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Here is @RishiSunak telling the HoC that he did not attend any parties

Yes he was asked about a specific event but that doesn’t matter to the #privilegescommittee hearing for @BorisJohnson

One rule for one and another for another??

That sounds fair 🙄…
An exact carbon copy and I have yet to find any link of Sunak correcting the record at all

Did he?

He may’ve done but…🤷‍♀️
A carbon copy of the #PrivilegesCommittee question to @BorisJohnson from Catherine West MP

I have searched Hansard and can find no reference to @RishiSunak correcting the house OR even apologising

@Conservatives MPs what do you do now?

Refer @RishiSunak or scrap the PC?
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The #SueGrayReport is 60 pages long! Who's gonna read all that! Me! That's who! Stay tuned for a blow by blow account of the whole thing! This is gonna be a long thread!

1/25 #SueGrayReport
Wine & cheese in the garden is no reason to assume a meeting

is anything other than work related. Good to know!
2/25 #SueGrayReport
exclamation marks are used frequently by the highest officials in their comms so thought I'd use them too! Strap in!
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Your Majesty.
In 1975 you decided, in your role as head of state, to dismiss a sitting Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, the then PM of Australia. This was around the failure to pass Supply Bills through parliament and not law breaking or any sort or misconduct.
Can I ask that you use these same powers to dismiss a corrupt British Prime Minister who refuses to follow the convention of resigning when found to have lied to the @HouseofCommons and brought disrepute onto his office as your First Minister
Our mainly uncodified democracy relies on these conventions. It also relies on you, your Majesty, using your constitutional powers to remove a PM who has been found, by the police and the civil service, to be unfit to serve you. I can think of no finer way of showing
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All the #SueGrayReport photos of Boris Johnson - from birthday party to leaving do

Damning photos of No10 lockdown parties have been included in Sue Gray's final report into Partygate.…
Boris Johnson, Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Cabinet Secretary Simon Case have all been pictured in extremely high spirits.

👉 But the identities of other civil servants who attended lockdown parties in Downing Street have been protected.…
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Boris Johnson makes a statement on Sue Gray's findings and pictures of parties in Downing Street.… #SueGrayReport #Partygate #PartygateReport
You can watch The PM's statement live here:

#SueGrayReport #Partygate #PartygateReport…
"I take full responsibility for everything that took place on my watch. Sue Gray's report has emphasised that it's up to the political leadership at No 10 to take ultimate responsibility and of course I do," says Boris Johnson.

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The defence line seems to be still and always the same: deflecting personal responsibility.

Remember that this man is in charge of the country.

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Our statement on the #SueGrayReport:

"There we have it.

Whilst the country had one of the highest death rates in the world from Covid-19, they were celebrating over Cheese and Wine and drinking themselves sick over a Karaoke machine.

When they refused to learn lessons and allowed the virus to run riot in the second wave, killing more people than it had in the first, they instead prioritised Secret Santa.

When they were texting colleagues about getting away with it, we were having to text our families telling them they couldn't come to their loved ones' funerals.

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Prime Minister's Questions: Johnson faces Commons grilling over Partygate…
You can watch #PMQs live here 👇…
This damning picture shows Boris Johnson raising a can of beer at his rule-breaking birthday bash on June 19 2020.

The PM was fined alongside Rishi Sunak over the party. #PMQs #Partygate #SueGrayReport
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They KNEW that they were partying in a way that was completely incompatible with what the public was being told in the Daily Press Conferences!

They deliberately hid it from the cameras!


Compliance took a major hit after Cummings. If this had come out, it would have ended the fight against Covid MONTHS before we even had our first vaccine!
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Here we go. First extracts from #SueGrayReport are out.
The document contains further images which evidence yet more instances of rule-breaking at some of the 16 events within scope (4 of which didn't meet the threshold for the Met Police investigation):
In total, 126 FPNs were issued by the Met, to a total of 83 individuals (some of whom received multiple), for the following 8 events:
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Rocking up to Westminster today like:
Sup @BorisJohnson! How's everything going?
George Eustice is primed and ready to defend the in defensible. 🤣
He saw me taking the photo, and I smiled back at him, as I knew what was coming.

God I've missed this!😍 It's been so long since these Tories have had to fear being held to account.

