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𝗟𝗮𝘆𝗲𝗿 𝗭𝗲𝗿𝗼

Not a $1 strategy, not a life-changing opportunity, just a complete thread that lets you interact with everything LayerZero has to offer today

#airdrop #airdrops #LayerZero Image
Now we get 25 LayerZero airdrop strategies a day on Twitter. So much so that I almost canceled my thread...

I'm posting it to give you the choice to use as many different protocols as you can, look like a real user and take what you get !
Sorry I don't post $1 strategies when I know it doesn't work
If you doubt it, tell me which top tier project has airdrop users who spent only $1 😉

For this tutorial, no amount, if LayerZero does an airdrop, it will certainly be based on volume, so do according to your means
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🧵 Don't miss out on the Aptos airdrop!

Even if you missed round one, there's still hope: The community gets 51% of the tokens.

Ready to change your life? Here's what you need to know 👇 Image
This thread is packed with information on some exciting topics:

• DeFi
• Funding
• Aptos Forum
• Wallets
• Bridge

Let's get started!
@Aptos_Network, with backing from @a16z, @multicoincap, @cbventures, @jump_, Apollo, and other investors, has secured $350 million in two rounds of funding — and 51% of its tokens are designated for community rewards!

Exciting developments are ahead 🔥 Image
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🔔 Airdrop Alert!

Did you miss out on the First Aptos #Airdrop

Aptos 2nd Round Airdrop is coming🚀

Don't miss out on #Aptos Round 2 Airdrop—follow the steps and be eligible! 🧵👇🏻 Image

👉 Aptos Airdrop: 3% of total community tokens distributed in first round

👉 $APT 480 million tokens still available

👉 Early testnet users received 20 million tokens

👉 49,021,7359 $APT remaining for the community

👉 2nd Round Airdrop: Rewards active community. Image

Step-by-step guide to participate:

1️⃣ Visit the Aptos community badge link:

👉 Log in using your existing #Aptos Airdrop v1 account.

👉 If you missed the first round, create a new account.
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🥁 Congratulation to #Aptos #Airdrop receivers🥁

👀And If you missed the previous airdrop of Aptos then now still there's chances to grab Airdrop round 2 🪂

🚀We will try to cover possible criteria for Round 2 airdrop

♥️Like & Retweet🔁LFG🚀 Read more 🧵👇🏻 Image

😍 Let's Dive into Tokenomics and remaining airdrop portion detail⚡️

▫️Aptos total supply: 1,033,725,049
▫️Supply allocated for community: 51.02%
▫️Airdrop 1 Distribution: 2% ~ 20 million token to 110,235 eligible address

There are some chances for Airdrop Round 2 🤫 ImageImage
2/12 🧵

🔸We will look into following topics for increasing our chances on Round 2 drop 👇🏻

1) Forum Sign in and interaction
2) Few important wallet & dexes
3) Few Aptos NFT marketplaces
4) Aptos Name service
5) Aptos official Bridge
6) Liquid staking of APT in tortuga
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你在 #Aptos 上错过了1400美元,在 #Sui 上错过了2100美元,甚至在 #Arbitrum 上错过了4000美元,但现在可以弥补一下!!🎈

请仔细阅读下面的内容🧵 Image

@zksync 是一个 ZK rollup,它是一个无需信任的协议,利用密码学有效性证明在以太坊上提供可扩展和低成本的交易。

在现有的 Layer 2 扩容解决方案中,#zkSync 在安全性和可用性方面表现出色🔭 Image

@the_matter_labs 是 zkSync 的创建者,他们开发了一个旨在消除交互障碍的以太坊扩容 dApp。

他们的主要目标是降低加密货币支付的成本,并可用于扩展任意的智能合约⛓ Image
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🪂 LayerZero #Airdrop ile $20.000 kazanılabilir mi? 🪂

💰 Bazı arkadaşlarım #Arbitrum airdrop ile 20.000$ kazandı ve yaklaşık 650.000 cüzdan airdrop aldı

🚨 @LayerZero_Labs gelmiş geçmiş en büyük airdrop'u dağıtabilir! Hadi gelin neler yapabiliriz bir bakalım 👇

LIKE RT ❣️ Image
1️⃣ LayerZero Nedir ?

