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Yes this is 'real.' And it's underway.

Imagine being in business for 23 years. Then one Groundhog day under The Age of CONYOUVIRUS you go POUF! How can this be real? ImageImageImageImage

Breaking this story in Twitterville for the record. I'm not only reporting this but yet again Thompson-style living through it.

Why are they criminalizing the selling of #silver & #vitaminC? Co-opting the word 'whistleblower' but really evoking snitches? Image
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"Why did you name it this," I asked.

"...Medical charlatans, are commonly referred to as a “quacks.” Here, “hack” was meant to refer to using various approaches to disrupt the activities of those... selling false cures on the internet.
#OperationQuackHack was launched in response to scammers on the internet selling products that fraudulently claim to mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose or cure #COVID19 in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.”
It was launched March 2020 and is spearheaded by the Cybercrime Investigations Unit of FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations and the Health Fraud Team within FDA’s Office of Regulatory Affairs.…
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#covid19: Operation #QuackHack Continues! Smear Piece #5!💪

Hey, I am sorry @FairWarningNews but you got a FEW things wrong.

1. Show me the smurfs with argyria? Are you guys going to start makin' m?🔵👨 You would need to take very shitty silver.…

2. @FairWarningNews I am NOT a former journalist!! WTF. Are you kidding me?
3. YOUTUBE personality? I wish. I am censored and original reporting goes unseen.…

4. @FairWarningNews didn't get my point. I'm in the JUNGLE 🐒🌴because I've been covering #covid19 since Jan. & felt something BIG was coming.

While I'm very familiar with #Plandemic film ⭐️ & honored to be helping on Part 2, I called #covid19 a #plandemic on March 12. 👇
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"The live SARS-like coronavirus SL-CoV-WIV1 has been isolated for the first time from bat droppings; and such virus has been confirmed to invade the host cells through the ACE2 of human beings..." ImageImageImage
Bat Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Like Coronavirus WIV1
Encodes an Extra Accessory Protein, ORFX, Involved in Modulation of the Host Immune Response. (2016) #ZhengLiShi #PeterDaszak #EcoHealth
Funding: #NIAID 110964 ImageImageImageImage
In this study, we have developed a fast and cost-effective method
for reverse genetics of coronaviruses by combining two approaches developed by others..As the genomes can be divided into multiple short fragments, mutations can be introduced into individual
fragments easily. ImageImageImageImage
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*I've been hestitating to post this for weeks.
*I am not a Medical doctor, or anything remotly related to a Health Professional
*I am NOT SUICIDAL. I love my life, but I have no fear of death
#Hydroxycloroquine crumbs have been dropped by Q Team and @Potus

Suppressed knowledge, "science" and technology has been hinted by Q, DJT, Patriots and Anons

We have learned about the Luciferian false reality to keep humanity dependant and broken
The above prompted me to look into #HCQ and this is what I found:

1/ HCQ has been around for 100's of years in the form of Quinine
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Retweet 🦟🦟

EXPOSED💥: Lawsuit Filed Against #FAUCI Over Zika 🦟 🦟"Epidemic" in FL '16

#AntonyFauci, #FDA, #EPA, et al allegedly formed a "united front to endeavor to use a known neurotoxin (NALED) & carcinogen over a large human population."

#VaccineDeepStateDown! #Fauci

After extensive research in 2016, I observed ZIKA was being used to justify

1) dispatching #GMOmosquitoes
2) Developing a #vaccine (of course).
3) Justifying more spraying of poisons.

Zika: Get Sun And Sprayed On Miami Beach…

🦟I came across @iantrottier who along with others attended city council meetings, basically PLEADING for officials to stop spraying NALED. An organophosphate known to cause MICROCEPHALY, the very thing they wanted to avoid with Zika.…
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Here @andrewcuomo says straight up #ventilators often mean The End. Why are doctors being told NOT to use canula with oxygen? 39K per effin GM ventilator?

