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"Cost of #agedcare could double" according to .@GuardianAus headline. But what if it was an investment .@AnikaWells .@Tony_Burke .@mark_butler_MP ? #auspol 🧵 1/8
Despite world’s highest number over 80s in #agedcare (~20% v 14.6% in NZ, 6% in US), #auspol only between ~1.2 per cent of GDP aged care – about 2/3 of the OECD average of 1.7 per cent, according to OECD in 2019. 2/8
Average now ~1.5%. Scandi countries spend 3.5% of GDP on #agedcare, "reflecting more advanced, gov managed LTC systems." Switzerland, France, Belgium, Finland, the United Kingdom, Germany & Japan spend 2-2.5%.… 3/8
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A to Z of scandals, failures & fuck-ups during Morrison's Prime Ministership

It not an exhaustive list, more of a living document
#auspol #ausvotes #insiders #AusVotes2022

Aged care neglect
Archer bullied
Ancestry trip G7
ACC Conference GC - 'appointed by God'
ABC cuts, 250 jobs lost
Angus, fuel storage/fake electricity prices fail
ANAO & OAIC funding cut after SportsRorts Reports

#auspol #ausvotes #insiders

Brereton Report
Blind Trust

#auspol #ausvotes #insiders
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Lark Distilling got over $330K in #JobKeeper even though the business suffered no 'significant impact'

@ScottMorrisonMP is trying to give them another $4.5 million of taxpayer money

Lark is part-owned by billionaire Bruce Mathieson Snr
#auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022
Here's a link Lark's Annual Report

See page 30 & 33
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PM Morrison Address to #NPC on @abcnews

President Laura Tingle opens proceedings.

(She should ask @ScottMorrisonMP why he's afraid to be interviewed by her)

Morrison begins by recognizing the Ngunnawal ppl & elders

Points out Barnaby & Marise are in the audience
Starts speech by calling the last 3yrs 'extraordinary', fire/flood/pestilence/recession

"It's been tough"

Thanks aged care workers.

"Heartbreaking" to lose loved ones, our way of life turned upside down
#auspol #NPC
Morrison trying hard to be 'suburban Scotty' - says he worries about things late at night like everyone else

Says he knows that everyone has put up with a lot.

Says he accepts the responsibility, criticism & blame of the shit show he has presided over.
#auspol #NPC
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.@parnellpalme's column today warrants some comment in reply.

firstly, the trope that there aren't many direct jobs in renewables once the construction crew has left town…

read on for why this is a misconception……
the example given by @senbmckenzie is the moree solar farm, which apparently only has 5 direct employees.

that's very few, but it's a small facility… it only generates ~0.15 TWh/yr, or 33 employees/annual-TWh.
kogan creek coal power station has 111 direct employees and generates ~5.2 TWh/yr, or 21.3 employees/annual-TWh.

(older coal power stations are much less efficient. eg. yallourn in victoria has 500 employees for 8.9 TWh last year = 56 employees/TWh.)
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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are ABC 730 chief political corro and all round CPG legend Laura Tingle, 9fax chief political corro David Crowe, and murdoch politics editor James Campbell.
The interview is with Morrison government minister Stuart Robert.
Robert is currently minister for “employment, workforce, skills, small business and family business” but whatever. His actual tasks are to direct public money to preferred constituencies and take the heat for monumental failures and cruelties like #CensusFail and #Robodebt.
opening spiel: D1 starts with his “states split” narrative. This is the journo favourite about how the federal and NSW governments want one thing and all the other states and territories want another. Vic is the exception here. #Insiders
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IDK how many feel as I do that the Morrison lead government will not bring out #Budget2021
For all thinking people it appears the we are now in an undeclared Federal election campaign
The impact of the Opposition`s attack on all of Morrison`s failures
has finally cut through
Media cannot find positives to promote this LNP government any further
A further eroding of the Democratic process in shutting down debate in #HoR question time cannot be defended by the #MSM, nor can it be glossed over
Also, the impact of the new US Biden admin with it`s #NetZeroBy2050 & return to the #ParisAgreement will see Morrison not only further sidelined by global powers it will see him totally isolated in #ClimateChangeDenialism

The impact on reducing #covidstimulus
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Hey @David_Speers

I hear you've come down with an bad case of selective amnesia, for some reason you seem to think @ScottMorrisonMP has had a 'good' year?

I've created a brief reminder of Morrison's 2020 Fuck-Ups in an Advent Calendar just for you
#auspol #insiders
Day 1: January

Morrison sparks protests calling for his sacking around Australia. Angry Australians are not happy with him going to Hawaii while Australia burned.

Remember you called it a 'misstep' Dave?

Morrison visits Cobargo
#auspol #insiders
Day 2: February

Bridget McKenzie resigns after weeks of Morrison defending her, the #Sportsrorts scandal is traced all the way back to the Prime Minister's office.