✨Layer Zero, DeFi'ye özel projelerin birlikte çalışabilirlik ve iletişim sorunlarını ortadan kaldırarak kullanıcılara daha iyi bir deneyim sunmayı hedefliyor

🚨 Binance ve Coinbase'in yer aldığı turda LayerZero, Toplam 263 Milyon Dolar Topladı! Image
2️⃣ Bridge

▪️ @StargateFinance bridge'i kullanın
▪️ $STG stake edin ve oylamaya katılın
▪️ Farklı zincirlede desteklenen coinleri stake edin

✨Köprü kullanmak dışında; Dao'ya katılmanın ve likidite eklemenin airdrop kriterleri olacağını düşünmüyorum, ama böyle söylentiler var! Image
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A Mega Guide on the different ways to position for @LayerZero_Labs speculated airdrop 🪂

Strategy 1.0🚀🚀

Cost: 👇🏼
Mainnet: From $50 above

Time: According to your discretion

$ZRO #layerzero #Aidrop

A Thread 🧵 Image
1️⃣Bitcoin Bridge

The bridge enables users to transfer #bitcoin ($BTC.b) across supported EVM chains and the Aptos chain as well

Let's say we have just $50 Avax for these interactions. You can bridge or buy from #binance exchange
Don’t mind the price on some of the pics had some pics already on my device from my previous transactions

✨swap $Avax($20) to $BTC.b
✨Swap again (20$ worth) to $USDT on @traderjoe_xyz

leave the remaining $10 Avax for gas fees and miscellaneous use ImageImage
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🪂 Earn $25,000 with LayerZero Airdrop 🪂

💧I earned $20.000 with #Arbitrum airdrop and about 650k wallets received airdrop

💰 I think @LayerZero_Labs will make the biggest airdrop ever 👇

LIKE RT ❣️ Image
⚡️ What is LayerZero ?

✨Layer Zero aims to provide a better experience to users by eliminating the interoperability and communication problems of projects specific to DeFi.

🚨 In the round that includes Binance, Coinbase and A16z, $ZRO Raised $263 Million in Total Investments! Image
1️⃣ @StargateFinance

▪️ Use Stargate Bridge
▪️ Stake $STG and participate in voting
▪️ Stake from coins supported on different chains

✨ Except using the bridge; I don't think joining Dao and adding liquidity will be airdrop criteria, but such are the rumors. ImageImageImageImage
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🪂4 Digit #Airdrops Money From #Sui Cap Allowlist❓

✅Those who Submit the #Sui CAP Form,Start Receiving their Allowlist Mail If anyone isn't Received any Mail wait until 30 April 🚀

Let's Dive into Mega🧵 for #SUI Price Prediction & Selling Strategy.

Follow💰 ImageImage

📊Let's Make Comparison With Layer 1 Blockchain Aptos:

💠Aptos Raised 350$M In Series A and Strategic Round
💠They had so many big Investors Like Coinbase venturs, Binance Labs, Apollo Capital Etc
💠Aptos total Supply 1.02 Billion
💠Circulating Supply: 186 Million

#Sui Image

📊Sui Network:

💵Sui Funding Rounds: Series A Raised 36$M
💵Series B Raised 300$ Million
💹Investors: Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, Jump Crypto, Circle and Many more🚀🚀

#Sui #Airdrop #Airdrops Image
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Public Testnet #2 by Exhibit on Aptos

@Exhibit_Network is the next generation of an NFT marketplace, powered by #Aptos

💰 Possible rewards

A Thread 🧵 Image
What to do?
- Take the test tokens from the faucet
- Go to the website and connect Aptos wallet ImageImage
- Switch to the "Launchpad" tab and click "Mint now"
- Fill in all the details of your NFT
- Mint your NFT
- Fill out the form… ImageImageImage
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😖There are Lots of Confusion about SUI Token Sale, Lets make it Easy😃

👑Early AllowListed user can Buy tokens at 0.03$ (96k users)

🥂If you are not as early user then you can buy tokens at 0.1$ price

👀Price prediction UPTO 20x~ $2 SUI token

♥️Like & Retweet🔁LFG🚀

1/10🧵 Image

If you're eligible as Early User & want to buy $SUI token at 0.03$ then you must have to do KYC on these 3 exchange

1. BYBIT:…
3. OKX:

📌If Country Doesn't Support, Skip that one.

1⃣Check Eligibility

-First You can check here if you are eligible:

-If yes, then you can participate in the Token sale as AllowList users at 0.03$ price,

-After filling the form you can get the Mail from any one of three exchange✅

No Vesting👀 ImageImageImageImage
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1) $SUI is regarded as one of the greatest upcoming blockchains.

The token sale has just been announced and is taking place in a few days.

Here's 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 you need to know about #SUI and how you can participate 🧵👇 Image
2) $SUI is the world’s first permissionless Layer 1 blockchain completely designed from the ground up by ex-facebook developers.

