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"Our continued success is contingent upon predictable, adequate, sustained & timely funding" @DeptofDefense SecDef @EsperDoD tells #SASC re FY2021 budget, asking for on-time passage of $705.4 billion budget which "does not keep pace w/inflation"
Per @EsperDoD, the proposed budget contains "significant investments" in #hypersonics #microelectronics #5G autonomous systems &#ArtificialIntelligence
#China #Huawei - "If our @NATO allies incoporate Huawei technology it may very well have a severe impact on our ability to share information...& for the alliance to conduct itself as an alliance" @EsperDoD tells #SASC's @TomCottonAR
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⏰Tomorrow is a big day for #Afghanistan’s countless victims and survivors: after 2+ years of uncertainty, will the #ICC Appeals Chamber *finally* green light 🚦 a criminal investigation? THREAD. 🧵1/
Background: #Afghanistan’s decades-long war has led to horrific violations by all sides. The formidable @pagossman + others @hrw have documented atrocities and pressed for #justice in a place where abusers are almost always promoted instead of punished. 2/
In late 2017, after a 10+ year analysis of the situation, @icc_cpi prosecutor Fatou #Bensouda asked to investigate war crimes by #Afghan forces and #US personnel, and crimes against humanity by the #Taliban since May 1, 2003. 3/
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1. Anyone else get an odd feeling about similarity of the Trump #Taliban release with plot-line on final season of @SHO_Homeland? I don't believe in coincidences especially when big player involved likely knew of both outcomes in advance. I call that a plan. Why release Taliban?
@SHO_Homeland 2. There's nothing to suggest the Taliban has had an epiphany. The country is becoming stable. When a sustainable civil society is close Trump is throwing it away. @AmbJohnBolton is right IMO. Now that he's able to get in the weeds, I'd like to hear what @PeteButtigieg thinks.
3. Taliban don't quit. Write that down.
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1 If you’re uncomfortable with @realDonaldTrump making a deal with the #Taliban, you’re not alone.
I don’t like how it “looks” but as a student of history I kinda get it. NO, I’m not sayin “sometimes you gotta capitulate” but what if I told you the Taliban is a #CIA creation?🤔
2. The #Taliban is an offshoot in part, of the Mujahideen.
They were funded, supplied, and trained by our #CIA under Ronald Reagan, to fight our enemy at the time #Russia, when they invaded Afghanistan.
Yep it was a “Proxy War”but a war between superpowers?
3 . What happened, and why Afghanistan?
A Soviet backed #LeftWing govt. in Afghanistan failed to gain popular support so the #Russians decided to invade.
“Wait did you say “left wing” Pharaoh?” Yes... yes I did, and they are still left wing “ish”.
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THREAD on what's new in US-#Taliban deal signed today and in US-Islamic Republic of Afghanistan "Joint Declaration," and analysis of who got what. (Plus link to full texts.) 1/19…
Easy part first: There's nothing new in the Joint Declaration signed in Kabul today. It reaffirms existing commitments and it re-states some of US-Taliban agreement. It's purpose is evidently political symbolism - a US message of non-abandonment. 2/19
In small win for political opposition in Kabul, Declaration refers to "inclusive negotiating team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan" for next stage of process -- the intra-Afghan negotiations. Debate will continue over whether govt leaders are being inclusive enough. 3/19
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What it means ?

1) Prevents the use of the Afghan land by terrorist organisations or individuals against the security
of the United States and its allies

2) Sets a timeline for the withdrawal of all #USA & Coalition forces from
3) A political settlement between the
Taliban & an inclusive negotiating team of the Islamic Republic of #Afghanistan

4) A pemanent ceasefire

5) The #USA and it's Army will train and equip the Afghan military and security forces to handle the security issues prevalent in Afg
6) The #USA troops can only carry out operations against international terror orgs in Afghanistan soil and that too with ONLY if the Afghan government permits

7) US to facilitate talks between #Afghanistan & #Pakistan over security and mutual cooperation
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THREAD. With US-#Taliban deal imminent, I'm often asked, why now? Why has the negotiation reached a conclusion now and not earlier in 10 years of on-and-off US efforts to launch an #AfghanPeaceProcess? Three inter-related changes in US policy explain the difference . . . . 1/13
First is heightened US desire to draw down US military presence in #Afghanistan. This didn't start with Trump; he accelerated a political trend that was already gradually building. And he scared US national security principals into thinking he might pull out troops abruptly. 2/13
Obama supposedly wanted to end US mil presence by end of his term, but his Administration never put attempt to negotiate a way out at the center of US policy. Nor did Trump, at first, but that changed in late 2018, after Trump tried a somewhat stepped-up military effort. 3/13
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[THREAD] On recent images from a #Taliban training camp- again showing the shift to mostly M16 platform rifles alongside the soviet stalwarts.

Released at the end of January, these images are typical of recent Taliban propaganda- plenty of well armed and standardised fighters with high quantities of NATO-standard weapons. (Although some lack rear iron sights ;))

Of course, training wasn't just limited to small arms- seen here is Mortar(s), Iranian Fajr-1/Type 85 pattern single 107mm launcher, 107mm HE just lying on a bag (Which is how Taliban mostly use them for harassing fire), Type 65 & 78 RCL, and apparent 75mm M20-pattern RCL.

