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🙄Trump's still desperately gaslighting that Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win the election. Putin himself admitted he wanted Trump in Helsinki. An admission so damning, it's deleted from the official Kremlin transcript. The WH tried deleting it too!
Putin also showed he preferred Trump in a 2016 interview on @CNN: "I really like Trump b/c he wants to restore relations w/ Russia." Putin said this on June 13, 2016—days after the infamous secret June 9 Trump campaign meeting w/ Russians in Trump Tower
@CNN THIS is the Russia hoax, folks ➡️Trump rewriting history:
—Gaslighting Russia's sabotage of our election FOR HIM
—Denying Putin helped HIM win
—Lying abt Putin's own admissions
++It's widely known Putin hated HillaryClinton over Russian protests, Magnitsky sanctions, PanamaPapers
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A very happy Putin makes surprise visit to Damascus to meet Syria’s butcher Assad. They don’t look too worried about the aftermath of Soleimani assassination. Rare to see so many smiling Kremlin officials. Trump’s disasters always seem to work out best for Russia.
🤔If #Soleimani was in Damascus planning attacks—imminent or not—on the US, does anyone believe Putin wouldn't know about it?
🤔And that call to Trump re terrorism on Dec 29, about the time Trump changed his mind, stunning Pentagon officials.
…So many questions…
#inners #maddow
Seems weird that Putin left Russia on Russian Orthodox Christmas to meet with Assad in Damascus. Whatever he's up to in Syria, he made sure to have some propaganda photo-ops showing what a good Christian he is, visiting a Greek Orthodox Church. (Why's Assad lighting candles too?)
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Doing a special look tonight at Modi's push towards authoritarian Hindu nationalism. I'll be at the desk @allinwithchris 8pm. #inners
@allinwithchris Joining us will be @suketumehta, who recently delivered this speech in Mumbai…
And Dexter Filkins, who filed this incredible dispatch from Kashmir…
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Hey #inners! Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. for a special episode of @AllInWithChris with a live studio audience. Guests include former Rep. Katie Hill.
Sen. Hirono on comments from the president's defenders as possible Senate impeachment trial approaches: "Maybe they're gonna say, 'So what? Get over it.' We shouldn't get over it, that's not okay."
"Any time he puts his finger anywhere, it all goes haywire. It's chaos," Sen. Hirono says of President Trump. "As long as he stays out of it, then we can get something done."
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@1100Penn NEW: Two GOP reps plugged 'amazing' Mar-a-Lago

After visiting Mar-a-Lago to pick up an award from a far-right group, Reps. Hice and Gosar promoted the president’s club on Twitter

via @1100penn
WATCH: Rep. Jody Hice (R–GA) on @realDonaldTrump's Mar-a-Lago—

"This place here is amazing.“

"You can’t hide success and its just evidence that this president knows what he’s talking about when it comes to business.”


@realDonaldTrump @1100Penn WATCH: Reps. Jody Hice (R–GA) and Paul Gosar (R–AZ) on @realDonaldTrump's Mar-a-Lago—

"Mar-a-Lago’s not a very shabby place."

"The lamb chops were unbelievable."

via @1100penn

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#Firtash is a hub in #UkraineGate, w/ lawyers DiGenova & Toensing, Giuliani, Parnas, Fruman a few of the known spokes. As part of his own legal strategy, Firtash took steps to help Trump attack Biden, Mueller & his most prominent critics.… #Impeachment
Another GOP blast from the past works for Firtash: Mark Corallo was the guy on Trump's legal team in the Mueller probe who quit after witnessing Trump & Hope Hicks scheming to cover up Don Jr's Trump Tower meeting w/ Russians. Obstruction gave him the willies but not Russian mob?
‼️Parnas & Fruman were flying to Vienna to arrange a @FoxNews interview for Ukraine’s ousted prosecutor Shokin on Hannity, when they were arrested for conspiracy & campaign-finance charges.… #maddow #inners #UkraineGate #ImpeachmentInquiry
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Mulvaney: Ukraine aid was tied to Trump’s desire to investigate DNC server & Biden corruption (both baseless propaganda pushed by Russia btw)

