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1/ Black professors are less than 5 percent of all tenured professors in the U.S. I am a Black tenured Associate Professor.

So read this. A university, which I will name University A (school of public health) expressed interest in me joining as faculty. Image

2/ University A is not ranked in the top 30 of R1s. My current institution is ranked in the top 20.

University A told me that I would not be able to be an Associate Professor or tenured if I joined as faculty even though I already hold that position. Image

3/ University A said that I would “need two R01s” in order to be tenured and and Associate Professor, despite the well established NIH funding gap.

Black investigators are nearly half as like to get funding compared the White investigators. Image
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1/ 🚀🍀Excited to share 17 ways GPT technology can foster a much-needed shift towards a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) tech space. This powerful language model has immense potential to boost #DEI efforts in our industry. Are you ready? Let's dive in! 🧵👇🏾
2/ 📚 Mentorship: Create AI-powered virtual mentors for individuals from underrepresented communities, helping them navigate the tech industry, improve their skills, and enhance their knowledge. An inclusive support system goes a long way! #MentorshipMatters #DEIinTech
3/ 🌐 Translation Services: Break language barriers and ensure everyone has equal access to knowledge or work opportunities, by using GPT to provide translations for multi-language documentation or resources. Say no to linguistic limitations! 🗺️📖 #BreakingBarriers
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We're delighted to be here at the beginning of our 𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐚𝐭 𝐔𝐧𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐟𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞!

The day is just starting @UniofNewcastle as we get ready for our excellent line-up of guest speakers.

We'll have updates throughout the day... 🧵
as we hear from Professor Iyiola Solanke, chair of the Unite Students Commission on Living Black at University, from @UniofOxford; Nicola Frampton from @StudentMindsOrg ; Osaro Otobo from @Halpin_HE ; Melissa Browne from @UniKent, Victoria Tolmie-Loverseed from @Unipol...
Rebecca O'Hare @UniversityLeeds; Jo Nuckley @oiahe; & Kerry Watson from #UniteStudents. The event, part of our 𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐚𝐭 𝐔𝐧𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧 (, includes topics such as belonging, mental health, employee training...
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Joining @SCURLScottish and @cigscot for their EDI Network Conference featuring @infogamerist and #EthicalMetadata and a Keynote from DeLa Dos, Senior Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion @ARLnews
Ellie Muniandy, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, @natlibscot speaks eloquently about #EDI Workforce Development and how implementing EDI requires a deep and meaningful change in perspective and working culture #SCURLEDI
@natlibscot Organisational culture change can take a long time - there are different levels to implementing EDI from 'quick wins' in libraries like mandatory EDI training for all, to long-term objectives like changing the way we talk about and describe our collections. #SCURLEDI
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A thread for your #Education edification. A tale of #SchoolShootings #MTSS #RestorativeJustice #CRT #DEI (better than CRT because it includes gender ideology! Reee!).

It will appear that school shootings have more in common than a gun, a lunatic, and a therapist.
MTSS stands for Multi Tiered System of Supports, and goes hand-in-hand with DEI, restorative justice, gender ideology, and the rest of the indoctrination tools that are destroying USA schools.
more here:…
The list.
Used this list, so graciously provided by the angsty writers at EdWeek, to go through a list of "school shootings" in 2022
As you can see, the list was full of shootings that took place on school property, but not during school hours/students… Image
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BREAKING: Ron DeSantis just held a press conference in Sarasota, Florida w/ Christopher Rufo, the engineer of the right wing panic over #criticalracetheory & newly appointed Trustee at @NewCollegeofFL...
DeSantis claims that "the dominant view of higher ed is to impose ideological conformity & political activism" rather than providing a foundation for students to think for themselves.

DeSantis: dominant view is manifested in #DEI & #CRT & constitute a drain on resources...
DeSantis claims:
-requiring diversity statements is akin to taking a political oath.
-Professors that vow to treat everyone the same are punished.
-a lot of money is spent on #DEI in higher ed despite schools reporting less than 1% of budget spent on diversity initiatives.
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I would love to get feed back from the African American community on the rise of DEI.