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BREAKING: Apparent Insider attack with both American & ANDSF Forces suffering losses in #Nangarhar #Afghanistan. Initial reports that as many as 6 American soldiers dead with others critically wounded. A "sleeper" #Taliban soldier appears to be the attacker.
UPDATE: Reports that in addition to the 6 Americans who were KIA an equal number of Afghani forces we're killed.
More stunning the call for MEDEVAC & CASEVAC suggests much higher numbers of critically wounded soldiers!
UPDATE: It appears the battle causing casualties was between U.S. troops & supposed allies in the ANDSF.
Taliban chatter suggests a Taliban sleeper cell embedded in ANDSF attacked U.S. & ANDSF Forces causing significant casualties & injuries!
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Why #AshrafGhani undermined #TUTAP's protest and Appreciates #PTM

#TUTAP project was proposed by #ADB (Asian Development Bank) in #Karzai's tenure. As per this project, 500-KV would be supplied to #Afghanistan and #Pakistan considering the power crisis in the region.
In 2016 Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish spoke out against routing the #TUTAP projects through #Salang rather than #Bamyan. He pointed to a 2013 assessment prepared by #Fichtner, a #German engineering consultancy,
for the #ADB that recommended #Bamyan for the project’s second line crossing the Hindu Kush–a 500 kV transmission line. “The Bamyan route will avoid the narrow space and difficulties along the Salang Pass, will allow connecting further
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🚨🚨🚨 #BREAKING: Purported video of a crashed #USAF plane ‘carrying high-ranking U.S. military officials’ in #Afghanistan's eastern Ghazni province. #Taliban claimed responsibility for shooting down the aircraft. More updates will follow as the story unfolds. Thread
The plane was not shot-down
➡ see this thread
More reports stating the plane was not shot down
➡ see this thread
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(1/13) The power struggle within the State Dept. in fall 1996 had two factions: 1) the Afghan desk, under the South Asia Bureau run by Asst. Sec. Robin Raphel, whose members like Lee Coldren were not on board with the Admin's broader attempts to center women's rights as an
(2/13) important foreign policy issue & who wanted to engage with the new #Taliban regime in #Afghanistan due to other US interests in Central Asia; and 2) women's rights advocates in the State Dept., especially members of the Office of Global Women's Issues (#OIWI). The first
(3/13) group thought that women's rights concerns were not as important as "real" policy issues, & they were the ones who released the initial statements that seemed to indicate that the US was going to do business with the Taliban. Their reasons for wanting to engage with the
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(1/19) I left off yesterday with the #Taliban seizure of #Kabul in Sept. 1996. The #UnitedStates & much of the international community had largely ignored #Afghanistan since the 1989 Soviet withdrawal, so US policymakers, journalists, & others were startled by the Taliban's
(2/19) seemingly sudden seizure of power & were especially troubled by the Taliban's treatment of the people of Kabul. Had the US news been paying attention before Sept. 1996, they would have seen that, although the Taliban initially positioned themselves as wanting to rescue...
(3/19) the Afghan people from the depredations of the mujahideen, once in control of an area they only added to most people's already considerable suffering.

Once they controlled an area, they imposed draconian codes of “pious” behavior based on their twisted view of Islamic...
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(1/11) In was in this context of the 1992-1996 civil war between the mujahideen in #Afghanistan that the Taliban Taliban developed & began to take over parts of the country. Afghanistan by this point had been at war for a decade and a half, countless civilians had become refugees
(2/11) or had died, & those still in the country were suffering both because of continued warfare and because of abuses by the warlords. The #Taliban, then, initially positioned themselves as the saviors of Afghanistan, and they said they wanted to protect the Afghan people from
(3/11) the warlords. Their leader (about whom much is still unknown), the one-eyed Mullah Muhammed Omar, mobilized his followers in the early 1990s to “restore peace, disarm the population, enforce Sharia law and defend the integrity and Islamic character of Afghanistan.” They...
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Let’s have some straight talk on #Soleimani, shall we?
1. Suleimani took command of the Quds Force over 20 years ago and his job is to reshape the Middle East in Iran’s favor: thru military force, by assassinating rivals and arming allies.
2. His twenty year focus is directing
a network of militant groups that has killed hundreds of U.S in #Iraq and others.
3. I know of only ONE American who has ever met him, John Maguire, describing him as soft-spoken yet the most powerful man in the MidEast. Thoughtful, strategic, smart, charismatic - 100% dedicated
4. He personally runs #Iran’s war in #Syria and brought in thousands of #Quds Force when #Assad’s army began to fail.
5. Suleimani and #Nasrallah of #Hezbollah #Lebanon are old friends and cooperate globally where Hezbollah has performed terrorist acts at Iran’s behest.
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So tonight is the time to keep the pledge with #Soleimani's grieving family. All uncles his children, from #Baqeri to #Nasrullah and their sidekicks like Shahenshah #Naqvi, will start avenging the killing of the mass-murderer. Last night's cyber-attacks were childish thu. #Syria
Certain #Khomeini|sts today supposed that a land invasion of #Iran was imminent. It was merely to play victime and cash on anti-#America|nism. The fact: #Iran's threatening a new war, not the other way round. Already, the regime's set alight Syria, Yemen and Lebanon besides Iraq
#Soleimani, who died in action (on duty), was the grand field commander of these conflicts. He's directly involved in killing 100s & 1000s #of Arabs besides #US, western, #Pakistan|i, #Afghan citizens. If #Iran avenges, it will bring the war home, its victims have long awaited.
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Breaking: #US Airstrikes on Hashd al-Shaabi Forces West of al-Anbar

