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🚨Teesta Setalvad’s bail plea in Supreme Court —-
Setalvad has been accused of manipulating evidence to frame innocent people in the riots that engulfed Gujarat post the Godhra Carnage in 2002.
Senior Advocate Kapil Sibal: Complaint was made that there is a larger conspiracy and an SIT was set up. SIT was also to look into Zakia's complaint. Court then made an order that if someone needs to be prosecuted then you go to an appropriate court. ...(contd.)
Sibal: 26000 pages of docs were filed and then we filed out protest petition which was rejected in the high court. We came to Supreme Court & it was rejected (Sibal is referring to Zakia Jafri judgment by Supreme Court which was released recently)
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🚨Teesta Setalvad’s bail plea in Supreme Court —-
Setalvad has been accused of manipulating evidence to frame innocent people in the riots that engulfed Gujarat post the Godhra Carnage in 2002.
Yesterday, Gujarat Government had pointed out that there was an attempt to put Setalvad in the “special category” & that she had already elected to choose her remedy before High Court — to bypass this would set a wrong precedent.
A bench led by Justice UU Lalit will hear the plea of Teesta Setalvad. Read Gujarat Government's stand here. They are opposing her bail plea:…
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#SupremeCourt to hear the bail plea filed by activist #TeestaSetalvad after she was arrested for allegedly fabricating documents to frame high-ranking officials including then Gujarat Chief Minister @narendramodi in the 2002 Gujarat Riots cases
Sr Adv Kapil Sibal: There are special Benches today. If it can still be accommodated.

SG Tushar: Can we have it on Monday? I need time to modify our reply.

Justice Lalit: Issue is someone is behind bars.

SG: In a serious offence. Other legal remedies have not been ...
SG: exhausted. They moved Court late.

Bench: Give us two minutes.

#Teesta #SupremeCourt
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#SupremeCourt to shortly hear plea by Human rights activist Teesta Setalvad seeking bail after she was arrested for allegedly fabricating documents to frame high ranking officials including then Chief Minister Narendra Modi in the 2002 #GujaratRiots cases #teestasetalvad
Read details of the bail plea here:…
Sr Adv Kapil Sibal: Please note a few facts

Justice UU Lalit: I had represented some of the accused in Sohrabuddin murder matter. I don't know if the petitioner had taken up some case in that matter. My duty to inform you

Sibal: we have no objection

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1/7. Home Minister Amit Shah recently declared that “No one can stop us from writing history anew” (ToI June 11). The outrageous arrest of Teesta Setalvad shows we’re not just rewriting the past. But our contemporary era and present as well.
#TeestaSetalvad #MohammedZubair
2/7. So all we knew about the Gujarat riots was wrong. Especially about who the victims really were and who the villains. A human rights activist who has stood by and fought for the (real) victims for 20 years now pays the price of her ‘audacity.’
#TeestaSetalvad #MohammedZubair
3/7. The efforts of Teesta and her team led to 117 perpetrators of the Gujarat riots of 2002 being handed life sentences by trial courts. Including a former MLA and minister. Perhaps we’ll now see the rewriting of those judgements and sentences.
#TeestaSetalvad #MohammedZubair
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Still zithers run through my spine as I recall the horrific feeds of Gujarat Riots 2002 made way to DAV, Hazaribagh while I was a year due to matriculate.

We knew “Modi, the mass murder,” even at age 14-15.

A kind of shame we gulped each time we faced a Muslim School Mate.
Be it cricket ground, or basketball court or even the period of lunch.

For few days, the dreams I saw only smelled of gore waking up midnight sweat dripping all the way.

I never knew the reason of Kar Seva nor I knew who were those burnt in Sabarmati Express.
“Religion no doubt appeared, an opium of oppressed,” & not a virtue for an enlightened eyes.

Soon “Black-Friday’s” song “Arey ruk ja re bande,” had found space in newly purchased Sony Ericsson Walkman Series & “All religions were same,” ultimately leading to Fundamentalism.
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#Thread : तिस्ता सेटलवाड, गुजरात दंगल आणि 'कोलॉसल फ्रॉड'

२४ जून २०२२ रोजी, सुप्रीम कोर्टाने गुजरात मध्ये २००२ साली झालेल्या दंग्यांमध्ये तेव्हा दोषी ठरवलेल्या सगळ्यांना निर्दोष करार दिला, याच्यामध्ये पंतप्रधान नरेंद्र मोदी यांचे देखील नाव होते. 1/15

