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🧲 StarkNet, Finding Our Way To the Airdrop 🪐

❯ Why Nobody Told Us?
❯ StarkNet Airdrops, All in One!

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#MAGNET #StarkNet

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2/12 🟠 StarkGate, Bridge <> StarkNet

🔸Arbitrum To StarkNet
🔸StarkNet To Optimism
🔸Polygon To StarkNet

🔸Use Orbiter To Send Optimism To Polygon After Step 2.

🎯 Targeted Airdrops = 2


🟠 Image
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HOPE Braavosians !

Chegamos no Marco final do Mapa Dinâmico da #StarknetJourney
EM breve veremos A REVELAÇÃO !

Bora saber como a gente consegue o NFT 5

1)Para reivindicar o NFT MARCO 5, você deve depositar qualquer quantia em criptomoedas por meio de uma de uma das cinco opções de rampa. Para isso :

-Clique em DEPOSIT
-escolha uma entre as opções, conforme a foto abaixo;
-Procure transferir $25 dol ( dica de Embaixador 😎) Image
2) Caso você tenha dificuldade, eu tenho um vídeo completo ensinando a usar as 3 Pontes ( layer, orbiter e starkgate):

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@Uniswap fez o anúncio que sua V4 será em código aberto e Devs poderão colaborar a partir de uma implementação base já feita.

Você sabe quem foi um dos principais Devs que trabalhou na V3 e V4 da #Uniswap e qual projeto ele está focado agora ?

@sendmoodz é um Desenvolvedor que trabalhou por muito tempo na Uniswap.

Podemos ver seu histórico no :
Ele fez um post sobre o anúncio da Uniswap V4 (projeto no qual ele trabalhou por aproximadamente 1 ano). Image
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Early Projects Megathread

Navigating the vast ocean of Web3 can be daunting, but fear not!
This thread is your treasure map, guiding you to the most promising gems emerging in the space. Keep an eye on these sectors 🧭👇:

• NFTfi
• Perps
• Rollups Image
1/🌈 @aerodromefi The central trading and liquidity marketplace on @BuildOnBase

- Ve(3,3) aiming to be the liquidity layer for #BASE
- First mover advantage on Base
- Official partnership with @VelodromeFi

Status: Launch soon Image
2/ ⚖️ @PoundSwap Ve(3,3) with Liquidity Book mechanism

- Ve(3,3) with concentrated liquidity
- Zero slippage
- Dynamic fees

Status: Launch date TBD Image
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Uma nova campanha da @Starknet_id e @starknet_quest em conjunto com a @JediSwap na #Starknet já está disponível !

MINT seu Padawan LightSaber .

👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 Image
1) acesse a página :
2) Vc deve cumprir as tarefas:
- ter um domínio.stark
-prover pelo menos 30$ de liquidez;
-seguir @JediSwap
- fase RT de um post da @starknet_quest Image
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Today, I'm going to walk you through the functions of the MultiSig Wallet smart contract on #Starknet. Brace yourself for an exciting dive into the world of #Cairo1 and #SmartContracts.

The constructor function is the first function called when the contract is deployed. It takes an array of owners & a required number of confirmations as input. It adds each owner to the contract, & sets up the number of confirmations needed to approve a transaction.

2/11 Image
The submitTransaction function allows only wallet owners to propose transactions. It accepts an address, a value. A new transaction with these details, marked as not yet executed, will be added to the transactions list.

3/11 Image
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🎉 Step 3 of the #StarknetJourney campaign is here!

Participate in this exciting #NFTgiveaway and enhance your Dynamic Map NFT! 🗺

Your mission is to either swap any amount or add any amount to @mySwapxyz liquidity pool. 💰

Keep reading to know how to do it👇
#NFTCommunity Image
To claim your NFT, you will need to do the following between May 31st at 13:00 and June 7th at 12:59 pm:

1️⃣ Swap any token amount from your Braavos wallet or utilize the mySwap exchange function,
Or add any amount to one of these liquidity pools:
2️⃣ Visit

3️⃣ Share the tweet, claim your NFT, and enjoy the bonuses like #OG roles!

Note that the system will take ~10 minutes to validate your swap or deposit. Additionally, it takes between 1 to 2 hours for the NFT to appear in your wallet.
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After months of hard work, we are delighted to announce the launch of AVNU Alpha on the @Starknet mainnet ✨

Experience optimal execution for your spot trading now at

In this 🧵, let's take a look at everything AVNU will change for you 👇 Image
With the rise of more decentralized exchanges (DEX) on Starknet, capital started to become scattered, leading to inefficiencies for traders.

