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@CelestDefi is a #DeFi project containing a limit order #DEX to place buy / sell orders on all @MultiversX tokens with sell protection limits and buy investment limits.

Apart from the trading platform, it brings a new decentralised launchpad, so let’s spotlight both.🔥

🧵👇 Image
The Celest universe has two community projects ATM, a Rose planet and a Green planet.

The Rose planet is a spot trading and a smart orders platform, where you can trade tokens in real-time at current market prices through a #Decentralized exchange:

It has a user-friendly interface and by using the limit order & limit loss options, one can protect his funds by setting specific trade conditions to automate the trading strategy, which minimize risk and take advantage of market opportunities.

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This is going to be one of the biggest airdrops in #ZetaChain.

We are committing 3M tokens ($1.5m worth) to our community.

It's 15% of the supply.

Read this guide to secure your bag.
A thread 🧵
#Airdrop #Launchpad Image

3,000,000 $ZPAD is just for the public airdrop.

It's for those that have supported us from the beginning and help spread the word of ZetaChainPad and #ZetaChain.

Also, it's a great win-win marketing strategy.

How to secure your allocation

✅ Follow us @ZetaChainPad + turn on notifications (🛎️)
✅ Join our discord:
✅ Engage on ZEALY…

Simply show up every day & engage with us on these channels.
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Exciting to share with you the @meadowlaunch #Airdrop and public sales coming up soon.

#Airdrop is Confirmed

A Thread

#Meadowlaunch #SuiNetwork Image
1/ Meadow is set to propel standout projects on Sui into orbit! 🌐

Don't miss the liftoff on May 19, 1:00 pm UTC. A stellar future awaits!
2/ What is Meadow Launchpad?

A Decentralized #Launchpad for the Future! 🌐

Get ready to discover Meadow Launchpad, a decentralized platform launching projects on the groundbreaking @SuiNetwork - a unique Layer 1 network built for the next billion users!
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#launchpad strategy
(to complete a prev. thread that Twitter mispublished)

this am, @binance had an IDO for @opencampus_xyz $EDU. the process involves allocating tokens based on your avg #BNB balance & can be very lucrative!

here's my strategy for how to game below 👇
1/8 Image
my analysis of the past 6 @binance launchpad IDOs indicate that an IDO allocation is basically free monies, with the median performance at launch of >15x (@opencampus_xyz $ID currently >25x)
2/8 Image
the problem w/ their launchpad process is that a v large #BNB balance only yields a small IDO allocation
for example, for today's @opencampus_xyz $EDU IDO, I had an avg balance of 134 BNB (~$44k) which yielded an allo of 0.11 BB ($35)!!!
3/8 ImageImage
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Why be A Player When You Control the Game? 🤔

This is the POWER @Monopoly_Fi Gives You.💪

With several mouth-watering features, @Monopoly_Fi has come to stay. 💯

A Thread on the Next Evolution Yield Farming Protocol on #ArbitrumOne.

Ready to design your game in DeFi?

Open ⤵️ Image
Let's unleash the Power of Monopoly_Fi together. ⚡

The Thread Outline: 🧵

🕹️ Introduction
🕹️ Core Features
🕹️ Tokenomics
🕹️ Monopoly Farms
🕹️ Monopoly Pools
🕹️ Partnership
🕹️ Security & Audit
🕹️ Roadmap
🕹️ Official Links Image
🕹️ Introduction

Monopoly Finance is a layered delegated yield farming project with deflationary tokenomics with upgraded features from former HoneyFarm layers.

Rugs overtaking CT? Count Monopoly out of it.

Their main goal is for you to 'make profit' from your investments. Image
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🔥速览币安Launchpad项目Open Campus

@binance 官方发布公告将上线第31个 #Launchpad 项目Open Campus @opencampus_xyz ( $EDU )Open Campus实际或是教育平台TinyTap @TinyTapAB 的Web3链改版。

