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#NN21 Keynote: Rebalancing The Supreme Court: Why Progressives Must Take Back the [Stolen] Court to Save our Democracy with @SenTinaSmith @MondaireJones @RepBarbaraLee & Sarah Lipton-Lubet of @TakeBacktheCt. (via @actdottv)…
We have a 6/3 far right hyper-partisan super majority. It is hostile to democracy itself. Policies that are enormously popular across the spectrum are at risk of not being in the #BuildBackBetter Act because of corporate power. -- @MondaireJones #NN21
"I was stunned but I wasn't surprised" - @TinaSmithMN on the Texas ban. She has supported #ExpandTheCourt for years. The Federalist Society has had a multi-generational plan to take over our courts. "We have to get to 13 members to restore balance." We must #TakeBackTheCourt
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Starting NOW!
Join a LIVE panel with Rep. @AyannaPressley, @RBraceySherman, Tamara Brummer & Katie O’Connor, Kelsey Ryland & @UltraViolet Sonja Spoo.
Only in the #NN21 app!
"When we say we are in-- the only receipts that matter in this moment are policies and budgets and how unapologetic we are in taking a stand against discriminatory policies."
"Plan B should be avail by tele-health." Covid really showed how necessary tele-health is, points out Kelsey Ryland @UltraViolet in @WeDemandJustice plenary.
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Whoopsie 👀
TFW I can email Erik Prince’s mom.

#DDoSecrets just published the full directory of the #CNP 😍
This should be fun.
Holy shit. Corsi? You mean Mike Flynn employee Tracy Beanz’ partner in running “Q” in 2018? lmfao
Unsurprisingly, basically every person in here is doing very sketchy shit.

What is this? Turns out that not only do the dominionists think they are prophesized to occupy Jerusalem, they think they get Iran too.
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Justice Sotomayor’s dissent on Texas’ monstrous new abortion ban that flouts all judicial precedent and is flagrantly unconstitutional is
🔥 🔥 🔥 and places her on the record as denouncing this malicious and grotesque injustice in a way that solidifies her advocacy for women.
“The Court’s order is stunning. Presented with an application to enjoin a flagrantly unconstitutional law engineered to prohibit women from exercising their constitutional rights & evade judicial scrutiny, a majority of Justices have opted to bury their heads in the sand.”
“Last night, the Court silently acquiesced in a State’s enactment of a law that flouts nearly 50 years of federal precedents. Today, the Court belatedly explains that it declined to grant relief because of procedural complexities of the State’s own invention.”
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1/12 Just when you thought @SenateDems couldn’t be more condescending.

Follow along while I translate the disdain for your intelligence displayed by this ostensibly pragmatic discussion of what passes for Dem strategy to secure our reproductive rights.
2/12 Nice hook by @SenTinaSmith, pulls you right in with an implied promise of a plan on the Senate Dems’ part. “Finally!” you cry.
3/12 But first a digression to tell you what you already knew and that only really highlights how long Dems have ignored the threat that just became real to Texans now forced to carry to term.
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1/4 Are you a white woman who’s just now calling on @SenateDems to #EndTheFilibuster and with @HouseDemocrats and @POTUS to #ExpandTheCourt #ExpandSCOTUS because the white supremacist Christo-fascists just kicked down the door of your uterus?

Planning on attending an October …
2/4 … Women’s March but didn’t make the effort to attend a voting rights rally last Saturday?

If yes, you need to take a serious look at your values, at your conditional commitment to a more perfect union.

Black women have been doing the work you’re about to co-opt and …
3/4 … coattail ride while you were worrying about other things.

Maybe rather than thinking up a clever sign for October or rummaging for your pink pussy hat, you instead volunteer your time to a voting rights organization run by Black women, ask them how you can help and …
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Do we all understand that two thirds of the Supreme Court are members of the christofascist Federalist Society?
I’m not sure it gets any clearer.
The Federalist Society is christofascist op playing a long game to transform America into a theocracy.

It worked. They won.
Unless we do something.
And here we have Peter Thiel consorting with the son of the man who gave Donald Trump his first SCOTUS seat — Justice Anthony Kennedy. At the Federalist Society.
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The Democrats need to stop play acting with Infrastructure Week and save our democracy immediately:
1) Kill the filibuster
2) Enact voting rights and election laws
3) Codify Roe v Wade
4) Arrest insurrectionists
5) Cut off disinformation
6) #ExpandTheCourt

Why is this so hard?
We’re in a full scale psychological war with foreign adversaries operating with the help of domestic terrorists and traitors.

We need to start acting like it.
@TheDemocrats get off your asses and save America. 🇺🇸
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This guy — Leonard Leo — who is both Opus Dei and a Knight of Malta, two of the most extreme regressive institutions of the Catholic Church, has installed at least five SCOTUS judges.

Now 6 of 9 Justices are Catholic. Two thirds.
That seems excessive.
I don’t have anything against Catholics per se, except when they try to take over the government and turn it into a theocracy. That’s where I draw the line. 🤷‍♂️…
They have been doing this shit for an extremely long time.
Who else is one of 13,500 global Knights of Malta? Psychotic international terrorist Erik Prince.