At present, six AMMs are in operation on the Starknet Mainnet, while numerous others are gearing up for their launch.
How can we optimize trades and prices when liquidity is spread across so many different places? 🤔

To address this, we decided to tackle this big issue that refrains DeFi scalability with, AVNU, a liquidity layer that provides traders and dApps with the best execution. 💫 Image
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❯ Ultimate All-in-One List ⚡️
❯ Make Sure To Follow @UnboxBlock For More.

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#MAGNET @Starknet #Starknet $STRK Image
@Starknet 1/29 🎉 Let's guess how big will be the $STRK Airdrop. 🤯
2/29 🚀 Starknet: The Validity Rollup Layer 2 solution is here! 🔒 High throughput, low gas costs, and Ethereum-level security retained.

💪 Scaling Ethereum with STARK proofs and lighter L1 verification.
🌐 Cairo language powers Starknet contracts. Image
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🌈Layer2四大天王目前剩Starknet和Zksync未发币了,也是大家最期待的空投项目,同是ZK-Rollup扩容方案,浅谈一下两者有什么区别以及个人看法,不断学习中,xdm多给建议👇 #Starknet #zkSyncEra Image
(2)Stark和ZKS是两个最大的L2解决方案,都是以扩容以太坊网络为目标.Zksync使用 #SNARK 证明Rollup协议,Starknet使用 #STARK 证明Rollup协议,SNARK和STARK的根本区别在于它们的设置过程、可扩展性
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Welcome to “Starknet Science”- by @starkience!

The thread where we explore the science behind #Starknet for everyone.

This time we will be unveiling the Power of the $STRK Token and the structure behind it.


Please be aware that the following tweet does not provide official information from StarkWare or the Starknet foundation.

It is solely an analysis conducted by our community-led initiative, using available online resources as references.
“STRK will be used as a staking token for participation in StarkNet’s consensus mechanisms, as a Governance token, and for paying transaction fees.” - StarkWare
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Pre-orders for the plug'n'play Starknode are now LIVE! ⚡Join the #Starknet network effortlessly by launching your full node from home.

Why is Starknode a Web3 revolution? Let's explore. 👇…
1️⃣ Simplicity: #Starknodes make running a full node a breeze. Just flash the client onto a micro SD card using our custom desktop app, plug in two cables, and you're up and running! Your contribution to the Starknet network begins right away. 💡
2️⃣ Decentralization: Don't put your trust in centralized RPC providers. With your own home node, you're not just a user, but a key participant in the network's decentralization. 🌐
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#Starknet 早期采用者赠款(EAG基金会)的第一轮”拨款,即有资格获得 $STRK 代币的 #StarkNet 生态项目,用于在网络早期开发的项目。
总共1000万枚的 $STRK 代币将通过EAG基金会拨款给各个项目,下面列出一系列已经宣布有资格获得拨款的项目清单,我们可以从中找寻二次空投的机会👇
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Welcome to "Starknet A2Z" by @crypto_gurkha.

The series where we explore #Starknet's ecosystem.

We will explore @zkLend, a money market protocol that was recently launched on @Starknet Mainnet.

To explore more #Starknet dApps, visit

ZkLend is a Money-market protocol aiming to be a transparent, secure, & effective platform to cater to the liquidity requirements of users. It operates as an open lending market designed for retail & institutional clients, allowing them to deposit and borrow digital assets.
Users participating in the protocol have the opportunity to generate a yield by depositing digital assets, as they receive interest from borrowers who utilize those assets.
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I have just published #StarkNet Roundup #64 ✨🐺

This newsletter covers everything that has happened on the Starknet ecosystem over the past week 🫡

It's the perfect place to get a weekly overview of the ecosystem evolution in 10 minutes of reading 👇 Image
A special thanks to @myBraavos for sponsoring this edition 🙏

If you want to sponsor the upcoming edition, feel free to DM me Image
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A new @gitcoin campaign has just been launched, giving you the opportunity to support your favorite #Starknet projects

But did you know that you can also benefit from these campaigns as a donor? 👀

Follow me in this thread, I will explain everything to you👇

1/21 Image
In this thread, we will take a closer look at:
1⃣ Why make a donation?
2⃣ Starknet projects participating in this campaign
3⃣ How to make your donations

Note that the campaign ends on May 9th, so act quickly 🚨

1⃣ Why make a donation?

