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Mar 1:
1/ #RussianVolunteerCorps actions in #Bryansk

“We are #Russians, and we are not #Russians”: what is known about the “#RussianVolunteerCorps

@CrimeanWind, of #Telegram, background report on #Russian ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Partisans…
Mar 1:
3/ #RussianVolunteerCorps in #Bryansk

..representatives adhere to right-wing views & #Claim to have traveled the entire #FrontLine.

#Russian #Volunteer #Corps founder, #DenisKapustin (#Nikitin)..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine…
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#Ukraine prepared to use #British #missiles to strike #Crimea | Feb 9
- Ukrainian defence sources: ..following a warning from #Zelensky that longer-range weapons from western allies would strike “deep in the occupied territories”.… Image
#Russian #Missiles, #UAVs Damaged About Dozen Of #Ukrainian #Energy Facilities | Feb 11
- a massive strike on critical energy infrastructure facilities -functioning of enterprises of the #military-industrial complex and the #transport system of Ukraine. Image
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#Kiev Planning #FalseFlag Attacks On #Kramatorsk #Hospitals To Frame Russia | Feb 9
- “According to information confirmed by several independent sources, the Ukrainian #special #services intend to carry out a large-scale provocation in the near future
#Bryansk International #Airport was attacked by the #Ukraine (APU) for the second time this week. No success, according to the source | Feb 10
- Fortunately, this time the #Nazis' expectations did not justify themselves.…
#Ukraine: What are they fighting for, a national betrayal | February 9, 2023
- People who do not remember kinship
Most likely, we really underestimated the enemy, and, in my opinion, it is important to identify two main components here.…
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Want to know what warms the soul of Indian cities in cold weather? Swipe to find out some regional winter-special delicacies that are best enjoyed in #winters >>>
#IndianFood #Seasonal #Special
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#MahaPeriyava #KrishnaJanmashtami #special
It was Gokulashtami. Kanchi MahaSwamigal had gone to the backyard for His morning duties at 4am. His Kainkaryam Sri Srikantan told me, "Mami, I will open the door secretly for you. You should put the necessary kolams and Kutty Krishna's
feet on the floor as quickly as possibly and run from here, Ok?"
I said Ok.
He said, "If you want, I will close the backyard door. Let me know the moment you are finished with the kolams and then I will open it again for Him". He was talking like as if the Sarveshwaran will not
know about our plans! I put the kolams, the Kutty Krishna's feet came out so beautifully that day. I drew the Feet from the backyard door right up to the room where He does the poojas and also near the kitchen. And then quickly I came out, afraid that Srikantan might admonish me
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1/12 #Part 2⃣: StarkWare Ecosystem

👉2/12 Overview
👉3-4/12 #StarkEx
👉5/12 #StarkNet
👉6-7/12 Who is building on #starkNet?
👉8/12 Skininthegame
👉9/12 Layer #3
👉10-11/12 Roadmap
👉12/12 Comparison

#Part 1⃣: Powerl of StarkWare (👉) Image
2/12. Overview

StarkWare is STARK Proof Pioneers, bringing scalability, security, and privacy to a blockchain.

#StarkWare = #StarkEx (Validium/Volition; App-Specific, Permissioned) + #StarkNet (zkRollup; General purpose, Composability, Permissionless) Image
3/12. #StarkEx is the first product, and it is a permissioned #scaling #engine that runs over Ethereum. Just #special #purpose use cases. Ex payment, trade, swap, perp, minting NFT... that are very specific functionalities. You can see @deversifi, @dYdX, @Immutable, @Sorare Image
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Christmas-themed casino slots are a #Special #treats on the menu of online gambling venues that strive to offer something thrilling to every style of player. In 2021, the most wondrous time of the year, as always, brings good cheer, lots of smiles and laughter, and, of course,… plenty of new games to tap into the festive atmosphere of the holiday season. Like one popular song says, Christmas is a feeling and it’s not just about presents by the tree, stockings… stuffed with candies, and the wonderful aroma of warm gingerbread. Indeed, it is about having fun, which for a great many people across the world means spinning the reels, among other things. For the merriest and most exciting December ever, here are
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Hello George, Your Daddy’s up against the wall …


I feel like there are A lot of #SPECIAL individuals on this virus of life & or many others in the world who think they’re #SPECIAL

