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#DogecoinTry #DOGE #Dogecoins #Dogefather #ElonMusk
#BarrySilbert Büyük miktarda para ödünç aldı.
Bu SNL öncesi 7 Mayıs 2021'de gerçekleşti.
Balina cüzdanı 4 yeni adrese aktarıldı.

Bu takas aşağıdaki iki dogecoin adresi arasında gerçekleşti.
- Dumjw13ıkdodtkj812rtl33ctng78ıwh57
+ DM2yufWKYAMU4o9NmWKVVENcqVbem2GNm1
Cüzdan bu anda 1,309,067,013,42 USD değerinde idi.
#BarrySilbert, fiyatı düşürmek için paraları zirvede satmaya başladı, bu'da SNL'nın devam ettiği sabah (Barry Silbert )'e ait 2352874 numaralı balina cüzdanının yaptığı şeydi.
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Trading isn't really about technology, it's about information asymmetry and money flows.

You need to stop thinking about what a coin does, and instead think of coins as buckets that money flows into and out of.

Which bucket will fill up next?
Right now, the Ethereum bucket is filling up, and Doge is emptying.

Doge is emptying because all the buyers are gone because they all wanted to buy *before* SNL. Nobody wants to buy right after a big event, especially when it's a letdown.
Everyone anticipates this, so sellers wait until what appears to be the peak hype moment (actually slightly before the event) and then they dump.
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بررسی روند هفتگی بازار و تلاش برای پاسخ به سوال #کجای_چرخه_هستیم از دیدگاه #تحلیل_پایه داده‌های #onchain
⁃کاهش حباب خطرناک قیمت #بیتکوین نسبت به ارزش و تشخیص مرحله کنونی در روند صعودی
⁃ادامه روند #HODL کردن، دارندگان بلندمدت بازار و ماینر‌ها #SmartMoney
⁃نشانه‌های اولیه جریان پول از #بیتکوین به بازار #آلتکوین‌
⁃خروج و کمبود شدید #اتریوم در صرافی‌ها
⁃بررسی استراتژی پیشنهادی @SecretsOfCrypto
۱- در ابتدا با نگاهی به معیار #MVRV (نمایانگر حباب قیمت-ارزش)، روند کاهش اندازه حباب #بیتکوین در‌چند هفته اخیر را بررسی خواهیم کرد. این معیار قبل از تثبیت در محدوده تاریخی هیجانی ( >۷)🟥، همزمان با ریزش قیمت از ۶۴ هزار، کاهشی‌ معقولی داشته ...
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I just loaded up on Truebit / $TRU -- an $ETH L2 solution that I think will be among the top 100 crypto projects in the not-so-distant future.

Truebit's whitepaper was written by Christian Reitwiessner -- creator of the solidity programming language.

But it doesn't end there...
While $TRU was still a struggling academic concept, the founders of $OCEAN actually worked with the $TRU team to help make it a reality.

It is also reportedly backed by #Coinbase!


It is JUST around $10 million market cap right now!!!
I had noticed $TRU earlier at $.14 and dismissed it, but I decided to do some basic research before sleeping and I just had to get in.

God willing, I'll do a thread on this tomorrow, but there's a possibility it would have pumped a lot more by then (or not)...
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Aslında kriptoda çok hareketli bir hafta geçirdik fakat bu hafta #Thodex olayından ötürü piyasaların gidişatının gözden kaçmaması adına neler yaşadık ve çeşitli on chain metrikleri piyasanın gidişatı hakkında bize ne gösteriyor birlikte bakalım. 📊🔖
Geçtiğimiz hafta Şubat sonuna kadar nispeten sakin geçen fiyat hareketlerinden sonra son derece volatil bir hafta geçiren #Bitcoin, #Coinbase listelemesi öncesinde $64717 ile yeni zirve yaptıktan sonra %18.37 değer kaybederek haftanın dip seviyesi olan $52829'a kadar düştü. Image
Bu düşüşün sebebi olarak sayılabilecek #Coinbase'in halka arzının beklentisi ve bu beklentinin gerçeği ne kadar yansıttığı tartışması bir yana, Çindeki madencilik tesislerinde yaşanan elektrik kesintisi sonucunda #Bitcoin'de %40'tan fazla hashrate kaybı olması ve kaldıraçlı ++
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El miércoles pasado se produjo la salida a bolsa más esperada de 2021, cuando se estrenó en el Nasdaq (la bolsa de valores tecnológicos de Estados Unidos) #Coinbase, el segundo mayor exchange de criptomonedas del mundo #InvertirconExito #InversionesFinancieras #FinanzasPersonales Image
A pesar de que el precio de sus acciones en la Oferta Pública de Inicial (OPI) era de 250 dólares, las acciones de Coinbase subieron en su primera rueda bursátil un 31,3% hasta cerrar en los 328,28 dólares por acción
Pero eso no es todo: en algunos momentos la euforia fue tan alta que las acciones de Coinbase llegaron a cotizar en 429 dólares, un 71,6% de subida respecto al precio de lanzamiento
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Who are these people.

