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Seven years ago, I called #LeonardCohen's *Everybody Knows* "the perfect anthem for our times."

> Everybody knows the fight was fixed
> The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
> That’s how it goes
> Everybody knows… 1/ A smoke-filled room lit by ...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
That was just after Cohen died, and while the world seems to want to settle on *Hallelujah* as his totemic song, *Everybody Knows* keeps inserting itself into the discourse, in the most toxic, hope-draining way possible. 3/
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Earlier today Twitter celebrated Republican Reinstated Smells. A hashtag game #TerribleCandleScents got your faitful T Dawg to dig into the ole candle drawer and take a few whiffs. Then you all voted by liking my silliest jokes. So let's revisit the 12 worst smelling candles Image
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#FactCheck 🧵re: #CashBail, @TheOtherMandela #Barnes & @RonJohnsonWI
* In our country everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty at trial. This is true even though they may have been arrested & charged w/a crime.

*#Wisconsin & the fed. gov't both have ... 1/9
#WisPol ImageImage
#FactCheck 🧵re: #CashBail, @TheOtherMandela #Barnes & @RonJohnsonWI
...criminal laws, but different approaches re: protecting constitutional #RightsOfAccused AND #PublicSafety.

*U.S. government procedure does NOT generally rely on cash bail — it only considers ... 2/9
#WisPol Image
#FactCheck 🧵re: #CashBail, @TheOtherMandela #Barnes & @RonJohnsonWI
... public safety. #Wisconsin, in contrast, relies on setting an amount of #CashBail to ensure defendant shows up for trial.

*Wisco’s system of cash bail gives great advantages to ppl w/money... 3/9
#WisPol Image
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4635: Ron Johnson, Moscow, and the 4th of July
#VladimirPutin #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #Moscow #Russia #RonJohnson #NonverbalCommunication
2/ I'm sure you remember back in the summer of 2018, over the July 4th Holiday — when Seven U.S. Senators and One Congress Person traveled to Moscow to meet with Russian foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov.
3/ The Seven US Senators were Ron Johnson (R-WI), John Kennedy (R-LA), Richard Shelby (R-AL), Steve Daines (R-MT), John Hoeven (R-ND), John Thune (R-SD), and Jerry Moran (R-KS) — and the one US House member was Kay Granger (R-TX).

Note all of these politicians are Republicans.
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The Abecedarians, the first band alphabetically in my collection. I’m not sure I have listened to this since I bought it. Fac 117, is a 12” 45, just two tracks, electronic with nods to other Factory bands. No idea what happened to them.
#abecedarians #factory #factoryrecords ImageImage
Backstory: In an effort to listen to a wider variety of the music I own for the first half of this year I’m dedicating a week to each letter. I thought I’d start with the disc that has sat leftmost on the shelves since some time in the eighties!
A Certain Ratio. A couple from them today, between the two marking a huge change from fucked to funky.

#factory #factoryrecords #acr #acertainratio
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Washington Post scoop:

FBI gave #RonJohnson defensive briefing in 2020 warning he was being targeted by Russia to spread disinformation on Biden.

What did he do?

He considered it “completely useless and unnecessary”

With his usual paranoia, he thought FBI briefing was a trick
2. And then, worse of all, Johnson continued to use his office to act as a conduit for the Russian disinformation campaign to interfere in the 2020 presidential election.

As @AshaRangappa_ and I detailed at length here.👇…
3. Here’s the Washington Post report.

The headline is about Giuliani,
But lots of details about FBI’s warning Senator Johnson.

(scoop by @nakashimae @shaneharris @thamburger)…
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This is great. A Milwaukee paper calls for the resignation or expulsion of their Senator, Ron Johnson.

Johnson asks for space in the paper to respond.

The paper gives him the space, which he uses to lie so they provide detail footnotes of each mistruth.…
The paper, which I didn’t name directly due to a character limit is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
#RonJohnson should resign.
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#RonJohnson's promised 'bombshell' Biden-Burisma report looks to be a dud.

"largely a compilation of previously public information ... as well as news articles and strongly worded insinuations with little evidence to back them up."

Repackages old claims.…
2. Continuing on the dud theme.

The Washington Post:

"GOP senators’ report calls Hunter Biden’s board position with Ukraine firm ‘problematic,’ but fails to show how it changed U.S. policy"…
3. Dud of a report continued.