Trump’s crimes are so clear, there’s no defense. Just gaslighting, smears, deflection.
ICYMI😅Mulvaney’s bad gaslighting Trump’s abuse of power just admitted the quid pro quo—Ukraine military aid for investigations. 🧐It’s so normal, “We do it all the time.” Watch the bad propagandist confuse US policy objectives w/ personal political gain.
Don't forget how insanely pro-Putin Mulvaney's admitted quid pro quo is: Trump tied military aid for Ukraine's defense against Russian occupiers to investigating a debunked conspiracy theory that a DNC server in Ukraine exonerates Russia in election interference. #Inners #Maddow
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🚨JFC >> SO Trump acknowledged Russia’s election interference to Lavrov & Kislyak IN THE OVAL OFFICE!! Then said he was unconcerned about Moscow’s interference in U.S. election b/c US did the same thing. The Washington Post…
🚨And here’s how it connects to #UkraineGate #WhistleblowerComplaint: The memo summarizing Trump’s Oval Offic meeting—where he told Russians #Russia’s election interference was OK—was limited to all but a few with the highest security clearances to keep it hidden. #Maddow #Inners
“White House officials were particularly distressed by Trump’s election remarks because it appeared the president was forgiving Russia for an attack that had been designed to help elect him…Trump also seemed to 🔥invite Russia to interfere🔥in other countries’ elections” #Maddow
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As I said to @chrislhayes, impeachment is the antibiotic but new laws are the vaccine. Congress has to harden the rules to prevent Trump or future presidents from abusing their office to corrupt elections. Here’s a few they should enact: #inners
1. Impose procedural restrictions before DOJ can take investigatory steps against a candidate for office. #inners
2. Prevent intimidating activity by law enforcement officers including ICE near polling places. #inners
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🚨‼️Cuccinelli is a monster >> Citizenship & Immigration Services Ends Medical Deferred Action, a program allowing legal migrants to stay in US for life-saving medical treatment. They're now being referred to ICE for deportation and death. 33 days notice.…
Rachel @Maddow just covered the most inhumane of all Trump’s immigration policies—ending Medical Deferment, sending critically ill children like Jonathan Sanchez to be deported and certain death. This quote is from the @NPR story linked to above. Do listen to his voice. #maddow
@maddow @NPR Maria came to US at invitation of doctors for treatment in a clinical trial. Thanks to her, FDA approved meds that improve survival rates for her disease. Trump admin is canceling her medical deferment. Deportation is a death sentence.… #maddow #inners
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.@chrislhayes "You propose a Tennessee Valley extension for the whole country"

@BernieSanders ya, you're in the ballpark, that's right. We need a federal government that will produce a massive amount of electricity. You can't nip around the edges anymore.

#Inners #GreenNewDeal
"It is time for a massive public takeover of the nation’s electric grid.

The for-profit companies that reign over our energy system now have shown no meaningful sign of being willing to transform our energy system" #GreenNewDeal…
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🚨⚠️‼️>> FBI issues first-ever warning identifying fringe conspiracy theories as a growing new domestic terrorism threat. FBI bulletin lists arrests for crimes & violent incidents—including some not publicized—motivated by extremist beliefs.…
‼️>> Awkward >> FBI’s first-ever bulletin warning of domestic terrorism threat from fringe conspiracy theories specifically names “QAnon” “deep state”—conspiracy theory propaganda pushed by Republicans, FoxNews and <checks notes> President Trump himself.…
🤯The schizophrenic insanity of a demagogue POTUS is palpable:
L—FBI issues warning: Domestic terrorism will increase from spread of disinformation in 2020 election⚠️
R—Trump holds 2020 campaign rally to spread disinformation, that’s already incited hate against Dems, like this😱
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‼️The day after Mueller warned of ongoing Russia threat, Republicans block election security bills. Even as NEW Senate report confirms the NIGHTMARE SCENARIO DID HAPPEN in 2016—Russia breached ALL 50 states’ systems & was ABLE TO CHANGE VOTER DATA! #Inners
🚨Pay attention! @chrislhayes is right. The nightmare scenario DID happen. Russia attacked all 50 states & was able to change+/delete voter data. The #SenateReport states "no evidence votes were manipulated" BUT adds MAJOR CAVEAT—"Insight is LIMITED"—3 times!—pp 5,10, 38. #Inners
@chrislhayes #SenateReport states they don't have the data (yet?) to know whether Russia manipulated votes/data. "Committee has limited information on the extent to which state and local election authorities carried out forensic evaluation of registration databases." (fn p5) #inners #Maddow
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GOP & @VP saw this at border in Texas: 400 dirty hungry men in squalid fenced cages. Stench so intense, guards wore masks. When reporters arrived, the men reached out in desperation.