Who create a vaccine & patent them, in the middle of a pandemic.

They know, production isn't enough.
That we will need vaccines to get herd immunity but they will play profit.
Who are these people.

Who know that the poor live in low ventilated, crowded spaces, be in USA or Pakistan.

That the only way of survival is on daily wages of low paid work.

That vaccine first should be prioritised for them.
Who are these people who use tax money to fund vaccine development but patent it, removing any chance for generic production.

Millions have died & more have death written for them by these vaccine makers.

What's in a number?
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1/ #Coinbase $COIN- The Big Cryptocurrency Revolution,
The world watches as the largest #cryptocurrency exchange is now set to go public on NASDAQ through #directlisting. With 56M users, the platform is bigger than its traditional counterparts (#Robinhood, #Venmo , etc).
2/ Opening New Doors for Investors
The day will be marked as a historical event in the books of #WallStreet as it bridges the gap between legacy investors and the #cryptomarket.
The quarterly results have already shown a surge of 847% i.e. $1.8B revenue
3/ Why is now the right time to go public?
This move takes advantage of the current market conditions.

The last two quarters have seen investments of $7B in #Bitcoin. Major companies like $TSLA and @elonmusk have also shown keen interest in Bitcoin & Crypto
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Few major headlines recently seem to be connected;

- #Greensill #Cameron #Softbank #Wirecard #Fintech
- #Bitcoin #Coinbase #Crypto #NFTs
- #Ant #JackMa #China #BeltandRoad
- New opportunities & Race to 'be first' in the new era
🇺🇸💪🇨🇳 💰🌏🌎🌍
- #GeoPolitics
- #disruption
While lockdown has been slow for some, it's certainly not been for others who have smelt the winds of change!

#SPACs are bypassing Direct Listings & IPO's in a race to market - Sucking up all that 💰 hunting for returns 📈

#Fintech joining 'Democratise & Digitalise everything'
#China seem poised to become the worlds leading power - #US are on guard! 🧐

Little bit like their former communist friends (Russia) the leadership are getting their Oligarchs/Titans in-line & on-message before their potential big push.

Everything seems to be changing around us
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-- #Crypto 101 - Beginners guide (Part 2) /2 --

Content in Part 2:
🔹What are STO's ICO's & IEO/IDO's?
🔹Crypto Regulations at a glance
🔹How do i get started buying my first Crypto?
🔹Basic day 1 Crypto investment strategy
🔹Is #BTC/Crypto a Bubble?
🔹Crypto Slang
🔹What next?
-- What are STO's ICO's & IEO/IDO's?? /18--

🔹#STO - Security Token Offering
🔸 An investment contract which is backed by the security token
🔸 Token is asset-backed and represents ownership
🔸 Like a digital certificate much like the real-world stocks and bonds
-- What are STO's ICO's & IEO/IDO's?? Cont'd /19--

🔹#ICO - Initial Coin Offering
🔸 Used to launch a service or product like a new #cryptocurrency token or an app
🔸 Similar to IPO (Initial Public Offering) which is used by a company to raise funds on the stock market
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On the eve of Coinbase's blockbuster direct listing (importantly it is NOT an IPO, meaning employees and insiders can sell their shares immediately) many are speculating that interest in #Coinbase will trigger a fresh wave up in #Bitcoin's bull market. Will it?

