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🔶#Thread [ #STARKNET ]🔶

🔷Layer 2 pour #Ethereum, Starknet se base sur les ZK Rollups, afin de résoudre le problème de scalabilité de la Blockchain !

🔹Ce thread va permettre de poser les bases afin de commencer à communiquer régulièrement sur l'écosystème de @StarkWareLtd
🔶Sommaire :

🔹#Ethereum vs scalabilité
🔹 ZK rollup ?
🔶 #Ethereum VS Scalabilité

🔹Scalabilité :

Pour une Blockchain la scalabilité représente le nombre de transactions traitées à la seconde.

Hors celles-ci sont soumises au fameux "Trilemme".
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Scale 👏 rinse 👏 repeat - Recursion!

The SHARP prover switched on Recursion and hyper-scaling just became a reality!

Every proof of many txs can be rolled up with others into a single proof

What is it and how does it lead to better scaling, L3, and other improvements?
The usual STARK scaling process includes the following:
1. Validate transactions’ correctness
2. Generate a proof for this validation

3. Verify this proof

So now we add recursion to the proving part and get magic!🎩
Now, Recursive Proving goes like this:
1. Validate transactions’ correctness
2. Generate a proof for this validation
3. (Add magic here🎩) Validate the proof and generate a proof for this validation. We can repeat this several times

4. Verify the final proof
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什么是 zk-Rollups,为什么需要 Layer2,什么是 STARK 有效性证明?

什么是 #StarkEx #StarkNet 为什么会有 Layer3

1,2008 年底中本聪抛出比特币白皮书,真正实现超国家化的去中心化数字货币。但比特币通过脚本 (Script) 运行智能合约,不具备图零完备,功能有限
2,2015 年以太坊诞生,代表第一代通用计算开放式账本。以太坊安全、去中心化,通过智能合约实现我们以往无法实现的去中心化经济
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【Cipholio Opinions】零知识证明

1/12 ZK目前的热度非常高,在@cipholio@devoteEndlessly 共同举办的活动上分享了下目前 #ZK 的认识和看法。 Image
2/12 零知识证明具有三个重要特性。

1. 完备性:只要证明者拥有相应的知识,那么就能通过验证者的验证。
2. 可靠性:如果证明者没有相应的知识,则无法通过验证者的验证。
3. 零知识性:证明者不会泄露任何有效信息。 Image
3/12 #ZK 并不是近几年才提出的新技术,只是由于效率不高和适合的应用场景不多等因素,ZK在很长一段时间内都停留在理论阶段。区块链的兴起为ZK带来新的发展契机。

@zcash @StarkWareLtd @VitalikButerin Image
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1/ Yesterday, I highlighted zkSync.

So it only makes sense that I do the same for @StarkWareLtd and their #Ethereum rollup solutions #L222 #StarkEx and #StarkNet

Another deep-dive thread into one of the projects changing the scaling world 🧵...
2/ First, again, some high-level Pros and Cons
Pros with using Starkware products

- Increased TPS compared to ORs (~9,000+ TPS on Ropsten testnet)
- Faster withdrawals (no challenge period), enabling better capital efficiency and liquidity
- #Validiums (discussed below)
3/ Cons

- Developer UX and porting of dApps from L1 to #L2 is more challenging than OR options
- #Cairo language less popular among developers = less talent pool to build on Starkware
- With Starkware's #Validium option, there's a technical challenge in solving DA problem.
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Un modesto ECSF5 (Explica como si fuera 5?) sobre los ZK rollups (te sirve @das_grasshopper ?)
Los ZK rollups son una solución de aumento de carga para #Ethereum. Esto significa que permiten hacer más con menos.
Más cálculo, por menos gas en Ethereum. Esto puede significar más volumen (piense en @dydxprotocol, donde las transacciones son muy baratas) o más complejidad (puedes codificar cosas que el EVM no puede manejar y explorar cosas nuevas)
La forma en que funcionan es la siguiente. En Ethereum, todos los participantes de la red (nodos) acuerdan un cierto "estado". Piense en una hoja de cálculo grande que contenga todos los saldos, para todos los usuarios, en cada token, etc.
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First week working @starkware! So here is me trying to ELI5 what we do.
ZK rollups are a scaling solution for Ethereum. This means they allow you to do more, with less.
More computation, for less gas on Ethereum.
This can mean more volume (think @dydxprotocol , where transaction are very cheap) or more complexity (you can code stuff the EVM can not handle and explore new things)
The way they work is the following.
In Ethereum, all the participants in the network (node) agree on a certain “state”. Think of a big spreadsheet that holds all the balances, for all users, in every token, etc.
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