Crisis & dysfunction results when govt prioritizes political propaganda over solving problems.
@VP Since this was a PR trip to the border, Pence manages to gaslight like we've come to expect from this Orwellian regime. The images were shocking—400 migrants kept in squalid smelly overcrowded cages, many for 40 days. VP paints THAT as "humane and compassionate care"! 😲😢#inners
Pence's gaslighting about squalid detention camps turns my stomach:

"What we saw today is encouraging… They're getting healthcare, hygiene. We have to put the lie to this 'concentration camp' slander… The Nazis killed people. Our CPB are saving lives."

#Inners #Maddow #AC360
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EXCLUSIVE: Botched reunifications left separated kids in vans overnight, one for 39 hours.

E-mail: "There has to be a better process. I hope... there can be adjustments so that we don't put tender age kids in this position."

More on @chrislhayes. #inners
@chrislhayes NEW: As we asked "where are the children?" at least 37 were eating and sleeping overnight in vans parked outside an adult detention center, some two nights, because ICE wasn't ready to reunite them. More: @allinwithchris @JuliaEAinsley @chrislhayes #inners
Hard to believe what’s in this e-mail, but it really does say 37 “tender age” separated migrant kids waited on vans for hours overnight when they were supposed to be in the arms of their parents.

More emails here:

#inners @chrislhayes @JuliaEAinsley
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1) I listened to @AllInWithChris podcast earlier featuring the Tues 14 May 2019 episode of the show. @ChrisLHayes, @MIchelleinBklyn & @MatthewAMiller discussed what the US Attorney General & FBI should(n't) do among other topics. #Inners
2) Repeatedly stated was the FBI doesn't investigate political enemies of the POTUS, a caveat to which I'd like you 3 to consider. J Edgar Hoover was neither POTUS nor AG; he was FBI director while repeatedly using his post to disparage MLK Jr. On 19 Nov 1964, Hoover penned a...
3) ...letter to a colleague in which he hoped for King's murder. Hoover intentionally mischaracterized King, calling him a liar, something inducing apoplexy if hurled at white men...calling for proving what's in folks hearts & carrying on. While not necessarily a...
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BREAKING: NYT reporting that they have obtained 10 years of Trump's tax info from 1985 to 1994 and that it doesn't look too good..note: these are NOT the years involving Trump Tower Moscow, so I wonder where these came from? #TuesdayThoughts…
2-Most importantly: "Over all, Mr. Trump lost so much money that he was able to avoid paying income taxes for eight of the 10 years. It is not known whether the I.R.S. later required changes after audits."
3-David K Johnston, who has seen some of Trump's 2005 tax p/w bc of a lawsuit, just said, "The NYT is the Wizard (OZ) who has just pulled back the curtain and revealed Donald Trump the con-man" #TrumpsTaxes #TuesdayThoughts
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EXCLUSIVE: Emails show Trump admin had "no way to link" separated migrant kids to parents.

Top ICE official: "What you are requesting is not something that we are going to be able to complete in a rapid fashion."

More with @chrislhayes at 8ET. #inners…
@chrislhayes The *exact same day* the Trump administration was assuring the American public there was a "central database" that would be used to reunite thousands of migrant families, emails between officials show they only had data on 60. #inners

Read the emails:…
@chrislhayes In recent interviews, Trump's acting DHS Secretary, @DHSMcAleenan, has said families "were always intended to be reunited."