That 80-seat majority has made them way too comfortable.
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It doesn't matter whether you tweet #Johnsonout or #JohnsonOut117 we are all after the same thing ,I'm not impressed by the obvious bullying and it is bullying naming what someone perceives as fake accounts or suggesting that one person has made said accounts why does it matter
It smacks of arrogance and jealousy we should all be working together for the cause our objective is for Johnson to go and the #SueGrayReport to be published in full ,fully unredacted I've seen so many people considering leaving twitter not for just this situation but bullying
Seems to be rife over twitter I understand we are angry and frustrated we all feel it but bullying is never OK I will never try and convince anyone I'm a real person anyone I interacts with me knows I am and the ones that don't they don't matter to me this is not my life let's
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Has to be said, it appears that there have only been a maximum of 26 more fines issued since the last update from @metpoliceuk - so, the chances that Johnson accounts for several of these seems increasingly unlikely.

#PoliticsLive #OneRuleForThem #CrimeMinister
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FUN FACTS about Karl McCartney (a job at GB "News" surely beckons):

In 2013, Karl apologised to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) for the content of notes he had sent to staff, described by IPSA Chief Executive as 'abusive', 'offensive' & 'condescending'.
Damaged reactionary culture war dinosaur Karl McCartney predictably opposed same-sex marriage, arguing in a 2012 reply to a constituent's letter on the matter that he felt it would next lead to "multi-partnership marriages... [and] a reduction in the age of permitted marriage".
Following a 2020 report into connections between colonialism & @nationaltrust properties, Karl signed a letter to The Telegraph from the "Common Sense Group" which mobilised the antisemitic conspiracy theory of 'cultural Marxism' that inspired far-right terrorist Anders Breivik.
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The long-awaited "levelling up" strategy is a joke: the Government are openly taking the piss out of the "red wall" voters they conned into voting for them in 2019: it contains fuck-all new money, is driven largely by meaningless targets, & aims for a 2030 completion!
It's like it was written on the back of a fag packet during a lockdown party. At the heart of the strategy is a plan to create more regional mayors which nobody wants!

We want decent jobs, affordable homes & functional public services - which have all but disappeared since 2008!
The largely meaningless targets hope to "level up" some areas by 2030! What a joke. What an insult. By November last year, the Govt had committed just £11billion through policies to support the regeneration of towns & communities across the UK for the period from 2020/1 - 2025-6.
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1. "Against the backdrop of the pandemic, when the Government was asking citizens to accept far-reaching restrictions on their lives, some of the behaviour surrounding these gatherings is DIFFICULT TO JUSTIFY"
#SueGrayDay #SueGrayReport #PartyGate #BorisJohnson
2. "At least some of the gatherings in question represent a *serious failure* to observe not just the high standards expected of those working at the heart of Government but also of the standards expected of the entire British population at the time."
#SueGrayReport #PartyGate
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🔴 With Sue Gray's 'partygate' report imminent, some leading lights might well take their chance to bring down the country's most powerful man

@CamillaTominey reports

The Prime Minister may have granted himself a stay of execution pending the findings of Sue Gray’s much anticipated "partygate" report.

❌But Wednesday’s developments suggest that there is only so much power the most powerful man in the country can wield
Take the strength of the briefing around Ms Gray’s desire to see her investigation published in full.

✍️In theory, it should be in a Prime Minister’s gift to decide when and how an inquiry he has called should report back to the public
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📰Sue Gray's report on allegations of lockdown-breaking parties in Downing Street is expected any day, but No 10 and Tory rebels are already planning their next steps

This is what to watch out for 👇🧵

1⃣ Boris Johnson addresses MPs

The PM has made clear he will address Parliament about Sue Gray’s findings soon after they are made public.

The position is being framed by Downing St as the chance for Parliament to hold Mr Johnson accountable for what is found
2⃣ Departures from PM’s inner circle

There is a near-universal belief among Tory MPs and government advisers that an overhaul of his inner circle is coming.

The move in part reflects the PM feeling let down by his team at the scale of drinking in Downing Street
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🔴 Boris Johnson faces a #PMQs grilling as the #SueGrayReport looms

Follow the latest from Westminster live 👇…
Watch #PMQs live here 👇
Boris Johnson is asked by Kate Osamor if he agreed with Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, writing off £4.3 billion of fraud.

"No of course not Mr Speaker, but we do not support fraudsters or those who steal from the public purse," the PM says

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