I ask this because of an experience my father had with one of his most memorable MBA students. The student was an African American gentleman that went on to become a very successful...
...executive in a local hospital and one of the most respected business leaders in the community. My father and him kept in touch as local business leaders stay involved in the business school many times. My father asked this gentleman what he felt about, what at the time...
...we were calling affirmative action, and was shocked by the response. He said that no matter his success and accolades he still felt that other local business leaders didn't think he worked as hard as they did to achieve his success. Even after his rise as an executive...
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Has anyone taken a look at Twitter's various rules? They were clearly written by Marxist adherents to #DEI, #CRT, and #ESG. In my opinion, @elonmusk should scrap them and start over from scratch.…

Twitter's current rules expressly categorize users as either 'protected' or 'unprotected' and enforce rules differently based on those categories. Interestingly, white men are the ONLY unprotected group on Twitter. What if we treat everyone the same @elonmusk?

Twitter's current rules are NEVER equally enforced. Why not just get rid of rules that Twitter isn't going to enforce universally? For example, people call for the death of Russians and the assassination of Putin all the time on Twitter but it is allowed. Why?
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The push for #education privatization #schoolvouchers is now a cruel update to longer efforts to separate single out and separate children. @carolburris @Network4pubEd @NPEaction

Heritage announced its #EducationFreedom strategy early in 2022:
And Heritage has been branching out on this tactic by adopting itself as a pseudo sex-science shop

The goal here is to underscore differences as “choice” and “values” #lgbtqia #LGBTQ
With longstanding antipathy to #DEI baked into an #EducationFreedom agenda that in their telling is good for kids of color

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Thought I’d share some of the #books I have read this year! Didn’t think I’d done much #reading this year but I’ve definitely done better than I thought! #BookRecommendations #BookLover #ReadingList
First up Chasing New Horizons - the story of the New Horizons satellite journey to #Pluto. A fascinating look at the project and how it all came together. #ILovePluto A picture of a Lego figure ...
Next up another space related book. #Curiosity the story of the not so little #Mars rover. I really enjoyed this book as the background to the projects is fascinating. So many projects nearly don’t see the light of day. #Space #Technology #ReadingList #BookTwitter A picture of a Lego figure ...
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So much of edu-Right is cult-like.

❌ First is the weird hero-worship of figures like Bush, @BetsyDeVos, @DougDucey even lesser names like Rhee, and collection of Broad-supts #education #privateschool @DianeRavitch @NPEaction @PV4PS @mrobmused

❌ Second are the villains, which every extremist group/cult needs to project its weird grievance on

For the edu-Right it’s
✔️#teachersunions specifically @rweingarten
✔️#woke/#DEI / #CRT “agenda”
✔️ Trans-kids/ #LGBTQ adults
✔️ who the hell knows what else

❌ Third, related to villains is stoked fear:
✔️ perceived threat to way of life
✔️ fear of “the other”
✔️ imagined threats to own children coupled with willingness to actually put them at risk

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1/ In 2020 the University of Tennessee, Knoxville announced it was creating “diversity action plans” as part of “a sustained push to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.” The plans contained various objectives that threaten free speech and academic freedom. 👇
2/ Objectives included requirements that current or prospective faculty submit statements demonstrating commitment to #DEI, mandatory syllabus statements affirming DEI, DEI-based course assessments, and bias reporting systems.
3/ FIRE wrote UT Knoxville in September calling on it to eliminate the plans’ speech-restrictive components, or to at least ensure they are implemented in a manner that respects students’ and faculty members’ expressive rights.…
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Another plug to drop by the #ACR22 #PatientPerspectives posters!
The virtual session is slated for Saturday PM but you can interact, listen to the narratives, and engage now.
🌟PP05 is from @realcc & @zoerothblatt

They tell their stories of how they used (and are using) social media to improve their health, find support, and educate others

#ACR22 #PatientPerspectives Image
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This is something I’ve wanted to say to well-meaning liberal white women who are in senior positions for a while. I’m saying it now because my voice has been freed after winning the book award recently.
Dear liberal white women: I know that often you try to support and promote women of color as part of your commitment to #antiracism. It is great that you do this, but:
You need to understand that women of color are not a monolith, and that white supremacy in many institutions makes some women of color fight against others women of color to gain the attention, validation and praise of senior white people.
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About three years ago, attending a women’s empowerment conference made me swear off of going to anymore women’s empowerment conferences…a 🧵
It began as a great conference focused on empowering women to advance in medicine. All the gaps were addressed. Gender pay gap, research funding gap, awards gap, leadership gap. Great! We’re moving beyond pay disparity!
Or so I thought.

