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#BREAKING 200 non-Afghans to fly from Kabul on first airlift since US retreat: source in Doha
#UPDATE About 200 foreigners including Americans are to leave #Kabul in the first airlift since the US withdrawal and Taliban takeover, a source and officials said on Thursday, adding that the airport was gradually reopening
#BREAKING First civilian evacuation flight since US troop withdrawal takes off from Kabul
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#BREAKING Qatar urges Taliban to ensure 'safe passage' for people leaving Afghanistan
#UPDATE Qatar on Wednesday urged the Taliban to ensure "safe passage" for people still wanting to leave #Afghanistan after the chaotic US-led evacuations came to an end
#UPDATE Graphic on the number of #Humvee vehicles sent by the US to the now-defunct Afghan National Army (#ANA) from late 2019 to June 2021, according data from SIGAR quarterly reports
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VIDEO: 🇦🇫 Taliban fighters celebrate with gunfire as they enter #KabulAirport Tuesday after the last US troops flew out of Afghanistan to end two decades of war. Images posted by Ahmadullah Muttaqi, chief of the multimedia branch of the Taliban's cultural commission
VIDEO: 🇦🇫 The Taliban celebrate the US defeat in #Afghanistan in the country's second-biggest city #Kandahar, the capital of the southern province and the hardline Islamist movement's spiritual birthplace
#BREAKING NATO chief says 'essential' to keep Kabul airport open
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Ex-Bundeswehr-Übersetzer zum ARD-Studio Südasien: "Die Taliban hatten Namenslisten von Ortskräften. Wer vorgelesen wurde, durfte in den Flughafen. Die anderen mussten zurück." Warum haben die Taliban die Namen deutscher Ortskräfte? @AuswaertigesAmt: "Kein Kommentar" #kabulairport
Regierungssprecher: "Wir haben nicht DIE Liste unserer Ortskräfte den #Taliban gegeben", sondern "auf ausdrücklichen Wunsch in begrenztem Umfang" Namen von Menschen, die mit einer Privatinitiative ausgeflogen wurden. Diese Namen hätten die Amerikaner bekommen, die von mit den...
Taliban in Kontakt stehen. "All diese Personen sind von den Amerikanern wohlbehalten nach Doha ausgeflogen worden." Nach Informationen des ARD-Studios Südasien handelte es dabei um Mitarbeiter/-innen von @DeutschePostDHL und ihre Familien.
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Former US Ally Late Maulana Sami ul Haq explains how #USA & CIA financed #AfghanMujahideen (1979 to 1989) through him & his seminary

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#Taliban #Talibans #AlQaeda #TTP #Daish #ISIS #Afghanistan #Pakistan #OsamaBinLaden
1 - Mr Kamran Khan is nowadays very fond of #Talibans | 8 years ago he used to explain the effectivity & importance of #USA #Drones against Terrorist #Taliban

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#Taliban #Talibans #AlQaeda #TTP #Daish #ISIS #Afghanistan #Pakistan #OsamaBinLaden
2 - Mr Kamran Khan quotes US Senator & Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee
Dianne Feinstein on the effectivity of #USA #Drones against Terrorist Taliban

Ref : |

#Taliban #Talibans #AlQaeda #TTP #Daish #ISIS #Afghanistan #Pakistan #OsamaBinLaden
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1 - (7 May 2009) Renowned #Barelvi Scholar Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman & Kamran Khan jointly condemn #Talibans for #Terrorism in #Pakistan

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#Children #Women
#Afghanishtan #TTP #ETIM #CPEC #China #AlQaeda #Daish #Waziristan #KP #FATA #FATF #KabulAiport
2 - (7 May 2009) #Barelvi Scholar Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman says that #Talibans are Kharijite Terrorist & should be crucified

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#Children #Women
#Afghanishtan #TTP #ETIM #CPEC #China #AlQaeda #Daish #Waziristan #KP #FATA #FATF #KabulAiport
3 - (7 May 2009) #Barelvi Scholar Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman condemns those Islamic Scholars who support #Talibans Un-Islamic #Terrorism

