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👀 @meadowlaunch IDO Overview👀

✅The #IDO Wave on the Sui Ecosystem brings forth numerous IDOs. Meadow, a prominent launchpad on @SuiNetwork, has an upcoming IDO.

So let's overview this IDO event.

A Thread 🧵

#SuiToday #SUI #SuiNetwork #SuiCommunity #BuildOnSui Image
@meadowlaunch @SuiNetwork 1/ What is The Meadow?🤔

The Meadow Launchpad is a decentralized launchpad on Sui Network. The Sui network will be one of the most unique Layer 1 networks available, and it is being prepared for the next billion users.
@meadowlaunch @SuiNetwork 2/🚀Meadow Public Sale IDO🚀

Start Day: May 26, 1:00 pm UTC
Sale chain: SUI
Initial Market Cap: $250k
Hardcap: 795,970 SUI
Unsold tokens will be burned
Min Contribution: 80 SUI
No Max Contribution
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Exciting to share with you the @meadowlaunch #Airdrop and public sales coming up soon.

#Airdrop is Confirmed

A Thread

#Meadowlaunch #SuiNetwork Image
1/ Meadow is set to propel standout projects on Sui into orbit! 🌐

Don't miss the liftoff on May 19, 1:00 pm UTC. A stellar future awaits!
2/ What is Meadow Launchpad?

A Decentralized #Launchpad for the Future! 🌐

Get ready to discover Meadow Launchpad, a decentralized platform launching projects on the groundbreaking @SuiNetwork - a unique Layer 1 network built for the next billion users!
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Stack your liquidity for more liquidity With @Penpiexyz_io protocol.

Active team ✅️
Strong standing ( A product of
Active community✅️

IDO upcoming 🔥🔥🔥

$PNP #Penpie #IDO #DeFi
@Penpiexyz_io is a community based project with No venture capitalist, zero allocation for team and a fair launch.

It is the next-generation DeFi product created by @magpiexyz_io to provide Pendle Finance users with yield and veTokenomics boosting services.
Integrated with @pendle_fi finance, Penpie focuses on locking PENDLE tokens to obtain governance rights and enhanced yield benefits within Pendle Finance.

Penpie revolutionizes the way users can maximize returns on their investments and monetize their governance power.
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As a fellow gamer and lover of all things #CSGO 🤩

I’m excited to participate in the upcoming #IDO event hosted by $RUSHB - the ultimate gaming hub for all things CSGO Esport.

So, Let’s the game begin!! A thread @rushbhub 🧵 👇🏻

$ZKS #ZKsync #Gems Image
This thread will cover 👀

1️⃣ What is RushB Hub?

2️⃣ Key features

3️⃣ Tokenomics

4️⃣ $RUSHB Public sale

5️⃣ Conclusion - Kaff’s thoughts
1️⃣ What is RushB Hub?

▪️ RushB Hub is a blockchain-based platform built on Zksync Era that focuses on the upcoming major update of CS:GO 2

▪️ RushB establishes a decentralized marketplace for CS:GO gamers to trade in-game items, offering fast, easy, and secure trading. Image
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Why be A Player When You Control the Game? 🤔

This is the POWER @Monopoly_Fi Gives You.💪

With several mouth-watering features, @Monopoly_Fi has come to stay. 💯

A Thread on the Next Evolution Yield Farming Protocol on #ArbitrumOne.

Ready to design your game in DeFi?

Open ⤵️ Image
Let's unleash the Power of Monopoly_Fi together. ⚡

The Thread Outline: 🧵

🕹️ Introduction
🕹️ Core Features
🕹️ Tokenomics
🕹️ Monopoly Farms
🕹️ Monopoly Pools
🕹️ Partnership
🕹️ Security & Audit
🕹️ Roadmap
🕹️ Official Links Image
🕹️ Introduction

Monopoly Finance is a layered delegated yield farming project with deflationary tokenomics with upgraded features from former HoneyFarm layers.

Rugs overtaking CT? Count Monopoly out of it.

Their main goal is for you to 'make profit' from your investments. Image
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If you're holding $VARA, you don't want to miss out on the $PINKAV LGE - happening on @KAVA_CHAIN!

