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Sur les #pénuries & blocages, quelle option choisir?
1) soit une #vraie pénurie avec des milliers de morts de faim (embêtant pour les dîners au Palais Vivienne)
2) soit une "#pseudo pénurie /famine" où on aura juste des rayons de biscottes vides filmées en gros plan? (suite⬇️)
Le #Covid a bien sûr malheureusement tué beaucoup de gens, mais le taux de mortalité était relativement bas.
Les protocoles (criminels), le non-traitement des gens fragiles et le #Remdesivir ont largement contribué aux décès. On a vu comme les médias ont juste contrôlé la trame⬇️
Alors si tout est faux par les médias, dans quelle proportion faut-il une "vraie" #pénurie pour avancer la suite? Faire fermer les rayons biscottes à Leclerc, puis envoyer les acteurs-manifestants-casseurs dans les rues, pour prétendre à une insurrection à mater par l'armée?
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If you are on the fence about whether "Watch the water" is a disinformation campaign, the fact that a 77th brigade account and "Right Wing Watch" (an extremist account which endorses corporatocracy) are reveling in it should tell you all you need to know.
These campaigns use people that have previously made reasonable commentary (in this case highlighting the dangers of #remdesivir, one of the worst drugs ever approved) - who then come up with something crazy.

The intention is to bury the underlying story.
"Watch the Water" is a Q phrase and so this is intentionally used to allow groups like "Right wing watch" to discredit anyone sharing or endorsing it.

But there will be a truthful message buried in the noise, which gets discredited at the same time.
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I just finished watching “Watch the Water Documentary and I’m going to point out some things that were interesting.

(Warning: This Thread contains spoilers. If you want to watch it, don’t read this thread)
1. Dr. Bryan Ardis talks about a study that Fauci did with #remdesivir where 30% of people experienced multiple organ failure, including kidney failure, septic-shock and hypotension. The number of deaths was 53% were caused by this drug.
2. He then receives a text December 1st of last year but didn’t see it till the 18th. In this text, Dr. Ryan Cole asks him “If you got bit by a rattlesnake, would you go to a hospital and get antivenin”. He wasn’t sure what they meant by that and decided to research it.
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I do await comments on @YouTube and for the algorithm to assess their worthiness to stay.

Everyone is welcome to write to the Ministry of Health of the Israeli government. They might even read the comments from my channel since it links to their site.
What Israel's Ministry of Health says about Robert Malone.

I'll just put this here. Because someone mentioned #Remdesivir as if she got some information from heaven.😊…
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As relevant today as when we wrote it in May 2020.

“As two people who have lived with Chronic Lyme for many years, we are well-acquainted with the potential of a rampant, misunderstood infection to alter reality.”…
“We also know what can happen when authorities are unclear about precautions and treatment. In fact, we have watched the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic unfurl with weary familiarity.”
“Worse, by the time results arrive, the infection may have disseminated, causing potentially life-long symptoms that could have been eliminated if appropriately treated early.” (SOUND FAMILIAR??)
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La gente en #Venezuela anda comprando #Molnupiravir y #Remdesivir como si fuera Acetaminofen. Muchas veces sin prescripción médica, solo porque el familiar, el amigo o la vecina se lo recomendo.

Aquí les explico cuál es su uso correcto

Tenemos 4 #antivirales disponibles para #COVID19  hasta el momento.

#Paxlovid (Nirmatrelvir/Ritonavir) (oral)
#Sotrovimab (endovenoso)
#Remdesivir (endovenoso)
#Molnupiravir (oral)

De las cuáles, solo tenemos disponibles en Venezuela los 2 últimos.
¿Cuando usarlos?

Se recomienda el uso de #antivirales orales en pacientes NO hospitalizados con enfermedad leve/moderada (Saturación mayor o igual a 94%) que tienen ALTO RIESGO DE PROGRESIÓN.

Ese riesgo será definido por su médico, pero les voy a aclarar a que se refiere eso.
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Should we use #remdesivir (RDV) to treat high-risk outpatients with #SARSCoV2 #COVID19?

