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"Institutional investors...have squeezed residential markets in many parts of the world, can be expected to pick up a purchasing pace that has turned them into the world’s biggest private landlords and transformed rental housing into a go-to global asset class."
“Institutional ownership threatens to accelerate the trends unleashed by the financialization of housing”

"...automated digital platforms have made it easier and cheaper to track, price, acquire and manage large swaths of homes in multiple communities."
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🇨🇦 should think twice a housing bailing out.

A drop in home prices will restore productive investment & over half of the largest voting demographic currently has no chance of homeownership.

Things like increasing the CMHC limit is a death blow to the future.

#ToRe #VanRe 1/
2/ Not everyone needs to own, but affordable shelter needs to be the alternative.

The fewer anchors young & skilled labor has, the more likely they’ll migrate to countries that will heavily outcompete 🇨🇦.

Live in a micro apartment to fund my retirement, isn’t a great pitch.
3/ we know increasing leverage allows people to borrow more future income to pay for a home, increasing prices.

Yet policymakers are hell bent on making sure you can borrow more.

They don’t limit 30% of your income for housing to save you, they want 30% perpetually.
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TV in 🇨🇦 is wild rn. 🤣

Don’t have enough cash to buy a house? Why not become a private lender & lend people money to buy a house. You can earn up to 20% interest. 🤷‍♂️

I made an obvious edit to trim the segment to fit on Twitter, but I’ll link the whole vid under.

#VanRe #ToRe
2/ btw not knocking CityLine or the guest.

They’re just presenting what everyone is suggesting right now. It’s just a wild climate to see daytime TV suggest becoming an unregulated lender as a side hustle so you can one day pay for shelter.

btw, you’d appreciate this

@BenRabidoux @AFernandes78 @ronmortgageguy @REWoman
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1/Backing out of a RE deal can have serious consequences if the sellers demonstrate there were losses they suffered. In 2017 after a euphoria in the RE market and then a change in sentiment there were some ppl who did not close. This is a brief summary of one case 🧵#ToRE Image
2/When the residential real estate market is a rising market, most people - perhaps with the exception of first time buyers, are happy homeowners and investors.  When the market turns and drops, it is not for the faint of heart.
3/in this case the Gamoff’s owned
9 Wilmac Court, Whitchurch-Stouffville, in March 2017 they listed it for 2m after 18 showings there were 3 offers
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TL;DR Canada’s money laundering problem.

#ToRe #VanRe
There are 4 stages to a Canadian money laundering case.

1: Allegations. Say they launder $200 million per year.

2: Seizure. Take their Starbucks gift cards.

3: Abort. Guess we screwed up, sorry about the inconvenience.

4: Loose ends. Alleged money launderer dies.
3/ The government is right. We need to follow the money!

Oh, crap. It led to the police. This is awkward. 😬…
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I see Incel/YIMBY Twitter is coordinating criticism of me.

Here's a brief recap of our relationship.

<thread> 🧵 👇

#ToRe #VanRe

Me (2016): Corrupt politicians from China are washing their money in Vancouver, in one of the biggest grafts in history.

YIMBYS: RACIST! That's a lie!

China (2017): Canada. Turn over our fucking criminals.

Me (2017): We built one of the most elaborate capital tracking systems, more complicated than the gov. Money laundering is rampant in Vancouver. This is how it comes in, right down to the gang.

YIMBYS: Fake news!

BC gov (2018): Stephen's right, down to the gang and origin.
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Liberals now promising a ban on foreign ownership of real estate.

I thought Liberal supporters said this was xenophobic when the Conservatives proposed it? 🤷‍♂️

#elxn44 #VanRe #ToRe
2. Interesting sidenote. Trudeau made the announcement in Hamilton, Ontario.

The IMF told us Hamilton was 40% overvalued, one of the largest overvaluations in the world.

Here's the IMF model they shared, and this exclusively happened under the Liberal government.

3. For anyone else that's curious, this is what the IMF models look like for Toronto and Vancouver.

Once again, almost all of this gap between fundamentals and price occurs under the Liberal government.

#ToRe #VanRe…
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People keep comparing rent subsidies to minimum wage increases.

This isn't even close to the same, and implies a very poor grasp of basic economics and business.

Quick thread. 🧵👇
2. Idiots say if you raise the minimum wage by $1, it'll result in much more expensive food.

We know that's not necessarily true, because a $1 increase to labor is not a $1 increase to product output. It doesn't take a whole hour.

It takes 5 min. So it adds 9 cents.
3. Giving cash subsidies for market housing is very different. When the cost of shelter is rising fast, the market can more easily absorb it.

That's how high home prices are justified. They cut interest rates, so now people can carry a higher cost of housing.
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WTF? Did Toronto police do a shift change to beat on protestors and homeless people for 8 hours, or is this just overtime?