Like Prince, Leonard Leo is a literal Crusader, living out the genocidal madness of the Middle Ages — wearing a suit.
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Let’s review the 6-3 Court:
-They stole a seat from Obama and put on ultra-wingnut Gorsuch
-They cheated to get the White House in 2016
-They put a whiny rapist who perjured himself on the bench
-They stole ANOTHER seat and gave it to a dominionist cultist
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#TexasWomen and women everywhere appalled by #SB8 need to put pressure where it matters, pocketbooks. Here’s the largest corporations in Texas- do t spend a dime with them! @pizzahut @Dell @jpmorgan AT&T, Texas Instruments, @USAA @exxonmobil @BankofAmerica @AmericanAir
All of these companies are complicit in stripping away #WomensRights if they don’t say or do anything. Let’s let our money talk! #BoycottTexas #AbortionIsHealthcare #AbortTheGOP #ExpandTheCourt #Fight
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Expand the fucking Court.
The entire State of Texas run by negligent murderer @GovAbbott — who has caused tens of thousands of adults to die from a preventable disease — has now effectively banned abortion.
“Right to life” @GovAbbott amirite?…
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Some parasitic insects lay their eggs in other living things. The larvae hatch and eat the live host from the inside out, leaving an empty shell behind.

The Supreme Court is doing the same with the Voting Rights Act, state/church separation, and, coming soon, abortion rights.
SCOTUS is leaving behind the empty shells of the Voting Rights Act, the First Amendment, and reproductive rights, while not actually striking down any statutes or overturning any precedent. This one weird trick suggests incremental change, not massive legal rewrites.
It's dishonest, but also political. Directly striking down or overruling, for instance, the VRA would build more popular support to #ExpandTheCourt. So instead we get the Shelby County and Brnovich cases, which gut the VRA and leave us with an empty husk. ImageImageImageImage
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Hey, it’s Greg? From the Anti-Gaslighting League? It’s been a while since we spoke, so I wanted to clear up some things.

1/ Kevin McCarthy has been a traitor to his country for at least five years. He is now the owned property of the same enemies who own TFG. He doesn’t want a 1/6 Commission BECAUSE HE’S FUCKING GUILTY. Not sure how much more obvious this can be.…
2/ Ashli Babbitt was one of the most zealous of the traitors to besiege the Capitol. She was willing to die for the Big Lie, and die she did. The Secret Service agent who killed her did so out of necessity. She was THAT CLOSE to the VP.
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OR -- #EndTheFilibuster

Have people read these unholy laws they're passing?

I read GA's SB01 and R's can effectively hijack all positions of election authority to the end of appointing an election czar that can toss votes at their discretion.
And they're milled bills from a single template (a "model" bill - ref ALEC) so presumably they all allow this to whatever extent possible.

We NEED to -

And we are out of time!
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It’s not unprecedented for Congress to adjust the size of the Supreme Court to defeat white supremacy. We’ve done it three times before.

Here are some examples from our nation’s First Reconstruction. 🧵🧵
The year was 1861.

The Supreme Court was run by white supremacists who decided Dred Scott.

President Lincoln warned that if Congress didn’t check the Court, “the people will have ceased to be their own rulers.”

In 1863, Congress answered Lincoln’s call — expanding the Court.
Then in 1866, after Lincoln’s assassination, the white supremacist Andrew Johnson was President. A seat on the Court sat empty.

If Johnson filled it, the Court could have halted Reconstruction.

So Congress shrank the Court from 10 justices to 7, and Johnson never filled a seat.
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“Voters respect strength... Screaming from rafters about the dangers of a rigged conservative court and then not using the one power given by the Constitution to resolve it is not reasonable, it’s weak.” 🔥 @danpfeiffer lays out case to #expandSCOTUS…
If Democrats ever want to aspire to have an FDR like presidency ushering in bold progressive legs like #M4A #GND & restore #VRA, to preserve those legs they will need to enact big structural changes: abolish the filibuster & #ExpandTheCourt @karavoght…
Expanding #SCOTUS = "[T]he proportionate, legitimate response to the GOP’s illegitimate power grab." If Republicans illegitimately fill RBG's seat then Dems should immediately expand the Court. - @jamisonfoser on why Dems must @TakeBacktheCt…
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THREAD: Current Republican senators saying, as a matter of principle in their minds, there should be no Supreme Court vacancy filled during an election year.

As @LindseyGrahamSC says, this applies even for a Republican president... #HonorRBG #RBGRIP

THREAD: Sen. @MarcoRubio (R-FL) in 2016: “I don’t think we should be moving on a nominee in the last year of this president’s term — I would say that if it was a Republican president .” #HonorRBG
THREAD: Sen. @TedCruz (R-TX), 2016: "It has been 80 years since a Supreme Court vacancy was nominated and confirmed in an election year. There is a long tradition that you don't do this in an election year." #HonorRBG
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If you are a Democratic Senator or any Republican Senator with slightest of decency, respect for humanity and moral conscious: YOU MUST SAY NO TO ANY NOMINATION TO SCOTUS FROM DONALD TRUMP.
Yep. This should be a no-brainer move from @SpeakerPelosi and @SenSchumer if they genuinely care about preserving our democracy - what's left of it
BREAKING via @TakeBacktheCt : Powerful progressive coalition of 14 orgs out with statement: "Any Trump nomination to the Supreme Court this year would be illegitimate and must be rejected." #SCOTUS #RBG… Image
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