@gitcoin is a crowdfunding platform that supports open-source creators and developers by allowing them to receive funding for their projects. It connects:
👉 Early-stage crypto projects or public goods
👉 Donors

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1/ 𝗔𝗶𝗿𝗱𝗿𝗼𝗽 𝗛𝘂𝗻𝘁𝘀 - APRIL 🪂

Here's #airdrop strategies I shared in April. I only kept tutorials which are still up to date
Be consistent, stay focused, qualify for tomorrow's #airdrops

At the end of this thread, a weekly routine for zkSync, LayerZero & Starknet Image
Join telegram to not miss any strategy :


1️⃣ Linea
2️⃣ Base
3️⃣ Aark Digital
4️⃣ Scroll ZKP
5️⃣ Fuel Network
6️⃣ Mantle Network
7️⃣ Echo DEX
8️⃣ Archi Finance
9️⃣ iZUMi Finance
🔟 FusionX
1️⃣1️⃣ Polyhedra
1️⃣2️⃣ Galxe
1️⃣3️⃣ Masa x Base domain name
1️⃣ 𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗘𝗔 ( 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝘀𝗲𝗻𝘀𝘆𝘀 )

@LineaBuild is a developer ready, zk rollup powered by @ConsenSys the team behind #metamask 🦊
After a successful private test, you can now use this network publicly

⏱️ Estimed time 20min
💸 Cost FREE

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Want to earn airdrops from multiple projects while spending minimum time and resources?

@Orbiter_Finance offers cheaper token transfers than other bridges, and they recently confirmed their token.

Find out what a cross-rollup is and how to earn multiple airdrops at once:🧵👀 Image
1/⚫ L2 is currently experiencing a wild hype, and bridges are the key solution for Layer2 blockchains.

Through the use of bridges, we can transfer funds from the familiar L1 level (bsc, ethereum) to the new, fast, and inexpensive L2 (arbitrum, optimism). Image
2/⚫ @Orbiter_Finance is a decentralized cross-rollup bridge designed for the transfer of crypto assets. It provides cost-effective and almost instant transfers.

Orbiter supports cross-rollup transfers between ETH, StarkNet, zkSync, Arbitrum, Optimism, BSC and many others.
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🎉 Announcing RabbitX Token (RBX) — Rewards and More! 🎉

🧵 1/11
🌐 We're thrilled to announce the launch of #RabbitX Token (RBX) & the migration of our v1 Strips Token (STRP) to RBX on #Ethereum! A key step towards building a secure & liquid global derivatives network on #Starknet. 🚀

🌟 With $RBX, RabbitX will lead the rapidly growing #DeFi derivatives space. Our hybrid architecture platform offers speed, security, deep liquidity, zero gas fees, & up to 20x leverage. Join the success of our community with RBX! 💪

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This smart contract generates its own metadata fully on-chain:…
Keep reading to learn how to generate immutable dynamic NFTs.
🧵 1/6
#dynamicmetadata #immutable
Decentralized Metadata storage is a deal-breaker for any credible project.
However, storing complex animations is almost impossible on L1.
But it is possible on L2 thanks to Starknet compute.
Gaming: imagine @Starknetgaming with unruggable assets
SFTs: display up-to-date value attributes @SFTLabsHQ,
Art: create complex and evolving animations or sound-tracks @raphael_dkhn

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𝗪𝗲𝗲𝗸𝗹𝘆 𝗥𝗼𝘂𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗲 - Mainnet Version

I am often asked how I farm airdrops, so I will present today my weekly routine on my three favorite projects actually in mainnet

1️⃣ Introduction
2️⃣ zkSync
3️⃣ Starknet
4️⃣ LayerZero

#airdrop #airdrops Image
1️⃣ Introduction

I receive often the same question.. What is my strategy to farm airdrops ?

There are too many projects and too many possibilities to do everything. My advice has always been the same, find a limited number of projects and work on them thoroughly.
If you try to do everything, you won't do anything right ☠️ So I'm going to present you my weekly strategies for my top 3 with some explanations

🔸When to do your routine ?

The first important point to consider is when you are going to do your routine 🗓️
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Did you miss out on the #LSD bull pre Shanghai Upgrade?

No need to worry, as Cancun - an upgrade that directly benefits Layer2(L2) tokens is coming.

Want to see your investment skyrocket like many did during $LSD spring?

Let me tell you how👇:

#Ethereum #Crypto Image

What benefits will Cancun bring and how will it impact L2s?

In simple words, it will make L2s 10-100x faster and cheaper.

How is this possible?

Fundamentally, L2s are required to submit L2 txs to L1 (Ethereum) in order to achieve the same level of security as L1. Image
Before #Cancun, L2 txs were stored in the L1 txs calldata. However, this method is expensive and calldata has limited space.

After #Cancun, L1 will be stored in a new place called "blob"(don't google it) . Blob storage cost is way cheaper and have a bigger space. Image
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#Airdrop #Bitcoin #Starknet
6、Mint Square NFT交互
7、Aspect NFT交互 一个号挂,一个号买
8、Nostra交互 尝试存入,借入,偿还,取出。Nostra我承认我没做。
推出NFT和域名赠品活动: 3种Braavos NFT盾牌-青铜,白银和黄金,NFT属性在今年揭晓!

4月20日之前,头盔钱包设置里免费注册.braavos.stark域名,之后进入 可mint青铜NFT。
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