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- Grand Assembly of the #Ulema of Afghanistan is now the official name of the TB's gathering in Kabul.
- There are rumors that Amir ul-Mu'minin will appear in the gathering.
- Some similar events in the Loya Jirga tent in the past were targeted by ISKP (rockets, Suicide Attacks).
- The Grand Assembly of Ulema will be #chaired by Sheikh Mawlawi Habibullah Haqqani.
- According to the State-run Bakhtar News Agency, about 3500 people are invited to participate in the Ulema's gathering in Kabul City.
- Acting Prime Minister, Mullah M. #Hassan_Akhund, as the 1st speaker, offered his speech:
"People who have ruined our nation& our country in the past two decades& moved to foreign countries, still create problems for our people even though we do not make any troubles for them."
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1. The Earthquake in Afghanistan was caused by a nuclear warhead just like the one the U.S. Military used to create a 6.8 magnitude quake in Amchitka, Alaska.

2. The Earthquake in Afghanistan happened on a threefold border.
3. The Earthquake in Afghanistan happened on a luciferian holiday.…
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There are rumors about the start of #Taliban's operation against their dissatisfied Hazara commander, Mawlawi #Mahdi Mujahid, in #Balkhab District of Sar-e Pul Province.
Here is a #propaganda video, showing the loyalists of Mahdi, welcoming him in Balkhab.
Deputy of Mawlawi Mahdi, the most senior commander of the Hazara #Taliban, who has allegedly separated from the group, told BBC that the Taliban forces attacked their home town Balkhab...… Image
Local sources from the north of AFG, shared some details of the #Taliban casualties in #Balkhab operation, with me.
About 14 Taliban were killed&20 more wounded (7 critical) as a result of the Taliban's attack against commander Mahdi in Balkhab yesterday.
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The #UK #does_not_support anyone, including Afghan nationals, seeking to achieve #political_change through #violence, or any activity inciting violence for political purposes, in #Afghanistan, and will not allow UK soil to be used to plan or prepare it...…
and we strongly discourage others from doing so.
To promote peace& stability, to deliver essential humanitarian support to the Afghan people& to address shared concerns on security, there is no alternative to engaging pragmatically with the current administration of Afghanistan.
"Some #British_nationals were arrested about six months ago for #violating AFG's laws& the traditions of Afghans.
The detainees were #released and handed over to their home country on the basis of an agreement reached after a series of meetings between the IEA& the UK."
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Following Islamic terror at #Kabul, the @HMOIndia has granted e-visas to over 100 Sikhs in Afghanistan.

Many Afghan Sikhs refuse to board 🇮🇳 Flights sent for evacuation after #Taliban takeover, they wanted 🇬🇧 🇨🇦 asylum which never happened & now after blast they are coming to 🇮🇳
Alongside Muslims many Sikhs attacked Modi Govt for CAA which has granted thousands of visas to Sikh, Hindus refugees from Islamic states. So I don’t understand why oppose something you desperately need & support who are slaughtering you?
Khalsa Aid which boasts of Langars & Khalistanis who threaten to take over Indian Punjab by force haven’t spent a penny to take these desperate Sikhs to their countries 🇬🇧 or 🇨🇦. Time & again Hindus are the ones who have protected and saved them. Modi has done a lot recently.
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In April '09, in a similarly desperate political climate, I was among several who promised our #TeaParty movement would take back the nation.

A mere 19 months later:

The historic Tea Party revolution with a 63 seat GOP gain in the House, the largest political shift since 1894.
Understanding the #TeaParty revolution of '10 is vital because it demonstrates what we can do together.

In five months, in 435 House races, some featuring candidates I have known for years, I believe we are poised again for historic gains, possibly even exceeding those of '10.
I believe most Americans see this, but it seems less appreciated abroad:

As in '10, a historic American comeback is underway.

