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RE: Mass shootings, esp since 2014. @DrREpstein @drawandstrike @davidwebbshow @NewRightNetwork @BreitbartNews

Inexplicable, unless, The #RussiaGate #hoax induced a sort of #masshysteria, in the form of #TDS (#TrumpderagementSyndrome)
Mass psychogenic illness and the social network: is it changing the pattern of outbreaks? (Written 2012)…
"There is increasing recognition that mass psychogenic illness (MPI) is underappreciated, under-reported and poses a significant health and social problem."
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There is a terrible truth lurking behind Donald Trump that is far more important than 2020. We've dared not whisper this truth because it's more terrifying than anything we can currently comprehend.
1/ What is this wretched, unspeakable truth? Quite simply, that all of human civilization itself experienced *astoundingly good fortune* that DONALD J. TRUMP (of all people!) was elected head of state and supreme commander of Earth's greatest military superpower.

2/ Donald Trump is a bad man, and he must lose in 2020. No sane person would disagree with this. But his mere defeat is not the end of this war, not by a long shot. Without a supportive Congress, a President is essentially powerless to advance legislation on their own.
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1. On 3 August 2019 a White Nationalist came into my town and murdered 22 people who were going about their Saturday morning, some buying groceries and other school supplies for back to school.
2. Most of these innocent people were grandmas and grandpas while others were young parents, uncles, and a teenage boy getting ready for sophomore year of high school. What were they guilty of..? Other than being Hispanic, not a damn thing.
3. Few days later, Donny & Melanie show up for photo op w surviving victims in hospitals across the city. After most refusing to meet these disgusting people, a baby of just 2 months, & now an orphan, is forced into photo just days after after his parents lost their lives.
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Can Texas turn blue in 2020? The writer thinks so and so do I.

Ted Cruz won his last election, but saw a 13 point margin drop from his first election to 2018. That's a 13 point pro-Democratic shift. Other seats flipped. #SundayThoughts #TurnTexasBlue 1/7…
Do you want to help? Follow and get involved with organizations like @texasdemocrats and @BGTX who are working to make Texas competitive for Democrats, which will make the state better and the country better for us all.
#Texas #SundayMotivation 2/7
Support and volunteer for @mjhegar - an amazing Democratic candidate running to replace John Cornyn in the U.S. Senate.

To paraphrase, "Texans deserve a Senator who represents their values: strength, courage, independence."
That's not Cornyn. #txlege 3/7
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Here are the Democratic Candidates for seats GOP are vacating
(Update 8/1)
*Note that @RepMarthaRoby #AL2, @ConawayTX11
#TX11 and @RepRobBishop #UT1 are also leaving,
but there are no Dem Candidates in those Districts YET
#Congress2020 #VoteBlue
GOP @BradleyByrne is leaving Alabama District 1
Democratic Candidates for #AL1 are:
James Averhart
Kiani Arkus Gardner
College Instructor & Biologist

#Congress2020 #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica
GOP @RepRobWoodall is leaving Georgia District 7
Democratic Candidates for #GA7 are:
Carolyn Bourdeaux
Marqus Cole
John Eaves
Nabilah Islam
Brenda Lopez
Rashid Malik
#Congress2020 #VoteBlue2020
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Here are the Democratic Candidates for seats GOP are vacating
(this THREAD will undoubtedly expand...)
*Note that @RepMarthaRoby #AL2 @RepRobBishop #UT1 & @ConawayTX11 #TX11 are leaving,
but there are no Dem Candidates in those Districts...YET
#Congress2020 #VoteBlue
GOP @BradleyByrne is leaving Alabama District 1
Democratic Candidates for #AL1 are:
James Averhart
Kiani Arkus Gardner
College Instructor & Biologist
(no Website or Twitter yet)
#Congress2020 #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica
GOP @RepRobWoodall is leaving Georgia District 7
Democratic Candidates for #GA7 are:
Carolyn Bourdeaux
Marqus Cole
John Eaves
Nabilah Islam
Brenda Lopez
Rashid Malik
#Congress2020 #VoteBlue2020
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Trump retweeted this to brag about congress failing to stop him from selling arms to Saudi Arabia. We literally have an illegal arms dealer in the White House and nobody can stop him, which is the plot of I don't know how many bad 80's movies.
The US sold weapons and "beautiful military equipment" to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Now, some are in the hands of al Qaeda-linked fighters and Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen, who are driving American-made tanks.…
New Trump rules make it easier for U.S. gun makers to sell overseas -- Manufacturers will no longer need State Department licenses to export dozens of weapons.

As if Al Qaeda driving our tanks wasn't bad enough!…
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Some strong-ish #TuesdayThoughts about the state of our electorate -- and one state in particular: The battle-grounder, #Wisconsin

The Badger State has been gerrymandered to shreds by the anti-American #GOPTraitors

Think that's an overstatement?

Consider this

👇🏽 (thread)

In the 2018 Midterms, #Democrats won EVERY statewide election, yet because of gerrymandering lost 63 of the 99 state assembly races.