Here's #HowIReadThisPaper on the PINETREE trial by Gottleib et al in @NEJM

High-quality evidence suggests RDV shortens time to clinical improvement in hospitalized patients with #COVID19 and hypoxemia (ACTT-1).

Based on this, @NIH recommends RDV in hypoxemic inpatients:…

However, its role in treating outpatients is unknown.
What was studied?

Patients were randomized (double-blind) to receive IV RDV or placebo x 3 days

The primary outcome was the composite of COVID-related hospitalization or death from any cause by day 28.
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Pièce par pièce, le récit officiel et le narratif #COVIDー19 se désintègrent rapidement.

Alors que le récit entourant l'opération psychologique mondiale #COVIDー19 continue de se désagréger, voici cinq choses que vous devez savoir.

1/ Même l'Organisation mondiale de la santé met en garde contre les piqûres de rappel dit #Booster du #COVID19 .
Pour certains, il était logique de se laisser faire lorsqu'il ne s'agissait que d'une ou deux doses.
Mais maintenant que les gouvernements veulent que les gens fassent une troisième, voire une quatrième injection pour la grippe de #Fauci, beaucoup disent que trop c'est trop.…
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#Remdesivir new trial just published

Here are the clinical implications:
Canadian trial (CATCO) in hospitalized patients with #COVID19
Compared to ACTT-1 trial in patients on supplemental O2 as recommended by guidelines
ACTT-1 Highly Significant Mortality Reduction in Patients on Supplemental Oxygen:
Both CATCO and ACTT-1 trials showed
-No liver or renal toxicity with remdesivir, and
-No safety differences between remdesivir and controls in over 2300 patients

Thus, both trials show that remdesivir is safe, prevents intubation, and reduces mortality
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If you test yourself 50 times a day, you're bound to have a positive(eeeks!) one which means nothing, but it means TO YOU you're "positive". People should stop this insane onanism.
w/o realizing it ,this is his way out of vicious cycle of having to get a "booster" every few months for eternity: just indefinitely delay taking the next "booster" until the following "booster" comes around ,then repeat.
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Updated WHO severe COVID treatment guidelines

🟢Steroid (#Dexamethasone)
🟢IL6 blocker (#Toci) or 🟢JAKi (#Baricitinib)
🟠±mAb in seronegative people

