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The SKALEverse is entering a new frontier!

Introducing the Levitation Protocol, a fully-decentralized, Zero-Knowledge (#ZK) scaling solution, built on the world's fastest and most expansive EVM blockchain network.

The future of ZK scaling is built on SKALE.
Today #SKALE developers announced an Improvement Proposal, named the Levitation Protocol, a fully-decentralized, ZK scaling solution, enabling existing ZK solutions to connect seamlessly into SKALE's App-chain Architecture, with rollup connectivity to the #Ethereum Mainnet.
In addition to the Levitation Protocol, the proposal calls for a further ecosystem upgrade. The creation of a "Layer 1 Megachain" called SKALE G (G for Ganymede, the largest moon in the solar system) fortified by ZK Rollups, with L2 ZK hooks back to Ethereum.
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@Beosin_com discovered a vulnerability in #Circom verification library (CVE-2023-33252) and warns #ZK projects about the associated risks. Circom is a Rust-based compiler for zero-knowledge proof circuits, developed alongside the #SnarkJS library.

#SnarkJS enables proof systems implementation, including trusted setups, proof generation, and verification. It supports algorithms like #Groth16, #PLONK, and #FFLONK. @Beosin_com found a severe vulnerability in #SnarkJS versions up to 0.6.11.
The vulnerability allowed attackers to forge multiple proofs that passed verification, enabling double-spending attacks. @Beosin_com promptly reported it, assisted in fixing the issue, and the vulnerability has now been patched. Upgrade to #SnarkJS 0.7.0 for security.
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由于zk以及Arb的价格锚定,我们基于Arb的空投规则,数量以及分布情况,大致的匹配目前 #Zksync 的实时数据,给大家大概分析一下。


#Airdrop #crypto #zk
目前 #Arbitrum 的流通市值为15亿美金左右,共空投了12.7亿代币,总共有62万地址有空投的领取资格。



(2/n) Image
最低的代币空投额度 625枚
最高的代币空投额度为 10250枚



(3/n) Image
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Tackling the #crypto trilemma, #PartisiaBlockchain aims to address scalability, privacy, and interoperability with a dual-layer approach.

Ambitious? Definitely.

Let's take a closer look at the project and its distinctive #tokenomics. @partisiampc

🧵 by @FlorentPorrot

1/15 Image
Offering a dual-layer solution, Partisia features consensus, governance & interoperable Zero-Knowledge & Oracle services.

The 2nd layer is essentially a platform for ZK computations - on-chain, off-chain, inter-chain, bolstering blockchain privacy in a decentralized way.

Decentralized nodes ensure security and integrity. As #web3 leans towards transparency, control over information is paramount.

By harnessing a global network of ZK computation nodes, Partisia enhances privacy and security, opening doors to secret voting, secure aid, etc.

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How to interact with ZkLink testnet

💰 Rewards: NFT & possible airdrop

💲 Raised: $18.5M from Coinbase Ventures, Arrington XRP, Huobi and other investors

📆 Deadline: May 10

A step-by-step guide 🧵 Image
@zkLinkorg is the industry's first multi-chain #ZK-Rollup, a unified trading layer for #DeFi & #NFT

Official announcement ⬇️
Let's start!
- Go to the website and select a test network you want to test on (it is best to do this in the Linea and Scroll networks)
- You can find the list of faucets on our Discord on the "faucets" channel ImageImageImage
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0/ similar to the sequencer, a centralized prover in #zk-rollup systems can introduce centralization & single-point-of-failure risks ⚠️

a 🧵 on a prover outsourcing mechanism proposed by @Scroll_ZKP (0/18) ✨👇 Image
1/ #zk-rollups demand an off-chain #prover to generate a succinct proof for a batch of transactions. However, proof generation for complex smart contract transactions can be expensive, leading to several limitations in functionality
2/ firstly, let's dive into the typical rollup tx flow ⬇️

⚙️ Users send transactions to a centralized #sequencer on #L2

⚙️ The sequencer executes transactions, packs (& orders) them into a #rollup block

⚙️ Centralized #prover generates a succinct proof of the sequencer's batch
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Have you ever heard of a Reality Index?
Neither have I until about a week ago.

Today I'm going to dive into an AI network that is combining paradigms of AI, autonomous robotics, and Blockchain, to prompt realities into existence.


👇 Image
Week #1 the core team behind Roko proposed via snapshot and acquired the following node infrastructure.

2 Million $POND tokens for running relays on @MarlinProtocol layer zero relay network.

1034 $TAO for delegating to @bittensor_ validators for decentralized computation
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Worldcoin launched its World ID protocol.
The project aimed at establishing digital identity via biometrics stored on-chain🔐
It can potentially help developers establish whether a real person is behind a digital action👶

#WorldID #DecentralizedID
Worldcoin's biometric identity verification system, the Orb, scans users' irises to establish unique personhood in the digital world.