Check out our latest Medium article to find out why:

Prefer reading it in thread form? We got you covered 🧵

#DeFi #LGE #IDO #ICO #KavaRise $KAVA $MARE Image
▶️ Purchasing $VARA with #LGE funds, locking them as veVARA for FOUR (4) YEARS, & voting for our PINKAV-KAVA LP pool

6% of our LGE funds will be used to purchase VARA (which will be locked and used to vote) - kickstarting the Pinjam-Équilibre flywheel.
This will result in increased buying pressure for $VARA - which is welcome news for VARA holders!

If we raised USD 300,000 — there will be USD 18,000 worth of buying pressure for VARA from our LGE.

Raised USD 1M? That’s USD 60,000 in VARA buying pressure!
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Toxic but Profitable way to invest in an #IDO (Token Launch)

🔥 A thinking framework to valulate & invest in IDOs
with real example as always

using @LexerMarkets 's latest #DeFi project on @CamelotDEX launch as example Image
IDOs is a great way to capture a

🔹 Uptrend market,
🔹 Fork Season
🔹 My ETH L2 rotation thesis

but with limited capital n too many projects how should u analysis n invest?

🐑 Lambro got u!
its a bit toxic as a quick flip investor but profitable Image
This is a 3 step thinking framework before investing into an IDO

1️⃣ Why & what type of project are u investing?
2️⃣ Valuation is key
3️⃣ Ur Exit strategy
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Meet the Stellar Team Behind @Chain_GPT: The AI Powerhouse for Blockchain & Crypto 🌟

Get ready to meet some of the incredible minds driving the ChainGPT revolution – an advanced AI model designed explicitly for Blockchain Technology and Crypto-related topics. Let's dive in and……
1️⃣ Ilan Rakhmanov: Founder, CEO, & CMO 🚀

The ultimate leader and force behind @Chain_GPT, Ilan is an accomplished entrepreneur with multiple 7-figure companies. His diverse skillset and experience make him the perfect driving force for ChainGPT's success!

@CEOGuy_ Image
2️⃣ Ariel Asafov: Chief Operations Officer 🛠️

With a background in Industrial Engineering and extensive experience managing the Israeli Railway System and product development for various tech companies, Ariel brings his vast knowledge and expertise to the COO role at ChainGPT. Image
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🔥Project Overview - Horus Exchange

Read my research about @Horus_Exchange - AMM #DEX with ve3,3 mechanism | Lock, vote, bribe and earn with maximum Yield. Join the future of Defi on #CORE

#CoreDao #IDO #DEX #Yield

Threads below🧵

💡Follow me for future update! Image
1/ What is the @Horus_Exchange ?

Horus is ve(3,3) DEX that adapts Andre Cronje's initial vision of Solidly aims to provide large liquidity, low slippage and become the base liquidity layer in Core, pushing the growth of Core. Image
- @Horus_Exchange is front running resistant, low fees, near 0 slippage on correlated assets. Horus is the governance token for Horus Exchange.

- Improved the Solidly codebase to guarantee that the protocol will function as Andre intended.
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🐄 We are thrilled to announce the @_HappyFarm_ x @LFGSwap overflow #IDO

📅 March 6th, 9:00 am - March 8th, 9:00 am UTC

😄 $HAPPY IDO allocation: 10,000,000
💎 Quota: 300 LFG -13,000 LFG
💰 Total raise: 3,000,000 $LFG
🍅 1 $LFG = 3.33 $HAPPY

👇 Threads…
😎What's fun with this #IDO?

♻️ Referal bonus design for you to earn extra $HAPPY rewards, refer your frens to earn together

👬 Increased quota to 26,000 $LFG after 5 invitations

👨‍🌾 IDO Yield Farming to grant you early access to farm $HAPPY, which is claimable upon listing
🤝 Help us spread the words little birds

🎁 #Giveaway 50 $HAPPY to 5 farmers

💗 Like, Rt, Follow @_HappyFarm_

✨ Join TG
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🐶🚀 Introducing @DogPadFinance - $DogPad is a one-stop-shop for token creation and management on the Shibarium network built on the Ethereum network! 👇👇
🚀 $DogPad's LaunchPad is the central hub for projects looking to launch an #IDO. It provides an easy-to-use interface for managing the #IDO process, including token distribution and fundraising. 👇👇
🔥 70% of the revenue generated by the utilities provided by $DogPad is used to buy and burn $Dogpad tokens monthly, which helps maintain the stability of the ecosystem and provide long-term value for token holders. 👇👇
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1) It's no secret that presales have given the highest returns overnight.

I've analysed more than dozens of launchpads and here's who came out on top 🧵👇
2) Public presales are a way for investors to purchase tokens at a possible lower price level than they would ever get on the market.

