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The Road Map to Environmental Action is kicking off @SwanseaTownHall. #ParkHP residents are designing a community action plan to tackle the climate crisis. "We're trying to change the world," says Sarah Doucette, former Ward 13 city councillor and founder of @Green13Toronto. A poster saying A brochure with
The event runs from 7-9pm at 95 Lavinia Ave. It's a nearly full room and the event will be starting a minutes late.
Attendees are ticking their priorities for climate action on the local, provincial and national scale.
#TOpoli #ONpoli #cdnpoli
#climateaction #ClimateCrisis BuildingsTransportationFood and agriculture
Its not a #ParkHP event without a bit of heckling, provided tonight by someone who thinks Sarah Doucette, as a former politician, should not be MC. Sarah responds "everyone is political" + that she is MCing tonight as a member of Green13.
Tonight's hashtag is #ParkHP4Climate
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Action alert!📢Remember the Leslieville crash where a driver struck a young woman in the #Dundas bike lane, critically injuring her with horrific head injuries? Her name is Julia and SHE NEEDS YOUR HELP NOW. Please go to:…
#BikeTO #TOpoli #TODeadlyStreets
Here's the story if you don't remember:… Julia was riding in the bike lane, doing nothing wrong, when a speeding driver struck her, nearly killing her. Maddeningly, no followup re driver's name or whether charges laid. #BikeTO #TODeadlyStreets #RoadViolence
Enabled by #TODeadlyStreets and lack of any physical protection, this driver inflicted: "two skull fractures, brain hemorrhaging, two arterial dissections resulting in multiple strokes, broken ribs, a broken collar bone, fractured bone fragments in her cheeks, a punctured lung...
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Since July I've written 47 posts analyzing Sidewalk Labs' plans for Toronto, with my final post (barring some new twist) coming on Friday. So it's an appropriate time for some reflections.
#ONpoli #TOpoli #smartcities #cdnpoli…
I'm not sure that Torontonians realize the extent to which other countries are following, often in disbelief, the ongoing #Quayside debacle (which is what it is by any objective measure).
Over the past yr I've made several presentations in Europe to smart-city and internet scholars re Quayside. To a person they expressed disbelief that any of this, from the shoddy RFP to the Potemkin consultations to playing fast and loose with data definitions, is even happening.
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Last night’s heli ride over downtown Toronto; thanks @normandthegang
Looking north on Yonge St. Clusters of towers at Bloor, St. Clair, Eglinton. Sheppard in the distance.
Don Mills, looking southwest to the core.
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1/ Today (JULY 31, 2019) is the Public-Feedback DEADLINE for the first-round of @_CreateTO Consultations on the Four (4) #HousingNow "PRIORITY" #AffordableHousing sites at WARDEN, WILSON, MERTON & VICTORIA PARK in #TOPoli...

@_CreateTO @TORHousing @CityPlanTO 2/ In 2018, Mayor @JohnTory announced his #HousingNow plan to build "40,000 new affordable housing units over the next 12 years" - and our @HousingNowTO volunteers started "Running the Numbers" on each of those #AffordableHousing sites from @_CreateTO...…
@_CreateTO @TORHousing @CityPlanTO @JohnTory 3/ In January 2019, we launched our Free, Public, Interactive MAP to allow anyone to "visit" the Eleven (11) proposed #HousingNow sites for new #AffordableHousing development-proposals by @_CreateTO. In Seven (7) months - we have had over 19,000+ Views...
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A few words about @JohnTory's interview with @SueAnnLevy yesterday. Found here:… #Topoli
Mayor Tory and the council keep speaking about "hypothetical cost savings" as if it's a coin toss as to whether competitive tendering will save @cityoftoronto money. But there is compelling evidence that cost savings are far from "hypothetical." @JohnTory @SueAnnLevy
The @cityofhamilton staff report (secret until last week) showed actual cases where costs savings of 9-32% could have been achieved if there was competition. The average savings was 21%. That report can be found here (start at p.101):… @johntory @SueAnnLevy
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FYI, a question currently before the Superior Court of Ontario regarding the 2018 #Toronto Municipal Elections to be answered is:

“Whether the Election is valid?”

There was already a ruling in the Superior Court that the Clerk shall retain the ballots.

#TOpoli #electionTO
#Toronto’s City Clerk is required to answer the following questions:

👉🏿 the Clerk is to publicly address how she verifies that each ballot cast is assigned to the right Candidate & what happens when votes are not rightly accounted for;

#TOpoli #electionTO #transparency

👉🏿 the Clerk is to to publicly explain how #democracy is ensured in our elections in Toronto;

👉🏿 the Clerk is to publicly explain what equitable measures are in place to ensure democracy in #Toronto Elections;

#TOpoli #electionTO #transparency #accountability #equity

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@trapdinawrpool Why would John Tory want to draw any attention to the Court of Appeal’s pending review of Justice Belobaba’s Decision to uphold the Constitutio, democracy and representation rights?

