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More on #TrumpTaxFraud from NYT last night
Another really good read for this rainy day if (unlike me), you're not remote teaching little kids because of Trump's #Covid fail
2-"When his skyscraper proved a disappointment, Donald Trump defaulted on his loans, sued his bank, got much of the debt forgiven — and largely avoided paying taxes on it,” by David Enrich, Russ Buettner, Mike McIntire and Susanne Craig:
3-“He and his family hoped the Trump International Hotel & Tower would cement their company’s reputation as one of the world’s marquee developers of luxury real estate.
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If you read nothing else today, read this:
Excellent rundown on Trump using the Presidency to loot America
Doing things like charging the Fed $3 for a glass of water served to HIM at Mar-a-Lago
2-"In the next two days, as Trump and Abe talked about trade and North Korea, Trump’s Palm Beach, Fla., [Mar-a-Lago] billed the U.S. government $13,700 for guest rooms, $16,500 for food and wine and $6,000 for the roses and other floral arrangements.
3-"Trump’s club even charged for the smallest of services. When Trump and Abe met alone, with no food served, the government still got a bill for what they drank.
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America, if you re-elect any of the Republicans in the Senate or the House you will lock this country into gridlock once again. If you have any doubt of the character of @SenateMajLdr @JohnCornyn @TTuberville @LindseyGrahamSC @SenDavidPerdue @SenatorLoeffler @MarthaMcSally
@CoryGardner @SteveDaines @CindyHydeSmith @DanSullivan @JoniErnst @SenSusanCollins @TomCottonAR @JimRisch @BillCassidy @JimInhofe @SenCapito all you have to do is listen, listen real hard it's crickets not a word their silence is complicity it is agreement with the most racist,
ignorant and incompetent man to ever set foot in the @WhiteHouse, to take it one step further he cares not for my life a senior with co-morbidities nor does he care for you or your children he could care less if you, I or anyone lives or dies other than himself. Nor does any GOP
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Let’s make this a landslide that our grandchildren will talk about.


“A polling convergence is bad news for the president.State polls are starting to look like national ones.”…
“[T]he big polling news of the day was probably our New York Times/Siena surveys in Michigan and Wisconsin, where Mr. Biden led by eight and 10 points.
“There’s no sugarcoating these results for President Trump. His deficits were fueled largely by voters who said they had flipped to Mr. Biden after voting for Mr. Trump in 2016.
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Make sure to fill out the #AbsenteeBallot correctly!
No #NakedBallots (thx @sarahsilverman @MarkRuffalo @chrisrock @amyschumer @joshgad @TiffanyHaddish et al; NAKED video)
Here's a 50 STATE mega-Thread with detailed instructions on how to fill out YOUR #VoteByMail ballot
Here's an overall Video Instruction on #VoteByMail

NOTE: More #AbsenteeBallots means more time for election officials to carefully process & count. Voters should not expect results election night. A delay just means counters are being careful.
ALABAMA Video on How to Vote & Return #AbsenteeBallot

3 envelopes
1 plain (secrecy envelope),
1 with affidavit/oath on the outside,
1 plain pre-addressed envelope, (outer envelope)
Check "physically incapacitated" box “ for #COVID-19 concerns
#VoteBlue Image
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Reminder. The votes haven’t been counted. Bad things happen when Democrats don’t vote.
Just #VOTE !
“Democrats are on track to win big in Arizona next month — from the presidential election to the state House. And Republicans fear it won’t just be a one-time event but the start of long-term Democratic dominance in the state.
“It’s a shift that’s been coming since before President Donald Trump’s election but has only been further accelerated over the past four years by his divisive presidency and the Arizona GOP’s evolution from the party of John McCain to that of Trump.
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“Almost 2 in 3 voters say Trump did not take appropriate precautions to reduce the chances of catching the coronavirus, and 6 in 10 say they do not trust the administration to provide complete and accurate information about his health.”…
“Interest in the election continues to be extremely high, with 65 percent of registered voters saying they are following it ‘very closely,’ an increase of 11 points over the past two months. Nearly 9 in 10 say they are certain to vote or say they already have cast their ballots.
“A 64 percent majority of likely voters supporting Biden plan to vote early, and an additional 10 percent say they have already voted, leaving about a quarter who say they plan to vote on Election Day.
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#VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare

“In Wisconsin, about 146,000 people voted by mail in the 2016 general election. This fall, about 647,000 people have already voted absentee, many in Democratic strongholds.
In Madison “thousands of people have gone to parks to deliver their ballots during Saturday voting festivals.
In Milwaukee, Facebook feeds are inundated with selfies of Democrats inserting ballots into drop boxes.
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#MAGAMussolini death cult gathers for rally at the White House (where it’s illegal to hold campaign events)

Propagandist-in-Chief needs a photo-op to lift his infected spirits & spread more propaganda, demagoguery & virus. #InfectedTrump #VoteHimOut #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #Vote
🧵The Hatch Act isn't a minor law. It's fundamental. It keeps those in power from ABUSING it.