In a mere five months, Biden's ability to unilaterally shape U.S. policy is over--and we will bring an end to his suicidal policies at home and abroad.
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Thread: 17 June 2022: Day 114 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Australia's new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said he is considering accepting the invitation of #Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky to visit Kiev during his upcoming European trip to the #NATO meeting in Spain on 29 June.…
#France's President Macron generally shifted his rhetoric over #Ukraine during his visit to Kiev with President Zelensky, but at the end shifts right back to where he was.
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#alQaida issues new audio recording of leader Ayman al-Zawahiri - episode 5 in his so-called 'Deal of the Century' lecture series

Per @siteintelgroup the audio runs 44 minutes - accompanied only by a still photo, no video Image
In the lecture, #alQaida's Zawahiri urges followers to adopt prominent jihadi figures as role models while urging alQaida loyalists not to follow groups like #ISIS, per @siteintelgroup
Intelligence from @UN member states published last month indicated the #alQaida leader is likely in #Afghanistan in "the eastern region from #Zabul Province north towards #Kunar & along the border w/#Pakistan"
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#Infighting between the #Taliban in Taluqan City, the capital of #Takhar Province reported today.
No confirmation/rejection of the news by the Taliban is available yet.
Video and Photos of the incident are unverified and copied from the open sources. Image
While some pro-Taliban SM accounts wrote that the clash in Taluqan was between the Taliban&ISKP (Daesh) loyalists, but trusted sources from the area told me otherwise.
A group of (model 2021) Uzbek Taliban, last week, attacked Takhar prison&released their friends (ex-militias)...
...the #Taliban were looking for those culprits. Today they found them and a clash erupted, that resulted in some casualties (from both sides, several killed&wounded).
Ex-governor of TB for #Takhar, Mawlawi Nuruddin, was the guarantor of the group which clashed with the TB today.
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Bitter Facts:
- #Ahmed Shah #Massoud gave safe passage to #USSR invading troops into #Afghanistan in exchange for money.
- #ASM had a major role in the bombing of #Kabul during civil war.
- ASM used #opium to fund his fight against #Taliban, dubbed by US gov as druglord
- #ASM kept asking #CIA for weapons and endorsement of his resistance and then settled for being paid for spying on Bin Laden.

