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A Few Interactions On #SUI Dapps That Could Earn You Some Drops

A Thread 🧵
#Sui Recently Announced That The Incentivized Testnet Wave 2 Is On, But Didnt Open Registration For New Validators

Not Withstanding There’s A Few Task That End Users Can Take & Here’s A Step By Step Guide
First You’d Need To Download & Set Up SUI Wallet In Your Web Store

Link For Chrome Users…
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1/ 📢 While waiting for more content to farm #SUI testnet V2, you can get ready, start doing things 😊

🔸Get testnet $SUI on Discord like I said previously (if empty, try again later)

🔸 Mint #NFT in Sui Wallet in the apps tab

#airdrops #airdrop Image
2/🔸Stake some $SUI tokens in Sui Wallet, focus of testnet V2 is brought on delegation 😉

🔸Run a node
If you want to setup a node on testnet, @Abrahamchase09 has already made a great thread that I share right after ( tweet 3/) Image
3/ Note that for the node, there is a great offer on the VPS XL at 🎁

It is a trusted site. However, it is based in France. For the international, it is necessary to check the compatibility 😉

Share with your friends Image
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Sui testnet wave 2 - Kèo Hot nhất đầu năm 2023 đây rồi ae ơi #5PCtestnet #Sui
Trả luôn kèo cho mấy ông nhớ, vô tym cho đủ 100 nào.
Kèo này 99.9% sẽ được air rồi đó. Ai mà chê tiền không làm thì chịu nha. Bấm tym đi ròi kéo xuống 👇👇
Bước 1: Tạo ví và cập nhật ví Sui lên phiên bản mới nhất (Quan trọng nha mấy ông, phải hiện tính năng staking với Sui Network ở trạng thái tesnet nha.
Bước này ae check kỹ thì mới qua bước tiếp theo được nha. Image
Bước 2: Claim token testnet
- Truy cập discord Sui:
- Claim 0.1 Sui testnet ở testnet faucet theo công thức: !faucet địachỉví
Bước này ae nên claim thay vì chuyển từ ví khác sang. Lúc staking sẽ yêu cầu 2+Sui nếu ae cố tình cheat đó. Image
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1/ Tuto : 𝗛𝗼𝘄 𝘁𝗼 𝗵𝘂𝗻𝘁 𝗮𝗶𝗿𝗱𝗿𝗼𝗽𝘀 🪂

I often see similar questions come up, mistakes that I myself have made that I wish had been corrected

At my humble level I will try to give you some tips and tools to help you find tomorrows #airdrops and make you eligible 🧵
2/ Here is a small summary of what I wish to present to you:

1️⃣ Do not buy online training ❌
2️⃣ Be consistent overtime 🗓️
3️⃣ Organisation, quality>quantity 📝
4️⃣ Find early projects 🔥
5️⃣ Understand the new meta 🤯
6️⃣ Follow influencers 🫂
7️⃣ Bonus 🔔
3/ 1️⃣ 𝘿𝙤 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙗𝙪𝙮 𝙤𝙣𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙚 𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜 ❌

I've seen influencers selling ''airdrop hunter'' training 😒 I'm sick of seeing it

I won't make friends by saying this but I don't care. You have everything you need for free, don't give your money to training sellers
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An Overview of the #SUI testnet 2 that went live few hours ago,

Possible #Airdrop

A thread
First; Node running is incentivized, this means that validators will be rewarded with possible #airdrop. and to run a node, the computer requirement is 10 cores, 30gig RAM and 1 terabyte ROM.
So it is only advisable to use VPS and must have to register for the next phase to be selected.
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Sui Testnet Wave 2 is LIVE ‼️‼️‼️

Now this is important to participate in as rewards might be given for participation.

It's going to last for 2 to 3 weeks‼️

Here's a detailed guide on how to get involved so you don't miss out. 🧵

#Sui #airdrop #testnet Image
First off, if you don't even have Sui wallet extension, you'll need to download it from Chrome extension store.

You can do this with Kiwi Browser on Android or with a PC. Image
Then Create new wallet or import & set to Testnet Network. ImageImageImage
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1/🪂 Mamy już możliwość wczesnego operowania na #DEX @WispSwap na sieci @SuiNetwork #SUI w ramach #DevNet.

Działamy spekulacyjnie, gdyż jest szansa załapać się w przyszłości na jakiś #airdrop, a nie kosztuje nas to dużo czasu.