Companies in return are able to secure initial funding.

To make these presales happen however they need a suitable platform.
3) These are called launchpads.

It's almost impossible to participate in many different presales without the help of these.

Because there are so many of them, I've taken a look at the most recommended one.

The one who produced the highest average return from every presale ↓
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When it comes to #DeFi projects, everyone has something unique to offer - and AsgardX is no exception.

Here's a taste of what we're proud to bring to the table:

- #RealYield Earnings
- #AI Farming
- AsgardX #Launchpad
- AsgardX #DEX
- #Deflationary Fund

A Thread 🧵👇 Image
1/ #RealYield Earnings

ODIN/ xODIN staking on AsgardX earns ETH/ BNB Real-Yield rewards from all revenue sources, including the DEX, LaunchPad, AI Farming, and Trading Tax. With multiple sources of rewards to share, AsgardX provides huge earning opportunities for users
2/ #AI Farming

This feature uses artificial intelligence to quickly and safely find the most profitable pool for users, which leads to higher actual profits. By taking advantage of this cutting-edge technology, AsgardX is able to provide users with the best possible returns
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[Thread #Elrond Project/@BheroLaunchpad]

New in-depth analysis today in collaboration with @BHeroLaunchpad, one of the side projects of @BlackHatNetwork, we will see what makes it different from the @MaiarExchange Launchpad ! 

RT/Like very appreciated ⚡❤

@BHeroLaunchpad @BlackHatNetwork @MaiarExchange First of all I'd like to thank you for your enthusiasm on my @NFTimofficial thread last month, that's what allowed me to get in touch with them, I hope you'll like this one as much ⚡❤ 

@BHeroLaunchpad @BlackHatNetwork @MaiarExchange @NFTimofficial 1/ Market Analysis 

2/ @BHeroLaunchpad, MyBHero and #NFT

3/ Incubated Projects 

4/ #Team/#Partners/#Roadmap 

5/ What makes it different from the Maiar Launchpad and personal opinion
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A thread 🧵

Another day, another thread for you. We just can't stop! This time, it's about @yagi_fi 👏 Image
1/12 Today's #ZEND&FRIENDS AMA guest will be @p_e , Founder of Yagi Finance, a keeper network allowing web3 builders to outsource their DevOps and automate non-core protocol actions. Image
2/12 Why is this important?🚩Often times, developers have to custom build bots (also referred to as keepers) to automate smart contract actions. This can require a substantial amount of time and manpower, especially for smaller start-up teams.
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@Beniaminmincu just announced the new Launchpad, Cantina Royale is the first P2E ecosystem incubed by Elrond and who aim a @BAYC integration. Let's take a moment to analysis it

RT and Like very appreciated, Thanks ! ♥️⚡️
1/ Market Analysis

2/ Game and NFT Presentation

3/ Gameplay

4/ NFT integration
- NFT Properties
- NFT Recruitments
- NFT weapons

5/ F2P vs P2E

6/ Game Economy
- Rewards
- Incomes

7/ Verko and Defi

8/ Tokenomics

9/ Roadmap

10/ Team

11/ Personal opinions
1/ Market Analysis

The play to earn games have known their great boom during this bullrun with games like Axies Infinity, Sorare and Gods Unchained. This new industry of video games was valued at more than 5 billion $ before falling drastically with the bearmarket.
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What's so special about @GenesysGo?

They are the creators of the Shadowy Super Coder DAO #NFT

One of the most successful projects in @solana

Here are 10 reasons why you should be bullish on GG 🔥

A thread 🧵
@GenesysGo @solana 1) They started their own validator (the GenesysGo validator) with money from their own pocket 💰

Zero NFT mints, no funds collected.

Just two friends with a passion for hardware running validators.
@GenesysGo @solana GenesysGo started by two friends, Frank & Steven, back around February 2021, it all started with a validator, now the Shadowy Super Coder DAO validator. Image
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🧵A thread

