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Taking part in the @WHO @rd_blueprint Global Research & Innovation Forum today. Here's a comment from @DrMikeRyan: "Countries w/ govts that communicate complex science directly to the public, & use science as a basis for control, have had much better success fighting COVID-19"
.@WHO Director General @DrTedros gives his opening comments: "At our 1st @rd_blueprint mtg in Feb. we knew so little about COVID-19. We need to continue working hard on the science behind this disease through these working groups to defeat the pandemic"
.@Dr_Wildlife from @EcoHealthNYC reports on the Animal-Human link in COVID emergence. "The animal trade & consumption pathway needs more attention - not just wildlife trade, but also livestock and fur farming"
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Oh, @GileadSciences. No sooner do you stop demanding corporate welfare to help you price-gouge on a covid drug developed at public expense; then you step in a pile of greedy dogshit again, and insist it tastes great and we should try it!…

At issue: your decision to charge Americans $3,000 for a five-day course of #remdesivir, a drug developed with public money that experts say you could profitably sell for $10.…

Now, this isn't all your fault. We can (and should) also blame the finance-friendly, pharma-dependent politicians, many of the Democrats, who paved the way for this, as @davidsirota reminds us.…

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In an offensive display of hubris and disregard for the public and the pandemic, @GileadSciences has priced at thousands of dollars a drug that should be in the public domain. Gilead’s price is 10x the cost-effective price ($310) suggested by ICER (no mortality benefit) (1/4)
For $1 per day, remdesivir can be manufactured at scale with a reasonable profit. According to ICER, at $310 per course, remdesivir would be cost effective. Gilead has rejected both prices and has yet to show why the price should be higher. (2/4)…
Gilead initially developed remdesivir as one of several candidate treatments for hep C and has made tens of billions off its successful hep C drugs. What's relevant now are Gilead’s unpublished costs & the public’s many investments repurposing remdesivir for COVID-19. (3/4)
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Editorial in the British Medical Journal smashes the serious compromises made by governments in antibody testing kits and #Remdesivir research and grant of permission to sell.
UK government invoked confidentiality clause to avoid naming nine suppliers of antibody kits that were found inaccurate. US govt also relaxed it’s norms to allow substandard testing kits. Most likely India is also following their footsteps (list of suppliers attached).
The NEJM Remdesivir study -researchers were on Gilead payroll, medicine supplied by Gilead for trials, company involved in clinical protocols, patients swapped from placebo to Remdesivir midway.
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Drug for #COVID19 now: #REMDESIVIR : made by Gilead

Gilead holds the PATENT and that means that it has a monopoly on the drug in the US. It's the only company that can manufacture it until 2037, at which point a generic version could be possible.
2. Remdesivir: article from end of April "...looked at the chemical synthesis of the drug and concluded that a 10-day course for one person would cost $9, allowing for 20% losses during formulation, plus the cost of the vials, a profit margin, and tax."…
3. NIH has also invested millions in potential treatments for COVID-19, like remdesivir, a drug made by Gilead Sciences that has been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use for hospitalized patients with severe disease.…
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THREAD: A story only one of the world’s biggest newswires could write. @Reuters reporters in 10 countries spoke to 30 doctors about lessons learned through 6 months of the global #coronavirus pandemic. It was fun to be a part of. Here’s what they said: 1/8
@Reuters Earlier this year, doctors were “in a fog,” and #COVID19 treatment guidelines were changing daily. Now, they have a clearer grasp of once-mysterious side-effects like kidney failure and blood clotting. 2/8
@Reuters Surprising progress has been made by simply positioning patients on their stomachs (“proning”) instead of their backs. Widespread testing has had outsized benefits, including for things you wouldn’t think of, like conserving PPE. 3/8
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1. This thread 🧵 is about a month overdue.
#COVID19 👉🏻Death Rates 👉🏻Lockdown 👉🏻Economic Crash 👉🏻Masked Silencing 👉🏻Flu Agenda 💉👉🏻& The Giant Gates Web 👉🏻 #Wormwood 👉🏻 [They] knew.
2. 1st part of this🧵I disclose that info is via @delbigtree’s @HighWireTalk video on YT Here 👉🏻 approx 43+ min. Watch it all!
For purpose of record, archiving & to spread, & d/t rampant censorship I am paraphrasing.
3. As of May 2020 “CDC now says #COVID19 has a death rate of .4% among those that show sysmptons & are infected. If we add the asymptomatic which they are giving very conservatively low at 35% then we come up w/ .26%” They started out telling us it would be 3 to 7% 👉🏻 It’s .4% 👈🏻
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#BREAKING Virus resurging in Europe as restrictions ease: WHO
VIDEO: WHO Europe director Dr Hans Kluge says 30 countries in Europe have seen a resurgence of the #coronavirus since nations began easing restrictions and some health systems could again be pushed to the brink
#BREAKING EU medicines body recommends authorising use of anti-viral drug #remdesivir to treat coronavirus
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Updated the #RECOVERYtrial topline results summary table of the #dexamethasone arm compared to usual care for treatment of hospitalized patients with #COVID19.

Got additional information colleagues shared in Twitter.