But these e-mails between Trump's current acting ICE director and HHS sure look *nothing* like that. #inners

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💥AG Barr's letter to Congress: "Robert Mueller has concluded his investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election and related matters…I may be in a position to advise of the Special Counsel’s principal conclusions as soon as this weekend” via @etuckerAP #MuellerReport
The #MuellerReport was skewed in Trump's favor from the start b/c Mueller can't indict Trump & he can't disclose non-indictable wrongdoing. Congress has taken up that broader universe of fact-finding. Notably, Trump hasn't provided a single document. Many investigations continue.
As I said from Mueller's 1st days, focusing solely on criminal conduct misses a whole host of unprecedented wrongdoing we don't even have vocabulary for let alone laws against. Trump campaign's conduct w/ Russia may not be indictable, but is wrong & threatens national security.
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"It's his style. How he talks. Counterpuncher. It's refreshing. Authentic. He resonates w/ ppl." What a load of horsesh*t Republicans have to trot out to rationalize an abusive horse's ass POTUS from hell, spending his time watching TV, trolling the dead, endangering the living,
Trump sure keeps the propaganda machine busy. Get ready for more pathetic Republican BS on TV tonight in defense of indefensible Trump, who just now AGAIN disparaged John McCain & complained that he gave him the funeral he wanted, but never got a thank you
Trump's twitter is so full of lies, yet today he had the nerve to say he uses it for "honesty." Like a rotten onion, you keep peeling only to find more odious rot behind each layer. At some point you have to realize it's rotten to the core. #inners #maddow
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Here’s the transcript of @chrislhayes asking @SenSanders to define *socialism* on @allinwithchris #inners

Hayes: I wanna ask you about #socialism. There’s an email that just went out in the last few days from the Trump campaign, which, of course, is already up & running.
Hayes:...”It’s a fundraising email. It says, ‘@SenSanders announced he will be running for president with a very simple platform: FULL-BLOWN SOCIALISM—not partial socialism—full blown socialism. You’ve called yourself a socialist for years. It’s been a question, interestingly...
Hayes: ...on the campaign trail. Other candidates have said they’re not socialists—they’re capitalists— but there’s this debate that has ensued about, “what does that mean?” A lot of Conservatives have pointed to Venezuela and said, “food shortages, increasing authoritarianism...
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Late in El Paso but wanted to share few things I brought up on @chrislhayes' special.

Trump's idea of an emergency is a completely foreign idea here.

People of El Paso *are* people of Juarez.

100K go between the cities daily for work and school -- saw it live tonight. #inners
To understand why we're here, understand one word: deterrence.

It's been bipartisan US border policy for decades, starting with Clinton.

Doesn't work.

Yes, crossings dropped, but deaths increased as migrants took more dangerous journeys here.

Trump wants more of it. #inners
Our only border "crisis" is a *humanitarian* one of large groups of asylum seekers crossing in deadly, remote areas.


If Trump actually wanted to know, he'd put resources towards processing them legally, not into metering, nor DoD and CBP shows-of-force. #inners

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THREAD: @MayaWiley, I appreciate your comments last night on #Inners with @ChrisLHayes et. al. about possible down-the-road consequences of medical students' racist acts – such as Northam's blackface ordeal – in developing healthcare management plans for African American patient.
2) The narrative around "oh they were just kids" is dangerous. Those "kids" go on to become adults with immense decision making power & social capital, yet their biases in how they create/navigate the healthcare sector does not undergo such evolution. How do I know?
3) The health outcomes of people parodied by the likes of Northam via racist acts are the same people consistently experiencing adverse health outcomes – the reality of which are not solely based on *poor choices* but also various forms of hostility faced in the healthcare sector
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Some of the news in today's #TrumpRussia avalanche:
-Mueller investigation close to completion—Whitaker
-Cohen to testify to House Feb 8, w/ new legal team
-Manafort sentencing hearing delayed
-Trump doesn't rule out pardon for Roger Stone
-Barr discussed Mueller probe w/ Pence
Watch #Whitaker sweat up a storm announcing he’s been “fully briefed” on Mueller investigation & “thinks” it’s “close to being completed.” Seems very anxious to get his hands on it to “review.” And Wray? They look like my kids up to no good. #maddow #inners
It's alarming Whitaker's even commenting on the Mueller investigation/report. Is he pressing or hoping for no more indictments? The "review decisions" remark is very alarming. Is he saying someone's reviewing HIS decisions? Or that he's (already?) reviewing Mueller's decisions??
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