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#Children #Women
#Afghanishtan #TTP #ETIM #CPEC #China #AlQaeda #Daish #Waziristan #KP #FATA #FATF #KabulAiport
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Seit 14.08. mache ich fast nichts anderes, als Menschen aus 🇦🇫 auf eine Evakuierungsliste zu bekommen. Ich habe mir Urlaub genommen, um mich bestmöglich um die Menschen kümmern zu können. Ich war für viele Menschen Berater, Freund & Psychologe zugleich. 1/13
Ich weiß nicht, ob ich mich jemals zu 100% von Trauma werde erholen können,dass wir als Deutschland & Europa viele nicht privilegierte Menschen, die #Afghanistan verlassen wollen, im Stich gelassen haben. Doch meine Sorgen sind nichts im Vergleich zu denen der Menschen in 🇦🇫 2/13
Trauriger Höhepunkt waren die gestrigen Explosionen am #Kabulairport, bei welchem unschuldige und verängstigte Menschen ihr Leben verloren haben, verletzt und für immer traumatisiert wurden. 3/13
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Graphic footage of the aftermath of suicide bombing near the north gate of #Kabulairport, which was controlled by US forces.
As a result of a double terrorist attack, at least 40 people were killed, more than 100 were injured, including several Marines
The site of yesterday's terrorist attack at the northern gate of #Kabulairport after clearing the bodies of the dead
#Afghanistan ImageImageImage
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1 - (21 Apr 2011) All those Muslims particularly Pakistanis who live in #USA & #Europe & support #Talibans, should know that living in Kaafir land is also Haraam (Forbidden) in Islam (Musnad Ahmad, Al-Bayhaqi, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi & Irwae Ghalil )

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2 - (21 Apr 2011) All those Muslims particularly Pakistanis who live in #USA & #Europe & support #Talibans, should know that living in Kaafir land is also Haraam (Forbidden) in Islam (Musnad Ahmad, Al-Bayhaqi, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi & Irwae Ghalil)

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۱ - (۲۱ اپریل ۲۰۱۱ دنیا نیوز) پاکستانی مسلمان بالخصوص وہ جو یورپ اور امریکہ میں رہتے ہیں اور وہاں سے بیٹھ کر #طالبان کی حمایت کررہے ہیں انہیں معلوم ہونا چاہئیے کہ دارالکفر میں رہنا حرام ہے ( مسند احمد ، ابو داؤد ، ترمذی ، اروالغلیل و صحیح البانی)

حوالہ :
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امت مسلمہ میں بالخصوص پاکستانیوں میں اس وقت خوشی کی لہر دوڑ گئی جب نیوزی لینڈ کی “کافر” وزیراعظم نے صحیح بخاری و مسلم سے ایک حدیث (حوالہ نمبر ۳) دہرائی مگر پاکستانی مسلمان #طالبان کی حمایت کرتے ہوئے #افغانستان پر ساری حدیثیں بھول جاتے ہیں صرف “ہواؤ نفس” کی پیروی کرتے ہیں Image
When the Non-Muslim Prime Minister of New Zealand recited Traditions of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) from Bukhari & Muslim (ref no 3) , the whole Muslim Ummah praised her but these very Traditions are conveniently ignored by Pakistani Muslims when they support Kharijites
#Talibans Image
۱ - (۲۱ اپریل ۲۰۱۱) انصار عباسی ، کامران خان اور امجد شعیب کے نزدیک #طالبان کی فتح حق کی فتح ہے ! تو پھر یہ کیا ہے ؟ دیکھیں

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#Children #Women
#Afghanishtan #TTP #ETIM #CPEC #China #AlQaeda #Daish #Waziristan #KP #FATA #FATF #KabulAirport
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BREAKING: Kabul bomb blast - US Marines injured in explosion. Reports of second explosion near a hotel - videos…
UPDATE: A Taliban official says 13 people have died including children and many Taliban guards have been injured in bomb blast (suicide bombing) outside Kabul's airport
Al Jazeera reports, About 50 people are dead in Kabul airport explosion.
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More incoming of images from outside #Kabulairport.

Multiple injured in #Kabulexplosion.

U.S. sources report that several U.S. Marines were injured in the explosion at the entrance to Kabul International Airport.

(This information is not confirmed).
A second explosion is expected in the area of the Kabul airport - the French ambassador to #Afghanistan.