When Republicans redrew the map in 2011, the numbers show that the current map is even far more tilted toward the GOP than the previous map — and all but ensures Republican control of the state Assembly in “good” years or “bad” for the GOP.


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1/ @SpeakerPelosi, constructive and divisive criticisms, congressional oversight, executive power and it's abuse.

Firstly, I wish to make clear that this opinion is neither pro nor anti-Nancy Pelosi. It's meant to be a constructive criticism and to promote healthy dialogue.
2/@SpeakerPelosi is the most powerful Democrat in the House, is second in line for the presidency behind the VP, and provides direction for the entire caucus. However, this does not mean she makes absolute decisions, or has absolute power over the @DNC and @HouseDemocrats. She
3/ does not rule with an iron fist. Also, she is acutely aware of the frustration within the Democratic Party, both in the House and amongst WeThePeople.

Which brings us first to IMPEACHMENT.

Reviewing the impeachment process, the House vote to impeach is a vote to indict only.
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hey #Virginia residents

have a #BlueWave candidate? state, local, congressional, dog catcher - whatever?

want help getting them noticed?

.@ or dm me in your tweet

let's get them some support to #FlipTheseSeats

follow these candidates to grow their following

RT widely
Ella Webster, MD @Ella4the98th

Dem candidate for #Virginia 98th House of Delegates

Ella is a Public Health Physician

think #healthcare advocacy?

check out her platform…
Tim Hickey @TimHickeyVA

Dem candidate for VA HoD 59th district

Tim was an attorney and is now a public school educator

#educators are never to be undervalued - they teach our futures
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1/ let's be honest. Things are very bad right now. The ICE raids, the activities of their agents, the overt racism on the part of Donald Trump, the existence of concentration camps and children in cages, the constant marketing of the illegal as legal, as well as the marketing of
The legal as illegal, the continued attacks upon the rights of citizens, the seeming impotence of House Dems, the confusion of applicable Constitutional law, the federal courts stacked with Trump appointed Republicans, and the confusion and Discord sown amongst the Left, Liberal
Democrats, the resultant infighting over the vagaries of impeachment, and the overall frustration associated with feeling helpless. This is what we're facing. This is what we have to deal with now. This is right in our faces and it's not going away any time soon.

If any of that
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.@michelleinbklyn saw u on @MSNBC
Issue w/ ur thesis
I'm strong liberal/progressive Dem🌊don't kno who I'll vote4 yet-but kno it's a Dem!

~Can't BASH ANY Dem who needs voters
See #IndivisibleCandidateGuide
Talk up+++instead of candidate negatives
🚨EVERY DEM CANDIDATE is 100,000x better than what we have now..
SO Dems need emphasize ea candidate's positives:
NOT his/her negatives..
Of course one may want to say smthing like "I'm not so crazy abt x position-but it wouldn't keep me fr voting🌊for X, esp compared to trmp"🆗?
EVERYBODY see/read/adopt
~most early Dem Candidates already signed it:

So we can't take any of them down so hard w/ criticisms that will prevent🌊Dems fr voting FOR that candidate should s/he become OUR DEM NOMINEE🌊right? *RT
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Mitch McConnell should be asked these questions every single day of the rest of his term as Senate Majority Leader. Let's get him out in 2020.

We need to flip at least 4 Senate seats & hold what we have. #WednesdayMotivation #FlipTheSenate #DitchMitch 1/6
These Democrats are registered to run for Senate in these states in 2020 as of 6/12/19. Give them a follow, donate, & help to get the best candidates through the primaries so we can #FlipTheSenate #DitchMitch2020
@joshuamahony 2/6
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In the most obvious statement of the year...Flake says what we all know.
Trump policies are bad for America.
Below are a few of them (not a comprehensive list).

GOP tax scam
Farmer Bankruptcies
3k dead in Puerto Rico
.17 % homeless
Trump shutdown
$100 million for his golf trips
Muslim ban
FEMA data leak
Troops at the border
Paris Climate Accord
Pay Day lender protections
Student loan protections
Election protection
Mercury Effluent Rule
Affordable Internet plan
Teacher Preparation rule
School accountability act
Stream protection rule
Fair Play+ safe workplaces reg
Injury record keeping
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1/ Day 30 of Trump's shutdown: Gov't workers are suffering. Trump's winning by blaming Dems for not negotiating. BuzzFeed nailed Trump for directing Cohen in illegal acts. Then Mueller made his first mistake & now both have egg on their faces. Trump wins. Enough! Resisters Unite!
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I'm sitting here at 5:17 in the quiet hours of the morning hoping out country will be saved. It's not unlike the time I was hoping my daughter's tumor was benign or that my wife's brain tumor could be removed and hoped she would pull out of it ok.
Did we do enough? That is the question many will ask ourselves tonight and tomorrow. Could I have written one more post card, made one more phone call, knocked on one more door, gotten one more person to the poll?
I see people who quit their jobs to go all in, those people are my heroes. I served in the military but they get it, they know what's on the line today, they did all they could. They left it all on the battlefield. We leave it up to the people now to use their voice.
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My absentee ballot didn’t come so I’m taking an all night bus to NC, voting, and flying back to be at work at 11 in DC. Stay tuned as I live-tweet my venture into madness for the sake of civic duty. #VoteSaveAmerica #iguess
To pump myself up for this trip I’m listening to @PodSaveAmerica. Why? Because @jonlovett @jonfavs @TVietor08 and @danpfeiffer are personally responsible for this trip (and will help me stay strong as I try to get home to vote).
In the part where folks usually promote their soundclouds I just wanna say: if you’re in NC, please vote to #nixthesix amendments. Also, I’m a @HealthCareVoter and I hope you are too.

