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Who are these two foreign pilots flying around Indian PM in the #seaplane? Shouldn't this be a security issue? Or is it normalization of things to come? Stay tuned for our <thread> on the issue.
2 Is a Prime Minister allowed to fly aboard a single engine aircraft as per GoI protocol? What about one that is flown by foreign pilots? Why cant this #SeaPlane been flown by IAF pilots? More than any protocols entire Indian military is being bypassed here, what does that mean?
3 So the #seaplane in which our PM was flown in came directly from Pakistan & was flown by foreign pilots! And our Indian security forces allowed that???

This is the sorry state of Indian security establishment. Havent they learned anything from #HomiBhabha assassination?
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The old plane tracking thread is totally broken. Older flights are still there but come up as a single tweet so if you want to find older flights go to Twitter search and type the person's name or tail number (if known).
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Faire de l’investigation une variable d’ajustement économique à France Télé ? Il y a plusieurs choses que je ne comprends pas. Si vous avez des réponses, je suis preneur. Je déroule ⬇️
Pour moi, cette stratégie va à l’encontre d’une tendance qui se dégage dans les médias aujourd’hui : mettre plus de moyens pour enquêter et raconter le monde d’aujourd’hui.
C’est ce que le lecteur attend, c’est ce qui permet à un média d’exister dans un flux sans fin où les contenus circulent sans les marques qui les ont publiés.
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Imaginez que vous vous retrouviez poursuivis en justice... parce que vous avez fait votre travail ! C'est ce qui arrive à Philippe Pascal, inspecteur URSSAF poursuivi par un patron fraudeur à qui on lance #PayeTesCotiz Voici l'histoire ⬇️
Philippe Pascal a commencé sa carrière à la Caisse d'Allocations Familiales d'Avignon en mai 1975, comme comptable. Après sa réussite au concours des cadres de la sécurité sociale, il est nommé inspecteur du recouvrement URSSAF.
En 1997 il devient secrétaire départemental du COmite départemental Anti Fraude du Vaucluse (CODAF).
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Editorial work will be completed on the #AltGov Daily, #Indivisible Times, and White House Press Daily once @paper_li comes back online - .@dredeyedick #SVRAV #TheResistance #Resist #TrumpRussia #ParadisePapers
.@paper_li Status Update on Hosting Outage
.@paper_li back online around 0900hrs EST today. It's a bit late for editorial work on yesterday's #AltGovDaily, #IndivisibleTimes or #WHPDaily so I'll go on to today's. The unedited versions are available in the archives… #AltGov #Indivisible
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I don't study economics, but I do study terrorism, and 'demonetization will end terrorism finance' was one of the most ridiculous bogeys of the entire exercise. #DemonetisationAnniversary
The whole idea of fighting terror finance has been an abject failure in global discourse, not just in India's case. A shift to hawala movements have worked for global terror groups.
Terror finance moved away from intl financial systems long ago. Currency does not matter that much. Terror attacks are not 'expensive', not anymore anyway.
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Following trend that's been active in my Twitter feed -- Kremlin gray cardinal Surkov published essay today on "Crisis of Hypocrisy" /1
As always with Surkov, the language was agonizing. Moscow peeps called it "disappointing" -- but it shouldn't be dismissed /2
Some highlights:

"Distancing appears to be widespread in the Western political landscape. There is a growing distrust of everything mainstream... /3
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1/ There are many conflict-of-interest stories in the Trump admin. But Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross & his top aide stick out.👇
2/ Wendy Teramoto worked for several Ross-connected companies before taking a job as a “special government employee” for him this spring.
3/ Teramoto then was promoted to chief of staff on Aug. 1. We noted the connections:
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A propos des #ParadisePapers , un exemple. Certains s'indignent de ce que Bono, chanteur, ait utilisé une société maltaise pour...
.... Acheter des parts dans un centre commercial lituanien. Il est probable que la possibilité de réduire la taxation de ses gains...
... ait été un facteur décisif pour décider d'investir, pour lui comme pour la plupart des autres investisseurs du même centre...
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Hey look! Another round of #ParadisePapers stories from @OCCRP today. /1
We've got an ex-friend of ex-Ukrainian-President Yanukovych and his €13 million yacht. Comes with Insta photos! /2…
We've got a story about how wealthy Russians use the Isle of Man to avoid VAT payments on their private jets! /3…
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16. Thanks to @Byline_Media @carolecadwalla and @J_amesp many more Russian links have recently been revealed. But what of the YBF?
17. The UKIP angle is coming under scrutiny. But here's Matthew Elliot of the (rival) Vote Leave campaign…
18. And then there is Matt Richardson, another alumni general secretary of UKIP, apparently also making a trip to Russia around 2012/13
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Evidemment l'actu US se tourne vers le Texas mais la soirée a été terrible pour #Trump sur le dossier #Russie...
2)D'1 part, Mueller va donc inculper avec le général Flynn son 1er(ex)membre de la présidence #Trump...Nouveau…
3)Bien sûr la défense de #Trump est toute prête:il a viré #Flynn conseiller sécurité nationale au bout de 3 semaines de présidence ...MAIS..
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