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1/9 Riding the Wave of MEV Opportunities: In 2022, Arbitrage Dominates the Market, Promising Explosive Growth for Savvy Searchers! Let's See How It Happened!
2/9 Our results show that arbitrage opportunities were the most frequent, accounting for 68.3% of the market. Sandwich opportunities are around 30.6%.
3/9 Opportunities for liquidation are far smaller than the other 2 MEVs, for it was more likely to depend on intense market fluctuation rather than conventional arbitrage ones. But the liquidation, the 1% of total MEVs, gained 11% of the total revenue.
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6. Top 10 Ethereum & L1 trends

While #L222 season is behind us, don't fade mother nature and its cousins !

Copyrights @MessariCrypto #crypto theses 2023!
In 2022 the #ethereum blockain saw a major milestone: #themerge: move from POW to POS

And together with the implementation of EIP 1559 (burn mechanism), $ETH supply shrinked significantly & even went deflationist

Check this website for such data
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🧐 2022 has been a ride for the crypto industry.

We’re sharing our review of 2022 and outlook for 2023 👇
🧵Scroll down the thread…
📉Although the crypto market was negatively impacted by several events and macro headwinds, it is natural for market cycles to fluctuate between bearish and bullish periods.
🐼 @Ethereum transitioned to PoS with #TheMerge, and saw its energy consumption drop by a whopping 99.95%.
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I’ve heard a lot of FUD surrounding @Polkadot

Some is genuine curiosity like this post below, but many takes are just lazy with little to no DD

Let’s clear up a few things, see where $DOT is now, and look to where #Polkadot aims to be within the _real_ #web3


This thread is intended to be a starter pack for those who are curious about where #Polkadot is at the end of 2022 with links to learn more if desired

We’re staying at the user level because that’s where $DOT is headed next

Let’s start with a short look at #Web3 history
2/ #Ethereum beginnings

Founded in 2015 by @VitalikButerin, @gavofyork, @IOHK_Charles and others, Ethereum was an experiment in programmable money

Written in a brand new coding language called #solidity, dev’d by Gav, it enabled those smart contracts we all know too well
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1) I lived under the regime of the #SEC for 25 years as an investment banker. So what I am about to tell you is nothing new to me. Every member of the securities industry can corroborate and every securities lawyer with integrity can back these statements.
2) DISCLAIMER: Before you proceed, you must know that I am not a #securities lawyer, and this is not legal advice. In addition, these are only my own opinions.
3) The SEC designs rules that makes them "operatively contagious", like a virus. If Im sick and I touch you, you get sick. To understand what this means one first MUST understand the term #Gatekeeper as it is has been commonly used in the regulatory community.
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1/19 Lending protocol are DEFI primitive Dapps

However, capital efficiency is not achieved due to liquidity being idle and unused

So what are the new solutions? Undercollateralized Loans

@sentimentxyz is project recently launched on #Arbitrum who solved this!

A thread 👇🧵
2/19 Undercollateralized Loans are the new DEFI products which aim to achieve capital efficiency.

Few Lending protocols are:
3/19 While overcollateralized lending is the status quo in #DeFi, loans in traditional finance are often undercollateralized

Overcol. Loan are capital inefficient due to large spread btw Lend & Borrow Yield, except rare occasion like #themerge for $ETH:

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1/12 #Cardanovasil phase one is done! Do you want to know what's next?

Here's what it means for #Cardano!

A thread by @esatoshiclub! 🧵
2/16 First of all, let's all take a moment and congratulate both @IOHK_Charles and @Cardano on this historic performance.

The #cryptocommunity is with you!
3/16 Now, to the business.

What's all this buzz on the new #Cardanovasil? Well, it's literally the biggest and most important #crypto event this year but #EthereumMerge.

Now, we're sure you all know that. Let's get to some insides and interesting facts on this upgrade.
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🔵 Le risque du gouvernement US
🔵 Le risque de la centralisation des noeuds $ETH
🔵 Le risque d’une attaque sur le réseau

Ce thread est réalisé en collaboration avec @Nomiks7
#TheMerge de l’ $ETH a eu lieu sans aucun souci
L’ETH a depuis perdu plus de 25%
Les polémiques sur le manque de décentralisation inondent les réseaux sociaux

Faisons le point avec ce #Thread, c’est parti

Commençons par la SEC et leur volonté de carrément “nationaliser” l’ether en justifiant cette action par le nombre de noeuds validateurs présents sur le sol américain
Commençons par ce qui a déclenché cette décision
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After The Merge │ Part 2: The Verge 🏔️

#Ethereum #TheMerge #TheVerge

The Verge in a nutshell:

- Replaces the state Merkle tree with a Verkle tree...
- ...which allows for builders to attach Verkle proofs to their blocks...
- ...allowing validators to statelessly verify blocks.

What does this word salad mean?

First, some context:

A lot of information goes into the block header of a block...