परंतु, एका महिलेला आणि एका इसरो शास्त्रज्ञाला गुजरात ए.टी.एस ने कस्टडी मध्ये घेतले. टिस्टा सेटलवाद आणि आर.बी.श्रीकुमार असे या दोघांचे नाव. 2/15
टिस्टा सेटलवाद ह्या तथाकथित मानवाधिकार ऍक्टिविस्ट ने गुजरात दंगलीनंतर तत्कालीन गुजरात मुख्यमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी व ६२ जणांच्या विरोधात दंगली भडकावण्यासाठी, मुसलमानांना मुद्दाम मारण्यासाठी क्रिमिनल प्रॉसिक्युशन व्हावे अशी मागणी तेव्हा केली होती. 3/15
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1. This ancestry of #Teesta explains a lot:

Ambashankar Setalvad - *great great great grandfather* of Teesta was Registrar in British East India Company

Harilal Setalvad, great great grandfather* , "Rai Saheb" title awarded by the British Crown for extracting taxes from slaves
2. Chimanlal Setalvad, *great grandfather* , exonerated General Dyer of the Jalianwala Bagh Massacre

Javed,husband,accused of embezzling funds collected in name of riot victims, case ongoing.

Targets wealthy & ambitious Hindu women so he can live off wife’s family as GharJamai
3. Javed’s first wife was another Mumbai based ultra left,lunatic feminist from wealthy family, Mira Savara in whose house I first met Javed while he was GharJamai there
He has never had a job or career of his own
After marrying Teesta, he again lived off wife & her family till…
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#TeestaSetalvad: Gulbarg society residents had filed a complaint against the activist, her husband Javed Anand & her NGOs Sabrang Trust & Citizens For Justice & Peace.
Funds collected for reconstruction of their homes & #GujaratRiots Memorial were diverted for personal expenses.
March 2013 complaint filed. Gujarat police took 10 months to file an FIR. Gujarat Police wanted arrest for custodial interrogation. The powerful ecosystem is alleged to have tried every trick in the trade to avoid joining investigation in such a serious case of funds embezzlement
High Court had said Teesta Setalvad was not cooperating in probe. Funds collected to build *Museum of Resistance*
Gujarat police probe reveals purchase of wine, whisky & Rum were billed under *Secular Education* & legal aid expenses. Husband too claimed sanitary pad reimbursement
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'Padmashri' Teesta Javed Setalvad was arrested from her 3-acre Bungalow at Juhu. Her neighbour Amitabh Bachchan has a much smaller house.

#TeestaSetalvad apart from many crimes collected money from overseas and the Public using the 2002 riots. Many more have done the same. ⚖️
People like Ayyub, and Zubair all run the same scam. Use Muslim-Hindu and rake in crores and live lavishly untouched by the system for years.

When it came to Teesta Modi waited patiently for SC to clear his name before arrest.

Someone DMed Me that she quoted me 5 days ago 😂
We always ask about the 'Ecosystem' not being taken to task. I hope now you are seeing that they are. It takes time in a country like India with Judiciary taking its time to do things. So here is to hope everyone in the system gets what is due to them legally. 0.5 war begins.
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#TeestaSetalvad arrested. #RBSreekumar arrested.
After #SupremeCourt upheld the clean chit to then CM now PM @narendramodi action initiated against those who ran a malicious campaign after the Gujarat riots. RB Sreekumar has some answers to give in the ISRO case too. #IndiaFirst
How fake narrative was built & peddled in #GujaratRiots2002.
Naroda Patiya case: fake narrative pimped about womb of pregnant woman being ripped open & fetus taken out.
Post mortem report exposed lies. Fetus in womb. No sword attack. Stellar report by @UdayMahurkar in @IndiaToday
Dr JS Kanoria who conducted the post mortem on Kausar Bano on Mar 2, 2002: the fetus was intact in the womb. The woman had died of burn injuries in riots.
(Did anyone except @UdayMahurkar bring out facts of #GujaratRiots2002. Multiple instances of fake narrative on riots pimped.)
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In deciding Zakia Jaffri's petition the Supreme Court Judges went beyond the questions before them. Not content with simply dismissing the petition, they sought to assert that the PM and HM were innocent and cast aspersions on the motives of the petitioner and her supporters
This is dangerous. It may well be true that there may be malafide intent behind a civil claim or a criminal prosecution. Such suspicions may be backed by evidence in which case it is for the police to investigate and prosecute. But in this case, the SC judges are
Using the prestige of their office to make allegations of intent and motive for which they cannot possibly have evidence. If all they are doing is voicing their suspicions then they are descending from the high ground of judicial independence and objectivity.
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