#ToRe #Toronto

Thanks, 🇨🇦.

Your country is a lot safer now that this peaceful housing activist was pummeled with a baton while on the ground.

#Toronto #ToRe
TL;DR How Toronto treats anyone discussing the housing crisis.

#TOpoli #ToRe
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Toronto “helping” the homeless by sending in the police to raid another tent village.

#ToRe #Toronto

What’s happening here? Because it sure as heck looks like a cop lost his temper and took it out on someone.

Check out what happens to this young lady that runs over to stop what looks like a cop beating down a black guy for no apparent reason.

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Canada created so much moral hazard, people *cannot* see risk.

Over 1 in 5 mortgages are going to over-leveraged borrowers.

Calling it. OFSI does something before the Fed, because it's reached regulatory risk. This is way worse than the US bubble.

#VanRe #ToRe
Ahhhhh yeah, boyyy. First up to the plate with real estate cooling measures is OSFI.

The banking regulator will resume policy consultation on minimum qualifying uninsured mortgage rates beginning tomorrow.

#VanRe #ToRe
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THREAD: On why eliminating the unlimited capital gains exemption on primary residence is common sense right now & what happens when a country decides to go all in, changing a 'place where you live' into a special asset class #ToRE #VanRE
Fundamentals whack: Despite a record shock to aggregate demand, unemployment and plummeting immigration Canadian housing is bananas. As @StephenPunwasi pointed out, this is what happens when you make money free and lock people in their houses.
Socialized losses, privatized gains: for last 20yrs central bank policy has been kicking the can down the road (tech '00, GFC, COVID) which has overly benefited one cohort above all (boomers). Also known as moral hazard. In Canada, this has especially manifested in RE prices.
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What does a truck load of cocaine and Canadian real estate have in common? 🤔

How money launderers pay for it!

Due to capital controls restricting how much people can transfer out of countries, money launderers use a technique to evade warning flags - smurfing.

#VanRe #ToRe
2/ Smurfing is a technique pioneered by drug dealers, where large payments are broken into payments small enough to not trigger a warning.

For example, since anything above $10,000 is flagged in the US, drug dealers will get several people to make payments $9,999 or less.
3/ Now a few people caught this on my weekend laundering thread - if capital controls are US$50k/year, how do you make a $700k down payment on a $2 million home?

You smurf it! Get some friends (or hire people 😉) to send your money to several accounts in 🇨🇦, in different names.
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Want to know how money laundering priced you out of a home? 🙋‍♂️

One thing I hear often is launderers aren’t buying enough homes to influence prices. Not true.

It only seems that way if you don’t understand how asset prices are created.

Thread 🧵 👇

#VanRe #ToRe
2/ Prices aren’t just a function of input and output like people learned in Econ 101. It’s often influenced by a marginal buyer.

The marginal buyer is the one paying the most, that actually gets an asset. Competition between marginal buyers is what drives prices higher.
3/ usually a marginal buyer is trying to get the best value for their money, while still buying.

