered either from #NB Residential Tenancy Tribunal (#RTT), of which Jessica Bernier is an officer.

Btw- Amber Chisolm is an #NBLegalAid #Lawyer, both are on #NBGovernment payroll.
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[#THREAD] City Police still have all of my personal possessions, amounting to over $2000 worth of clothing, ID, electronics, the key to our front door, etc.... that they illegally took from me on March 14th, despite them not being logged as 'Exhibits' until March 18th. 📼⬇️
Today we'd been speaking to the #NewBrunswick Residential Tenancy Tribunal (#RTT) a Service New Brunswick owned, operated and gov't staffed office.
They hung up & ignored our emails, pleading for them to stop the eviction that they authorised the local sheriffs to enforce for tomorrow. Those are the same sheriffs that assaulted me on May 21st, throwing me out of trying to attend my required Plea Hearing.
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ICYMI this thread on Natalie Harp from last night.

@jeremycsnyder has followed Harp, who has repeatedly told her false/misleading #RightToTry story & did again last night #GOPConvention.
Her condition doesn't qualify for #RTT & neither does #FDA-approved drug she says she took.
Harp said she has essential thrombocytosis, which is not life-threatening. She also said she was prescribed an #FDA-approved immunotherapy off-label - a common practice & not #RightToTry.

#GOPConvention used Harp's false/misleading story rather than a real #RTT patient.

Harp likes to describe her condition - essential thrombocytosis - as "bone cancer."

But essential thrombocytosis is not considered life-threatening, most patients do well/live normal lives & it doesn't meet #RightToTry criteria.

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The fact #GOPConvention can't find a real patient to talk about #RightToTry says a lot about that 2018 law.

Why is GOP relying on someone who has repeatedly told the same false/misleading story? The condition she claims she has is not life-threatening. The drug is #FDA-approved.
Reminder: Natalie Harp has repeatedly told a false #RightToTry story.
Condition she claims she has - essential thrombocytosis - isn't life-threatening & doesn't qualify for #RTT.
She also said used #FDA-approved immunotherapy off-label, a common practice, not RTT
Why is #GOPConvention using someone who tells a false/misleading story to promote #RightToTry?

Apparently, they don't have any real #RTT patients to share their experiences.
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The story Harp has been telling & will tell tonight is false.
For #GOPConvention to be selling it as Trump "allowed her to have access to the #RightToTry legislation" & that it saved her life is false/misleading.

Harp's condition & drug she said she used don't qualify for #RTT
Aside from Harp again repeating her false #RightToTry story, how will Republicans also sell Trump's #COVID19 response tonight at #GOPConvention as a positive when 177,000 Americans are dead from the virus & over 5.7 million in the U.S. have been infected?…
.@AP-NORC poll: Trump faces pessimism as GOP convention opens… #GOPConvention
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