Zapraszam do poradnika 👇 Image
2/🧵 Faucet $SUI i sieć
Działamy na sieci #Devnet, więc w pierwszej kolejności należy się upewnić, czy ta właśnie sieć jest wybrana.

Następnie korzystamy z wbudowanego kranika celem odbioru tokenów do opłat transakcyjnych. W pełni standardowa procedura. Image
3/🧵 Strona i Faucet dodatkowy
- łączymy portfel (u Mnie Sui Wallet)
- klik w nasze konto i wybieramy Request Faucet
- klik Select i wybieramy token (np. TUSDT)
- podajemy ilość (np. 10) i potwierdzamy klik w Request
- powtarzamy dla innych tokenów ImageImageImage
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The hottest feature for the next generation #L1s and #L2s that you don't know about.

💡 Parallel processing

Thread Image
◼️ Parallel processing is used in high-level computing and brought to the blockchain for effective message communication and execution within the framework of blockchains.
Examples of blockchains that use it:

#Fuel @fuellabs_
#Solana @solana
#Sui @SuiNetwork
#Aptos @Aptos_Network
#Vara @VaraNetwork
+ Others
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The most bullish assets to invest on in this century are cryptocurrencies without any doubt 🪙

Don't be a sheep, be the hunter. 🧠

Here is your Alpha thread #5 in which we've gathered over 20 alphas 🤑

🔎Alpha thread #5 🧵
1/ @LycheeFi - Yield farming on #Arbitrum

Discovered at 2 followers, Lychee Finance is another Arbitrum project that wants to make yield farming more accessible.
2/ @yokifinance - Automated crypto investments

Yoki Finance is a decentralized non-custodial DCA tool that wants to give you a hand in your crypto investments.

It's still early but they already have a discord 👇
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[1/X] We are excited to announce a partnership with @martian_wallet. Martian are huge supporters of the Move ecosystem with their self-custodial wallet for #Sui and #Aptos.
[2/X] @martian_wallet have already had a huge impact on the Move ecosystem through their focus on easily onboarding new users. Martian has already onboarded more than 500,000 users 🤯
[3/X] Down the line, users will be able to use @martian_wallet to access a suite of DeFi protocols, including swaps, lending, staking, and much, much more, directly through our platform.
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1/X We are proud to announce we are finally publicly launching our Constant Mean Market Maker (CMMM) onto Devnet ( Here is a thread on how our CMMM plays a part on Aftermath. 🧵
2/X A CMMM overcomes the limitations of Constant Product AMMs by allowing for arbitrary-weighted pools with sizes greater than two. This serves multiple purposes for us here.
3/X First, by launching on Sui, we believe we can deliver the best experience for newly-launched, low-liquid tokens.
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$10,000 Reward For testing @snsstork Sui Name Service #SNS on Devnet

@snsstork an Identity Protocol and a domain name service on #SuiNetwork has launched it project on Devnet.
#Airdrop #Sui #NFT

Kindly Like and Retweet
🧵👇 Image
-Head to & Click on connect wallet
-Select from the available options
-Switch the network to devnet from wallet menu & click to get devnet token
-Type in and search desired name (You can apply for whitelist)
-Click on select domain if the name is available ImageImageImage
-Click on the + to increase duration of years & Click buy domain.
-Domain should be registered
-Click on Tweet My #NFT and post the generated tweet. 1 Domain Tweet = 1 Chance to Win
-Join Discord post a screenshot of domain on "Flex your domain channel" ImageImageImage
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Few Key Points About @meadowlaunch & How To Interact To Be Eligible For Future Rewards! #SUI

A 🧵
The Meadow Launchpad Is A Decentralized Launchpad That's Been Built On The @SuiNetwork.

It Aims At Serving As An Incubator & More Also Assiting In Launching Cryptocurrency Projects In #SUI Blockchain
Largely Launchpads Have Been Seen As Essential Components In The Evolution & Growth Of Cryptocurrencies In An Ecosystem.

It Also Serves As A Means For Investors To Gain Early Grounds On A Project, There By Staying Ahead Of The Curve
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Half a year ago, we started with nothing. And today, we are the biggest project on #Sui - thanks to you. So we made an OAT to remember your support.

Claim your 2022 Early Supporter OAT below for free!

Available until Midnight 01/01/23.… Sui Name Service OAT
For the people, by the people.
2 comments will be storked.
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Hidden Gem: #Sui NFT projects

We saw how @AptosMonkeys made mad numbers ($$) after the huge Aptos #Airdrop Mainnet launch.