#auspol #insiders…
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Watching #LNPeta's documentary so you don't have to. A thread. #MurdochRoyalCommission
Off to a poor start, claiming Vic's lockdown has been the longest and hardest in the word which is just not true.
2nd lie. Claiming that every other state used ADF at 'the front' of their hotel quarantine. She then claims that Victoria is 'going alone' with Private Security. Completely ignoring the fact that every other state has used private security. #MurdochRoyalCommission
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Enjoying listening to @latrobelaw's Tarryn Phillips & @DALupton talking about "The politics of preparing for a pandemic" - and the sociology of it, obviously. 😄
TarrynPhillips notes that alongside the literal viral contagion of #COVID19, we saw "social contagion" right back in March, exemplified in the Toilet Paper Panic Buying. TP took on a symbolic weight, representing comfort, normalcy, dignity (&, presumably hygiene!).
But there were also more significant shortages than toilet paper, too: food, medications, hand sanitiser, masks (PPE for healthcare workers).

Last week our pharmacy told us their suppliers literally had NO sterile gloves +some other basic wound care supplies available!
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My latest for #theAIMN: In addition to other perceptions of neglect from Tuesday night's federal #budget, add the arts & entertainment sectors to that list. And @withMEAA and Greens senator @sarahinthesen8 are none too pleased. #auspol… via @AusIndiMedia
Excerpt from @sarahinthesen8: "The arts and entertainment industry was one of the first to be hit by social distancing restrictions, it has suffered enormously throughout the lockdown and will be one of the last to recover."

#auspol #budget
Although federal arts and communications minister @PaulFletcherMP announced several areas of funding for those areas, @withMEAA head Paul Murphy says that the arts and entertainment sectors still remain inadequately funded. #auspol #budget
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“It’s very, very quiet at the moment. I’ve never seen it this quiet in my 35 years of being here. It’s quite, quite sad.” – Rosa Ansaldo from Rospaul Fresh Fruit at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market. #abc730 #coronavirus @AlanKohler #ecomony
“As today’s ABS figures show, it’s no wonder many business are in trouble, with household consumption down 12.1% in the June quarter.” - @AlanKohler #abc730 #coronavirus #economy
“If we didn't have #JobKeeper right now we wouldn't be able to operate. We would just be getting deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper into #debt. We're in enough debt.” – Glen Day, restaurant owner. #abc730 #coronavirus #economy
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Melbourne's stage four #lockdown is now in full effect and its devastating economic impact is becoming clear, with warnings today it could cost the nation up to $12 billion dollars and push unemployment to 10 per cent. #abc730 @tomrjoyner #COVID19Vic
“Right now, I'm working as a sales consultant at a bathroom-kitchen-laundry showroom. I started this job a week ago. Today's my last shift.” Christina Katsifolis has just been told she is out of a job, for the second time in 6 months. #abc730 #COVID19Vic
#JobKeeper was absolutely instrumental in giving us the motivation to keep going, even though the sales were plummeting.” Florist, Peter Keeghan. #abc730 #COVID19Vic
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I’m getting direct reports of widespread standowns of early childhood educators in Victoria.