...including something called the *stateRoot*, defined as:
- the hash...
- of the root node...
- of the state Merkle tree...
- after all the transactions included in the block have been executed.

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After #TheMerge, most focus on $ETH's potential deflationary impact, or ESG, but very few spot out the issue of MEV after #TheMerge! In this 🧵you will know more about:
1. complete paradigm shift of MEV
2. Why @foldfinance has been rising ~8x within 2 months!
@foldfinance 1. TL;DR: @foldfinance can generate a higher staking reward to $ETH stakers, due to its upper hand on Ethereum order flow, by generating a greater yield from MEV, which leads to a higher block inclusion rate. This causes more people to stake $ETH there, creating a flywheel effect
@foldfinance 2. Before going into details, let's do MEV 101. MEV stands for Maximal Extractable Value. It means miners, by their capacity to select and sequence txns in the network, profit from re-ordering those on-chain txns in their favour.
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1/9 Is it ideal that more than 40% of the blocks created on #Ethereum in the hours following #TheMerge belong to just two staking service providers: Lido (DeFi) and Coinbase (CeFi)? No

Am I worried? No. Here’s why👇
2/9 First, it makes sense that the largest staking service providers have the advantage early on, particularly in the hours & days following Ethereum’s transition from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS)...
3/9 After all, most stakers experiencing issues during the transition to PoS will be the individual stakers running their own validators, not the prominent service providers with full-time teams & resources dedicated to staking operations.
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Congratulations to the whole #Ethereum community on #TheMerge🎉

Along with #Tezos, Ethereum is now on the list of low carbon footprint #PoS #blockchain, ensuring sustainable growth of #Web3🌐
As a part of #Tezos ecosystem, we are building for the community as well as Investors in it.
#InstaDex by Instaraise is going to be the first Impermanent loss protection #DEX on Tezos, ensuring protection from involuntary token exposure to the liquidity providers.
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Lot of talk of #TheMerge today and there's a good chance you want to know what it is. Here's my no-nonsense zero Crypto Kool-Aid explanation of how #Ethereum is evolving. #web3…
#crypto people and companies out today saying #TheMerge solves all the problems with crypto and #web3 as if PoW was the main issue. Which is nonsense. The main issue is this is vision of the future where every interaction becomes a financialized transaction.
The lie that crypto and web3 will somehow take power away from banks and governments and corporations and give it to the people is a lie. Crypto and web3 do none of those things. It removes trust layers and the ability to regulate actors and protect users.
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Thread : En quoi consiste The merge ?

Pour ceux qui ne suivent pas l’actualité crypto, #TheMerge représente la première étape de la mise à jour de la Blockchain Ethereum pour aller vers un #ETH2.0 : adapté aux nouvelles contraintes et à l’évolution de l’environnement blockchain Image
On en entend énormément parler tout d’abord parce que sa réalisation aura un grand impact sur le marché global des crypto de par la puissance de #Ethereum
Cette mise à jour est annoncée depuis plusieurs années et enfin nous arrivons au moment clef
Concrètement, The merge représente une transition dans la méthode de validation des blocs de cette #blockchain (voir thread précédent pour en savoir plus). Jusqu’à maintenant Ethereum fonctionnait sous la méthode appelée “preuve de travail”, méthode qu'emploi le #Bitcoin
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1/ Ethereum's Merge is in less than 48 hours, are you ready?

Over the past 6 months, our Research Team has been working towards this monumental event, producing reports praised by @VitalikButerin himself.

Here are our top 4 FREE resources to prepare yourself for #TheMerge. ⬇️
2/ First is our unlocked research report on Ethereum’s ambitious roadmap. 🗺

Research analyst @jon_charb takes a deep dive into the past, present, and future of Ethereum in:

“The Hitchhiker's Guide to Ethereum”.…
3/ Next is "The Complete Guide To Rollups"

This 86-page book, also by @jon_charb is the most comprehensive guide on Rollups you will find. 👀…
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🤔 Everyone is talking about The Merge and praying for it to succeed, so what is Ethereum The Merge?

The thread below will help you understand what it is, the impacts and risks of #TheMerge
🧵 👇 Image
1/ What is The Merge?

The main purpose of the Merge is to transition Ethereum from its current proof-of-work consensus mechanism to the proof-of-stake model.

Simply put, a miner becomes a holder and staker Image
2/ Why need The Merge?

Start with Ethereum's Problems
👉 Consumes too many resources: PoW ⚡
👉 Low scalability, High cost, Congested

POS can help Ethereum reach ~100K TPS Image
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1/ What is Maximal Extractable Value (#MEV)? How does it become an integral part of the #blockchain network? How does MEV work? All of your questions will be answered in our latest #visualguide.

