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From 93 blast to 26/11 to #Pulwama, Terror state #Pakistan not only bleeds India but refuses to punish the perpetrators of terror.
Instead of holding Pak feet to fire as a nation, we broadcast Pak PSL cricket matches?
India needs *Maharana Pratap* & Bhamashah to keep #IndiaFirst
#Pakistan makes #money from the #broadcast of these matches in #India.
Same Indians who outrage holding a candle light in hand after every Pak sponsored terror attack watch Pak teams play cricket?
Pak cricketers abuse our country & religion & Pak cricket benefits from our money??
Sporting ties & people to people exchanges are good but not when #Pakistan continues to use terror as an instrument of state policy & continues to bleed India.
1993: 257 dead.
1999: 530 dead.
2006: 200 dead.
2008: 166 dead.
Many more killed
But some want 2 play & show Pak cricket
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Fellow Indians, brace yrselves for a very rough ride fm now on until 2024 as our opposition parties with help of
PsuedoIntellectual’s &
with support of Cabal & PaidMedia hv swung into big action to bring down Modi & BJP govt by hook or crook
& ll go all out even at the cost of 🇮🇳 & 🇮🇳ns

Their only aim is to stop Modi from winning 2024 which is only possible by creating massive unrest in the country
and to do so they are ready with their false narratives & toolkits which they have started unfolding & misusing to create general confusion, ruckus and if required big strikes and dharna’s will be held to create unrest of a scale that India has never witnessed or seen in past.
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When President @jokowi handed over G20 presidency to PM @narendramodi at Bali recently, PM called it a matter of pride for every citizen in India & expressed hope it will help “make G20 summit a catalyst for global welfare.”

What a perfect place to start G20 dialogue process! Image
As India’s G20 Sherpa @amitabhk87 accompanied heads of missions and ambassadors of G20 nations, first to Port Blair, followed by their conference destination at Havelock, PM @narendramodi ‘s personal touch can be seen written all over it! Image
Notwithstanding the unsavoury controversy over Veer Savarkar, @narendramodi Govt took all the delegates to Cellular Jail & brought them face to face with struggle of Indian revolutionaries & in the process made a statement - why Independence is imp to us!
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#TeestaSetalvad arrested. #RBSreekumar arrested.
After #SupremeCourt upheld the clean chit to then CM now PM @narendramodi action initiated against those who ran a malicious campaign after the Gujarat riots. RB Sreekumar has some answers to give in the ISRO case too. #IndiaFirst
How fake narrative was built & peddled in #GujaratRiots2002.
Naroda Patiya case: fake narrative pimped about womb of pregnant woman being ripped open & fetus taken out.
Post mortem report exposed lies. Fetus in womb. No sword attack. Stellar report by @UdayMahurkar in @IndiaToday
Dr JS Kanoria who conducted the post mortem on Kausar Bano on Mar 2, 2002: the fetus was intact in the womb. The woman had died of burn injuries in riots.
(Did anyone except @UdayMahurkar bring out facts of #GujaratRiots2002. Multiple instances of fake narrative on riots pimped.)
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1/n @KaleemulHafeez , on @gauravcsawant 's show #IndiaFirst made an argument as below:

"The original building was a structure of the Din-i Ilahi faith."
& claimed, "Aurangzeb didn't break the Vishvanath Temple at Kashi. No farman talks of it."

Fallacies exposed in this thread
2/n The root of the Din-i illahi argument & many other non-historical ones comes from the opinions collected by Mary Searle-Chatterjee in 1993 (Religious division and the mythology of the past).

Check these snippets from doc. I've highlighted the Din-i Illahi part.
3/n So for the information of @KaleemulHafeez, even that argument what local Muslim gave to Mary held opinion that most certainly Aurangzeb had pulled down the structure for his hostility towards Akbar's religious policy.

So even Kaleemul need to do some readings before quoting.
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Sincerely hope & pray #SPG Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are not discussed & debated in public or put in public domain. There will be discussions in the Supreme Court but SOPs will be studied very closely by India's enemies to exploit. This is a landmine. Tread cautiously!
Many years ago #Pakistan asked #India for help to strengthen security of their prime minister. #Pak wanted to study/learn about #SPG. India had politely declined. #Pak would learnt our SOPs & exploited weaknesses.But now with #Punjab breach in court, alarm bells should ring again
Internal politics should not destroy the strong edifice on which national security structure is built.We have burnt our fingers in the past with intelligence operations debated in open court. Am confident #SupremeCourt will ensure secret SOPs are not shared in public. #IndiaFirst
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Dragon huggers in India...
Listen to @AmbVPrakash on the challenge posed by peddlers of Chinese agenda in #India.
Indian democracy used against India as #China uses PsyOps.
Should Govt respond? Nip it in the bud?
#Doklam to #Galwan India must counter Chinese mind games asap.
Important to beware!!!

