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6. Top 10 Ethereum & L1 trends

While #L222 season is behind us, don't fade mother nature and its cousins !

Copyrights @MessariCrypto #crypto theses 2023!
In 2022 the #ethereum blockain saw a major milestone: #themerge: move from POW to POS

And together with the implementation of EIP 1559 (burn mechanism), $ETH supply shrinked significantly & even went deflationist

Check this website for such data
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1/12 As you know, I’m deeply following #Optimism ecosystem

To be ready for 2023/2024, I would like to share with you the projects I’m planning to invest in

Non financial Advice / Do your own research

And please reply if you would like me to dig into some other ones! Image
2/12 First of all, catalysts you should not miss is #Optimism grant

All projects who received a $OP allocation will see a Price Increase since part of the grant will be used to incentivize Gov. token liquidity

For a full review check this table:…
3/12 But for all details on how users can benefit from these Incentives, check my Notion Page where I covered all Voting rounds:…
& now let’s dig in: Image
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Arbitrum season has taken over ‼️

Let's talk about $GMX :
⭐️One of the BACKBONE protocols of @arbitrum
⭐️The main reason why other options/perp trading platforms have migrated over to Arbitrum
⭐️ Massive potential BULL or BEAR market

Keep reading ⬇️⬇️⬇️
1/ This thread will cover:
⦿ @GMX_IO recent performance
⦿ Overview on liquidity mechanics
⦿ Understanding how to play $GLP
⦿ The 'Real Yield' narrative
⦿ Limitations & Risks
⦿ Catalysts and Bullishness
2/ How has the GMX platform been performing?

Over these last 2 months (Sept 7th - Nov 7th):

⦿ Over $13 billion in total volume
⦿ Accrual of over $18 million in fees
⦿ Net PnL : - $8.6 million (good for $GLP holders)
⦿ Over 50,000 new users
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Don’t know what EIP-4844 is?
Here’s a simple explanation of EIP-4844 using public toilets🚽🧵 #L222
Consider this scenario. You’re at a crowded festival, and the men’s toilet has a huge line. The toilet only has stalls, so everyone who needs to pee and everyone who needs to poo both wait in the same line.
This is inefficient because pissers don’t require the same level of sturdiness and flow rate that poopers do. To solve this, we can add urinals, which can only be used by pissers.
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1/📸Here is the monthly catch-up of Global #DeFi market analysis for SEPTEMBER '22. Last one is here below. 📸

September was interesting and see few narratives taking the lead as part of the #realyield subject.

So Where are we in #DeFi ?
2/ TVL on #DeFiLlama  is at 55b$ at 30/Sept, Decreasing again by -8% for the 2nd consecutive month.
3/ On the other hand, #crypto total market cap decreased dow to 0.9b$, so -6% since last month.

As you can see both trends TVL/MC are similar, that tells me that there no mig movement in or out.
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In today’s rollup world, the #L222 teams building rollups @zksync, @StarkWareLtd, @arbitrum, @optimismFND, etc.) still play a critical and centralizing role in the L2 process.

To what extent?
What can be done?
And #wen??

A thread on the entities and roles in a rollup tx
At a high level, there are three entities involved in a rollup transaction:
- the user on the rollup
- the rollup operator
- #Ethereum L1.

The rollup operator that sits in between the user and mainnet has tremendous responsibility and also some power. Image
Within this framework, there are also three crucial actors in the collection, execution, and finalization of a ZKR block:
- sequencers
- provers
- validators (verifier) Image
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@aztecnetwork is a PRIVACY-FOCUSED zero-knowledge rollup (ZKR) aiming to provide security, scalability, & privacy for #L222 blockchain transactions.

Don't think you need convincing about why financial privacy is important (hello #TornadoCash).

So, let's discuss Aztec's HOW...
@aztecnetwork Tech
Aztec leverages an in-house technology stack that focuses primarily on 2 overall protocol objectives: privacy & scalability.

ZKRs create large bundles of txs for off-chain computation in the form of cryptographic proofs known as SNARKs.

For a refresher...
SNARKs allow someone to prove they have a particular piece of info without actually revealing the contents of the info.

Popularized by @zcash for enabling anonymous txs, zk tech provides scaling efficiencies for the rollup chain that are then submitted to the main chain. Image
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1/ What is Maximal Extractable Value (#MEV)? How does it become an integral part of the #blockchain network? How does MEV work? All of your questions will be answered in our latest #visualguide.