1/12 Ahead of our #AMA with @astraly on Wednesday, we wanted to share an overview on how the protocol works.🔍 Astraly is a launchpad built on #StarkNet, offering users the opportunity to invest in native StarkNet projects in an open and decentralised manner.
2/12 At the core of the protocol there are three components - staking, lottery, and #IDO. You may ask, how are they connected? We’ll cover all the above, as well as the team and product timeline below.👇
3/12 As a user, in order to participate in a coveted IDO on Astraly, users must first secure lottery tickets to enter into the draw. More lottery tickets = higher chances of getting #IDO token allocation🤝.
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Kripto Piyasasında olan herkese fayda sağlayacak ve stratejinizi kendinizin de belirleyebileceği hale gelmenizi sağlayacak web sitelerini sizler için derledik. Hadi başlıyalım.💫
#Bitcoin #AVAX #LUNA #lunaterra #kriptopara
1.Piyasada olan projelerin kontrat adreslerini bulunduğu, anlık olarak değer takibini yapabileceğimiz, kendi portföyümüzü oluşturabileceğimiz, kripto paralar için kendi kategoriye ayıran geniş kapsamlı sitemiz:
2. Site içerisinde kendi portföyümüzü oluşturup takibini kolayca sağladığımız coinlerin geçmiş verilerinin hangi borsalarda listeli olduğunu gösteren, #coingecko ile benzer bir site olan @CoinMarketCap
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1/11 TL;DR: IDO will be postponed for community's safety, but all our launches, including Solana, Juno, Aurora, and Moonriver, etc., are on the previous plan and will launch soon.Everyone who voted yes or no on StarTerra_io/pylon_protocol will have some airdrops as our gratitude
2/11 Rango team has decided to move the IDO to another time because of the risk posed to IDO participants based on current market conditions and relatively big raise. We believe that a healthy start is mandatory for the token's long-term sustainability.
3/11 It has been a tough decision for us, but regardless of other consequences we prefer to stay with the safety of our community.
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Tu stakes tes $ETH sur @LidoFinance pour des bETH, tu les collatéralises sur @anchor_protocol et empruntes des stablecoins ( LTV de 70%) pour farmer avec du $LUNA en LP tokens grâce à la #DeFi, tu as un APY de 16%

Rien compris ? Le guide👇

L'airdrop est une stratégie marketing des startups #crypto pour promouvoir le projet. Il s'agit de distribuer gratuitement leurs #cryptomonnaies aux utilisateurs actuels ou potentiels.

Altcoin est un mot-valise composé de "alternative" et "coin" pour former "altcoin". Il désigne en réalité un groupe de #cryptomonnaies , l'ensemble des monnaies virtuelles autres que le #Bitcoin
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Today I want to talk about why @FinanceHexagon is going to change the game on #AVAX and why it could very quickly become a top 5 DEX on #Avalanche

⬢ + 🧵 = ☑️

(Disclosure: I'm on the @FinanceHexagon team so I will try to only relay facts and do my best to be objective)
Let's start off by talking about the amazing support #HexagonFinance has already garnered in the space.

@FinanceHexagon is the first friendly fork of @balancer on #AVAX . Balancer has a TVL of over $3B on Ethereum alone, making it the 3rd largest ETH DEX according to @DefiLlama
#HexagonFi is backed & incubated by @terra_money.

$UST currently has the 3rd largest mkt cap of stablecoins according to @CoinMarketCap

The pools & transactions on #HexagonFinance will be centered around $UST with the #Terra team providing initial $UST liquidity after launch 🚀
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Projects that are being built, developed, and launched on #Kadena right now are truly mind-blowing

The coming years will witness a mass adoption of Kadena as the go-to Layer 1

Let's take a look at some of the awesome projects taking form right now on Kadena
1/ KADDEX @KaddeXofficial

Kaddex, a gas-free #DEX packed full of unique features, is leading the evolution of #DeFi on Kadena

Here's why;

Zero Gas, Forever - due to $KDA 's chain architecture, Kaddex can scale horizontally, increasing the number of chains, which in turn...
2/ increases the number of available blocks

High Liquidity Providers (LPs) Rewards - when a swap is performed, the user is charged a standard 0.3% trading fee, of which 100% goes to LPs

Fastest Settlements - because Kadena has the ability to scale #TPS infinitely...
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GameStarter is expanding its services and we want to spread the word. If you're a game developer working to get your idea or partially built project off the ground and ready for market, @Gamestarter is providing the resources and connections you'll need to make it happen.
🧵👇 Image
1/ Gamestarter is a game development studio and NFT marketplace as well as #launchpad and #accelerator that is expanding its platform to include full-service incubation, marketing, and promotion as well as coaching and support for game development teams. Image
2/ The team has experience launching dozens of games and can provide support, insight, and coaching in all areas that matter for a game to succeed. From developing graphic designs and social media promotions to partnership recommendations and more. They have the tools and skills Image
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