@DanTehanWannon’s so-called Jobs Guarantee hasn’t survived Day 1. More below👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Educators are distressed and angry. They’ve been there for families every day during this pandemic. They’ve turned up without PPE or social distancing when everyone else was told to stay home. We need to be there for them now.
The Morrison Government rewarded their dedication by booting them off #JobKeeper early. Just 3 days after guaranteeing that no workers would be kicked off early.
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The Federal Government recently announced changes to JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments from 28 September 2020. These changes reduce access to JobKeeper and reduce the payment to JobKeeper and JobSeeker recipients. Link: These…
Particularly in Victoria, where Stage 3 restrictions have been re-imposed, casual and part-time employees have been significantly impacted. We believe that JobKeeper payments should remain at current levels and be extended to casual employees #jobkeeper
The Government should look after our community and provide income support that doesn’t leave people in poverty. Increase JobSeeker permanently and provide confidence to people and businesses. #RaisetheRateforGood
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The federal government has unveiled another stimulus package, this one called #JobTrainer. It will provide extra training courses and extend wage subsidies for apprentices. But there are concerns the scheme doesn't go far enough. #abc730 @michaelatkin
Ella Brown runs a construction business with 7 apprentices. She is pleased about the new #JobTrainer package. “I think my reaction straight away, this morning was, oh, a bit of relief to have some support.” #abc730 #auspol
The latest figures show more than 23,000 apprentices and trainees have been stood down or had their training cancelled since March. And that figure is climbing despite taxpayer funding on offer to keep them employed. #abc730 #auspol
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Victoria is about to enter its first week of a dreaded second shutdown and won’t come back to life until late August, putting millions of lives on hold and jobs at risk. #abc730 @jason_om #COVID19Vic…
Ahmed Hassan is recovering from #COVID19. He was taken to hospital twice. “I was in emergency ward shaking and the pain was unbearable, unbearable, because it got full control of my body.” #abc730 #COVID19Vic
Year 12 student Laysaa Sheya lives in one of the housing blocks that are in lockdown. “I understand the intention behind it, but the way it was gone about was completely wrong. We should have had a heads up.” #abc730 #COVID19Vic
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David Jones is one of a number of big-name retailers denying casual staff the government #JobKeeper wage subsidy because they have taken a break from work in the past 12 months. Employment law experts say the cases reveal massive flaws that need to be fixed. #abc730 @pjmcgrath
David Jones told Maxima De La Rosa she didn’t qualify for #JobKeeper because she took leave to visit family overseas. “I feel like I have the right to know more why I'm not eligible to to get the job keeper when others of my colleagues are actually getting it.” #abc730 #auspol
Under the #Jobkeeker rules casuals must have been with their employer for at least 12 months, working on a “regular and systematic basis”. But it lets employers decide what “regular and systematic” means. #abc730 #auspol
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EPIC THREAD: Remember the eviction ban that would 'fix' #COVID19 rental problems? It prevented a surge of tenants being booted, but started a debt-bomb set to explode in September. "The world is going to collapse," a housing expert told me. Here's WHY. #auspol #ausbiz
* A 6-month eviction 'ban'
* Mortgage 'pauses' for landlords
* Income support (#JobKeeper, #JobSeeker) for renters Extraordinary measures by governments and banks to prevent an eviction surge, keep 8 million renters in their homes and help landlords struggling with loans....
But they're temporary and mask a growing problem: many tenants getting "reductions" to their rent are really just deferrals, accruing huge debts they'l never be able to repay. "I'm $1,600 in arrears, which is a lot of money when you look at it," said 27-year-old Jay.
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So, I’ve recently applied for two jobs at @CSIRO in Geelong. One is to grow #SARSCoV2 in a space suit as a jobbing Virologist. Pay? $65-90k plus Super. The other is to be an ‘innovation consultant’ like I did for the Quango I used to work for. Pay? 120k-135k plus super.
All that is WRONG with the current Federal Government approach to the STEM industries is nearly encapsulated in the above tweet. I’m sorry @karenandrewsmp but this situation is wrong. My virology skills & knowledge should be highly valued in these times. Not my schmoozing skills
I have also applied for two jobs advertised in Victoria (one based in Geelong) by a Quango outsourcing the @IndustryGovAu Accelerating Commercialisation program, to help fledgling MedTech Pharma businesses. Pay for State Director Role? 150k -200k and for the GM in GTown? 120-135k
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Very sad today that academics at our wonderful universities are having to work out whether to back @NTEUNational and VC proposals to take significant pay cuts to sandbag jobs. 1/?
I’m also extremely angry. The reason staff are having to make these choices is because the federal government changed the rules THREE TIMES to keep unis out of #JobKeeper (never forget that peeps 🤓) 2/?
I’ve read the proposal and I’ve been thinking it over all day. I’ve also watched people (from in the sector and outside) having slings at colleagues and our union here all day. That is really (additionally) pissing me off (sorry, rarely swear on twitter, less so irl) 3/?
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Josh Frydenburg was given the power to save jobs, save livelihoods and even to save lives as he could alter #Jobkeeper to include more people and workplaces
Instead he’s been doing the opposite and now millions are missing out
#Thread #auspol 1/10
His first changes were to improve the access for charities, change some definitions around entity rules to capture people in that sector but he also stripped people under 17 of JobKeeper (they all lost their jobs) and made it harder for universities to get #Jobkeeper 2/10
The weird thing about this announcement was that charities got to exclude government funding revenue but universities specifically did not. A clear and deliberate decision to punish universities 3/10
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#JobKeeper has barely started and already there are concerns. Some workers have complained their bosses refuse to sign up for the scheme. Bosses say it’s confusing and unfairly tilted towards workers earning free money while their own livelihoods falter. #abc730 @pjmcgrth #auspol
Tom Nielsen was working three to four nights a week as a kitchen hand until the coronavirus shut down the restaurant industry in March. #abc730 #JobKeeper #auspol
Last month the restaurant's owner texted Tom telling him he could be eligible for the $750 per week #JobKeeper payment. But there was a catch - he wanted Tom to increase his hours to five nights a week. #abc730 #auspol
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I've just moved the Greens second reading amendment in in the Senate.

The Government’s response to #COVID19 continues to see large sections of our population left behind.

The Greens sought to amend the #JobKeeper package to provide proper support to at least the following groups -


1. Disability Support Pension recipients, carers, and age pensioners who receive Commonwealth Rent Assistance, none of whom will be eligible for the $550 a fortnight COVID-19 supplement and will be trapped beneath the poverty line
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