#PANews 帮你快速科普 🔍🧵
欢迎分享转推 📝
🔍 Open Campus 放大镜

📌@opencampus_xyz 官网注册时间为今年3月,且推特账号也创建仅两周时间。但这个“Web3新面孔”却与币安和知名Web3风投Animoca Brands有着密切联系。
📌在备受社区质疑是个刚成立不久的全新项目后,Open Campus在推特上澄清称,自己并非是个新项目,成立于2012年的TinyTap一直是协议的重要贡献者,结合两个项目的介绍,变相证明Open Campus实际上是教育平台TinyTap的Web3链改版。
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Welcome to zkSyncPad, the cutting-edge launchpad driving innovation in the zkSync era ecosystem! 🚀 Our vision is to expand zkSyncPad's capabilities, support for builders, creating new opportunities for users to earn passive income & access financial services. #zksyncpad #zkSync Image
With (zk) technology, zkSyncPad provides a secure & transparent environment for project launches. Ensuring confidentiality. Our rigorous selection process vets projects based on technical merit, impact & value proposition, ensuring only the best projects launch.
What sets zkSyncPad apart? Built-in DEX for quick token trading & increased visibility. Thorough due diligence process & experienced team for investor peace of mind. Different tiers for participation to suit investment goals & risk tolerance. #crypto #launchpad
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What is zkSync?

zkSync is a scaling solution built on Ethereum that operates as a Layer 2 protocol. It offers fast transactions with low gas fees, all while maintaining high levels of security. Users can also withdraw their assets to Layer 1 at any time.
The benefits of zkSync are numerous. For starters, it greatly reduces gas costs while still providing the same level of security and user control. Compared to using optimistic rollups, zkSync is also cheaper. Additionally, it boasts impressive transaction speeds of over 2000
What is a launchpad?

A launchpad is a platform that helps cryptocurrency projects launch their tokens or coins to the public. These platforms are designed to provide startups with the resources they need to succeed in the highly competitive world of cryptocurrency.
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Snark Official Private Sale 🚀

✅ Who: Only for OGs roles on discord (whitelist)
✅ Starts: April 14, 4PM (16:00) UTC
✅ Where:

Details (thread 🧵👇🏽)
#zkEVM #zklaunch #zkairdrop #airdrop #launchpad #zksync #SnarkLaunch
Private Sale Details:

Private sale price: $0.10 USD (0.000056 ETH)

Tokens Available: 6,000,000 (12% of total supply)

Soft Cap: 150 ETH
Hard Cap: 340 ETH

Min contribution: 0.27 ETH
Max contribution: Any (only available in private sale)

Vesting: 30% at launch, 14% monthly
The the Snark Private token sale will be available on their main website:
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#SmartContracts are LIVE on the @Aleph__Zero Network 🎉 Now what?

Here are the Top 10 Projects to watchout building right now on the $AZERO #blockchain that may boost the adoption 🔥👀

Thread 🧵
Note: they are not in any specific order 🤓
#AlephZero #web3 #crypto
1.) #Common #Privacy #DEX

@get_common is a multichain Privacy Decentralized Exchange and Universal Wallet powered by $AZERO @Aleph__Zero aiming to solve the MEV problem


To learn more check their website
2.) #Angelblock #Launchpad

@AngelBlock_io a #DeFi protocol aiming to solve the fund-raising problems of #web3 and serve as a Launchpad for both startups and investors, building on $AZERO @Aleph__Zero


To learn more check their website
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The core team of @SnarkLaunch made over $100K on token airdrops .

They believe @zksync is the next big airdrop 🚀

So they created a a step-by-step guide to getting the best chance at the airdrop


#zkEVM #zklaunch #zkairdrop #airdrop #launchpad #zksync #SnarkLaunch
According to a few sources:

🚀 zkSync token has been confirmed
🚀Launch is scheduled within 12 months (or less)
Some Activies to perform to get the best chance at airdrops:

1. transfer some $ETH to zkSync using the native bridge.

2. Use DEXs such as @syncswap

3. Swap tokens using @mute_io

4. Bridge back using other dapps like @Orbiter_Finance
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11th thread 🧵 of 2023 :

Lets talk about @alienficoin - The so called Uniswap/Sushiswap of @arbitrum , an all in one DEX platform with their upcoming launchpad and lottery product

Lets go abit deeper 👇👇 Image

In this thread i will be sharing :

1⃣ What is @alienficoin ?
2⃣ What products they offer?
3⃣ A deeper breakdown of the products
4⃣ Tokenomics
5⃣ Social media channels & Audits
6⃣ What next for them?


1⃣ What is @alienficoin ?

AlienFi is a native Arbitrum decentralized exchange (DEX) that provides fast, secure, and low-cost tokens trading with total transparency and full control over your funds. Image
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Asgard is the dwelling place of the gods, the abode of the Aesir, right before the Chief Aesir himself, ODIN, the All-father.