At launch, World ID can be bridged to networks beyond Ethereum like Optimism, Arbitrum, as well as Polygon.

#Arbitrum #Optimism #ARB #OP #Eth
Worldcoin's documentation states that it uses zero-knowledge proofs, allowing individuals to prove something is true without revealing what that thing is, to establish personhood.

#ZKP #ZK #personhood
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🔥1/ Introducing Brevis @Brevis_zk: a Zero-Knowledge (ZK) omnichain data attestation platform, enabling dApps and smart contracts to access, compute, and utilize arbitrary data across multiple blockchains in a completely trust-free way. #ZKP #ZK #ZKproof…
👋2/ Why Brevis?
Although Web3 dApps are built on append-only, publicly accessible data storage, counterintuitively, they are mostly “blind”: smart contracts can only access data via defined interfaces, on the same blockchain, and without a complete historical view.
3/ Brevis is built to solve these challenges—its architecture has 3 components:
1️⃣ zkFabric collects block headers from connected blockchains, generating Consensus Proofs via ZK light client circuits, enabling dApps to access headers & states from all supported chains trust-free.
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1) You asked and I promised.

"My ultimate survival portfolio"

The result of thousands of hours of research.

Everything I hold and expect to do really well for months or years to come 🧵👇

(fade at your own risk)
2) My portfolio will be split in 2 parts:

• Large holdings
• Low holdings

My large holdings can be seen as the main core of my portfolio.

My low holdings are riskier bets with a small % of allocation.

Both deserve their own section.

⏩ Main holdings first ↓
3) $ETH

This one hardly deserves an introduction.

The mother of all #DeFI and the foundation of every layer 2.

The only one I consider the safest hold in the entire market to park my profits in next to stables.

Even placing it above $BTC.

⏩ Currently sitting at 170b mc.
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#zk Rollups. What are they? Which #zk rollup projects have #100x potential?

Thread below👇🧵
1⃣ What are #zk rollups?

ZK-Rollups are a layer-2 scaling solution that allow transactions to be completed faster with even lower fees and additional security.
2⃣ How do #zk rollups work?

Zk-rollups increase scalability by bundling multiple transactions from a Layer-1 network, such as Ethereum and taking those transactions off-chain. Then, executing validity checks, and sending back only the important transactional data on-chain.
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Saw THE NERDIEST THING EVER --> Friend downed a cup of gin over a ZK-EVM debate at 2am the other day.

Figured I better do my homework before meeting them next.

Mini 🧵summarizing @VitalikButerin 's "The Different Types of ZK-EVMs"…
@VitalikButerin 1/ There's been a lot of buzz recently about "ZK-EVM" projects.

Projects like @0xPolygon, @zksync, and @Scroll_ZKP have all made announcements, alongside others.

We will explore key differentiation between ZK-EVM & hopefully it brings your zero-knowledge up to some-knowledge!
@VitalikButerin @0xPolygon @zksync @Scroll_ZKP 2/ The goal of these projects is to use ZK-SNARK technology to make cryptographic proofs of execution of Ethereum-like transactions.

This could make it much easier to verify the Ethereum chain itself or to build ZK-rollups that are much more scalable.
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Tornado Cash的新版本出来了,昨天@ameensol(TC早期开发者)宣称privacy-pools已经在Optimism上部署


#privacypools #zk
我怀着好奇的心思跑去他们的github仓库看了下他们的代码, 然后"牛逼"!

I like the pretty cool code for privacy-pools!Awesome work!@ameensol


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#Claudia‘s Notes


昨晚的Space回放已经超过了5000人,结束后还有很多人在回味。后台有很多人在DM我出一期回顾,今天我整理了前半段(没被炸前)的Quick Notes,供大家参考。

1. 投研先分板块,看技术路线进展,按价值轮动规律做。板块重要性高于alpha。从正确的板块里找alpha。大资管,不在乎小容量的alpha,要赚到的是行业以年为单位的beta。最难的是分配板块资金、完成板块切换。
2. 公链主要价值:#稳定币#借贷#DEX#NFTFi。因为最重要的杠杆就是稳定币、权益代币、LP pair。

3. 团队:路径依赖不好,赛道三天不看就很难跟上了。跟踪某个赛道每天的变化,知道这个赛道要起来了。团队每个人负责跟踪一个角落,这是团队的意义。
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白话介绍下 TC:


#zk #ZKP




TC 通过两个方法来实现加密转账,第一个是deposit ,第二个方法是 withdraw.