In a free & open democracy, the govt doesn't use govt resources to keep itself in power.

Complicit GOP has normalized abuse of power. To restore & fix democracy #VoteGOPOut everywhere!
🤯Icing on Trump's💩sandwich: Black people—who die disproportionately of COVID—were PROPS for his balcony spectacle—invited to WH superspreader rally a week after superspreader infected dozens, incl him! A few 100 Blexit fans came—gimmick of right-wing propagandist Candace Owens.
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Good analysis of the polls, but we still have to #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica
“President Trump is losing.
“There are few sentences which run more directly against Trump’s long-cultivated brand, but it’s true. The president who promised his supporters that they would get tired of winning is on the brink of losing —
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“We have filed nearly a dozen lawsuits over signature matching and cure processes this cycle. As the New York Times reported … ‘in a series of lawsuits this year, judges have ruled almost uniformly that under the Constitution, due process requires …
“that voters be notified of a problem and have the chance to fix signatures that are being used to certify their ballots.’”…
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I may not be all that old, but I’m old enough to remember a time when politicians weren’t self absorbed bags of shit.
I’m old enough to remember how everyone came together in the wake of a tragedy that killed Americans.
A time before we had the internet widely available
In the days after 9/11 I was 16 years old in the NY Metro area. We watched our communities come together to lift up America.
We were proud to be American.
We were survivors in the face of terrorism. We buried loved ones and attended memorial after memorial for the 2,977 souls.
Nobody discounted any loss. Each was just as tragic as the next. From the people on the planes to those who gave their lives trying to rescue people from those buildings.
We were one people. We were American people.
We weren’t Republicans or Democrats we were AMERICANS.
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@JRubinBlogger is pounding Donnie & the GOP today.…
“Advertising you are cutting off help to millions of Americans when your political opponents are trying to juice the economy might be Trump’s stupidest political move yet.
“He — and now the entire Senate GOP — is telling Americans their economic pain is not as important as jamming through a Supreme Court nominee who is going to further increase hardship by striking down the Affordable Care Act.”
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Kamala Harris is in deep #VPDebate prep
What to expect
What she's prepping for:

2-"Harris’ tone toward the laid-up president is expected to mirror Biden’s of late, according to aides and allies. The Democratic presidential contender and Harris have wished the president a speedy recovery. Their campaign pulled negative TV ads and implored staff to refrain
3-"from piling on to reporters and on social media, though as Trump emerged from the hospital late Monday, Biden suggested he would not let him off the hook for not wearing a mask and flaunting social distancing protocols.
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Have you got questions about Absentee Voting?
How to get your #AbsenteeBallot?
Dates for #EarlyVoting?

Well, we've got answers.

PS #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

THREAD 1/8 Image
These States are mailing #AbsenteeBallots OR #AbsenteeBallot Applications.
But, if your #MailInBallot doesn't turn up, followup & Apply.
Check all rules for & links to your State
All 50 States here:…
#AbsenteeVoting #VoteByMail

THREAD 3/8 Image
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Democratic Candidates for GOVERNOR #Elections2020
Postcards, Websites & Donation Links
for each candidate.
Follow & Support!


All 50 States Democratic Candidates here:…
Democratic Candidate for GOVERNOR of DELAWARE
Democratic Incumbent
Contribute here:
Follow @johncarneyforde

#NoSafeSeats #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica
Democratic Candidate for GOVERNOR of INDIANA
Former State Health Commissioner, Physician & Businessman
Donate here:…

#NoSafeSeats #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica
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DELAWARE Democratic Candidates
House, Senate & Governor
Postcards, Info & Links
to Follow & Support
& #VoteByMail & Being a Poll Worker info & links

All 50 States Dem Candidates:… Image
Democratic Candidate for GOVERNOR of DELAWARE
Democratic Incumbent
Contribute here:
Follow @johncarneyforde

#NoSafeSeats #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica
#PostcardsforAmerica Image
DELAWARE Democratic Candidate for #Senate2020
Democratic Incumbent
Contribute here…

All 50 States Democratic Candidates here:… Image
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Just a reminder, especially for Florida residents who are having their $300 unemployment cut by DeathSantis today...