Don’t forget, Forgiveness


No One Saw it coming ! …
The prophecy of Destruction because of Two Bloodlines not coming together in marriage,
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#Shivratri #special #Shivratri2022 #சிவராத்திரி
MahaSwamigal used to be delighted if any devotee brought Kondrai Poo (Cassia Fistula flowers) when they came to see Him, the reason being it was the favourite flower of Lord Shiva. One day a devotee came to see Him bringing with
him a basket full of that Kondrai Poo. He looked at that basket for one full minute and asked, "What else did you bring in that basket?"
"Only Kondrai Poo".
"No, you have not only brought the flower but also an ornament for Lord Shiva!” He said.
Nobody understood what Swamigal
was referring to. He asked the devotee to take the basket some distance away and to empty its contents in a bamboo plate. Suddenly a snake came out of the basket and slithered away!
Filled with excitement the devotee told Him what had happened. Swamigal smiled at him and said,
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"Recherchen zeigen, dass Querdenker & Reichsbürger aktuell eigene Schulen gründen, um Kinder in ihre Gedankenwelt zu ziehen. @RTL_com-Reporter Torsten Misler hat undercover recherchiert & ist mit Hinterleuten in Kontakt gekommen."
Mehr zur #Reichsbürger-Stiftung auch im Thread👆.
Die illegale #Querdenker-'Schule' in Erlangen-Eltersdorf (Mittelfranken), seit vorgestern erneut im Fokus polizeilicher Ermittlungen, wurde offenbar von der homöopathischen Tierärztin Babsi initiiert, die aktuell mit Team bei #QAnon-Guru Friedemann Mäckle Mack zu Gast war.
Bereits im November 2021 wurde die illegale #Querdenker-'Schule' in Erlangen-Eltersdorf nach einer Recherche der @NN_Online von den zuständigen Behörden durchsucht. Damals wurden jedoch keine Kinder angetroffen, im Hintergrund wurde jedoch weiter ermittelt…
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Die ominöse russische #Reichsbürger-Stiftung "Freiheit braucht Mut" betreibt weiterhin eine Website für die im September geschlossene #Querdenker-'Schule' in Rosenheim. Szenetypisch wird als 'Hygienekonzept' der #Querdenker-'Schule' direkt auf den "Nürnberger Kodex" verwiesen.
Die #Reichsbürger-Stiftung der #Querdenker-'Schule' in Rosenheim wird von der bereits bekannten & nach Russland ausgewanderten Sonja B. geführt (hier als Sonja K. unterwegs). Die 3 anderen anonymen Stiftungsgründer leben scheinbar in 🇩🇪. Ob das die Galaktischen Sterntaler 👇sind? ImageImage
Wie in der verschwörungsideologischen #Querdenken-Szene üblich jammert man auch bei der #Reichsbürger-Stiftung & #Querdenker-Schule über böse Anfeindungen durch die Presse & schiebt den Schutz von Kindern & Sorgen um deren Zukunft vor bzw. instrumentalisiert die Nöte von Familien ImageImageImage
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Good Morning

I'm thinking maybe ones should Really Really start thinking about seeking out God for Forgiveness instead of mocking & repeating what has already been shown.
Maybe read & re read again what General Flynn posted yesterday about God ..
Stop mocking God.
So many
In the world today ate trying so hard to be someone or something they are not because they think it brings them attention or makes others think they are something "Special" ..
If you want to be something "Special", go hang out with O' Bummer or Fake biden, they thought
They have been special all these years..
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À la fin de la décennie 90, @groupekadji a définitivement gagné ses galons de brasseur
Il est revenu de tout : l’âpre concurrence des deux majors, la crise économique, la dévaluation...
Il a tout vu et il a survécu à tout
Contrairement à d’autres #NOBRA
Mais il est confronté à un dilemme comme seul le Cameroun sait en proposer : le sort contrasté de ses deux produits phares
Pendant que sa boisson gazeuse bat haut le pavé et met à mal toute la gamme de son rival, sa bière peine à décoller
N’ayons pas peur des mots c’est une bière "régionale" voire "clanique" soutenue à bout de bras par la communauté sociologique du patriarche
Mais alors, si le problème est ethnique le sort du #Spécial devrait être identique
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Well, it’s that time again! Time to educate and advocate. Ever wonder what #Ontario #SpecialConstables are?
What they do?
Why they do it?
How they do it?
This is the thread for you!
#TOpoli #partnersinpublicsafety 1/12
#DYK #SpecialConstables are sworn Peace Officers, defined in s.2 of the Criminal Code of Canada.… SPC appointments are approved by the local police services boards with only federal, provincial and municipal authorities needed to fulfil their function 2/12
#DYK #SpecialConstables are employed by 1) Police Services and 2) Non-Police employers such as Housing, Transit and Universities. They are not security and not police. A Special Constable is a Special Constable. 3/12
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#SupplyChains #India needs to work indipendently with #USA and #China to separate the supply chains headed in the two directions and try to shift as much of them as possible to India
3/n #SupplyChains This is the final opportunity for making India a manufacturing hub, & bring manufacture jobs to India. It would be tragic if we miss this opportunity. I suggest that the new Govt appoint a #MOS(Supply Chains)in @PMOIndia to attract Global supply chains to India.
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...#Positivity is in each & everyone of us. Let it flow more often, makes a better day. #SirLRO
...#Positivity ~none said it was easy, all you have to do is one step at a time. I know you can, keep going. #SirLRO
~ #Positivity there is no need for deprecating others with words, when it calls for~there is a need for compassion, it’s in you, #SirLRO
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Shall I eat these fancy hospital biscuits?

[science thread]
Important vote 🍪🍪🍪
The packet tells me that each biscuit has 300kJ = kilo joules
Or 72kcal = kilo calories, ie 72,000 calories

But the box says "72 calories per biscuit"

So what's that about?
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A #special #warning for my folks w or w/o #disabilities who might be taking #Flexeril / #cyclobenzaprine

it says on the warning sheet that very few folks have had #depressive #sideeffects, and maybe I'm just a rarity.

but if i have to take that thing for 2x in a row
It's small & #insidious.
It starts with "will I ever get better?" & it can escalate into, "Why do I try?" depending how long I am on it.

I only need it sporadically, but yeah.
Changed my world to know that was a possibility.
Now I can say after using it..."Is this thought real?"
For those who would suggest other methods, this one is the best one i have for now.
(In a few years, maybe something that works better will come along or they might know more about why #EhlersDanlos happens)

In the mean time I wanted you to know, in case this happens to you too.
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Went to Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan today. Official population at 53,967, according to @UNHCR as of February 2018. All Syrian #refugees.

In many ways it was not what I expected.
First thing you notice is how remote the location is — some 100 kms east of Amman; 20 kms from Azraq town; 75 kms to Saudi Arabia; 255 kms to Iraq; and 90 kms to the Syrian border — from which its inhabitants fled.
At the same time, the harshness of the setting — a hardscrabble, sprawling 15 square km patch, scratched, etched and stretched out of endless rolling desert.

The perimeter was equally formidable, with security fencing, official patrols, check points and razor wire.
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