After hearing the keynote and most of the prime time lectures, I was perplexed. I know all these topics are important. But as this was a conference filled with women from all backgrounds, I felt there was something missing.
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THREAD: Sign up for our FREE @NBCUAcademy Next Level Summit on Tuesday, Oct. 18th!…


Want success in the new media landscape? @thenewsoncnbc's Shepard Smith & top @NBCUniversal leaders share tips News & Entertainment in the Digital and Streaming Age. Our p

See how new tech jobs change how we deliver the news. @AlRoker, @SteveKornacki, @EmilieIkedaNBC & @PriscillaWT show off cutting-edge tech!

@bcheungz also speaks w/ @NBCNews, @MSNBC, @CNBC & @TelemundoNews execs:…
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Every year, incoming med students across the country get their white coats and pledge to “First, do no harm.” 🩺

But this year, @umnmedschool appears to have made its incoming class pledge allegiance to a controversial set of ideologies — ones not all students may agree with. /1
The University of Minnesota Medical School’s student-authored Hippocratic Oath contained a variety of sentiments authored by a small committee of just 15 members of the class, including… /2
…a land acknowledgment, a vow to fight “white supremacy” and foster a culture of “anti-racism,” and a promise to “honor all Indigenous ways of healing that have been historically marginalized by Western medicine.” /3
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If you’re in a DEI position, here’s a quick summary of the findings from the empirical literature focused on prorgrams/initiatives designed to diversify an organization. 🧵#DEI #diversityandinclusion #Sociology #SociologyIsPractical #PublicSociology
#UCSD #UCSDSociology
The first thing to understand is that how the problem is defined already entails a solution. There are three main ways in which the problem has been defined and thus three broad strategies for addressing it:
Approach 1
The problem: mangers in charge of hiring and promotion are biased/racist/sexist/classist.

The Solution: change their beliefs OR their behavior (i.e. make their views or their actions less biased, racist, etc)
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When I tweeted this (OT) last Thursday, I hadn't expected it to spark subtweet discussions. More surprisingly, were the responses from @lamaveproject and 2/3 of the authors. Here is a long-ish 🧵to unpack everything #DecoloniseScience #DEI from the past 3 days:
I deliberately did not mention the authors @VSenigaglia @daniellahanf @ponzoale in the OT. Seeing that they had all listed LAMAVE as a common affiliation, it seemed this was an organizational problem. And yes, I ---
--- will continue to tag @lamaveproject in this thread even though they have denied any affiliation to the paper in question. [more on this later]
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DEI initiatives are trending in higher ed as universities debate how to best serve their students. But what if faculty were told there’s a certain way they 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲 to talk about, teach, and promote DEI — or else? It’s happening now @uoregon. 🧵 /1
FIRE is calling on the University of Oregon to stop requiring current and prospective faculty to submit statements endorsing and demonstrating how they’ve advanced the university’s narrow, politicized conception of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” /2
UO is “committed to antiracism and other forms of anti-oppression” — but the First Amendment protects faculty from being forced to to promote any political framework — whether its anti-communism, individualism, patriotism ... or, yes, DEI. /3
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Our discovery of mutations in the CIDEB gene that protect against liver disease is published in @NEJM, leading to possible #RNAi therapeutics for NASH by Regeneron & Alnylam. 🚨…

A short summary of the key findings 🧬🧵↓ ImageImage
Liver disease is a big unsolved problem:

1⃣ 1 in 3 adults globally have fatty liver, often due to #obesity.

2⃣ Liver inflammation due to fat (NASH) is becoming #1 cause of liver transplant.

3⃣No approved therapies.

Where can we find possible NASH targets?

➡️In our DNA! Image
Studies of common genetic variants found PNPLA3 (2008 - risk-increasing, and HSD17B13 (2018 – protective, variants associated with liver disease that are now potential #RNAi therapeutics currently in development. ImageImage
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Thanks to @LizzCGibson for flagging this…ummm…let’s say… “troubling” headline from @lawdotcom about BigLaw maxxing out on caring about #DEI and #mentalhealth and well being.


From the synopsis of the article:

“Over the past two and a half years, law firms became more empathetic to the plights of their employees. That meant being attuned to the needs of parents who had child care issues and being open to flexible working schedules,

remote work and mental health days. Vacations were encouraged and paid for in some instances. Significant investments in DEI and affinity groups were made. Is this level of empathy sustainable in Big Law?”

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