They are a decentralized, proof-of-stake blockchain with horizontally scaleable throughput and storage.

I made a full overview months ago ↓
3) #SUI is often compared to #Aptos since both have been made by ex-facebook developers tasked with the creation of the cancelled Facebook blockchain.

$SUI however is seen as the superior version even though $APT has been absolutely 𝐩𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐬𝐞𝐝 as well.
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0/ @SuiNetwork is valued at USD 2 BILLION & is close to launching a mainnet able of processing >100'000 TPS 🚀

NO AIRDROP but the $SUI TSUNAMI is still coming and YOU should get ready to surf it in 2023 🌊🏄‍♂️

so time to DYOR 📚🔍

ALPHA-packed GIGA research 🧵 on #Sui (0/47) 💧 Image
1/ contents:

🖥️ Move Language (2-8)
🤝 Consensus Mechanism (9-16)
⛓ Parallel Execution (17-20
💾 Data Storage Fund (21-23)
⛽️ Gas Pricing Mechanism (24-26)
🪙 Tokenomics (27-32)
⚖️ Governance (33)
💼 Team & Funding (34-38)
🌐 Ecosystem (39-44)
🔍 Conclusion (45-47)
2/ 🖥️ Move Language

#Move is a programming language developed by #Sui that provides comprehensive security for smart contracts at several levels:

🛡 Language design
🛡 Virtual machine
🛡 Contract invocation
🛡 Contract execution Image
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0/ being able to process 160'000 TPS & <1s TTF, @Aptos_Network might be the fastest L1 out there 🚀

born out of @Meta's #Diem project, well funded and with a fast growing ecosystem, $APT is one of the alts to watch in 2023 📈👀

ALPHA-packed GIGA research 🧵 on #Aptos (0/62) 👇 Image
1/ contents:

🖥️ Move Language (2-5)
⚖️ Consensus: Proof of Stake (6-16)
🔀 Consensus: Narwhal and Tusk (17-25)
⛓ Parallel Execution (26-33)
🔒 Security Features (34-39)
🪙 Tokenomics (40-46)
🗳 Governance (47)
💼 Team & Funding (48-53)
🌐 Ecosystem (54-59)
🔍 Conclusion (60-62)
2/ 🖥️ Move Language

#Aptos inherits the core features of #Move, an open-source programming language developed by @Meta's Diem Association team. It's designed to create customizable transaction logic & smart contracts and is based on #Rust
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Bu gün neler yaptım ? 🪂 Airdrop 🪂

Olası #airdrop için düzenli olarak işlem yapmak önemli olduğu için aşağıdaki platformları kullandım


Beğeni - RT

Başlıyoruz 👇 Image
1) Takip edenlere elimden geldiğince takip ettim ve günlük rutin paylaşım yaptım

Yorumlarda paylaşımlarınızı atın ve birbirinizin paylaşımlarına etkileşim bırakın

Bu paylaşıma da etkileşim lütfen 👇…
2) Eğer lens sahibiyseniz siteye girip profilinizi düzenleyin ve düzenli paylaşım yapmayı ihmal etmeyin

Takipçi sayınızı da lütfen 100 üzerine atmaya çalışın

Birbirimizi takip edelim ve yorumlarda yardımlaşalım link👇
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@SuiNetwork is 1st permissionless Layer 1 blockchain designed to enable creators and developers to build experiences that cater to the next billion users in web3

Strategy cost : free 💸
Estimed time : 20/30 min ⏳

#airdrops #airdrop Image
Sui was founded by a team of Meta's engineers (Facebook), like #Aptos.

Mysten Labs, founding company of #SUI, has raised several rounds of financing, bringing it's valuation to $2 billion 💰
Among funds are : Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, Circle Ventures, and many others..
Aptos made headlines with its airdrop last year. Sui being its direct competitor, it's the most speculated #airdrop the year

I know team's statements, but my strategy is clear : it's free, I'm hunting until the end.
If there is no airdrop, I will have lost nothing but time 🤷🏻‍♂️
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🐳 Cetus One-Page Overview 🐳

🪂 @CetusProtocol - A pioneer DEX and Liquidity Protocol built on #Aptos & #Sui blockchain

👉 You can Try Sui Testnet & Aptos Mainnet:

Thread 👇
#Sui #Airdrop #SuiNews #Aptos #SuiNFTs
@CetusProtocol 1/ They are approaching the #Sui mainnet🌊, Focus on:

- Decentralization,
- Transparency,
- Permissionless access,
- Interoperability,
- Composability.
@CetusProtocol 2/ Smart contract audited by

- @osec_io,
- @MoveBit_
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🌊 SOUFFL3 One-Page Overview 🌊