#Ethereum #cryptocurrency #TheMerge $ETH #DeFi Image
2/ In the blockchain transaction ordering process, the block producers are responsible to aggregate, selecting, and reordering transactions in the #blockchain network based on the given economic incentives thus creating opportunities for #MEV Image
3/ #MEV refers to the maximum value that can be extracted from a block more than the standard block reward and gas fees by including, excluding, and changing the order of transactions in a block Image
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1/ 以太坊升级带来的套利机会
The Merge 会发生在 ETH 主网区块高度为 15540293 的时候。合并会分两部分进行,第一部分为 Bellatrix升级,当ETH信标链epoch高度达到 144,896 时(预计第一次升级时间为 UTC 9.5-9.6 之间)。第二部分为Paris升级,以太坊正式转为POS,预计会在 UTC 9.15-9.16 之间发生
2/ 以矿工为首的中国镰刀宣布由他们来硬分叉以太坊。其团队声称:将会继续维护现有的 PoW 公链, 并做出如下五条承诺:
1)不预挖、不增发, 完全公平启动
2)坚持 PoW 为链底层共识, 并坚持长期不变
3)废除 EIP-1559, 恢复矿工之前应有收益
4)秉持去中心化治理, 成为无神公链
5) 三年内解散治理小组
3/ 可能的套利机会
* 如果发生了硬分叉:
* 会有一条完全一样的链产生,用户的资产(纸面资产)瞬间变成两倍。包括钱包内的ERC20资产,NFT资产等,只不过除了ETHW币之外其他的都没有了价值。
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Staking has taken center stage over the past two years after @ethereum allowed locking up ETH since the lately 2020 for ETH 2.0

Since then we have a new category in the #Defi world named Staking as a Service with the leader being LIDO Finance
@ethereum In this thread, we'll have:
- Key Insights
- Lido's working mechanism
- LDO token
@ethereum 1/

👉Key Insights

Instead of depending on computational power like POW, under POS, validators lock (stake) a certain amount of the network’s native crypto-asset as collateral to create new blocks.

In return, they earn inflationary rewards and transaction fees
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Consensus Algorithm Time!

With @ethereum heading for #TheMerge, it’s a good time to remember how consensus mechanisms work, especially our very own Proof of Less Work and the benefits it brings to the security of our network.
2/ We wrote an article about it in our blog. If you didn’t read it yet, now’s a good time! Especially since next thursday @wachmc will do an AMA on our Discord on this subject!…
3/ PoW x PoLW

In classical proof of work, miners use equipment like GPUs, FPGAs or ASICS and energy to solve hashing problems: mining cost is the combination of equipment cost and energy costs.
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With the speculation around #TheMerge turning #ether into a #security, it's important to understand:
- what the conditions for ruling sth a 'security' are; and
- what this will mean for miners, DeFi protocols, and DAOs.

Context: #Ethereum is moving from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake system, where ppl need to invest/stake in capital to validate new blocks. Anchored in the Howey Test, professor @AdamLevitin argued that this transition will likely turn ether into a security.
Howey Test validates whether a sales/transaction is considered a security and should fall under its law. Its validator components include:
1. Investment of money
2. In a common enterprise
3. With an expectation of profits
4. Solely from the efforts of the promoter/a third party
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After The Merge │ Part 1: The Surge 🌊

Act 1: Why do we need the Surge?

#Ethereum #TheMerge #TheSurge

(1/41) Image
The ‘Merge’ refers to Ethereum’s upcoming transition from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake, and is currently scheduled for mid-September 2022.

This begs the question: What’s left for Ethereum to do after it moves to Proof-of-Stake, a stated goal since 2014?

The answer: plenty!

On 2 December 2021, @VitalikButerin shared a diagram showing Ethereum’s post-Merge protocol development roadmaps - namely the Surge, Verge, Purge & Splurge.

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@ExtinctionR The UN emphasizes the role of methane as a heating contributor that's been substantially undervalued.

US regulation will force most 2700 US landfills (Americans like to dump a lot) to install $ 1 million flaring infrastructure, that will then cost $100K for operations

@ExtinctionR 2/ This will allow CH4 to be broken down into CO2 + H20. CO2 being "less worse" as a GHG than methane.

You could argue, why not generating power and connecting it to the grid?

Landfills are often far from the grid. It costs millions to build miles of power lines.

@ExtinctionR Incentives are far more efficient than coercion to attain any goal, especially if they are economic. Humans are greedy no matter what.

Flaring units will cost millions to local municipalities where landfills are located, municipalities which happen to be poorer than average.

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[1/26] I was listening to @RyanSAdams and @TrustlessState on a past @BanklessHQ (I’m a huge fan) podcast episode on #TheMerge & #Ethereum

Sentiments are bullish on $ETH. But does on-chain reflects so? Lets use @nansen_ai smart money and other tools to evaluate 🧵👇👇👇
[2/26] Before that, here are what I’ll cover:

- On chain analysis with Nansen
- Fundamental analysis
- Tokenomics
- Developer activity
- Narrative of #Ethereum
- Summary
[3/26] Lets kick things off using @nansen_ai, $WETH is the undisputed fave token of smart money by far at 60% of their holdings with a clear accumulation uptrend spike from mid Apr onwards
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