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@pamconstable1 From your @washingtonpost article:
“The Taliban wants to segregate women. So it’s training female doctors.”
“This makes me feel like we have done something useful, that all my years of fighting were worth it,” said a Taliban security guard..…
Taliban are NOT training women to become doctors:

Taliban banned #Aghanwomen from attending universities and from getting higher education in Afghanistan, according to the letter released by the Taliban's Ministry of Higher Education.…
I have to ask: just exactly how many #AfghanWomen did you interview before you published this story? I think you need to do more research:…
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Parwana Ibrahimkahail has been badly tortured .We know where she is @NorwayMFA The #Taliban deny taking her but she’s in detention centre in PD9. Don’t negotiate with terrorists .@US4AfghanPeace @AHuitfeldt @AnneBeathe_ @SkyNews @Shaimaakhalil @BBCWorld @guardian @POTUS
The spokesman for #TalibanTerrorists deny taking her -It’s a lie - She has been tortured. I’m asking the International community to shout her name .#ReleaseParwana now .@GOVUK @TomTugendhat @RoryStewartUK @GordonBrown @SnellArthur @BBCYaldaHakim
We are asking the International community to scream for #Parwana. Tell you MP. Retweet.She needs us now. #Parwana will be murdered without our intervention. @amnesty @AmnestyUK @UNHumanRights @UNHumanRightsEU ACT NOW.
#ReleaseParwana #WeAreWatching
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Shocking news about sex slavery by #TalibanTerrorists : The Taliban entered people's houses in Kapisa province and took six women with them. The Taliban commander confirmed the news. #DoNotRecogniseTaliban
At the same time, this is not shocking because @lynnekodonnell @Massoud151 @ForeignPolicy already reported about #Taliban sex slavery policy.…
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Taliban aid discrimination:
Acc to @indypersian Taliban have ordered 4000 Hazara families in Daikundi, most underdeveloped province, to return aid packages they received from previous government. Either return the aid packages, pay or face consequences.…
@indypersian One province that has suffered, & continues to suffer, the most under #TalibanTerrorists rule is Daikundi province.
Also new aid Humanterian Aid meant to be distributed to Daikundi residents have been given to Taliban supportors and members instead. Here is a thread on discrimination over aid distribution in Afghanistan #DoNotRecogniseTaliban 👇
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While taliban are now summoning translators who worked for Dutch gov and other foreign nations, Dutch defense who recently resigned over Afghanistan crisis just said that Dutch gov should not evacuate Afghans due to Brian-drain. Disgusting madam defense minister 🤢🤢🤢
Taliban are now threatening to persecute the families of translators, if translators don't appear in Taliban court as summoned…
*defense minister
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😂 hilarious, Taliban terror*'sts claim to have defeated world power USA and their puppets in Afghanistan, but now beg USA to recognise them and help them.
Dear world,
Do not unfeeze a cent. Do not send a penny to the terro*rst regime of taliban. Help civilians directly instead.

Taliban are a drug cartel and an international terro* rist organization. They want free money to suppress Hazaras, Panjshiris, Women, journalists, activists, former ANDSF members and other vulnerable groups.


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These are former ANDSF members who came back to their homes after taliban announced general amnesty. Now they are killed & filmed by taliban.


Someone should tag taliban apologists like @harounrahimi1
Just seen another video, Taliban slitting the throat of a person like killing a goat or something during Eid Al Adha. The video is so graphic, I refuse to share 😭

My country 💔 under rule of Taliban terrori*sts
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Taliban appoints a Haqqani related mullah as president of Kabul University. 🤦 His only education is memorization of Quran in Arabic.
*Correction: it is reported that he has studied at a Madrasa in Pakistan, but has not even finished memorization of Quran.

The thing about Mullahs, especially Pakistani and Afg mullahs, is that majority of them turn out to be child m*lestors. Sometimes they themselves also have been abused by their seniors at Madrasas.
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Taliban are only on paper called Islamic. In reality Taliban are an ethno-facist movement.

An important word in Quran is I'qra which means READ (96:1).