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I'm disappointed by #FDA Commissioner Hahn's response to a question about my subcommittee's investigation into the major flaws in the Administration's handling of coronavirus serology testing and the fact that the FDA doesn't know whether the tests currently on the market work.
Commissioner Hahn didn’t deny my subcommittee’s staff findings that the FDA hasn’t been validating the effectiveness of serological tests for COVID-19; it’s just taking the word of the test-makers that they validated their test and are following FDA rules.…
The FDA isn’t even asking serological test-makers for validation data or documents to support their claims: it's just accepting those claims at face value and allowing companies to sell their products. Because of this failed policy, there are bogus COVID-19 tests on the market.
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1/ #Covid19: McMedicine, Lies, & "JUNK" Tests Under Guise Of An Emergency #Plandemic2020

#FDA #StephenHahn boasts about removing 'barriers' (aka ethical testing protocols). He says the tests are valid and reliable.

Retweet if you think FDA is lying.

@Potus tests are bunk.
2/ If you don't think #FDA #Stephan is fibbing about the quality of these EAU tests, go and read 63 or so inserts.
There are TESTS up the effin WAZOO. If they don't work, what's their purpose? To mahr you, track you, get your DNA?…
3/ Spend a week, let alone more than a decade investigating Big Pharma & you will conclude we're dealing with SICK CARE. With greedy people who want to kill us slowly with sublethal poisons just like the🐝🐝while making $

Still think #FDA, #Fauci & friends have integrity? Go 👇
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I've identified the 4 main universities/hospitals and key players behind the worldwide fake #COVID19 #scamdemic.
1. #JohnsHopkins, Baltimore
2. #ErasmusMC, Rotterdam
3. #Charité, Berlin
4. #AixMarseille Université, Marseille.
Here the numbers and the science is invented for you.
1. The #Bloomberg funded and media trained #JohnsHopkins school brings us all #corona numbers. They invent how many people live or die worldwide, and often also nationally. They know first and best somehow. Magic! - #WHO's #COVID19 main man #BruceAylward, and many others are JH.
2. #ErasmusMC Rotterdam. Running not only literally all Dutch news on the non-existing #coronavirus, but they control #corona intellectual property. Time 2012 Top 100 Influential person Ron Fouchier, Ab Osterhaus, and their crew have patents on treatment, diagnosis, prevention.
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We debate as if there are only two paths: A total authoritarian lockdown, or one big college break beach party that tosses all precautions to the wind. No. We must #FreethePeople to get essential economic functions back up using common sense and human innovation to keep us safe.
We are told to defer to government bureaucrats and politicians who have failed, catastrophically, every step of the way. The #WHO lied at the behest of the Chinese government. The #CDC failed at testing. The #FDA blocked private alternatives to government tests....
#Fauci told us in late January that the risk was “very low.” Congress has incentivized essential workers to walk away, with new benefits totaling (with state payouts) $55,000. Small business loans are impossible to get, and corporate bailouts have empty planes to flying nowhere.
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“If you want to reduce a population you don't need to kill anyone. You simply take away their ability to reproduce. Vaccines, gmo's, fluoride, medications, etc are all known to create problems with fertility due to toxicity that is created.” Vaccines Contain-
Glyphosate, a chemical ingredient found in Monsanto’s Roundup and hundreds of other herbicides, has been found in vaccines. it‘s been acknowledged by the EPA as a “reproductive effector” ( i.e.: endocrine disruptor) which “can cause liver and kidney damage” and has been shown to
be a neurotoxin. The WHO has deemed glyphosate a probable carcinogen. We do not believe any state or government should have the right to mandate vaccines which contain harmful additives including a probable carcinogen such as glyphosate-based herbicides, to ANYONE
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I’ll turn these into a thread. Maybe if there’s a thread then we can see the broader picture of this experimental treatment for #COVIDー19:…
From France, two tweets in and we have randomization do we not? Totally different country, different standards, different people:
From Forbes: (Forbes, oddly, has been doing China’s bidding so you can understand their hesitation here but anyway)…
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1-Dear @narendramodi ji,

Updating some more inputs, we have gleaned from health policy researchers and first responders to the #CoronaCrisis all around the world.