Some of the people, that missed the Aptos airdrop but were whitelisted by spotting Good Aptos Nft projects at their early stages, printed some $$ too.
Sui NFTs are flying everywhere. Now the question is, which project do I engage with to get WHITELISTED ??

lets look out for Pointers for good NFT Projects before reviewing some Projects:
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🧪 Yes, that's right - we're partnering with @OccultNFT! Together, we're going to return power to the people on #Sui. Learn more below Sui Name Service x Occult
@OccultNFT 1. Occult is pixel-based NFT project on #Sui. Like the Sui Name Service, it's community-first and innovative.

Occult's aren't only profile pictures. They also represent membership and rewards in the Occult product empire.

And now, holders will also receive SNS benefits!
@OccultNFT 2: Via the $SNS Partner Program:
🧪 SNS will be featured in the Occult NFT collection
🧪 Occult holders will receive exclusive SNS discounts & perks
🧪 You will be able to set your SNS profile picture as your Occult NFT
🧪 Together, we will represent and grow the #Sui community
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🌊 Sui Ecosystem - Weekly Recap #12:

A complete summary of Sui blockchain & its ecosystem.

Find out your weekly dose of Sui news, alpha & much more just here:…

#Sui #SuiEcosystem #Suinami #MystenLabs Image
In this thread, I will only cover the TOP 10 news of the week. Let's start !

1/ #Sui Testnet Wave 1 ended! A recap on the first Testnet!
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Getting a lot of questions around our experience at @alliancedao with @EthosWalletXYZ . Sharing some thoughts here in hopes it helps other founders in the process of deciding whether to join. 1/x
First, some context on me: as a founder, I thrive in high-quality curated communities. I love when founder peers and mentors challenge and constructively critique my hypotheses, and I'm a voracious learner and near infinitely curious. 2/x
Earlier communities I benefited a lot from in past exploration phases, especially as I developed and defined a problem space and idea, include @southpkcommons @pearvc FFC and @RenCo_Community . I'd strongly encourage folks check these out and h/t to PearX, which just launched 3/x
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World Cup Match Reports - Dec 6
Two games today
#MAR vs #ESP
#POR vs #SUI

Spain and Portugal is expected to win today, but I wouldn't mind drama. But no sufferball, please! Image
First upset in the knockout stage 🔥
#MAR won on penalties (3-0) against #ESP. Morocco generated offensive threat mainly by long passes, while Spain had lots of low xG shots. Morocco will play against the winner of #POR vs #SUI in the Quarter-Final. Image
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A partir de este sábado, inicia la fase final de #Qatar2022 ¿Qué equipo pasará en cada partido de octavos de final? El primero es #NED vs #USA, desde las 12.
#ARG y #AUS se enfrentarán a partir de las 16. El ganador jugará contra el vencedor de #NED-#USA ¿Cuál pasará a cuartos?
#FRA y #POL abrirán el domingo de octavos de final a las 12 ¿Cuál pasará a cuartos?
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#FIFAWorldCup Here are today's four fixtures:

#KOR vs #POR (1500 GMT)
#GHA vs #URU (1500 GMT)
#SRB vs #SUI (1900 GMT)
#CMR vs#BRA (1900 GMT)

Follow our #Qatar2022 coverage here:👇
#FIFAWorldCup full-time score:

#KOR 2 - 1 #POR

KOR: Young-gwon, Hee-chan
POR: Horta

#FIFAWorldCup full-time score:

#GHA 0 - 2 #URU

Goalscorers: De Arrascaeta (2)

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Herkese selamlar #Sui ağında çok kolay bir işlem yapalım.

2 dakikanızı almayacak, bu nedenle kesinlikle yapalım :) Image
Öncelikle bu işlemleri yapabilmek için bir sui cüzdanına ihtiyacımız var.

Eğer cüzdanınız yoksa link üzerinden kurulumunu yapabilirsiniz. Kanala abone olmayı ihmal etmeyelim :)

Cüzdanımız hazır şimdi sitemize gelelim ve cüzdanımızı bağlayalım. ImageImage
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A quick tour of the BallastFi website ! 🧵

Ballast, the DeFi infrastructure built for #Sui
Homepage - Straight forward, it does what it says!
The Blog - Find the latest updates, news, research and reports about Ballast, the #Sui ecosystem and the web3 landscape!
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