NOT recommended

Lots to discuss, a🧵
Remdesivir (RDV) is in the “We suggest no remdesivir” category.
At some level, this isn’t too surprising & is old news.
Despite initial hype, RDV never moved the needle much on patient centered outcomes (risk of mortality or requiring IMV) & many of us had stopped using it.
In #ACTT1 RDV did improve outcomes on an ordinal scale, but the effect was modest. It shortened time to clinical improvement but not hospital LOS (patients stayed in the hospital longer to receive it).
RDV did NOT improve mortality or risk of IMV.
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1. Le travail de sape de l'OMS a fini par payer…
Jusqu'au 23 déc, on trouvait uniquement cela sur le site @MoHFW_INDIA, section "Hospitals"…
2. Avec un lien vers ce protocole, où on trouvait, page 11:…
3. Mais le 24 déc. @ICMRDELHI & @aiims_nd, organes de conseil et de recherche, beaucoup plus sensibles aux arguments de l'OMS, ont enfin réussi à faire référencer leurs recommandations, sans toutefois réussir à faire disparaître le protocole complet.
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BIG NEWS: deuterated #GS441524 tri-iBu ester (#VV116) is in clinical trials in Uzbekistan for #COVID19. Trials in China 🔜. Developed by the one and only *Wuhan Institute of Virology*. Deuterium was added to bypass @GileadSciences 💊 1/4
@ncats_nih_gov… Image
Official article published in @cell_res in September 2021 by the folk at Wuhan Institute of Virology. Original @biorxivpreprint was published in November 2020. 2/4…
Chinese patent by the WIV first filed in Sept 2020. WO patent filed in April 2021. Gilead's 2009 patent on 524 and the 2016 patent on #remdesivir do not include any of the compounds described in the WIV patent. Does Gilead actually own any of these WIV compounds?? 3/4 ImageImage
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Schauen wir uns mal antivirale Medikamente an - am Beispiel von dem, was wir jetzt gegen #SARSCoV2 in der Pipeline haben.
Generell sind antivirale Medikamente kniffelig. Warum? Weil Viren unsere eigenen Zellen zur Vermehrung nutzen und so die meisten für die Virusvermehrung(1/14)
nötigen Elemente auch für unseren eigenen Stoffwechsel nötig sind. Wir haben hier ein ähnliches Problem wie bei Krebs - entweder wir nehmen schwere Nebenwirkungen in Kauf oder wir brauchen einen sehr spezifisch auf die relativ wenigen viruseigenen Proteine zielenden (2/n)
Wirkstoff. Bei bakteriellen Infektionen ist das etwas einfacher, denn die meisten Antibiotika wirken gegen Komponenten, die in vielen Bakterienarten vorkommen (z.B. bakterielle Ribosomen oder Komponenten der Zellwand).
Bei Viren gibt es vor allem drei Ansatzpunkte: (3/n)
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#Molnupiravir desarrollado por #Merck y Ridgeback Biotherapeutics podría ser la 1a droga antiviral oral a nivel mundial contra #COVID19
Ha sido aprovado hoy en #ReinoUnido por la Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) con el nombre comercial de Lagevrio
#Molnupiravir es un antiviral de amplio espectro desarrollado por casi 10 años. Se usó por 1a vez como fármaco contra el ébola en Liberia (2016-2017). Otras terapias vs #COVID19:
#Remdesivir (Gilead Science) y cóctel de anticuerpos monoclonales (Regeneron) vía IV o inyección.
#Molnupiravir (MK-4482 / EIDD-2801) es una forma experimental de un potente análogo de ribonucleósido que inhibe la replicación del #SARSCoV2
Es activo en varios modelos preclínicos de SARS-CoV-2, incluso para la profilaxis, el tratamiento y la prevención de la transmisión.
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Attorneys, medical doctors, and family members of #COVID19 victims have described and offered recordings of what the Truth for Health Foundation calls “horrific hospital violations of human rights,” including… (Cont. below 👇)…
2/ …denial of intravenous fluids to patients, denial of access to patients by families or attorneys, and imposition of #Remdesivir on patients despite risks of kidney and liver damage from that drug and the availability of possibly safer alternatives, such as #Ivermectin.
3/ “Prisoners in America’s jails do have more rights right now than COVID patients in America’s hospitals—it’s unheard of,” said Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, president of the Truth for Health Foundation.

“You have the right to refuse treatment, you have the right to request…
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1/ NEW: Excited to share our Viewpoint in @JAMA_current: "A Policy Prescription for Reducing Health Disparities -- Achieving Pharmacoequity."

A 🧵 on what #Pharmacoequity is, why it should be a public health & policy priority, and how we can achieve it.…
2/ Ensuring that all individuals, regardless of race & ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or availability of resources, have access to the highest quality medications required to manage their health needs is paramount. This is what we call #Pharmacoequity.…
3/ The #COVID19 pandemic has brought health equity to the forefront, especially in how we ensure access to novel therapies, from antivirals like #remdesivir and #molnupiravir to the Covid vaccine...

But inequities in access to novel drugs are much more than a Covid problem. 👇🏾
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He @Booker4KY, want any ammo to go after @RandPaul for stuff that's useless? Because this can help.
I mean from a Self-declared "#Libertarian", who seriously isn't he's #SocialConservative at best, it's not hard to dig up dirt on @RandPaul of his Voting Records. Like the 2016 Tax Bill that gave more money to the #Rich, Supports Banning #Abortion (which isn't Libertarian),...
Opposes #LGBTQIA Rights like Same Sex Marriage & wanted it to be banned, Rand is inconsistent on #MilitarySpending of sometimes leaning to not for it or for it in offensive wars (which many Libertarians call that out & believe in Defense of a Direct Threat of an Attack)...
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💊Esta semana tuvimos avances en la trinchera de tratamientos COVID19 con resultados fase3 de @Roche y @pfizer pero la más adelantada en antivirales es @Merck con #Molnupiravir q podría ser el 1er antiviral oral a autorizarse✅