Thread with some comparisons with #ACTT1

#IDtwitter 1/
the #ACTT1 authors have only reported (preliminary) Day 14 mortality, and the #RECOVERYtrial has only posted Day 28 mortality.

But these days the Supplementary Appendices in trial reports have additional relevant information:…

The paper says they were not reporting day 29 mortality, but If you look at Figure S3 in the #NEJM #ACTT1 preliminary report, you have KM estimates out to day 30.

From there you can visualize the probability of death at day

28 (see figure) have left lines and scales
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🔥Voilà un thread afin de ne pas avoir à répéter tout le temps la même chose sur la recherche médicale thérapeutique pendant #COVID19 #SARS_CoV_2 #pandemic

1/ Les infectiologues cliniciens n'attendaient pas de ttt antiviral permettant une amélioration "spectaculaire" pr une maladie aiguë virale sévère (cf dengue, zika, chik, grippe), il était donc nécessaire d’évaluer rigoureusement et d’espérer un ttt un peu efficace et non toxique
2/ Il existe de nombreux candidats repositionnés qui ont été utilisés et testés et ce dès le début de la pandémie : #lopinavir/#ritonavir, #remdesivir, #hydroxychloroquine, #interferon ß pour n’en citer que quelques-uns
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Tabulated the topline results released by the #recoverytrial team on #hydroxychloroquine & #dexamethasone, and went over their protocol ( to better digest them.

Basic stuff:
- hospitalized patients @ 175 NHS centres
- open label, 5 initial arms
- thread—
Important point from #RECOVERYTrial protocol

- if a patient had a #contraindication to one of the intervention arms, according to the clinical care team at the site, that particular arm was not available to that patient at the time of #randomization
So if a patient enrolled in #recoverytrial had a contraindication to #dexamethasone, that patient was not allowed to be randomized to that arm. So the results need to be interpreted in the context of no contraindication to steroids: already on steroids, #immunosuppression, etc.
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1/ The time has come for yet another #debunking, this time of sheer hype re a medication used in treatment of severe or critical #COVID19. #Dexamethasone is a bog-standard form of cortisone, & only useful to reduce inflammation.
2/n It's nice of the report to include an extrapolation of how many lives would be saved if you use #dexamethasone in the treatment of certain cases of severe to critical #COVID19, but as you can see from the figure, it actually isn't all that much.…
3/n #Dexamethasone is being *deliberately* hyped up. Not for financial reasons. It's a bog-standard form of cortisone, *nobody* is going to get rich from making a financial killing in it.
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WOW!!! 😮
#Breaking #BreakingNews
Members of Parliament of #Brazil break into hospital that claimed to have 5,000 infected & 200 deaths from #COVID19 & CAUGHT THEM RED HANDED NOT ONE PERSON, they have FRAUDED THE WORLD!! #Italy #Spain #ArrestBillGates
Brazilians Translated:
5 Members of #Brazil parliament went to hospitals under encouragement by #Bolsonaro to break into hospitals & check to see the number of patients there. This hospital late to be finished but claiming 5000 ppl with COVID19 and 200 dead, so need this hospital
Officials broke in to check it & found the hospital is an absolute mess, not finished, and no patients. The governor is frauding the state and nation and taxpayers & LYING about the numbers to pad the numbers. Embezzlement scheme & to help bring down the country &push #vaccine
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1) An unprecedented SECOND retraction in one day has i cured, this time in the @NEJM, a once respectable medical journal. Much like @TheLancet and @nature they too have gone the way of a self-serving agenda relying on #PalReview instead of Peer review.…
2) the lead author in both this paper and the other study that was pulled today in @TheLancet is that of Dr. Mandeep Mehra. In EVERY paper, the authors are supposed to list conflicts of interest. They NEVER do. Dr. Mehra is a cardiologist at @BrighamWomens who is partnered...
3) with both #CCP and #Gilead, and are running #remdesivir studies. Additionally, Dr. Mehra’s research on cardiac pumps is financed by Abbot who is currently developing antibody serology tests for Covid 19. The second author is Dr. Desai.
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1/ Q: Any good news on #COVID19 treatment/vaccines?

A: A: Yes! Three happy pieces of news this week (see next post in this thread)
1. An early-stage clinical trial begins for the first antibody treatment against #COVIDー19;
2. A @statnews interview with Dr. Fauci showing cautious optimism about vaccine development;
3. New data indicating #remdesivir's effectiveness for moderately sick patients.
3/ More context:
@LillyPad announced yesterday (6/1) that it launched a Phase I (aka: very early) trial to test the safety and tolerability of a brand-new potential treatment against COVID-19.
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Wearing a mask can help mitigate the super spreading phenomena:
We should also be on the lookout for asymptomatic cases, as they can significantly contribute in adding to infections, should they go unchecked; We need more testing in general, as well as of asymptomatics:
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Hasta el momento, ¿qué fármaco ha demostrado beneficio en el tratamiento de COVID-19? Hidroxicloroquina/Remdesivir/Lopinavir+Ritonavir
En este #Tweetorial te explicaremos los hallazgos básicos de los resultados preliminares sobre #Remdesivir y #COVID19 publicado en @NEJM:…
El #Remdesivir es un inhibidor nucleósido de la ARN-polimerasa dependiente de ARN. Fue estudiado en el tratamiento de la epidemia de Ebola y actualmente está siendo estudiado para tratamiento del COVID-19.
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[LT] A 17 h suivez en direct la webconférence "VIH et COVID-19 : Avancées et Incertitudes" avec Dr Jade Ghosn (Paris), Dr Gilles Peytavin (Paris), Pr François Raffi (Nantes)
François Raffin introduit la séance en évoquant les nombreuses avancées thérapeutiques. Il n'y a pas de sur-représentation des patients VIH parmi les personnes atteintes par la COVID-19.
Les pistes thérapeutiques sont représentées par les antiviraux mais aussi par les stéroïdes et les interleukines (corrigez moi si je me trompe).
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🇮🇹 Dr Andrea Savarino - Istituto Superiore di Sanità