more after I pack as much as will fit in my backpack.
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My friends,

In less than 24 hours, the fate of this nation will be decided by the one person who can send a message... Y - O - U! do not be tempted by negative ads by the other party AKA GOP. Do not be persuaded by the poles the news people tell you. only you can decide
My friends,
We....cannot...let....this...election slip through our fingers,period! The fate of this country, the legacy of @BarackObama, the very progress we fought so hard for, and more is at Absolute stake as well as my right as an individual with special needs.
the rights of women everywhere especially my friends in the sex working business and the adult entertainment business especially my friends @MsPrincessDD @drsuzy @thekatiemorgan @Melissa_Hill3x @ChelseaClinton @HillaryClinton and all are at stake in this country.
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.@realDonaldTrump has said that when considering who to vote for on Tuesday, we should pretend he’s on the ballot. I think that’s a great idea. So here’s a list of some of the things he’s done since taking office (THREAD):
—He defended Neo-Nazis who marched and murdered a protestor in Charlottesville
—He implemented a policy separating young children from their parents at the border, which tore apart hundreds of families, and then incarcerated the children in cages
—He took Vladimir Putin’s word over our own intelligence community, accepting Russia’s denial that it ever attacked our election
—He implemented a “Muslim ban” restricting immigration from several majority-Muslim countries despite this being flagrantly unconstitutional
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Dear friends,

This is my final Twitter thread before November 6th, 24 days ago I started a tweet about why I wanted to vote Democrat and so should you. In the 24 days since it began more than a thousand of you liked it very much and nearly 500 of you retweeted the
thread to inspire people to go and vote. now, in the 3 final days before the most life-changing election in the history of this country, I am saying this with my heart and my soul, when November 6th comes around and you are inside the voting booth, I want you to think about
Everything that I said in the thread, everything I meant was real, everything I said was legit from the depths of my heart and soul. I love this country deeply and I love the people who made America what it is and still do. Everyone of you matter. Every person matters
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My closing #Midterm2018 THREAD: Let's look at how Ted Cruz has knowingly worked to divide and mislead Texans. #txlege
Please RT
#VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #GOPVotingBlue
Ted Cruz FACT: He's invested millions of dollars in digital influence campaigns.
Maliciously targeting you, your family & friends.

Operating largely in the shadows, using firm that harvested data on stolen from millions of unwitting FB users. #TXSen #txlege #TX14 #Psywar #Psyop
Ted Cruz FACT: Files reveal that AggregateIQ—also known as “AIQ”—is the developer behind campaign apps created for Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott, as well as a Ukrainian steel magnate named Serhiy Taruta.
#txlege #TXSen #BetoForTexas #Midterm2018 #CruzCrew…
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@realDonaldTrump Donald Trump and Republicans are putting us on path to recession. The $1.5 trillion Wall Street tax cut went directly to stock buybacks inflating value, exploding our annual deficit, providing no YOY wage growth all while engaging in trade wars with our allies #VoteDemocrat
@realDonaldTrump We need to make this abundantly clear. Republicans passed a huge $1.5 trillion Wall Street 1% tax cut which exploded the the annual deficit from $454 billion to $1 trillion. Now, to fix this out of control spending, they want to cut Social Security and Medicare #VoteDemocrat
@realDonaldTrump Republicans are suing in 20 states that mandating insurance companies to provide pre-existing condition insurance coverage options is unconstitutional. Donald Trump’s administration is refusing to defend against this lawsuit putting coverage at risk #VoteDemocrat
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1/ Rachel Maddow pointed out yesterday, Thurs. 11/1/18, just 5 days before the midterms, a Trump administration executive order takes effect & eliminates the Obamacare rule that insurance companies can't deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. Starting yesterday, they can.
2/ In her ominous announcement, Rachel referenced the Wall Street Journal, & this quote: “This is also the first open-enrollment period under a Trump-administration change expanding access to cheaper plans that don’t cover the panoply of benefits mandated by the ACA. (con't)
3/ Those less-expensive plans can also deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.” Here is the article: The open-enrollment season is kicking off just before the congressional elections in which health care has emerged as a top issue for voters…
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