China uses local laws, pressure groups (brainwashed &/or paid?), 'democratic institutions' to its advantage.
China failed in #Doklam. China has not succeeded in eastern #Ladakh to brow beat us.

India 🇮🇳 did QPQ Operations dominating China's Moldo garrison forcing China to withdraw from certain friction points. There are other aces up India's sleeve forcing China to build rapidly & construct a bridge on PangongTso (Aksai Chin is Indian territory too) #India should object
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1/ On 3rd December 1971, exactly 50 years ago today, my father, then a young Captain in the Indian Army, commanded the advance Workshop Detachment of the 50 Para Brigade into Bangladesh at Chowgacha heading for Dhaka via Jessore & Khulna.
@adgpi #proud #IndianArmy
2/ Commissioned in 1966, my dad & his many NDA coursemates share tales of fateful events that led up to the 71 war. He lost dear friends that fortnight who he remembers forever; he reflects on the treachery of America then & the strength of Indian leadership against devious Pak
3/ The Pak Army surrendered on 16th December. My dad’s Workshop Detachment was rushed back to support the Western theater near Giddarbaha - Malout, Punjab. And some days later the cease fire was called, leaving the Indian army with having to handle 93,000 Pak prisoners of war.
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Stunning allegation!!! Former Mumbai police commissioner Parambir Singh shoots off a letter to CM @OfficeofUT. Alleges #SachinVaze collected money for Anil Deshmukh. Tasked to collect Rs 100 Cr per month. Breaking on @IndiaToday. Does #ParambirSingh a serving top cop have proof?
@IndiaToday's @mustafashk accesses #ParambirSingh's letter. It has a virtual guidebook for collection of 100 crore a month. 1750 bars, restaurants and other establishments in Mumbai. Collect Rs 2 to 3 lakh from each. Rs 40 to 50 crore monthly achievable. Top focus @IndiaToday
And @Dev_Fadnavis demands @AnilDeshmukhNCP's resignation. Says @OfficeofUT should remove him. Have either central probe or court monitored probe. Allegations made by senior serving police officer apparently with evidence. And says CM was informed by #ParambirSingh. On @IndiaToday
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Leads from 2008 #Ahmedabad blasts (57 killed) helped in identifying the perpetrators of Delhi blasts (39 killed) & led us to L-18 #BatlaHouse: @singhkarnal2, then Jt CP @DelhiPolice tells me on #IndiaFirst. @GujaratPolice tracked #IndianMujahideen. Had reported 2008 Ahd blasts🖕
In Ahmedabad blasts #IndianMujahideen terrorists had planted the 5th & the most powerful bomb at the hospital. Their aim was to kill not just injured from other blast sites but also their relatives, doctors, police etc at hospital (Yet some give intellectual cover fire to terror)
#IndianMujahideen terrorists had also planned serial blasts in #Surat. IEDs planted on trees & billboards to inflict head injuries. Fortunately the circuit was defective.100s of lives were saved. A @GujaratPolice officer had told me a special team was constituted to neutralise IM
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#IndianMujahideen terrorist #ArizKhan convicted for killing brave Insp Mohan Chand Sharma & attempting to kill police officers in #BatlaHouse encounter. Delhi module of terror group was neutralized.
(Had covered the terror strikes, the encounter & the shameful politics after it) ImageImageImage
Political leaders to academics to influencers an entire ecosystem charged at the terror fighting mechanism.
Was the attempt to demoralize it? Weaken it/destroy it?
At whose behest?
Vote bank politics became more important than India's war on terror?
Every fact was ignored. Why?
How many people know Insp Mohan Chand Sharma's child was unwell & in hospital. He put #IndiaFirst. He made Supreme sacrifice of his life. And yet was vilified.The entire @DelhiPolice was. Ask @sanjeevyadav225 & @singhkarnal2 who braved every assault to keep Delhi safe from terror
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20 Indian braves made Supreme sacrifice of their lives at #Galwan to push back an expansionist China at #LAC.
#China remains hostile to India.
#Maharashtra power outage blamed on Chinese hackers.
China yet to pull back from #Depsang.
Yet Rs 300 cr Telecom contract to #Huawei? ImageImage
Is this the 'whole of India' approach being adopted to deal with expansionist forces?
Why continue to give access to China in critical areas like Telecom?
Even if central Govt is to be believed China didn't succeed in #Maharashtra power outage, attempts were made? Even in Delhi
Soldiers make the supreme sacrifice for a strong nation.