No, these facts can’t be countered by listing what Hekmatyar did. Everyone seems to remember that. This is to counter selective readings of history.
I refuse to engage in these arguments most of the time because it generates more hate than solve much but it’s important to not be unjust to history. You don’t see me cursing or cussing at him. He was an imperfect figure as are most that #Afghanistan has had.
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The first topic in the #Taliban Cheif Justice, Abdul Hakim Haqqani's book on the Islamic Emirate& its governance, is the #type_of_government. According to him, there are two main types of governments in the world:
1. A state& government whose Motto is collection of revenue/taxes. Image
2. A state& government whose Motto is Guidance (Propagation of Virtue& Prevention of Vice).
According to the author of the book, there is no need to give examples of Tax Govts, as they nowadays make majority or almost all of the world govts.
But governments of guidance are #rare. Image
According to Sheikh Abdul Hakim Haqqani, the 3 #pillars of the #government_of_guidance are as following:
1. Independent #Judiciary
2. Islamic #Army
3. #Sharia_Law
He also mentioned 7 reasons for rejection of man-made laws, which are based on what the God or his Messenger said. Image
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What people don't understand about military political operations & weapons support.Simply destroying the adversary army, conducting regime change, killing the leadership & installing a puppet, as well as even creating an army to support your new regime. WONT WORK. IS NOT ENOUGH/1 Image
Because we have seen the #Americans do this
MANY TIMES. And it does not work. #Vietnam for 15 years & tens of billions invested to prop up a failed govt. In #Iraq, destroyed #Saddam's army, installed the puppet government, trained a new army were there for nearly 20 years /2 Image
the #US have disbanded the republican guard, the military, rearmed the #Iraqis with #US weapons.The #CIA had infiltrated and cleansed the politicians. They invested billions of dollars...And guess what...It all belongs to #Iran now...Another example, #Afghanistan, #USA goes in/3 Image
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#Taliban's Chief Justice in his 300-page book also discussed #Elections. According to him, there is no confirmation for modern democratic elections in Islam& the Islamic nation did not recognize it. "If there was good in it, why would the companions of Prophet (PBUH) ignored it?"
Calling it something imported from the non-believers, Sheikh Abdul Hakeem Haqqani, named five negative aspects of the democratic #elections, as follow:
1. Democratic elections create #disunity and encourage blameworthy tribal, party and linguistic fanaticism among the people.
2. #Equal value for the #vote of a wise scholar and an ignorant thug, a man and a woman, a believer and a non-believer...which is against the 'Instructions of Islam'.
3. Spending personal money and public treasury's money in a wasteful manner without a Sharia-based justification.
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Following the escape of former president of #Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani and reports of him taking millions of $ with himself, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (#SIGAR), stated that Ghani left the country with less than $1 million. (1/6) Image
The report says that “evidence indicates that this number did not exceed $1 million and may have been closer in value to $500,000”, of which most of the money, is believed to be government operating budgets managed at the palace. (2/6)
According to the report, a suitcase belonging to General Qaher Kochai, chief of PPS carried the monthly discretionary cash budget for the PPS around $200,000 and another backpack from Rafi Fazli, Deputy National Security Advisor contained $240,000, retrieved from the (3/6)
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#Taliban's Governor of Kabul, Sheikh Neda Mohammad Nadeem, while addressing TB officials at a meeting on Sunday, said that the current situation in Kabul is not acceptable to us& we cannot afford to see it in this way.
He said that women are not wearing Hijab& IEA don't force it.
Sheikh Nadeem explained that when the Taliban just announce #Hijab, then non-believers strongly react to it, while it is not practically implemented. This way TB cannot make the God happy & the people also remain unsatisfied. He recommended that the Taliban should make the God...
...happy&don't care about the world&what they say.
He recited a verse of the Holy Quran for emphasize: "And the Jews will never be satisfied with you neither will the Christians, till you follow their creed."
"Disagreement of non-believers is a sign of our success," Nadeem added.
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From 01 January to 31 May 2022, ISKP group has claimed responsibility for 93 attacks in Afghanistan.
111 attacks were claimed by the group in the same period of time in 2021.
After losing all territories in end of 2019, in the first 5 months of 2020, ISKP claimed only 24 attacks.
The number of the #ISKP attacks in the east & capital Kabul still remains high (historical trend).
The increase of attacks by the group in the north of AFG & the expansion of the ISKP activities to some new provinces, e.g. Helmand (though unconfirmed), are new facts in the graph.
IED explosions consisted over 50% of the ISKP attacks in the first 5 months of 2022, followed by the target killings&harrassing attacks against the TB Check Posts.
A deadly explosion in a Shia mosque in Mazar& IDF attacks against Uzbekistan& Tajikistan were the incidents of note.
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ARTF & the #World_Bank approved 3 projects totaling $793 million that will provide urgent& essential food, livelihood& health services to Afghans. All 3 projects will be implemented off-budget out of the interim #Taliban admin’s control, through #UN& NGOs.…
The 3 projects:
1. The Afghanistan Emergency Food Security Project will help in the production of food crops for smallholder farmers& prevent the further deterioration of food security. The project will focus on wheat production, supporting about 300,000 households in two rounds.
2. The Afghanistan Community Resilience& Livelihoods Project will help provide short-term livelihood opportunities& deliver urgent essential services in rural& urban areas. The project aims to provide livelihood&income for 1 million households in 6,450 rural communities&8 cities.
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Today, @SIGARHQ released its 12th lessons learned report, titled "Police in Conflict: Lessons from the US Experience in #Afghanistan

I'll summarize its findings & recommendations in this THREAD. 1/n
@SIGARHQ (You can find the full report on @SIGARHQ's website here:…) 2/n
@SIGARHQ After reviewing the history of police development in #Afghanistan in detail since 2001, @SIGARHQ ID'd 11 key findings:
1. The US approach to police assistance in AFG resulted in an overmilitarized police force incapable of protecting citizens from internal & external threats. 3/n
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Current state of the #Taliban

Taliban has consolidated control over #Afghanistan, per @UN report released on Friday

41 UN sanctioned individuals are in the cabinet & sr level positions
#Taliban "have favored loyalty & seniority over competence, & their decision-making has been opaque & inconsistent" per @UN report