“We ask our Afghan friends to leave the territory immediately,” the message says.

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BREAKING: Explosion Reported at Gates Outside #Kabul's Airport.

According to available information, a suicide bomber exploded. #KabulAiport #Afghanistan
UPDATE: Pentagon spokesman John Kirby has confirmed the explosion near the #Kabul airfield.
He said that the exact information about the victims is unknown and will be revealed later.
UPDATE: GRAPHIC! A heavily injured person outside #KabulAiport.
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US consular affairs issued a warning to Americans remaining in Afghanistan to avoid coming to #Kabul airport, and those there to “leave immediately.” This seems to be directly related to #ISIS, which is going to attempt to capitalize on chaos and hinder US exit.
Following last night's warning of an imminent threat, Pentagon has confirmed an explosion outside #KabulAiport. Casualties are not confirmed but Pentagon states there will be update.

From @BBCWorld, the explosion occurred at the Abbey gate entrance, and a US official told Reuters that the explosion was caused by a suicide bomber.
No group has claimed responsibility, but this bears the hallmarks of an #ISIS strike.…
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Ricordiamoci cmq che la crisi afghana non è cominciata oggi e non finirà quando ce ne dimenticheremo. Pro-Memoria: mio documentario "Un Ospedale in Guerra - Emergency in Afghanistan" è disponibile gratuitamente per le proiezioni contattando i gruppi locali di @emergency_ong 9/20
Tornando all'evacuazione, la situazione è fluida. Spagna e Francia sospendono i voli il 26, l'Italia dovrebbe il 27. Poi restando solo gli Us Marines e i paramilitari afghani NDS Unit 01 per il restringimento del perimetro fino all'ultimo decollo. Per quanto i talebani 10/20
Si siano più volte vantati di star garantendo la sicurezza agli americani, l'exfil dell'ultimo uomo è un processo ad alto rischio, un solo caduto garantirebbe all'Isis un colpo mediatico assoluto. A mio modesto avviso insistere sull'estensione del 31/8 è stato errore.
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Viele fragen sich: Warum zogen USA so überhastet aus #Afghanistan ab?
Nun, John Hyten, der Oberbefehlshaber des United States Strategic Command, beantwortete das bereits im Juli:
Um sich stärker auf China und Russland zu konzentrieren.
Die entsprechende Erklärung im Video👇
In der Tat, die USA verpulverten gewaltige Kräfte in Nahost.
Unvorstellbare Summen flossen dorthin seit 2001. Allein in #Afghanistan standen zeitweise über 100k Soldaten.
In diesen 20 Jahren "verpennten" die USA, wie China aufstieg und Russland sich von den 1990-ern erholte
Nun darf gerätselt werden, wie genau diese "Fokussierung" auf Russland und China aussehen wird, von der das Pentagon spricht.
US-Präsident #Biden erklärte jedenfalls gerade, dass er die Evakuierung nicht überziehen werde. Er wolle die Deadline vom 31. August einhalten.
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Update #Afghanistan .
Sowohl die #Taliban als auch die Widerstandsbewegung in der Provinz #pandschir bereiten sich auf die Schlacht um das Tal vor.
In Pandschir sollen weitere Kolonnen ehemaliger Militärs angekommen sein, um gegen die Taliban zu kämpfen.
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Mittlerweile dürfte die sogenannte #NorthernAlliance über eine signifikante Streitmacht verfügen.
Ehemalige afghanische Militärs brachten zahlreiche Technik ist das #PanjshirValley .
Zuletzt präsentierte die Bewegung sogar eigene Mi-Kampfhubschrauber, die es nun besitze.
Die #NorthernAlliance erklärte, man sei für Verhandlungen bereit, werde aber nicht nachgeben.
Man habe genug Kraft und gut ausgebaute Stellungen auf Anhöhen, um jeden Sturm der #Taliban zurückzuschlagen.
Auch in den 1990-ern konnten die Taliban das Tal nicht erobern.
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THREAD. My Afghan translator R has been trapped outside #KabulAirport for a week. I have applied for an SIV for him. I am a US citizen. No reply. Pending cases are not being allowed through the gates. Every day R gambles with his life to try to get in 1/10
When R gets close to the gate, he calls me on WhatsApp, hoping a US soldier will talk to me, so I can vouch for him. He carries the application I sent, and photos of us working together, including this one of us beside the memorial to CIA officer Mike Spann. 2/10
R was with me in Mazar-i Sharif last November. Wise & resourceful, he helped me research the first days of the war (just after 9/11) for my book First Casualty. He tracked down two doctors who witnessed the last seconds of Mike Spann’s life as the CIA man died fighting. 3/10
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Update #Afghanistan .
Im Überblick:
- #Taliban verlieren weitere Ortschaften in der Provinz #Baghlan und schicken Verstärkung.
- widersprüchliche Berichte aus Widerstandsprovinz #Panjshir .
- Weiter Chaos am #kabulairport .
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(1/10) Image
Die Widerstandsbewegung in #Afghanistan meldet weitere Erfolge.
Die #Taliban sollen weitere Ortschaften in der Provinz #Baghlan an sie verloren haben.
Zum Teil sollen in einigen Dörfern die Bewohner selbst zu Waffen gegriffen und die Taliban verjagt haben.
Die #Taliban scheinen die Berichte ernst zu nehmen und sollen mittlerweile Verstärkungstruppen in die Provinz geschickt haben, um die neue Widerstandsbewegung dort zu zerschlagen.
Der eigentliche langfristige Herd des Widerstandes bleibt aber eh in der Provinz #Panjshir .
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1. The #BritishMilitary here at #KabulAirport have shown breathtaking levels of toughness, professionalism and - rare in war times I must say - compassion. I've been moved to tears by their actions, diving into dangerous crowds to pull visa-holders into the base....
2. ...guarding sleeping women and children, helping them find the right transportation to the US air strip for their flights, pulling their own food out of their pockets and handing it to refugees in need, sleeping out on the cement, little supplies, parched in the sun...
3. ....there are young men here who have lost their voices days ago, sunburned faces, dusty uniforms, exhausted, still working to help people in what is. humanitarian mission few soldiers are really prepared for....
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#AfghanistanTalibanCrisis: Back-channel talks are ongoing to secure the release of all Indian citizens in #Kabul: Reports