Now tell us how are the ethno-fascist Taliban movement Muslims when they contradict Quran by banning girls from going to schools among other things?

While the lingua franca of Afghanistan is Farsi/Dari, ethno-fascist Taliban are replacing Farsi/Dari with pashto.

ethno-fascist Taliban will not prevail.

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صحبت از پژمردن یک برگ نیست
وای، جنگل را بیابان می‌کنند
دست خون‌آلود را در پیش چشم خلق پنهان می‌کنند
هیچ حیوانی به حیوانی نمی‌دارد روا
آنچه این نامردمان با جان انسان می‌کنند

What Taliban have done to Dr. Fatima is beyond your wildest imaginations.

This woman needs help ASAP.
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⚡URGENT - #Afghanistan : Le gouvernement américain «ne peut pas garantir un passage sûr» vers l'aéroport de #Kaboul pour l'évacuation y compris pour les citoyens américains annonce l'Ambassade des États-Unis à Kaboul. #Kabul #kabulairport #TalibanTerrorists Image
🔴 SUIVI - #ÉtatsUnis : Les talibans ont rompu leur promesse d'accès des #Afghans à l'aéroport de #Kaboul, selon les Etats-Unis (AFP). #TalibanTerrorists #Kabul #kabulairport Image
🔴 SUIVI - #ÉtatsUnis : Le secrétaire à la Défense des États‑Unis, Lloyd J. Austin dit qu'ils ont une ligne de communication ouverte avec les commandants #talibans et qu'il n'y a pas d'interactions hostiles entre eux (Al Jazeera). #Kabul #kabulairport Image
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⚡DERNIERE MINUTE - #Afghanistan : Des manifestations anti-talibans ont lieu dans plusieurs villes du pays en ce moment. #talibans #Taliban #Islamisme #Islamistes #AlQaeda #Kabul #TalibanTerrorists
🔴ALERTE INFO - #Afghanistan : Des informations font état que les terroristes #talibans ouvrent le feu sur des manifestants à #Kaboul. Les manifestants protestent notamment parce que les #talibans ont changé leur drapeau national en un drapeau islamique. #Islamisme #Islamistes
⚡️DERNIERE MINUTE - #Afghanistan : Les #terroristes #Talibans tirent en l'air pour effrayer des manifestants qui protestent contre leur arrivée au pouvoir. #Islamisme #Islamistes #talibans #Taliban #AlQaeda #Kabul #TalibanTerrorists
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🔴 FLASH - #Afghanistan : Le porte-parole des #talibans, Zabihullah Mujahid, devrait informer les journalistes lors d'une conférence de presse dans les prochaines minutes. #Kabul #TalibanTerrorists #Taliban #kabulairport #ZabihullahMujahid Image
🔴 SUIVI - #Afghanistan : Première apparition du porte-parole des Talibans, Zabihullah Mujahid (@Zabehulah_M33), dans la capitale afghane #Kaboul. #Kabul #TalibanTerrorists #Taliban #kabulairport #ZabihullahMujahid Image
🔴 SUIVI - #Afghanistan : Les membres des #talibans mettent leur drapeau avant la première conférence de presse du porte-parole des #Talibans, Zabihullah Mujahid (@Zabehulah_M33). #Kabul #TalibanTerrorists #Taliban #kabulairport #ZabihullahMujahid
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(A thread)

So as of a short while ago, the #Taliban control 24 of 32 regional capital cities and were around 15km south of #Kabul. The #US has begun evacuation of the Embassy in Kabul, moving personnel to Kabul International Airport which...
(1/8) a few miles north of the Embassy.

3,600 US and #UK troops are supposedly deployed to evacuate the remaining American and British citizens along with hundreds of Afghan interpreters who face death at the hands of the #TalibanTerrorists.

US Air Force & RAF flights...
... have been seen on @flightradar24 and @ADSBexchange heading into the region non-stop at a significant rate in the last 48hrs. A mixture of C-5M, C-17A, C-130T, C-130J, KC-135R and KC-10As from the USAF, with A400M and A330-MRTT from the RAF.
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