"Various Taliban factions are maneuvering for advantage, with the #Haqqani Network the most successful & influential among them"
Some fissures may be emerging within the #Taliban

"The pro-Pashtun bias evident in the composition of the de facto authorities & poor treatment of #Tajik & #Uzbek Taliban runs the risk of provoking defections from those quarters" per @UN member state intel
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@JerryDunleavy @HawleyMO Mike Pompeo has cause for regret. Donald freed Mullah Baradar, yet his peace “plan” has since failed. On our allies he bailed. Mike’s betrayal we’ll #NeverForget. 🌻 #TalibanTrump

@HASCDemocrats @votevets
@starsandstripes 🥀 @VFWHQ

@JerryDunleavy @HawleyMO @HASCDemocrats @votevets @starsandstripes @VFWHQ Donald set up the mission to fail;
on our soldiers and allies he’d bail.
He envisioned a rout
by the time we pulled out.
Did he put up our interests for sale?
He freed Baradar from Pakistan:
the new leader of Afghanistan.
@MoGov 🇺🇸

@JerryDunleavy @HawleyMO @HASCDemocrats @votevets @starsandstripes @VFWHQ @MoGov Yes, Pompeo pledged aid to the Kurds in a salvo of insincere words. Once they served him their use he conveyed Assad’s noose. If he thinks we forgot, it’s absurd. Honestly a famed reverend spoke. It surprised us: #PatRobertson woke.

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ICYMI: Intelligence shows "The relationship between the #Taliban & #alQaida remains close, w/the latter [alQaida] celebrating the former’s success & renewing its pledge of allegiance" per report from @UN Sanctions Monitoring Team released Friday
Intelligence from @UN members "suggest that #alQaida has a safe haven under the #Taliban & increased freedom of action" per report "[AQ leader] Ayman al-Zawahiri has issued more frequent recorded messages since August, & there is now proof of life for him as recently as Feb 2022"
#alQaida-#Taliban relationship "underscored by the presence, both in #Afghanistan & the region, of alQaida core leadership & affiliated groups, such as alQaida in the Indian Subcontinent (#AQIS)" per @UN report
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I think the #Alqaeda existence in #Afghanistan highlighted by #UNSC needs unpacking:
- Some Arabs who moved to AFG to fight soviets never left. They married into Afghan and #Taliban families so their presence in the county should not be a shock 1/
- Other Arab fighters that fought under the Taliban today have given up fighting. What does the international community expect the #Taliban to do with them? Will their home countries ever accept them back?
- Does AQ have an active military presence in Afg? 2/
I just feel like there has been a constant failure in establishing metrics for meeting the vague agreed upon clauses in the #US #Taliban peace deal. #Afghanistan should never be used as a launchpad for terrorism again.
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UN Report: The foremost division within the #Taliban is between moderate & hardline blocs. The moderate bloc consists of Mullah Baradar, Abbas Stanekzai, Padshah Khan & Shahabuddin Delawar who believe the Taliban must integrate with foreign partners.…
The hardline bloc consists of Hassan Akhund and other senior leaders from #Kandahar. It takes a more ideological view of jihad and sharia, with less emphasis on international relations. Haqqani Network is independent from either bloc, closer to the hardliners but pragmatic.
#Kandahari (Durrani) #Taliban are in the ascendancy among the Taliban’s leadership. This hierarchy has taken shape at the expense of non-Pashtun groups within the Taliban.
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#ISKP claimed responsibility for today's #explosion in #Kabul:
"Several #Taliban, incl. their commanders, were killed& wounded in a martyrdom bombing that targeted a gathering of them in the capital Kabul."
ISKP said that Shahram Mowahid, a suicide bomber, carried out the attack.
On Sunday, an ISKP fighter managed to reach a large hotel where the Taliban were holding a “memorial” ceremony for its former leader, Akhtar Mansour, near Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul.
The martyrdom fighter managed to penetrate all the security barriers installed by the TB ...
...around the area& then detonated his explosive belt among the TB, which resulted in the killing and wounding of a number of them and the destruction and damage of 5 vehicles.
According to Amaq, this was a "high-level ceremony" attended by the most prominent leaders of the TB."
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