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For 49 years, Liberty's torch shone to ensure basic human dignity to women and their choices.

Now, #TeamCoup wants to roll back the clock to snuff out our torch.

#TeamYOU trusts you to make decisions for your body, your life, your family. Time to choose.

#WHPA #RoeVWade #GMW4U
Over and over, Americans have had to stand up for their basic rights.

Today, #TeamCoup wants to control women's bodies. They won't stop there.

Time to stand up, fight back, and vote with #TeamYOU for the rights of ALL of us.

#WHPA #RoeVWade #GMW4U
Americans understand that we make choices for and as part of our families.

But a radical few don't trust us. #TeamCoup Justices want control over women's bodies and all our families.

Reject the power grab. Stand—and vote—with #TeamYOU for freedom.

#RoeVWade #GMW4U
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Principle #4: #TellYourStory

And not anyone else’s. A short Thursday Thread.

This means #TeachTheTruth—and not repeat Team Coup’s false narrative about schools.

Remember, the outrage is fueled by a hijacked academic term, a collection of words that became a talking point after many repetitions.

Most Americans want their children to hear the true, accurate version of our history, not the censored one.

So if you see this, or something like it:

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I carry the vision of America: the hope of prosperity, equality, and freedom for all.

I see a nation at a turning point. Perfect the union for all Americans or hoard its opportunities for a select few?

My light shines for #TeamYOU.

#TeamCoup #GMW4U I am Team YOU. Lady Liberty...
We all dream of a better future for our families.

But some politicians only care about padding their donors' already overflowing pockets. They represent the few, not me and you.

Protect your dreams.
Renounce #Team Coup. Embrace #TeamYOU.

#GMW4U Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I...
Secessionists, KKK, Jim Crow lynchers, Dixiecrats, and today's MAGA cult -- different faces of the same power-hungry faction.

The Jan 6 insurrection failed. But the threat remains dire.

It's time to defeat #TeamCoup for good.

#TeamYOU #GMW4U Insurrectionist with Confed...
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Principle #1: #AlignAllMessaging
Principle #2: #Repetition
Principle#3: #CompellingStory

Not the spiteful, vindictive, resent-filled stories from #TeamCoup.

Our stories lift up the true American heroes: #TeamYOU.

We're #GMW4U—and for better messaging. Grassroots Messaging Works logo with slogan: "Taking ba
The Dem Party and moderate and progressive allies have a great story—and a not-so-great message.

America’s founding values make a better life for all of us—when we live up to them, as a healthy democracy.

So why aren't we winning every time?

Democracy promises so much value to so many that the thread gets lost sometimes.

We all want a livable planet and for children to never go hungry. And equal rights and justice and dignity. And...

But what’s the simple, clear, repeatable message?

#GMW4U Key deliverables of democracy: a livable planet, healthcare,
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Mentoring Meeting, circa 2002

Her: “So tell me about your interests.”
Me: “Umm. I like teaching. I like patient care. Ummm. . . “
Her: “Have you thought about particular aspects that you like?”


Her: “Tell me this. . . Where do you see yourself in, say, 5 years?”
When I look back on my early meetings with mentors, there was so much I didn’t know that I'd tell myself if I could.


*How do I find a mentor?
*How do I know if we’re a good fit?
*What can I do to make the most of the relationship?
*Can I have more than one?

But you know what? When you know better, you do better. And you also pay it forward.

Let’s talk mentee-ing, shall we?

Me: “Hi, I really enjoyed your lecture. I was wondering if you might be willing to be my mentor?”
Person-who-never-met-me-before: “Say what now?”
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