Trump has charged us, the U.S. tax payers, over $141 million to golf and stay at his resorts... especially the ones in Florida...
How could that happen you ask?! It’s easy to figure out...…
When he travels to his own resorts, secret service and his entourage have to accompany him; they have to stay there, eat there and use any other services the resorts provide. They don’t stay at a reduced rate for being there as a group, like they offer others, in fact...
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🚨BREAKING: @CDCgov *reverses* its guidance on #coronavirus testing—it previously advised that asymptomatic people exposed to the virus “do not necessarily need a test,” but now clearly instructs: “You NEED a test.”

Prior guidance came from @HHSGov.🧐…
‼️HSS officials bypassed CDC to post the prior DANGEROUS guidance advising NOT to test asymptomatic people exposed to #coronavirus—allowing undetected viral spread➡️MORE #COVID19 cases and deaths—just like last spring!

Trump is trying to spin the data🤬
CDC needs to continue stand for #science against Trump’s dangerous political antics to protect American lives.

This deadly #coronavirus does NOT care about politics. No matter how Trump spins it: the virus infects, spreads like wildfire, and kills.
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2009-2010 : Swine Flu- caused approximately 12,000 deaths in the U.S.

2020- ???? : COVID deaths in the US caused more than 200,000 and still counting.

Joe and Obama saved lives!

Donald Trump is digging more graves!!
And for those who need a source for the numbers, here it is.

@realDonaldTrump you might wanna read this.…
@JoeBiden helped end the H1N1 pandemic in August of 2010 with approximately 12,000 deaths, 190,000 less deaths than COVID19 and @JoeBiden with @KamalaHarris will end the #COVID19 pandemic when they take over the white house.

#BidenHarris2020ToSaveAmerica #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica
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Due to the latest report of Trump's sexual improprieties, Trumpers have gotten Tara Reade trending again, calling liberals/Democrats hypocrites. Here's the difference: Ms. Reade's allegation was taken seriously, but due to inconsistencies and multiple people discrediting her,
the allegation has been deemed unreliable. To this point, it's been the only such allegation made against Biden. On the flip-side, there have been over 33 such allegations made against Donald Trump. Many of the stories are similar to one another and have largely been consistent.
Said stories have also not been discredited like Ms. Reade's was. Therefore, the single allegation against Joe Biden appeared to be quite out-of-character for him, meanwhile, given Donald Trump's history, similar allegations made against him seem sadly in-character.
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Today's #VoteByMail mega-thread, answers, "where are the Ballot Drop Boxes?"
Your State or County may also have #DropBox locations where you can deposit your ballot safely in-person!
Links to Locations for each State.
*Did I miss any? They don't make these easy to find! Image
At least 36 States have #DropBoxes for #AbsenteeBallots
(Only in some counties: IL KS ME MN NV PA SC SD VA WI)
#VoteBlueToSaveAmerica Image
You can return your #AbsenteeBallot by hand. Secure drop boxes open 3 weeks before election for voters to return their ballot any time before 8PM #ElectionDay
#DropBox locations will be listed here:…
All #VoteByMail info here… Image
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🇺🇸I’m a big football fan.

🇺🇸Been playing and watching the game since the 60s. Big NY Giants fan here. Go Blue.

🇺🇸Thing is, I could care less about the NFL this year.

🇺🇸200,000 Americans are dead. Needlessly.

🇺🇸This is sinking in, right?

🇺🇸I admit, I dipped my toe in the water Thursday night for the kickoff to the season. Many of the players peacefully and respectfully protested during the anthem, because my God, how couldn’t they?

🇺🇸And they were booed.

2/11 Image
🇺🇸They were booed by people who claim to want normalcy in their lives, but do everything in their white power to prevent it. Nobody tells these people what to do, except that guy in the WH who has liberated them to act the dangerous fool.

🇺🇸This is sinking in, right?

3/11 Image
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Breaking Overnight:
As we surmised Trump admin officials incl Redfield & Caputo have attempted to control the CDC #COVID case/death & pandemic progress reporting by editing the weekly reports to suit Trump rhetoric:
2-"The health department’s politically appointed communications aides have demanded the right to review and seek changes to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s weekly scientific reports charting the progress of the coronavirus pandemic, in what officials
3-"characterized as an attempt to intimidate the reports’ authors and water down their communications to health professionals. In some cases, emails from communications aides to CDC Director Robert Redfield and other senior officials openly complained that the agency’s reports
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