Can business & industry not sacrifice profits for a strong nation?
Is this the whole of nation approach to deal with China?
Is this #Atmanirbhar #Bharat?
Profits more important than national interest?
#IndiaFirst always
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FIR takes cognizance of the @GretaThunberg deleted cheat sheet. Investigation to begin on the correlation of the Cheatsheet and events on the ground so far: @DelhiPolice sources tell me. She is not named in the FIR.
Praveer Ranjan, Special Commissioner (Crime) @DelhiPolice says #FIR u/s 124A, 153, 153A, 120 B registered. Tweets by certain handles were being monitored. This tweet had a `Toolkit'. Mentioned Pro #Khalistan elements. matter being investigated. Top focus #DeshKaGaurav #IndiaFirst
@DelhiPolice Spl Commissioner makes a Special mention of the `Poetic Justice Foundation' saying preliminary inquiry reveals `toolkit' appears to have been made by a pro-Khalistani organisation. Big revelation on #DeshKaGaurav & #IndiaFirst today.
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Dissent in Democracy?
Or Anarchy?
Farmers Protests or are 'farmers' an excuse to disrupt law & order.
Mobile towers: Do they not help with online education?
Who is disrupting India again & again?
Violation of law is totally unacceptable
As of now is there any evidence to suggest MSP will go?
APMCs will go?
Any threat to farmers land?
Are vested interests indulging in fear mongering?
Is that fear mongering causing genuine & real harm to India's growth story where data & communications play a key role
What will damaging mobile towers achieve? 27 petrol pumps in Delhi's border belt have complained of zero business in past 30 days. Factories are complaining of losses & salary/job cuts. So fears of farmers due to fear mongering by netas leads to real losses on ground to industry?
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I have been putting off tweeting...but if I hear 'xyz defends the right of ppl to protest', 'we believe in democracy', 'we believe in dialogue', any more I will just scream. It is so frustrating for a teacher who teaches democracy, the child’s right to freedom of expression...
I advocate the idea that we need to teach ppl to speak; because what’s the point of saying- give the vulnerable a voice if we don’t teach them to speak. Equally, what is the point of saying I teach ppl to speak if I don’t defend a ‘voice’ when it is suppressed?
'The police are the public & the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare ' Robert Peel.
If so why are voices being suppressed?
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Pakistan own army officer accepted Pakistan's role in creating a conflict in Kashmir. It is amply clear now Pakistan is sending the jihadist in the valley to create unrest and harass the innocent Kashmiris. I urged FATF to banned this rogue nation to save innocent lives.
For long this had been a well known secret of #Pakistan govt.........#NawazSharif exposes the GHQ-ISI nexus on pak politics
@CChristineFair @neeraj_rajput @manishindiatv @kakar_harsha @Tiny_Dhillon @TheSatishDua @Vedmalik1 @chapters4mlife
TBP Video: Baloch students are marching to protest for their educational rights after their reserved seats and scholarships were curbed in the universities of Punjab. #TBPVidoes
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Congratulations #BorderRoadsOrganisation for speedy construction of a network of bridges connecting India. Privileged to have reported from Ground Zero in #Ladakh. 44 bridges inaugurated today. @PMOIndia & @rajnathsingh push to build border infrastructure very crucial #IndiaFirst
From that disastrous thinking that enemy can take advantage of own roads & bridges to this combative & strong posture of protecting own territory & taking development to border areas, @PMOIndia's decisive push to build border infrastructure will hold India in good stead in future
Kudos to Lt Gen Harpal Singh, DG Border Roads & the can do spirit of army & GREF engineers & Task Force teams. I have seen them in action on ground #Ladakh. Tearing through hard rock to carve a road requires sheer grit & determination. They truly are mountain tamers. #IndiaFirst
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#Taiwan 🇹🇼 #NationalDayTaiwan . Stay Strong. Together democracies will counter expansionist forces. Will we see closer India-Taiwan ties in the months & years ahead?
#Taiwan 🇹🇼 standing up to an expansionist #China is a must report story.
@iingwen has been talking about Taiwan's military modernisation & strategic ties with like minded democracies… Strong democracies together will deter expansionist bullies in the region
#Taiwan 🇹🇼