Stay tuned for more updates!

#AfghanLivesMatter #KabulAirlift #Kabul #KabulHasFallen #TalibanDestroyingAfghanistan #TalibanTakeover #Afghanistan Image
Indians 'kidnapped' by Taliban, back-channel talks and evacuation efforts - What's happening in Kabul?

#KabulAirlift #kabulairport #Taliban #KabulAirport #Kabul #KabulHasFallen #TalibanDestroyingAfghanistan #TalibanTakeover #Afghanistan…
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Kabuki Theater Revealed With #Kabul’s Saigon Weekend Part 2 - To put it bluntly Mr. President, your comments during today’s presser on a “consensus” you relied upon to make withdrawal decisions are absurd- by @TraderStef for #CrushTheStreet #KabulHasFallen…
Link to thread from Part 1... - a new thread for #Part2 begins here.
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Update #Afghanistan
In der Nacht erreichte die Lage am #Kabul_Airport den nächsten kritischen Punkt.
Die Menschenmenge versuchte am Nord-Eingang durchzukommen.
US-Soldaten und Stacheldraht versperrten ihnen den Weg.
Dann flogen Rauch- und Blendgranaten
Zwischen den #Taliban und dem Westen gibt es offensichtlich einen Deal, dass sie die Evakuierung zulassen...wie lange das noch anhält, ist aber unklar.
Umso kritischer ist von Nacht zu Nacht die Stimmung am #kabulairport .
Eine Chance auf Evakuierung haben nicht viele
Die #Bundeswehr "markiert" die "Auserwählten" dabei anscheinend mit blauen Armbändern.
Aufmerksame Konfliktbeobachter stellten auf Fotos von #BundeswehrimEinsatz fest, dass die zu evakuierenden Afghanen alle diese Bänder tragen.
#Afghanistan #kabulairport
(3/7) Image
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It’s boggles my mind as to how they can possibly just now be this concerned. We’ve been warning them over and over again for seven months. Daily.
Next to completely abandoning them, this is our nightmare scenario.
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