"Senate Republicans release report on Biden-Ukraine investigation with REHASHED information"

"The report ultimately fails to support one of Republicans' top claims about the Burisma affair" re Biden and Ukraine prosecutor.…
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RED ALERT - The White House KNEW

#Giuliani source was Kremlin agent — but that might have made him more attractive

This has caused problems for Giuliani and Sen. @ronjohnson (R-WI), who is leading a probe of #Biden’s activity in #Ukraine

@ronjohnson is just a contrarian in nature,” said one Republican close to the administration.

“If you come to him and say that the Ukraine stuff seems fishy, he will very likely just tell you it’s his investigation and to get lost.”


#Schumer (D-NY) introduced a resolution “calling for an end to the use of congressional resources to launder Russian disinformation through Congress,” saying #RonJohnson’s allegations against Biden suspiciously resemble claims promoted by #Derkach (SPY)...

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I appreciate @MittRomney's #CountryOverParty stance in opposing #RonJohnson's Biden-Burisma probe as political exercise due, in part, to Johnson's own statements to media.

But note:

Johnson was clearly talking also about his other probes in service of Trump campaign👇 Image
2. And as @AndrewDesiderio correctly reports with today's vote:

"Wednesday’s vote represents a significant escalation of the Senate ... Committee’s probes targeting President Donald Trump’s political foes — less than 50 days before Election Day."…
3/3. Links:

Earlier Politico report by @kyledcheney:

"Besieged on all sides, Ron Johnson says his probe 'would certainly' help Trump win reelection"…

Johnson's statement to local news media (5:00-8:05 for context):…
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#CountryOverParty moment, again, by Senator @MittRomney.

A critical vote on Committee, Romney opposes #RonJohnson's attempt to subpoena on Burisma probe.


“had the earmarks of a political exercise"

“not the legitimate role of government for Congress or for taxpayer”
2. @AndrewDesiderio has more details on the votes.

Romney voted in favor of 3 other motions for depositions and subpoenas on separate Johnson investigation.

3. New twist here.

@AndrewDesiderio reporting: In Johnson's Biden-Burisma investigation, "Bridget Brink agreed to testify voluntarily, so a subpoena was no longer necessary."
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The Silence of the Lambs...
The Silence of the Lambs...
The Silence of the Lambs...
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I just published with @AshaRangappa_:

"Manafort’s Reward"

Senator #RonJohnson's staff started work with Russian disinformation operative even BEFORE Trump's call with Ukraine President.

It worked in accord with Manafort's and Giuliani's plan.…
2. Johnson told WaPo (@eliseviebeck @DDaltonBennett): “no recollection of the president mentioning Rudy Giuliani” at May 23 Oval Office meeting.

Others in meeting who testified Trump said to work or talk with Giuliani:


Johnson somehow forgot.
3. We write: "Giuliani, picked up the torch on the Ukraine election interference idea ... Over months Giuliani “'consulted several times with Manafort through the federal prisoner’s lawyer.'"

Quoting scoop by @jdawsey1 @thamburger @PaulSonne @PostRoz…
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Senate Intelligence Committee #SSCI report undercuts #RonJohnson investigation.

Broadly, it shows how Russian agents spread disinformation re Ukraine interference in 2016 election, which Johnson-Grassley have lapped up and relied on.

One specific example stands out…

Bipartisan Senate Intelligence report highlights Russian intelligence officer behind scenes of a Financial Times article alleging Ukraine interference.

Johnson-Grassley letter to Barr specifically relied on that Financial Times article.

Report (left)👇and letter (right)👇 ImageImage
3. For more on Johnson and Grassley's receiving and using Russian disinformation, @AshaRangappa_ (former FBI counterintelligence agent) and I recently wrote:

"How Sen. Ron Johnson’s Investigation Became an Enabler of Russian Disinformation: Part I"…
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Wherein the Senator from Wisconsin—like the late Senator Joseph McCarthy from Wisconsin—tries to weaponize his committee.

Here's Johnson's move on opening day of other party's national convention.

His tweet thread is weak tea.

Fellow GOP senators going down with him for this??
2. And for those tuning in late:

Johnson recently admitted the quiet part out loud.

He told a local news show about his Committee's investigations: "It would certainly help Donald Trump win reelection."

And Johnson acknowledged on another news show...

3. #RonJohnson acknowledged on Hugh Hewitt show that Republicans on his Committee are concerned about his actions.

"We had a number of my committee members who were highly concerned about how this looks politically." Image
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