TC的加密转账实际上需要执行两步,先deposit到Tornado Cash合约中,然后隔一段时间后用另外一个账户从合约中取出来,来完成一笔加密转账
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$Grail @CamelotDex Pulled 18X
$Lance is looking to do the same
(Simulation Strategy)

Imagine Being Early to an 18X 🤔

@LancelotTools Gives Your Novels Live and unforeseen Features. Read To Find Out How

A Thread🧵. Like & RT for frens
Lancelot, a novel DeFi platform, with innovative and unseen features.It has a gamified staking, you can join in on challenges and earn digital badges and loot for staking per coins. It's like a treasure hunt in the crypto world!
$Lance rewards their loyal crew with treasures from the trove, It deflationary staking rewards system lets you earn USDC and GRAIL rewards which is powered by a sustainable booty of protocol revenues.
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In celebration of being just one month out from the @0xPolygonZK launch of Hermez 2.0, we should probably look at what the #ZK scaling solution has to offer us, what it does and why it is important (a short summary of my findings) 🧵:
We are embarking into exciting and uncharted waters as we enter the era of Zero Knowledge Proofs, roll ups & #zkEVM With @0xpolygon launching it’s first (of 4) solution, Hermez 2 on 27 March. a ZKP shows that information is valid, without any details about the information itself.
Polygon Labs announced their ambitious goals in 2021, their ZK rollup is a fully decentralized layer 2 solution,built on top of and inheriting all the security of the ETH mainnet, but benefiting from cheaper transaction costs and faster finality.
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#AI and #ZK are 2023 hot narratives.

What if we tell you that those two will probably combine with ZK-Machine Learning projects?

A 🧵👇
ZK proofs allow for cryptographic proof of possession...without revealing the underlying data itself (check our ELI5 ZK thread for more info!).

The increased capabilities of zk-SNARKs have enabled exploration of new use cases.

AI Trustworthiness & accuracy will be one of them.
And lately, there has been a surge of interest in zk-SNARK enabled machine learning (ZK-ML) systems in the space.

You know it's serious stuff when Ethereum Foundation itself releases a video on that topic.

Have a look:

Why the need for ZK-ML? 👇
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1) When both the "AI" and "RealYield" narrative started I made a list of altcoins that all did really well.

Ever since #ZeroKnowledge has been trending, people have been asking me for the best low cap #zk altcoins.

Here are the 7 most promising low cap #zk projects 🧵 👇
2) Wondering what Zero-Knowledge proof actually is and why it might last longer than you think?

Read the thread down below ↓

Already up to date? Let's see those 5 low caps ➡️ /3
3) $ORAI

@oraichain is an A.I powered oracle that allow Dapps to be built across multiple blockchains.

⏩ Sitting at a 26m market cap.
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1) The market is waking up to Zero-Knowledge technology and #ZK altcoins are booming.

What is ''zero-knowledge proof'' actually and why will it last longer than you think 🧵👇
2) One of the main reasons we all got to know and love cryptocurrencies is because of its underlying technology called blockchain.

A decentralized system where we not only have control of our own funds but also protected by our data.

This isn't entirely true however...
3) Unlike what many people think, it does not have many ways to protect the privacy of users.

While there is no name attached to a wallet, almost everything is still publicly available to others.
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A metaverse horror game using @Aleph__Zero Liminal #zk to provide privacy .


Here is info about @drkvrs
DRKVRS creative & production team consists of highly experienced individuals,including:

(chief animator of cyberpunk 2077, the wizard)

Jacek Dukaj
The most famous Polish science fiction writer

Łukasz Orbitowski
An award-winning writer & game designer.
DRKVRS is a platform that combines role-playing and social media.

The game will feature a vast world, rich history, and factions based on archetypes of characters.

Gameplay focuses on interaction between users and unique challenges within the story.
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由cyberpunk 2077首席動畫師參與,使用@Aleph__Zero Liminal #zk 構建的元宇宙恐怖遊戲。


以下為你介紹 @drkvrs
由曾在cyberpunk 2077、巫師的首席動畫師的MARCIN KOBYLECKI、波蘭最著名的科幻作家Jacek Dukaj 、屢獲殊榮的作家和遊戲設計師Łukasz Orbitowski等參與制作。

Image by @mCanqp


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Everyone is talking about #ZK proofs these days. But what if I told you that there is a superior tech to #ZKP, already integrated in an L1 #blockchain, which is not even launched on exchanges yet? It's $MPC #Partisia! More details below.👀
First of all, what are #ZK proofs and how do they work? In a zero-knowledge proof, one party (the prover) can prove to another party (the verifier) that they know a certain piece of information, without revealing what that information is.
This is possible because the proof itself is a mathematical statement that is easy to verify but hard to replicate without knowing the original information. So, one of the main benefits of zero-knowledge proofs in crypto is the ability to enhance #privacy.
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1.1A #Doji candlestick is a type of chart pattern that is commonly used in technical analysis for trading. It is formed when the opening and closing prices of an #asset are virtually equal, resulting in a small body with long upper and lower shadows.
1.2 The #Doji candlestick is considered a reversal pattern, indicating a possible change in the direction of the trend. If it appears after an #uptrend, it may indicate a potential #reversal to a downtrend.
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