🪂 @nft_souffl3 - one of the Sui NFT marketplaces & launchpads built on the Move programming language

Thread 👇
#Sui #Airdrop #SuiNews #Aptos #SuiNFTs
1/ Objectives on Sui:

👉 Provide high-standard infrastructure for the GameFi ecosystem in the form of GameFi-as-a-service " GAAS ", making it easier to convert gaming assets into NFTs
2/ Backers: 👇

- @Cryptocom_Cap
- @Synergiscap
- @huobi_incubator
- @VenturesM77
- @J17Capital

🚀 @nft_souffl3 excited to announce Souffl3's completion of the $2 Million USD seed round
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经典案例便是 #Crypto 市场发动机-- #DeFi


#zkSync 大概率是下一轮牛市的发动机,#arb 已经让人们看到了l2的巨大潜力和财富机会,这轮arb没有上车的散户都会注意zk,也获得了多轮大机构的投资,最有可能fomo的项目
arb引领的l2赛道势头正猛, #arbitrum 网络的生态竞争也很激烈,但在下一轮牛市时,需要出现几个新的更有竞争力的应用,带动arb飞轮走向牛市
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- Possible Airdrop 📷📷 Minting These Nft's On #suitestnet May Make Us Eligible For #sui Airdrop Like #Aptos - Let's Find Out Below 📷📷 #suitestnetnft #suinft #suiairdrop📷📷 Minting Tetsnet NFT's On@SuiNetwork
1/ As we all know that #sui has Launched its WAVE 3 of sui Testnet which is permanent - means data will not be wiped out like previously - check more details here
2/ First Of All We Require Sui Testnet Faucet - There Are 2 Methods 1. Grab From Sui Wallet Itself 2. From Sui Discord 📷 Note : Currently Discord Faucet Is down - so grab multiple times from sui wallet
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1/🪂 Pojawiła się możliwość mintowania pierwszego #NFT na sieci Permanent #testnet od @SuiNetwork!

- pobierz tokeny testowe z discord:
- wykonaj autoryzację swojego konta na:
- wykonaj claim:…
2/🧵 Informacje
- na przeprowadzenie mintu mamy jeszcze około 2 dni (licznik na stronie #BlueMove)
- faucet na discord może być przeciążony, więc uzbrójcie się w cierpliwość
🪂 liczę, że #SUI zachowa się, jak #Aptos i nagrodzi Nas za takie akcje
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@SuiNetwork final testnet is here !
This one is permanent & will remain open until mainnet, even beyond to test future dAPPs

Complete thread will arrive but you already have something urgent to do

#Sui is direct competitor of #Aptos

With a recent fundraising of over $300M, it is one of the most anticipated #airdrops of the year 💰

Faucet is taken by storm & the last arrivals find themselves without tokens which makes them lose a considerable amount of time !
Don't be surprised, claim faucet now !

1️⃣ Download Sui wallet :…

(If you have previous version, update it :
🔸Go to "manage extensions"
🔸Activate developer mode
🔸Press ''Update'') ✅
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#Arbitrum airdrop today should be worth $5,000+ for many - $ARB promises to be BIG but $ZKS could be BIGGER 👀

#zkSync have raised $458 million in funding

Arbitrum raised $120 million for comparison

Its the start of airdrop season, here are 6 to look out for 🧵👇
$ARB drops today to users & DAOs on the #Ethereum layer-2 platform.

Average user received around 625 $ARB tokens, approximately $625 to $1,250 according to pre launch trading prices

Here are another 5 potential airdrop opportunities for this year.
#zkSyncEra is a layer-2 rollup on #ETH based on zero-knowledge (ZK) proof technology.

@VitalikButerin reckons that zk-based EVM-compatible rollups could be a game-changer technology.

zkSync, raised $200m in Dec 2022 in funding round led by Blockchain Capital and Dragonfly
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𝗟𝗔𝗬𝗘𝗥 𝗭𝗘𝗥𝗢 ( Ultimate tuto 🔥)

@LayerZero_Labs is a multichain interoperable protocol for passing lightweight messages across different chains

One of the most anticipated launches, token is announced

The ultimate thread 🧵

#airdrops #airdrop
2/ This is a repost of a thread I already published.

Why repost :

🔸A lot of followers just joined us and didn't see this thread
🔸This is THE project I'm most bullish on this year
🔸You don't want to miss this opportunity, if they do an airdrop, you have to grab it
3/ I highly recommend you to do mainnet tasks 🪂

As a reminder, I just opened a telegram channel, join us to not miss any #airdrop thread 😊
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