Not really cards for #India to play but relationships to cherish and nurture.

Should be part of India's strategic fold. Now & for ever.

#China is no friend of ours. Stronger strategic alliances with like minded countries is the best road ahead.
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A sinister narrative is being built. So called brutal crackdown on civil rights protests. Arson, violence, riots, *Bharat Tere Tukde Honge* ARE NOT PART OF DEMOCRATIC PROTESTS. Police must investigate every case. Produce evidence in courts of law. Prosecute RIOTERS. #IndiaFirst
Aar Paar Ki Ladai cannot be permitted on the streets. Even Supreme Court was clear on Shaheen Bagh. Protest only in designated areas. There are courts of law & institutions for grievance redressal. Approach courts, Minority & human rights commission. NO RIGHT TO RIOT. #IndiaFirst
With a hostile #China & a terror state #Pakistan out to damage #India, fifth column must be countered effectively with facts & rioters dealt with following due process of law. No enemy defeated India when we were united, but India also has a long history of Mir Jaffars & Aambhis.
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My Heroes

I wish to share an interesting incident brought out the greatness of two Legendary Sons of India. When Dr.Abdul Kalam was the President, he visited Coonoor. On reaching , he came to know that Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw was in the Military Hospital there.
Dr.Kalam wanted to visit Sam ,which was unscheduled. Arrangements were made. At the bedside, Kalam spent abt 15 minutes talking to Sam & enquiring abt his health. Just before leaving Kalam asked Sam " Are you comfortable?
Is there anything I cld do ? Do you have any grievance ? or any requirement that wld make you more comfortable? Sam said"Yes Yr Excellency, I hv one grievance" .Shocked with concern & anguish , Kalam asked him what it was .
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Is India systematically turning the heat on China? What is the significance of India occupying commanding heights at #LAC & banning 118 apps. @Chellaney & @sdinny14 join me on #IndiaFirst at 10.30pm. Is there merit in the US intelligence assessment #China shot itself in the foot? ImageImage
China between Finger 5 & 8 does not have strategically important land but India on the South Pangong Tso commanding heights has strategic advantage. After giving China 4 months to pull back, India's deft maneuvere sends out a big signal to China. Under estimate India at own risk
China preventing our patrols in some areas was only because India was playing by the rule book & China violating it with impunity. Now that India has checkmated China in its own game, road ahead will be very tricky. Its advantage India due to high altitude experience & knowledge.
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China meets the Great India Wall at #LAC in South #PangongTso. Indian soldiers in strength at #LAC prevent another Chinese transgression on the south side of Pangong lake near #Chushul. India in a commanding position. China cries foul, alleges transgression. Top focus #IndiaFirst
India doesn't want war with #China. But thats not synonymous with permitting PLA transgressions on #LAC. @PMOIndia through #Wuhan & #Mamallapuram Summits tried hard to ensure India & China grow together.But Xi Jinping's myopic vision & Chinese expansionism have to be responded to Image
Wanting peace is not an act of weakness & now China has seen India's resolve both at #Galwan & area south of #PangongTso. Plus gradually reducing Chinese footprint (easier said than done) in Indian market. India must continue to stand firm. Hopefully India will speak in one voice
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The Face of #Pakistan State #Terror in #Kashmir. Pak terrorist Umar Farooq got RDX from Pak through Samba border. 2 IEDs of 160 & 40 kgs rigged into Maruti Eeco van. Feb 6 was planned date of #VBIED attack, postponed due to massive snowfall. #DeshKaGaurav 8 pm #IndiaFirst 1030 pm ImageImage
#Pulwama was planned by #Pakistan based #JeM. Terrorists trained in explosives by Al Qaeda & Haqqani Network in #Afghanistan. Mohd Umar Farooq visited Afghanistan in 2017. #MasoodAzhar #RoufAsgar & #AmmarAlvi gave constant guidance & support to Pakistani terrorists in #Kashmir.
#Pakistan based #JeM terrorists were planning another #VBIED attack on security forces after #Pulwama but the plan was shelved due to #Balakot air strikes by #IAF & the killing of the main conspirator Mohd Umar Farooq by security forces in an encounter. #DeshkaGaurav #IndiaFirst.
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Daulat Beg Oldie: 16,696 feet. India's remotest yet most strategic outpost. Beyond what is called "Gateway to Hell'. We have the bravest of the brave protecting our national interest & keeping #IndiaFirst. Visiting the land of Our Braves is pilgrimage. Inspirational. #IndiaFirst. Image
Heartfelt gratitude to our ever smiling, extremely hospitable brave warriors in inhospitable terrain #Karakoram & an extremely dedicated, talented cameraperson @kirpals68569684 fellow traveler on this 255 kms journey to #DBO. I am overwhelmed by the response to our Special Report Image
90% respondents @IndiaToday spoke to were in favour of boycotting Chinese products in response to Chinese transgressions at #LAC. #Galwan (No, that is not India's only response to Chinese treachery) Read @IndiaToday for #MoodOfTheNation. Big focus on @PMOIndia response to #China. Image
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