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Le patron des sénateurs US #Schumer annonce qu'il y aura 1 vote mercredi prochain pour faire du contenu de la jurisprudence Roe/Casey une loi fédérale protégeant le droit à l'#avortement. Mais il sait pertinemment qu'il n'a pas les 60 votes nécessaires.
Gesticulation politique.
2. Quand le Sénat a déjà voté sur 1 mesure semblable fin février- 1 loi fédérale protégeant le droit à l'#avortement- les 50 sénateurs démocrates n'étaient même pas au complet pour la défendre, l'ineffable démocrate conservateur de Virginie Occidentale, Manchin, y est hostile.
3. Non seulement les démocrates n'ont pas de majorité actuelle au Sénat sur le droit à l'#avortement, puisque #Manchin est pro-life, mais il leur faudrait une supermajorité de 60 pour faire passer cette loi à cause de l'obstruction minoritaire (filibuster)...sacrée pour Manchin.
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Did you see this part of #ImpeachmentTrialTwoPointOh? Police bodycam shows the perspective of the cop as the #terrorists beat him.…
Here's film of @SenSchumer running to escape murderous and treasonous #DomesticTerrorists. (Please stop calling them rioters!)…
Did you realize the #GOP is using #ImpeachmentTwoPointOh as a fundraiser? Shameless #fascist shitheads! "Republican National Committee is fundraising off of Trump #ImpeachmentTrial"…
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#Goodnews aus den #USA

Das Oberhaupt der rechtsradikalen #ProudBoys, Henry #Tarrio, wurde in #Washington wegen Sachbeschädigung und Mitführung zweier Schusswaffen-Magazine festgenommen. /TN #TrumpTapes #Republikaner…
Der Chef der #ProudBoys wurde festgenommen? Kein Grund für seine Jünger, sich zu mäßigen - die prügeln sich in #Washington kräftig mit der Polizei. "Thin Blue Line" am Arsch? /MS
#Trump-Supporter haben die Absperrungen am Kapitol in #Washington (#USA) durchbrochen und versuchen das Parlament zu stürmen. Ach du Scheiße. /MS
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To Honor Ginsburg, Democrats Have One Choice: GO NUCLEAR

They have to GET READY to RUMBLE

What is coming, at least as the Republicans see it, is a grand political clash. They have been hellbent on reshaping the entire federal judiciary...

This is their Holy Grail.

After all, nothing galvanizes conservative evangelical voters more than the courts.

For political consultants, it has long been conventional wisdom that right-wingers obsess over the composition of the courts

#Republicans are, or will be ALL IN

Here’s something Trump can campaign on for the next six and a half weeks, without breaking a sweat or fielding a tough question.

It’s his lifeline. A cure for his coronavirus problem.

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RED ALERT - The White House KNEW

#Giuliani source was Kremlin agent — but that might have made him more attractive

This has caused problems for Giuliani and Sen. @ronjohnson (R-WI), who is leading a probe of #Biden’s activity in #Ukraine

@ronjohnson is just a contrarian in nature,” said one Republican close to the administration.

“If you come to him and say that the Ukraine stuff seems fishy, he will very likely just tell you it’s his investigation and to get lost.”


#Schumer (D-NY) introduced a resolution “calling for an end to the use of congressional resources to launder Russian disinformation through Congress,” saying #RonJohnson’s allegations against Biden suspiciously resemble claims promoted by #Derkach (SPY)...

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It's been a long journey to reach that conclusion. Please hear me out.

My journey started in Beirut, where I grew up in a brutal civil war. Violence and injustice everywhere.

But today's America alarms me more than Beirut...

In America today, children are stolen from their parents, locked in freezers, caged, gunned down in schools.

Billionaires get richer while children go hungry, homeless, and without healthcare.

A society that brutalizes children is BROKEN...

When I quit my music career to become an anti-Bush activist at the turn of the millennium, it stunned me to see the Democratic Party, my party, largely go along with Bush's assault on civil liberties. Torture. War based on lies. Patriot Act...
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🇶NBC announces lineup of #Democrats for each night of first 2020 #debate?
#FourDozenDesultories alphabetically
🤍Highlighted, 2 debates, 10 participants each:
💜Wed. 26 June
💗Thur. 27 June
💚omitted Image
🇶NBC announces lineup of #Democrats for each night of first 2020 #debate?
#FourDozenDesultories by age seniority
🤍Highlighted, 2 debates, 10 participants each:
💜Wed. 26 June
💗Thur. 27 June
💚omitted Image
Snarlwell is out. #TomSteyer is [not quite] in?
#FourDozenDesultories march onward...#Democrats alphabetically. Image
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The party unexpectedly wins 44% of the vote. It isn’t a majority but a plurality—a larger share than other parties.

W/in 2 yrs the party gave him their “undivided support” for 4 more years.

Those who question the election’s legitimacy are ridiculed &deemed factitious alarmists
He immediately begins discrediting the media & filled it with his propaganda. His media only employs his lackeys. He calls the press the enemy of the people. Any opposing media & press who criticize him are banned, even killed.


He consolidated power by combining or eliminating positions. He only appoints those closest to him or who took an Oath of Loyalty to him. He gutted any opposition & govt agencies.

With his party’s full support, he installed judges who will swiftly pass his policies & worldview.
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(1) Let’s take a quick dig into government spending to see if that wall makes more sense than some of our other spending habits. #Schumer #SpeakerPelosi #BuildTheDamnWallNow
(2) Washington DC spends $92 billion on corporate welfare compared to $71 billion on homeland security. Interesting....
(3) Washington DC spends $25 billion every year maintaining unused or empty federal properties. Sound like we found a great place to put our homeless population.
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1) Attribution to an #Anon. Not wholly my work. Poke holes where required.

“It's not a Budget it's an #Omnibus"

It’s not an official ‘Federal Budget.’ It’s an Omnibus bill.

Did @POTUS outsmart them yet again?

#QanonPosts #Qanon #TheStormIsHere #DrainTheSwamp #Q
2) Congress basically screwed themselves by not passing a formal budget. Per the Constitution, the #President must adhere to a budget set forth by #Congress and direct the expenditures as provided therein.

#PaulRyan #SenateChairman #Pelosi #Schumer #DrainTheDeepState
3) This is another one of those big Porkulus bills like they gave #Obama for his horrid 8 years. An #omnibusbill may have some ‘instructions’ as to how the money will be spent, but #Obama ignored them.

#Governance #Government #governmentshutdown
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