It all seemed like a myth at a time, but with @asgardx_world, it's now right upon us, the chance to dine with ODIN and the Aesirs, as gods!

A thread🧵 Image
The @arbitrum blockchain has come to stay and is proving to be a game changer in many ways. However, with many projects being launched on the chain, it is easy to get caught up in all the noise. Which is why I'm offering this piece of advice - Look before you leap!
The truth is, not every project is worth your attention.
One project that is, however, worth every bit of your total attention, is @asgardx_world and its proprietary token $ODIN.
So, what's so special about this project that's built around the myth of the home of the gods?
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A new player is coming Today to @arbitrum

#AI farming, Launchpad, #DEX, a Deflationary Fund, and #RealYield

That's everything this newcomer has, and more 👀

Ready your weapons, we're going to @asgardx_world ⚔️
@arbitrum @asgardx_world 1/

What is this thread about? 🧵

@asgardx_world is a complete ecosystem in one project

#RealYield and deflationary mechanics, AI features, and a launchpad 🚀

It will gather capital 24-26 of February and launch the day after

There's also an #Airdrop ongoing 👀
@arbitrum @asgardx_world 2/

Here is what the thread covers:

1️⃣ @asgardx_world and its ecosystem
2️⃣ $ODIN tokenomics
3️⃣ Real Yield
4️⃣ Roadmap
5️⃣ Public Sale
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When it comes to #DeFi projects, everyone has something unique to offer - and AsgardX is no exception.

Here's a taste of what we're proud to bring to the table:

- #RealYield Earnings
- #AI Farming
- AsgardX #Launchpad
- AsgardX #DEX
- #Deflationary Fund

A Thread 🧵👇 Image
1/ #RealYield Earnings

ODIN/ xODIN staking on AsgardX earns ETH/ BNB Real-Yield rewards from all revenue sources, including the DEX, LaunchPad, AI Farming, and Trading Tax. With multiple sources of rewards to share, AsgardX provides huge earning opportunities for users
2/ #AI Farming

This feature uses artificial intelligence to quickly and safely find the most profitable pool for users, which leads to higher actual profits. By taking advantage of this cutting-edge technology, AsgardX is able to provide users with the best possible returns
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Are you aware of the benefits of using cross-chain technology? 🔗 Let us tell you more!

#crypto #crosschain #launchpad


Interoperability ➰

Cross-chain allows different blockchains to communicate and exchange value, making a decentralized ecosystem possible

Diversification 🔛

With cross-chain, you have access to more blockchain networks and assets, diversifying your portfolio and potentially maximizing returns.
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1/5. Tiếp tục là một dự sớm mà ae không nên bỏ qua đó là @turntles
#turntles là collection gồm 2500 NFT được tạo bởi @frankynines một nghệ sĩ, nhà phát triển từ California ,anh đã làm việc tại @zynga, @dapperlabs, @RealSupDucks @nft42_ Image
2/5. Thành tích về mảng NFT trước đây của @frankynines :

🚀 NFT của anh tạo ra có #Volume hơn 120 ETH trên các market NFT
🚀 Có NFT được bán cao nhất ở mức 9 #ETH
3/5. @frankynines đã làm việc cho gã khổng lồ trò chơi Zynga, a cũng là Founder của công ty Công ty phát triển #iOS 99centbrains. Anh đã tạo ra một số App,nhận được Hàng triệu lượt tải xuống và thành lập một công ty do VC hậu thuẫn ở Los Angeles, năm 2014.
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Here's a growing mega-list of my #crypto mega-threads. Drop me a like n retweet if you find something useful in this list 👇
A few #crypto projects I'm buying this bear market.
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[1/16] Selbstbestimmt #NFTs auf dem #XRPL auszustellen ist derzeit noch sehr schwierig, weshalb sich sog. "#Launchpads" etabliert haben, die den Prozess über eine Webseite erleichtern

Welche Fallstricke sind auffällig? Richtigstellung zur Reserve und techn. Error Meldungen

🧵👇 Source:
[2/16] Wer den Ablauf der #BCB NFT-Serie ".702" bei Twitter mitverfolgt hat, hat sicher mitbekommen:

"Outch, da lief einiges schief. 😅"

Aber wer hatte Schuld? Welche Fehler waren die Ursache und war vll. sogar der #XRPLedger schuld?
Spoiler: Dem #XRPL geht's prima. 😉 Source:
[3/16] Fangen wir bei den Fehlern an.