A thread 👇
With Coinbase reporting Q1 revenues of 1.8B with huge margins (~800m in profit) it is likely that Coinbase will be valued in the ballpark of 100 billion dollars when they become public. The question is, will this huge liquidity event transfer over to #Bitcoin?
For many unsophisticated retail (and even institutional) investors, buying into Coinbase's direct listing may seem like a good way to get exposure to the "crypto" space. Importantly, the capital allocated with this mindset will NOT be used to purchase #Bitcoin.
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10 Things You May Not Know But Need to Know About #Telcoin / $TEL TODAY!
I've exchanged more than 100 DMs with members of #Telfam already this month.

Most have NO CLUE what #Telcoin is doing, what it's done and what it will do.

Impatience and misinformation are your enemies.

It's time to $TEL it like it is.
1. Good Decisions Are Being Made

#Telfam was angry last fall when #Telcoin made the right decision to delay launch until early 2021 so that iOS & Android $TEL wallets could launch at the same time.

This was a prudent business decision that has paid off beautifully.

How so?
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Easier ways earning a living with #Crypto
First, get a #Crypto wallet, buy #Crypto assets on either #Binance, #FTX, #Coinbase, and then hope that the #Bitcoin price surge in the future
no matter how long that may take. It could be weeks, months, or even years before you decide to sell.
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Wise ways in choosing a #Crypto to #invest in
You should always research about the #Crypto asset backers, team founders
Find out as much as you can about the company offering the #cryptocurrency, and the problems it intends to solve
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What's interesting with @coinbase ?
1. They may issue a "loyalty rewards" token
2. 95% trading revenues are from retail clients, which pay 30x vs institutional
3. Pre-IPO value at 7% of crypto market cap
4. Debt: No fiat $271m in crypto

5. Tokens sold are "revenues". That means @coinbase VC sales might be revenues
6. Strong user growth but low active users
7. @brian_armstrong's grants vest only after+750% stock price appreciation. Fully vests if stocks go up by 16x

Now let's look at valuations 👇🏻
3️⃣ Pre-IPO valuations are at $98 bn. That's closest to "Price / Sales to Growth" comparables.

Coinbase is priced well above publicly traded crypto platforms and stock exchanges.… Image
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En vista de todo el revuelo sobra la salida de #Coinbase a la bolsa he decido armar un hilo donde veamos los puntos mas importante sobre la compañia y algunos datos financieros claves.

Asi que aqui vamos....👇👇👇
Coinbase fundada en el 2012 por Fred Ehrsam y Brian Armstrong (CEO) en EEUU provee tecnología e infraestructura tanto a individuales como instituciones para que puedan interactuar con el ecosistema sea: invirtiendo ahorrando, enviando, gastando o recibiendo criptomonedas.
Hoy Coinbase cuenta con 43 millones de minoristas, 7k instituciones y 115k socios del ecosistema en + de 100 países al rededor del mundo. En la actualidad integran directamente 15 protocolos blockchain y admiten más de 90 activos para comercio o custodia.
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NEW: I filed a #FOIA request with USPS Office of Inspector General to see what was happening at postal facilities around the country right around the presidential election.

This is Philadephia.

This is North Carolina. The USPS OIG investigated allegations political mail was tossed into a dumpster.

This is Michigan

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A bunch of people were mean to me for asking Tether questions, so figure I’ll just leave it alone now.

Ahahahaha, just kidding: R̶u̶s̶s̶i̶a̶ ̶T̶o̶d̶a̶y̶ Max has roughly tripled my interest.

And anyhow, we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet….

So last night I'm like, “how do I exact righteous nerd vengeance on these impolite rubes?”

And then I said to myself, “Self, let's follow the money like the detectives in the movies!”
First, we develop a hypothesis: what we would expect to see if something nefarious was going on, and then we’ll look for it?