We urge you to share it with your team to inform the forward strategy on #Coronaindia

@PMOIndia @drharshvardhan
2-As we begin April – almost everyone agrees that it will be a hard month as the #CoronaPandemic spreads across the globe.

The epidemic may calm down by July and August, but #ChinaVirus is likely to be seasonal and could return with a vengeance in the fall.

3-The next challenge then becomes - How do we crack the current outbreak, develop a plan to return to normal life, and ensure that the #wuhanvirus never poses the same threat again?

@AmitShah @myogiadityanath @SharmaBpv @shashankupadhy_
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He certainly didn’t say to take chemicals used to clean an aquarium, as those are not FDA approved for ingestion.

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@realDonaldTrump @US_FDA #ChloroquinePhosphate #Hydroxycloroquine #Chloroquine #NotTrumpsFault #BlameYourself…
He clearly said it was an FDA approved “specific medication for chloroquine-sensitive malaria.” This drug is Hydroxychloroquine, they also use it for Autoimmune Diseases such as Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have taken it myself for Autoimmune.

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This is certainly a tragedy. However, I don’t think it’s fair for the President to take any blame whatsoever for someone that decided to go full Darwin and willingly, dangerously decide to treat themselves by ingesting something non-FDA approved!

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🇺🇸 Lagos hospitals now receiving patients suffering from #Chloroquine poisoning just one day #FDA/Task Force announced that the US has approved the anti-malarial drug for use as a treatment against COVID-19. @COVID19Updates1

WHO hasn't approved chloroquine

"Bayer Donates 3 Million Chloroquine Tablets in Fight Against Coronavirus"

Meanwhile, since it's generic, there are 213 other brands. that makes this med.

Dump The Med To Calm The People Down As We Develop The VaXx & Normalize Lockdown?

Look & Share👇

"Currently not approved for use in the U.S, Bayer is working w/ appropriate agencies on an Emergency Use Authorization for the drug’s use in the U.S."
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Listen to this Clip:

#covid19: FDA Issued VS Approved. WHO Cares?

"The Quality of Tests goes thru the #FDA," says #DrBirx


But the #Roche test was *released under Emergency Use Authorization

This means it has not gone through usual testing.
Devil 😈 is in the Details

I repeat: the test itself has not been thoroughly tested.

I'd like to see the data & ensure its accuracy. Less false positives, I hope.

@Roche has not responded to emails or calls.
#HIV: Imagine Receiving
A False Positive? Says #drbirx

Yes that would be devastating.

From my understanding there were issues with hiv tests & misdiagnosis.


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.@SecAzar on all the morning network shows making the same false claim that "We have & always have had the capacity to test anybody who's suspected of novel coronavirus."

And @GStephanopoulos doesn't challenge him on that.

#COVID19 #coronavirus
'It's Just Everywhere Already': How Delays in Testing Set Back the U.S. Coronavirus Response… #coronavirus #COVID19 @nytimes
How the Biogen leadership conference in Boston spread the coronavirus… @BostonGlobe