🧵1/13 @biomolecules101
👉🏻… Image
Empezando por recordar q hoy el único antiviral autorizado para uso de emergencia contra COVID19 es #remdesivir de @GileadSciences q para tener efecto debe darse en etapas tempranas siendo su limitante q su via de administracion es intravenosa! 🤔2/…
💊Es por ello q es ideal tener un antiviral en cápsulas oral (q se debe aplicar en los 1eros días de Covid) tal como #molnupiravir de @Merck

Este medicamento experimental análogo a ribonucleosido fue creado por el Desarrollo de Medicamentos (DRIVE) de @EmoryUniversity 3/
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📡आता थेट प्रक्षेपण📡

@FollowCII वार्षिक बैठक

मंत्री @mansukhmandviya आत्ता @CIIEvents' च्या - सर्वांसाठी परवडणारी आणि सुलभ आरोग्य सेवा सुनिश्चित करणे याविषयीच्या सत्राला संबोधित करत आहेत.


देशाच्या विकासात आरोग्य हे एक महत्त्वाचा मापदंड आहे
#FightAgainstCOVID19 हे सरकार आणि खाजगी क्षेत्रामधील समन्वयाचे सर्वोत्तम उदाहरण आहे.

-मंत्री @mansukhmandviya



🎥 Image
#COVID19 संकटाच्या काळात सरकार आणि औषध निर्मिती क्षेत्राने एकत्र काम केले

#Remdesivir ची उत्पादन क्षमता 30,000 वरून 3.5 लाख कुपी प्रतिदिन पर्यंत वाढली -@CIIEvents च्या सत्रात मंत्री @mansukhmandviya


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@FollowCII Annual Meeting 2021

Minister @mansukhmandviya to address @CIIEvents' Plenary Session - Ensuring Affordable, Accessible Health for All in a few minutes


#Health is an important parameter in a country's development

#FightAgainstCOVID19 is best example of co-ordination between Govt. & private sector

-Minister @mansukhmandviya

at @CIIEvents


🎥 Image
During #COVID19 crisis, govt. and pharma sector worked together

Increased capacity of production of #Remdesivir from 30,000 to 3.5 lakh vials per day

-Minister @mansukhmandviya

at @CIIEvents


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JUST PUBLISHED - Is #remdesivir an effective treatment for #COVID19?… This @CochraneHaem systematic review looked at this antiviral medicine to see if it's an effective treatment for people in hospital w #COVID & if it causes unwanted effects. 1/5
#Remdesivir is a medicine that fights viruses. It has been shown to prevent the virus that causes #COVID19 (SARS-CoV-2) from reproducing. Medical regulators have approved remdesivir for emergency use to treat people with COVID-19.… 2/5
The @CochraneHaem authors found 5 studies w 7452 people hospitalised w #COVID19. Of these, 3886 people were given #remdesivir. Average age of patients: 59. Studies took place around the world, mainly in high- and upper-middle-income countries.… 3/5
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Nuovo antivirale contro il #Covid? Il #Masitinib, già promettente contro la SLA, riduce in vitro di oltre 200 volte la carica del #COVID19 nelle alte vie respiratore e nei polmoni. Iniziati i test di fase 2.

Exit strategy dal delirio vaccinale?…
“Mentre diversi #vaccini hanno ricevuto l'autorizzazione in emergenza dalle autorità sanitarie mondiali e sono in fase di distribuzione, ci vorrà molto tempo per vaccinare la popolazione mondiale, e l'emergere di mutazioni che rendono i vaccini inefficaci rimane una possibilità.”
“Pertanto, c'è un bisogno continuo di nuove opzioni di trattamento del #Covid, così come di antivirali ad ampio spettro che potrebbero essere usati contro futuri virus emergenti.”
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