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I have a ton of work to do today. But, I need to say this. Donald Trump needs to resign or be removed. There is no excuse for his inaction on the knowledge that a foreign adversary placed a bounty on US Military heads in Afghanistan through Taliban linked militants. 1/
He has known since long before March. In March, he decided to table it and that it wasn’t worth decisive action. Our Military lives are not worth decisive action in his mind. After deciding not to act he invited Russia to the G7 and spoke at West Point. 2/
In ordinary times this would be the biggest scandal of a presidency. This would END a normal presidency. This is complicity with an act of aggression against the US Military. It might not be treason (as written) but he is a traitor. He needs to be held to account. 3/
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Flashback to @realDonaldTrump desperately trying to get Vladmir Putin's attention at their first dinner in 2017. He's clearly signaling they are in this together. #Mueller #TreasonousTrump
@realDonaldTrump **Vladimir**
@realDonaldTrump Angela Merkel is watching the whole thing. She practically gets whiplash to see how Putin responds to Trump's hand signals.
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They said I was crazy when I wrote this... but now it looks... entirely.... truthful.

On Kremlin Stones is "The poem/story of Trump in the year 2042." Read entire piece here --->

#TrumpTraitor #TreasonSummit #TrumpPutin #OnKremlinStones

last night,
the stardust
bit me
and I had
the strangest dream,
the year was
and the darkness
ran supreme.
I found myself
in Russia,
in a dream
that wasn’t Luther’s,
tyrants ruled
this evil world,
it was a cruel
and capricious


It was winter
there in Moscow,
a call came,
through the din,
“could you please
lend ME a dollar?”
his voice rang,
hollow and thin,
as I looked
to the ground,
on the edge,
of cold
Red Square,
he sat there
in sad squalor,
bent broken
with despair.

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Dear White America, you played yourself. #MakeAmericaBrokeAgain
Go ahead and mark Wednesday, December 20, 2017 as the day that the myth of “economic anxiety” as justification for White working class people voting Trump/the @GOP was officially debunked as blatant BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA. ✅
I wonder if they’re economically anxious this morning, or if they’re still deluding themselves that the @GOP gives a flying fuck about them or their empty wallets...
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I feel like this is an episode of #RickandMorty, but we have to do a sequel to first #TwitterStorm now with 280 characters. I will be going through this #GOPRiot where they loot middle-America. So the thread begins here. 1/?
Not that the #GOP cares about #DACA or #undocumented families. But they use #SEC11022 to not allow undocumented parents to receive a tax credit for their children. These is cruel unjust and unAmerican. 2/?
#Sec11023 With the language to repeal the #JohnsonAmendment contained in the house amendment they have allowed an increase of cash contributions to #Charity as a means to funnel the money to #GOP candidates in a tax free fashion. This is not what Jesus would do or want. 3/\?
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