#Ethereum #cryptocurrency #TheMerge $ETH #DeFi Image
2/ In the blockchain transaction ordering process, the block producers are responsible to aggregate, selecting, and reordering transactions in the #blockchain network based on the given economic incentives thus creating opportunities for #MEV Image
3/ #MEV refers to the maximum value that can be extracted from a block more than the standard block reward and gas fees by including, excluding, and changing the order of transactions in a block Image
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1/17 📡Here is the monthly catch-up of Global #DeFi market analysis for AUGUST '22. Last one is here below with some conclusions about Smart Money moves. August was pretty quiet and #realyield submerges CT. So Where are we in #DeFi?

2/17 TVL on #DeFiLlama  is at 60b$ at 31/Aug, Decreasing by -12% since end of July.
3/17 On the other hand, #crypto total market cap did not manage to hold the 1b$ threshold and sitting now at 0,96b compared to 1,075b end of July, so -10,4% decrease.
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🔴🔴It's time for a summup of Cycle 4 voting round and tell you the #DeFi proocols that just won $OP grant, and how you can benefit from them. Former cycle rounds summary can be found just below

Let's see the winners of Cycle 4 🎉🎉
1/ @QiDaoProtocol : Got 750k $OP. 80% will be given to users:
- 20% to reward borrowers
- 60% to incentivize $MAI liquidity on Optimism through
I remind you that $OP rewards are backed 1:1 in $MAI incentives! DYOR!! or make your own calculation MYOC!! But see what you can get: Image
2/ @beefyfinance : Finally, after 2 against voting round, the protocol manages to update the proposal to get that grant. It's gonna be 650k $OP which 35% will go to incentivize $BIFI liquidity and 50% to boost farm of native protocols of #Optimism
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The Perp Progress Report for H1 2022 is out!

Let's revisit key milestones of the first half of 2022 and see what's coming up next 👇

Since Perp v2's launch, a total of $12 billion in volume has been achieved from over 15,000 distinct traders, collectively placing more than four million trades.

This has made Perp v2 the protocol with the highest number of transactions on @OptimismFND #L222

What did we release in H1 2022? Some of the highlights from the first six months of 2022

- 16 new trading pairs listed on
- Multi-collateral feature ($ETH/wETH, $FRAX)
- Advanced Order Types
- Pool Party💧Liquidity mining in #OPsummer
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Rollups are taking center stage and it's glorious

Here are some rollup readings from the last week:

#StarkNet #zksync #Arbitrum #L222 #Ethereum

Excellent explainer for why Ethereum's scaling decisions will result in negligible security tradeoffs from @sreeramkannan

A concise but technical thread on Starknet's fee mechanism from @dimahledba

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1/ When #l222 > L1

@arbitrum fees caused a frenzy last week. But is there any need for concern?

This thread will explain
- what happened
- will it happen again
- what can be done to mitigate it in the future
2/ A common misconception with the emergence of layer-2 and #rollup protocols within #Ethereum is that they will automatically come with cheaper gas fees and easier transactions for users.
3/ While this will largely be the case and is the intended goal, it is by no means impossible for a rollup to suffer from high fees, especially in its current nascent form.

This is precisely what occurred in early July.
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🧵A thread on Argent
1/15 We're excited to host @argentHQ on our Twitter Spaces this week. Want a primer on Argent and what they do? LFG! 🚀
2/15 Argent is a smart wallet 💰 designed for all things #DeFi and #Web3. It is a non-custodial wallet that combines easy access to dApps with security features such as multisig and social recovery, doing away with seed phrases.
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1/ Eli5DeFi is a collaborative effort to educate people about #DeFi, #Cryptocurrency and #Blockchain with infographics and visual guides.

Our #Notion page is a one-stop place for curated DeFi information and resources
2/ To find our unrolled #infographics🧵, you can check our @typefully page below:
3/ Our first #visualguide is about @CurveFinance Primer, including @ConvexFinance and #CurveWars narration. Check the🧵for more details!

$CRV $veCRV $CVX $crvCVX
#Curve #Convex #DeFi #YieldFarming

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The markets are dead, and we have killed them

Oh well, Here are some modular musings to read this weekend:

#StarkNet #L222 #Optimism #Arbitrum #Ethereum

@norswap shares his thoughts on MEV and a strategy to mitigate negative MEV

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0/ @MetisDAO is a hyper-scalable rollup-based layer 2 solution built on Ethereum. But $METIS is not just your average optimistic rollup 🌿