Ce Docteur remet en cause l'étude du Lancet

L'étude du #Lancet "est affectée par une distribution non homogène des facteurs de risques préexistants"


"les groupes traités par #chloroquine / #hydroxychloroquine contenaient, par rapport aux témoins, une prévalence plus élevée de fumeurs, d'hypertenseurs et avaient en moyenne un indice de masse corporelle (IMC) plus élevé"

"Selon les mêmes analyses des mêmes auteurs, certains de ces facteurs tels que l'hypertension se sont révélés être des prédicteurs de mortalité dans l'ensemble de la cohorte de patients considérés, indépendamment de l'utilisation ou non de CQ / HCQ"

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Etude du #Lancet, dans les intérêts/financements reçus des auteurs, le 1er labo cité: Abbott, ancien nom de ABBVIE, qui fabrique le Ritonavir et le Lopinavir! Un labo qui a intérêt à décrédibiliser l'#hydroxychloroquine contre le #coronavirus! #COVIDー…
Allons voir les autres ... On ajoute le labo Mesoblast qui eux font la promotion de leur médoc à base de cellules souches contre le #Covid_19. Vous en voulez encore? #coronavirus #thelancet…
Il y a aussi le labo Janssen qui collabore avec le labo #Gilead en Irlande, et qui a nommé Jonathan Pentel comme directeur Nouveaux Produits, qui a travaillé pour #Gilead depuis 2011 jusque 2017.…
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1/n Une analyse de la récente publication des résultats "préliminaires" du #remdesivir dont Gilead détient le brevet, en traitement du Covid19 publiés dans le @NEJM…
2/n Je m'étais fait l'écho des manoeuvres, coups de bluff, promotion du hype sur le remdesivir et de la manière dont Gilead entretenait des puissants réseaux d'influence qui lui permettent d'orienter les financements, la recherche et les décisions au niveau mondial.
3/n 1- attention au hype et aux annonces prématurées, Gilead a qqs antécédents de "malpractice" 2- changement de critère sans autorisation, c'est aussi une forme de "malpractice" (étude à partir du tweet12)
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The long awaited #Remdesivir NAIAD trial was finally published n @NEJM.… I know other “Twitter Docs” have opined on the results and what they mean. Here’s my brief take: 1/
This was a prospective, placebo controlled, double blind study(gold standard) that essentially showed that for hospitalized patients, that weren’t “too sick,” Remdesivir decreased the number of days of hospitalization by 4 days (15-11) 2/
It DID NOT decrease the likelihood of death. IMO, iis a worthwhile drug for wide use primarily to protect systems from overload by decreasing the number of hospital days in a subset of patients. 3/
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Efficacité prouvée du #REMDESIVIR pour les patients avec symptômes sévères en essai randomisé contrôlé en double aveugle et multicentrique 👏 n=1063 cas randomisés

✅Réduit le temps de guérison de 4 jours
❌Pas d'effet significatif sur la mortalité à J14

Résumé & résultats ⤵️
C'est l'essai du National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) dont les résultats préliminaires avaient été donnés par le Dr Fauci, publié dans le NEJM

Essai de taille conséquente avec 1 063 patients randomisés (1 107 éligibles)…
Une force de l'étude est son aspect multicentrique (bien que principalement nord-américain)

60 établissements : 45 aux États-Unis, 8 au Danemark, 5 au Royaume-Uni, 4 en Grèce, 3 en Allemagne, 2 en Corée du Sud, 2 au Mexique, 2 en Espagne, 1 au Japon et 1 à Singapour
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@MattSpinelliMD @Megtron9 @MonicaGandhi9 @JoseRCastilloM1 @CatieOldenburg @jbkrell NIH #remdesivir trial is online…

This is based on the data cut presented to the DSMB on 27Apr. So the data is not yet final. Topline results were released 1/7
2/ The trial showed a faster time to recovery (being discharged or dischargeable) in those randomized to Remdesivir (RDV)

The Rel. Rate Recovery ( > 1 favors RDV) 1.32 (1.12, 1.55)
3/ The survival effect remains unclear. The KM is published in the supplement but they do not give the numbers for day 28. I used a rule to estimate 28d mortality as 12% RDV
and 16% on placebo, logrank, p = 0.07
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