#COVID19 #coronavirus
Today, a number of #COVID19 hearings on Capitol Hill, including @OversightDems w/ #NIH/ #NIAID Fauci, @CDCDirector @PHEgov Kadlec @DeptofDefense Rauch & @USGAO Currie…
#coronavirus #CDC
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THREAD: Today, Congress introduced the VALID Act of 2020, a bipartisan effort to modernize clinical testing by giving #FDA flexible new authorities that balance safety and innovation. Some thoughts on this important step 1/n
This bill would create new regulatory pathways that are specifically tailored for diagnostic testing. It would improve our ability to detect disease and select the right treatments for patients 2/n
VALID includes creative flexible approaches to help FDA efficiently review today’s rapidly changing technology. The new “technology certification” process would significantly streamline submission/review requirements for technologies used to develop many different clinical tests
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Pourquoi la piste de la #CHLOROQUINE n'est PAS une #FAKEMED concernant l'épidémie de #CORONAVIRUS #COVIDー19 . On en parle dans ce fil, sources a l'appuis, car j'ai vu passer un certains d'arguments fallacieux à ce sujet.
D'abords, on est tous d'accord pour dire que la "#CHLOROQUINE est LE traitement du #CORONAVIRUS" n'est pas une phrase acceptable, mais personne ne l'a prononcer dans la sphère médiatique, alors passons sur ce qui ressemble a un argument homme de paille.
On est tous d'accord pour dire que ce traitement ne doit pas être pris sans l'avis d'un médecin, mais de toute façon il nécessite une prescription médicale et... c'est le cas pour tous les traitements nécessitant une prescription médicale. #OBVIOUS
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The Most Epic #Vaccine Rant on Twitter I Promise You’ll Ever Read

The #EpigeneticWhisperer Is Super Duper Pissed

A Tweet Series By EW

I’m mad as hell & I’m not going to take it anymore!
-Howard Beale, Network, 1976

I’ve been hanging around this 🌎 for 4 decades now & I have 2 tell u that I’m really pissed off. I was born, grew up & have reluctantly participated in this hot beautiful mess called society. I’ve been looking around, taking notes, & there r way 2 many things pissing me off.

One societal catastrophe has been this 300 year #vaccine experiment on humans. The most outrageous lie ever perpetrated on the human race. It’s pissing me off something fierce. Let me count the ways.

1) The entire vax experiment was based on rubbing cow pox blister puss...

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The EW Vax Smackdown Series

The Most Destructive Vax Ever: MMR

A Tweet Series By EW

Somebody should have warned the Trojans. Beware of gifts bearing Greeks.
- David Gerrold, A Matter 4 Men

There are poisons that blind u, & poisons that open your 👀s.

- August Strindberg

As of this writing, per the Vax Adverse Events Reporting (VAERS) database set up by the federal government, there have been 481 💀s & 98,874 acute reactions to some combo of MMR (M alone, MR alone, R alone, etc). Per a federal study, less than 1% of vax reactions r reported..


The provaxxers will say but we had many more measles 💀s annually when the MMR vax debuted in 1971. Stand alone measles, mumps, & rubella vax’s had been previously licensed in 1963, 1967, & 1969 respectively.

So let’s investigate these claims.

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Part 1 - Optimal Nutrition Vs Vaccines 2 Protect Against Infectious Disease

The topic of vax’s is an entirely reductive 1. Whether ur pro- or anti-vax, it’s likely u fall into the trap 2 argue 4 or against vax’s like it’s the only game in town.

Vaccines are not only the most divisive issue of our times, it also tends to dominate the health conversation wrt infectious diseases. How did micronutrients get pushed aside?

Well it may have something to do w/food & supplements not being “patentable”.

The supplement industry is a multi-billion $ biz whereas the pharma/vax industry is a trillion $ biz. Big Pharma dominates ad budgets, politicians in Congress & has successfully established group think wrt vax’s & infectious disease.

I’ve never been a fan of group think.

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THREAD: A brief review of Catch-22 when it comes to #Coronavirus and need for more diagnostic screening capability. Hospitals can roll out RT-PCR based test CDC developed. They all have Roche systems to run these tests. The technology is fairly straightforward. Here’s the rub 1/9
Hospitals could advance these tests as Laboratory Developed Tests or LDTs, meaning they develop them in house. But since HHS declared a public health emergency related to #Coronavirus, hospitals are now expected to get FDA permission to use their own tests…
Following the public health emergency declaration, HHS is expected to issue a declaration justifying Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to facilitate the development of diagnostics and therapeutics for #Coronavirus…
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