According to reports, the US warplanes have targeted the positions of the 45th Brigade of Hashd al-Shaabi in the al-Mazraah area on the road to Akashat, west of Anbar province.…
The #US terrorist command in the region, #CENTCOM releasing a statement said that they attacked five positions of Kata’ib Hezbollah forces in Iraq and Syria.…
First images from the one of the bases which targeted by the #US warplanes
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@charliekirk11 You are mistaking #PlannedParenthoodVotes, part of a legal #PAC (#PoliticalActionCommittee) with #PlannedParenthood which uses its federal funding within highly restrictive Federal rules such as the #HydeAmendment which bans federal funding for abortions.…
@charliekirk11 #PlannedParenthood's super #PAC, #PlannedParenthoodVotes, kicked off a $45 million electoral program targeted toward battleground states for the 2020 election. That's eight times what it spent during the 2018 midterms.…
@charliekirk11 #Trump flew to #Afghanistan for his #Thanksgiving dinner.
He probably took the turkey he didn't pardon so they wouldn't have to spend extra money to feed him.
Speaking of govt. funding causing the death of children, read what the U.S. military has done throughout its history.
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13. The Legacy of US UK France Canada Germany Italy Poland Australia Spain Portugal New Zealand Turkey Romania Denmark Belgium Czech Republic Norway Bulgaria South Korea Azerbaijan Singapore Nato in Afganistan

#Afghanistan #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #CrimesAgainstChildren
Invasion of Afghanistan (2001-present) - War crime 🤨👇🏼
1. The Legacy of US UK France Canada Germany Italy Poland Australia Spain Portugal New Zealand Turkey Romania Denmark Belgium Czech Republic Norway Bulgaria South Korea Azerbaijan Singapore Nato in Afganistan🤨👇🏼
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11 Taliban Commanders have been released in exchange for 7 Indian engineers from a high-security prison in #Afghanistan in a deal that released Opium King designated Global Terrorist caught personally escorting a shipment of a ton of Opium.…
The ice-breaking meet between Afghan Taliban & US Special Representative for #Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad in #Islamabad finally showed results after a prisoner swap agreement was compiled with release of at least 3 Indian engineers under Taliban custody since 2018
7 Indian engineers working for a power plant in #Afghanistan’s northern Baghlan Province were kidnapped in May 2018. The releases came just days after Zalmay Khalilzad the US diplomat and chief negotiator with #Taliban went to #Islamabad for a meet.…
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12. The Legacy of US UK France Canada Germany Italy Poland Australia Spain Portugal New Zealand Turkey Romania Denmark Belgium Czech Republic Norway Bulgaria South Korea Azerbaijan Singapore Nato in Afganistan

#Afghanistan #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #CrimesAgainstChildren
Invasion of Afghanistan (2001-present) - War crime 🤨👇🏼
1. The Legacy of US UK France Canada Germany Italy Poland Australia Spain Portugal New Zealand Turkey Romania Denmark Belgium Czech Republic Norway Bulgaria South Korea Azerbaijan Singapore Nato in Afganistan🤨👇🏼
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Hello everyone, I am @IbrahimiNiamat wth a last thread about Hazara War. I appreciate your interest in the 1sth thread. In this thread, I make sme observations about what a critical understanding of incidents like this war mean for understanding of #Afghanistan history & politics
1. In 1893, the Hazara War ended with a total one-sided victory. No significant effort was to heal the deep wounds that were left behind by the Amir. In 1921, Amanullah Khan outlawed slavery but structural and socio-economic power relations that developed in 1893 persisted. NI
2. When he died, in the words of Prof. @BRRubin, the Amir left behind a ‘consolidated if terrorized state’ (2002, p. 52). That is to say, the state gained an overwhelming coercive power but the society it governed was left with deep traumas and wounds. NI
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11. The Legacy of US UK France Canada Germany Italy Poland Australia Spain Portugal New Zealand Turkey Romania Denmark Belgium Czech Republic Norway Bulgaria South Korea Azerbaijan Singapore Nato in Afganistan

#Afghanistan #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #CrimesAgainstChildren
Invasion of Afghanistan (2001-present) - War crime 🤨👇🏼
1. The Legacy of US UK France Canada Germany Italy Poland Australia Spain Portugal New Zealand Turkey Romania Denmark Belgium Czech Republic Norway Bulgaria South Korea Azerbaijan Singapore Nato in Afganistan🤨👇🏼
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