A 🧵 on $METIS and why you should pay attention (0/29)👇

#L222 Image
@MetisDAO 1/ But before we dive into @MetisDAO, let’s quickly take @optimismPBC as an example to see how $METIS tackles problems that other optimistic rollups face today
@MetisDAO @optimismPBC 2/ #Optimism uses a single node called Sequencer to generate blocks on #L2. This bears speed advantages as blocks are generated in seconds because new blocks do not need to be handed over to other nodes for verification Image
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0/ I have written a lot about #rollups & data availability lately. Thought it might be worth putting together a thread of threads with my rollup/DA posts 📚

Your ultimate guide to rollup scaling, data availability, L2 #airdrops & more ✨👇

#L222 🧵 (0/13)
1/ Rollups - An introduction to scaling $ETH on rollups:

2/ Rollups - An overview of the $ETH rollup landscape:

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🧵A thread

1/12 Ahead of our #AMA with @astraly on Wednesday, we wanted to share an overview on how the protocol works.🔍 Astraly is a launchpad built on #StarkNet, offering users the opportunity to invest in native StarkNet projects in an open and decentralised manner.
2/12 At the core of the protocol there are three components - staking, lottery, and #IDO. You may ask, how are they connected? We’ll cover all the above, as well as the team and product timeline below.👇
3/12 As a user, in order to participate in a coveted IDO on Astraly, users must first secure lottery tickets to enter into the draw. More lottery tickets = higher chances of getting #IDO token allocation🤝.
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0/ @arbitrum's #AnyTrust is an $ETH L2 scaling solution that enables fast & cheap L2 chains with minimal trust assumptions

A 🧵 on how it works (0/10) ⚡️👇

#L222 Image
@arbitrum 1/ On a high level, AnyTrust chains are a cheaper but less secure version of the #Arbitrum rollup. The idea is that not all the tx data will be stored on the $ETH L1 but rather off-chain by a data committee
@arbitrum 2/ By minimizing the amount of data submitted to the $ETH L1, #AnyTrust saves gas which results in lower tx fees. What is interesting about AnyTrust is the low trust assumptions
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State of Dai 📊 — Our weekly roundup on how Dai has performed over the last week.

Let's go!


Dai trading activity has cooled down compared to last week.

Fewer off-peg trades. Back to normal quickly.

As always, Dai peg is strong, safe, and resilient. ⚖️

Slightly less TVL this past week at $10.4 billion (~300 million less).

The Maker Protocol remains the DeFi protocol with the highest total value locked! 🏆

GUNIV3DAIUSDC1-A just appeared on the collateral pie charts 👀

Let's go deeper


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1/ With recent $OP #airdrop, we present #visualguide for #Ethereum Layer 2 #Rollups Solutions. Why it's needed? How does it work? and the future of #scaling in Ethereum

#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Arbitrum #Optimism #L222 #ZKSync $ETH Image
2/ L2 rollups work by executing transactions outside of Layer 1, #Rollups #solution has two methods, Optimistic and Zero-Knowledge.

#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Arbitrum #Optimism #L222 #ZKSync $OP $ETH #Airdrop Image
3/ Optimistic rollups don't do any computation by default, all transactions are legitimate. #Fraud-proof #mechanism is set as a preventive measure.

#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Arbitrum #Optimism #L222 #ZKSync $OP $ETH #Airdrop Image
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It´s #L222 season so I decided to do a price prediction of $HOP by relative comparison with the $ENS, $OP, and $PSP airdrop.

It´s based on the assumption that 🐰 $HOP will have a similar market cap at launch as $SYN and that only 50% of addresses will claim their tokens. 🧵👇...
When doing such a prediction there are essentially 2 factors that you have to solve to determine the initial price:

1. Predicted Market Cap
2. Initial Circulating Supply
🐰 $HOP = x$
1. Predicted Market Cap

Hop is the top bridge in the L2 ecosystem regarding reputation and connectedness inside the Ethereum community. We have just seen it with the 🔴 $OP airdrop.

Right now, the only comparable bridge is
@SynapseProtocol with a current market cap of $250M.
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We're LIVE on @Arbitrum and @OptimismPBC!🥳

DeFi Saver is now available on optimistic rollups with support for @AaveAave v3, new integration with @LiFiprotocol and our regular partners @0xProject, @AlchemyPlatform and @TenderlyApp.

#L222 is here.

Our initial L2 rollout includes:

👻Aave v3 dashboard
🌉New Bridging dashboard
💱Exchange for token swaps
🖥️L2s portfolio tracking (with unified view coming soon!)
🧰Simulation mode on L2s

...all on both Arbitrum and Optimism.
👻@AaveAave v3👻

Having supported Aave since v1 on the mainnet, we're very happy to now integrate v3 on L2s.

Our Aave dashboard at includes signature Boost and Repay 1-tx leverage management options, as well as new user customizable action combining.
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