Perhaps not a “Karl Popper approved” method of inquiry, but then again what is? (properly using a brain is quite hard…)
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#California appellate court affirms summary judgment in favor of @coinbase as to claims for #conversion #breach of contract & negligence; related to #coinbase not supporting #bitcoingold fork for its users; since it's precedent in CA, let's dive in /1 ImageImageImageImage
Court ruled that there was no agreement to give Plaintiff #Bitcoingold; there was no "contractual obligation to support or provide services for any particular cryptocurrency." Merger clause barred parol evidence & there was no contractual duty. That's breach of contract /2
Conversion of crypto is a pet issue of mine because it requires the Court to determine that the thing that is allegedly converted (i.e. the civil version of theft) is legally recognized property. Fun Fact- property rights are mostly created by state law. Only 1 state (Wyoming)/3
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#Monero is close to releasing the regulatory white paper.

This effort has been months in the making, was funded partly by the community and @Tari (the NFT sidechain @fluffypony is building). Here’s why I think this white paper is a huge deal👇:
As most of people in the crypto sphere know, Monero is the privacy coin of choice.

It has the largest user-base and the highest number of transactions. Currently about 3-5% compared to bitcoin’s transactions.

Monero’s protocol boasts the unique ‘privacy by default’.
Because of this "privacy by default", many people are worried about the regulatory compliance implications.

In the last year, some (mostly Asian) exchanges delisted Monero.

@brian_armstrong (CEO and founder of @coinbase) has recently stated in the podcast @WhatBitcoinDid..
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The Best Way To Buy #cryptocurrencies on #Coinbase

The best way to buy cryptocurrencies on Coinbase is firstly buying Bitcoin (BTC) using either your credit card or bank account.

A few of the supported cryptos on Coinbase are
ALGO, ATOM, BAT, BTC, BCH, BSV, ETH, and more.
Here is how to buy Cryptocurrencies on Coinbase

Step 1. Sign up and create an account

Step 2. Verify your email

Step 3. Set Up Your Account for Transactions
Just after verifying your account via the email link, you will be prompted to verify your phone number and ID.
Step 4. Set up your Payment Method
Of course, you will first have to log in if you had logged off. Go ahead and log in to your account.

Step 5. Buy Bitcoin (get free$10)
Having selected your payment route (Credit/Debit or Bank), go ahead & select the amount of (BTC) you want.
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Many popular #cryptocurrency-related verified Twitter accounts got simultaneously compromised and tweeted an identical "Crypto For Health" #SCAM message.

Hacked people and organizations include Gemini, #Binance, Binance's CEO, #Coinbase, CoinDesk, and KuCoin.
Elon Musk's account has also been compromised, tweeting a similar cryptocurrency scam.

Keep an eye on this #Bitcoin address:…

Does someone has found a zero-day bug in @Twitter?

#infosec #cybersecurity
Bill Gates too...

OMG, What's happening!

Don't fall for these SCAMS.

Inform Others.

Hey @Twitter, can you remove all these tweets ASAP?
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Bitcoin began a corrective phase after reaching $10,500, aproaching to the support level between $9,500-$9,200. Important to break the blue bearish guideline ($10100) with good volume, at the moment the volume of trades is being low.
#Bitcoin #BTC #USDT #USDT #Binance #Coinbase Image
The volume is so low, that it does not even bounce strongly when playing the EMA 200, it seems that if it doesn´t keep this support, it will try the full correction of the last pump ($8,200). The weekly candle closure isn't good either.
#Bitcoin #BTC #binance #halving ImageImage
Possible cup pattern with handle in formation, which could mean confirmation of the expected trend change. Neck at $10,500, possible handle floor at $8,200 and respecting line uptrend since December. Bears are exhausted
#Bitcoin #BTC #halving #Binance Image
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Bitcoin remains within range, after starting corrective process. Even falling to fibo 61.8% ($8750) we would still maintain bullish structure. RSI and MACD in neutral zones, between 50 and 0 points respectively.
#Bitcoin #BTC #bullish #coinbase #binance #bitcointrading Image

Time to short enter Bitcoin?bearish divergences in RSI and MACD in 1D. Target $10,100 got. Range $9,600 - $9,700 (bullish guideline) 1stsupport. Dominance compared to falling alts and with bearish crosses.
#Bitcoin #Binance #BTC #TradingView ImageImage

Tap the $9,700 coinciding with EMA 50 and very close to the bullish guideline, producing a good bounce with volume. For now it seems that this bounce will return to a new maximum, and could invalidate the formed bearish guidelines.
#Bitcoin #BTC #USDT #binance Image
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