In regular market, two people go back and forth. Self-interest helps contain prices from rising too quickly.
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My bear case for Condos market in Tor
1- Pre-constructions: According to Urbanation Condo rprt in May. We have unsold inventory 13K units, 92% of the 76k units under construction pre-sold. As well, the 33K units in pre-construction were 79% sold = met financing targets./1 #tore
A record 29K (revised down to 25k) new condos were scheduled for occupancy in 2020 in the GTA by Q3, more than Half of units pre-sold to Investors, so plenty of "investors" supply to hit the market this year /2
2- Resell: While the MOI was low in May, it was the highest since 2015 . Condo inventory rising rapidly since May 1st and accelerated since June 1st, in the last 2 weeks, the new listings is much higher than last year. Vaughn sitting on 15MOI(sals 2-4 week, inventory higher YOY)
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Okay, weekly 👀 at Sold-Over-Asking (SOA) numbers in the 416. I manually track this one way to heat-check the market, and I noticed back in wild 2017 that you could see things changing on a weekly basis. Same holds true now. First off here's Freeholds selling 20% or more OA. Image
Maybe the 25% in the one week was a bit of a fluke (you can see things are jagged and not purely linear. But you can see definite downturn since week ending March 15 (19%). So this has cooled off. /2
Now to regular SOA (I use 1% or more OA for this. I said that last week's 67% may have been a fluke too. But the 46% last week (ending Sundays) is a definite cooling indicator. It's the lowest since January. Even if it was a bit flukey low and next week it bounces up to 51%... /3 Image
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Weekly check-in on 416 sales transactions versus prior year. Freeholds (lowrise) and Condos moving down similarly in last 3 weeks. Now less than half of 2019 volumes. /1 Image
Some context around 2019 volumes... For this time last year they were up over soft 2018 volumes but lower than recent volumes. Here is April 2019:
Freeholds: ⬆️15% vs. 2018,⬇️18% vs. 7-year avg
Condos: ⬆️6% vs. 2018,⬇️6% vs. 7-year avg
Here are the absolute numbers for 2020. Note they're never going to go to zero. There will always be some level of activity (barring further gov't action on this). #TOre /3 Image
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There's no moratorium on shady-looking stuff in Toronto #realestate during COVID-19. Listing goes up March 31 (Tues) 5:58 PM. No mention of Offers but obviously underpriced at $599K. Mentions seller is an agent (have last name as Broker of Record). /1 Image
16 minutes later they update broker notes (section of MLS public can't see): "Offers Sunday April 4th 5Pm. Seller Reserves Right To Review & Accept Pre-Emptive Offer Without Notice."
Maybe they just forgot offer date? /2
Always love that "without notice stuff" - they're supposed to notify every agent that has expressed an interest in the place (e.g. booked a showing) if they get an offer. /3
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RBC Economics with another new report out today (they've upped the frequency). Bullets from their summary:
▪️ expect activity to slow to a crawl in most markets across the country in April and as long as social distancing and lock-down measures are in place
▪️ unclear how long home prices will hold up
▪️ expect property values to come under increasing downward pressure the longer restrictions persist and the deeper the recession gets
▪️ Super thin activity also makes the market prone to erratic price moves.〰️
TRREB had predicted 97,000 transactions for 2020. Were tracking well the first 2.5 months. Now they're saying they're going to issue a revised forecast when they get some more info. /3 Image
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Sometimes when things are shifting so quickly, it's important to look at things on a weekly basis, instead of waiting for monthly data. This is one of those times. Two v interesting things in my 416 active listings this week.
1. Freehold listings (lowrise) went ⬇️ /1 Image
It was only 11 listings (0.7%). It could be because of March break (which it really doesn't feel like now, eh?). Last 2 years it also went down in March break week. Then the next 2 weeks went +5.1%, +8.0% in 2018, and +5.3%, +11.2% in 2019. I doubt we'll see that bounce. /2
More interesting one is condos which went ⬆️200 listings. That 12.2% week over week increase is the largest jump I've seen since I've been tracking (Aug 2017). Now condos aren't as seasonal as houses, and last year's March break condo listings went up 4.5%. /3 Image
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My unpopular take on Canada’s massive immigration.

Raising immigration targets as much as Canada has, all at once, doesn’t solve the problem people think it does.

It actually compounds existing issues. Here’s a progressive’s rant on high immigration.

<thread> ⤵️

#VanRe #ToRe
An aging population is one of Canada’s biggest issues.

As Canada ages, we have fewer people of prime earning age, more dependents, and a dwindling tax base to support dependents.

Basically, we need more young people to pay our bills. So we import them to cover the loss.
Sure, they’ll create their own dependents, but immigrants tend to have more kids in general. Right?

That was a good assumption for Canada in the 1980s, but not today. Increasingly, immigrants find Canada super expensive - who can afford a bunch of kids?
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(Warning: This will be a long thread, grab a cuppa coffee)

Most people are familiar with Warren Buffet's saying "Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked."

I believe it may be EXACTLY what lies beneath the
2/ level of the tide that could be the final nail in the #Vanre mkt once the full effect of foreign owners (FLIPPERS) selling their West Side SFD's kicks in. Considering that we are already 35% off the peak mkt highs, that in itself is an ominous thought.

Now, I've always
3/ suspected (no proof) that MANY #Vanre home owners have dipped into the "equity lottery winnings" that they have realized in the past 10 years to fund who knows what.

So when I saw an article yesterday from @BetterDwelling about Cdn Helocs,…
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BOUGHT TO FLIP IN SOUTH GRANVILLE, BUT COULDN'T GET OUT IN TIME. NOW THERE IS SERIOUS #FONGO: 1749 62nd Ave W, South Granville, #vanre. Property was purchased in Mar/05 for $620,000, again in May/14 for $1.99M and sold to the current owner for $3.2M in May/17. Listed Oct/17
2/ to flip it, for $3.398M. Did not sell. 2019 Assessment came in at $$2.8M, and the assessment from the year before was $3.25M. Just re-listed today, Feb 6, 2019 for $2.98M, $200,000 less than they paid. But, that does not take into account transaction costs and the fact
3/ it is still listed almost $500,000 OVER TODAY'S mkt value of $2.52M. In the end I can easily see this turn into a +$1 million dollar flipping loss.
#vanre #northvanre #westvanre #richmondre #burnabyre #bcre #tore #cdnre #torontore #victoriare
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