Wie sich jeder vorstellen kann, gibt es eine Unsumme an #Transaktionscodes, deshalb hier die Grundlagen der Präfixe:

• "#tec" – Die Transaktion hat nicht geklappt, aber die Transaktionskosten (min. 0,00001, aka. 10 #drops) wurden zerstört Source:
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What in the damn world is this conglomerate that is happening called @HydroWhalesClub? #Hydrowhales is constantly adding more and more #value with real #nftutility. Let's cover some things real quick so you can #DYOR and see why this #opportunity is like none other.
Begin 🧵
1/ @HydroWhalesClub has #minted out and has built one of the strongest #NFTCommunities I've seen in #web3. They don't get involved with the #drama in this #space and always stay #professional. Hop into #Hydrowhales #discord and see how much of a #family this #community is.
2/ While the #NFTcommunity is one of the most important things to me, #Hydrowhales #nftutility is quite astonishing. #HWMC started with 305 #BTC #miners to provide steady #cashflow to this #NFTProject. Of course these #asicminers are held at a hydroelectric power plant.
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[Thread #Elrond Project/@BheroLaunchpad]

New in-depth analysis today in collaboration with @BHeroLaunchpad, one of the side projects of @BlackHatNetwork, we will see what makes it different from the @MaiarExchange Launchpad ! 

RT/Like very appreciated ⚡❤

@BHeroLaunchpad @BlackHatNetwork @MaiarExchange First of all I'd like to thank you for your enthusiasm on my @NFTimofficial thread last month, that's what allowed me to get in touch with them, I hope you'll like this one as much ⚡❤ 

@BHeroLaunchpad @BlackHatNetwork @MaiarExchange @NFTimofficial 1/ Market Analysis 

2/ @BHeroLaunchpad, MyBHero and #NFT

3/ Incubated Projects 

4/ #Team/#Partners/#Roadmap 

5/ What makes it different from the Maiar Launchpad and personal opinion
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It's common to question the credibility of projects posted on decentralized #launchpads. But with UniCrypt, investors and deployers enjoy an extra layer of security. 🛡️

This is because #UniCrypt = credibility. Here's an overview why 👇
First Movers:

Many of the tools that all launchpads are using such as #liquiditylockers, we created them. The status associated with our name revolves around the fact that our tech is superior and original. UniCrypt set the industry standard. The rest.. follow, fork, and fud😏
Auditing: 🧐

We always strongly encourage projects to get an audit by one of the auditors we've partnered with and we clearly indicate each project's state of audit. When an investor clicks on a listed project, they can get details about the audit and security threats noticed.
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@Beniaminmincu just announced the new Launchpad, Cantina Royale is the first P2E ecosystem incubed by Elrond and who aim a @BAYC integration. Let's take a moment to analysis it

RT and Like very appreciated, Thanks ! ♥️⚡️
1/ Market Analysis

2/ Game and NFT Presentation

3/ Gameplay

4/ NFT integration
- NFT Properties
- NFT Recruitments
- NFT weapons

5/ F2P vs P2E

6/ Game Economy
- Rewards
- Incomes

7/ Verko and Defi

8/ Tokenomics

9/ Roadmap

10/ Team

11/ Personal opinions
1/ Market Analysis

The play to earn games have known their great boom during this bullrun with games like Axies Infinity, Sorare and Gods Unchained. This new industry of video games was valued at more than 5 billion $ before falling drastically with the bearmarket.
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[THREAD, DEX] Vous utilisez certainement #Binance ou #Coinbase mais savez-vous que ce sont des exchanges centralisés aussi appelés des #CEX ?

Mais il y a aussi les #DEX, ces bourses d’échanges de cryptomonnaie décentralisés, ce qu’on appelle des DEX pour Dencentralised Exchange
Il existe plusieurs strates dans le niveau de décentralisation d’un protocole.

Pour utiliser la cryptomonnaie, vous pouvez vous satisfaire des exchanges centralisés et faire vos transactions sur #Binance. Blockchain Trilemma, Scalability Decentralization Security
Mais pour un usage avancé de la #blockchain, vous aurez besoin des plateformes décentralisées afin de réaliser des opérations sur votre portefeuille, c’est ce qu’on appelle des #Dapps, les applications décentralisées.
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