John Tory wants to minimize any attention to the Court being packed on Monday & Tuesday.

@trapdinawrpool John Tory would prefer Torontonians be ignorant & passive about protecting our rights while he & the Province work towards selling off #Toronto to their friends.

A Public who knows its rights expects its rights to be upheld, protected & ensured.

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HOUSING THREAD: 1/My office has been getting calls and emails from tenants about A/C charges. Landlords are demanding tenants pay $2-$300 dollars in order to operate an air conditioner. The main question we’re getting – is this legal? Let’s break it down.
2/Landlords can charge a monthly fee to tenants with air conditioners if they have done so every year you’ve been a tenant, or if this is your first year of tenancy. This fee must be monthly, and must be only for cost recovery for the landlord.
3/Landlords are not allowed to charge their tenants a one time fee for an air conditioner.
Landlords cannot introduce a charge for something that has been previously included in the rent.
A landlord cannot remove something that was previously provided to you.
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A lot of changing in Ontario and it's hard to keep up. Every day I will expand the #FordCutsTracker list by posting about a cut that has happened under the Ford government. This way, everyone will have an easy list to reference. #ONPoli #TOPoli #ScarbTO #FordCutsHurt
#FordCutsTracker #1:
The Ford government retroactively revoked eight months of funding for the College of Midwives of Ontario in addition to cancelling all of their future funding. #ONpoli #TOPoli #ScarbTO #ONhealth #FordCutsHurt…
#FordCutsTracker #2
One of the first things the Ford government did was cancel the Liberals’ planned $335 million/ year funding for mental health.
#ONPoli #TOPoli #ScarbTO…
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I hope @JohnTory reconsiders this position, because there are NO OTHER OPTIONS for rooming house tenants, so the loss of rooming houses necessarily results in an increase in homelessness. TODAY there are more than 5,000 rooming house tenants across the city at risk
of losing their housing due to predatory landlords. If you think homelessness in #Toronto is bad now, imagine adding 5,000 more homeless people to the situation. 5,000 people who aren't homeless due to mental health issues or because they're refugees, but because we
have a Mayor who doesn't happen to like the kind of housing they live in. Is this really the legacy you want to leave, @JohnTory? The creation of a perfectly preventable homelessness crisis of epic proportions? People dying on the street b/c landlords want more money? #topoli
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I like my #Presto card and (knock on wood) haven’t had any of the malfunctions that other #ttc users have vented about on here, but... new attempt at using this system shows some real flaws in HOW to get a #Presto card 1/
My oldest has turned 13, so no longer eligible for free fare. Being semi-honest, we want to get him a #Presto do he can access #ttc as easily as me and my wife.
1st attempt: #YorkU station, go to info desk & ask for one - they only sell them at @ShopprsDrugMart ! WTF!? 2/
So the only place to buy a student #Presto is a chain pharmacy? Seriously?
2nd attempt: go to Shoppers, talk to cashier (BTW @ShopprsDrugMart screw your self-checkouts!). Cashier needs a #ttc student ID(!?) Nope, don’t have one of those. 3/
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My trouble right now with people like Mayor Tory and other, actual, reasonable voices, the Board of Trade, a handful of transit planning experts, telling us to settle down and approach the Doug Ford government in 'good faith' over its transit plans.

#onpoli #TOpoli
On every other front, Doug Ford has systematically gone to war with education, healthcare, increasing income and outcome inequality, the environment, the very nature of governance itself, yet with this, the transit file he's all about 'good faith' transit policy?

#onpoli #TOpoli
How do you arrive at the conclusion, I wonder? Do the math for me. Like every other policy initiative it's nothing but bluster and barking. And still your counsel is, Good faith. It's a good start. Give it a chance.

I don't understand why.

#onpoli #TOpoli
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I'm not sure trying to figure out Fords Transit Map is a good idea...but this is how it appears to run through the west end of Toronto... Along Queen to Bathurst, south on Bathurst to Fort York over or under the GO tracks through the Bentway to the Ex and then Ontario Place/1
(Sorry about the graphics) If you are spending billions on a subway why are there no stops between Osgoode & Ont Place, the line by-passes the Entertainment District, Liberty Village, City Place& Ft York. This line runs thru the densest neighbourhoods in Toronto. But NO stops!/2
It even by-passes the Island Airport (which I can live with!)...and as for construction, there is no way to build it without ripping up Queen and Bathurst (good bye streetcars)and buying tens of millions of dollars worth of property at Queen and Bathurst for the high spend turn/3
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I want to talk about what it's like to be the sibling of someone "unwanted" in society & the parent of a kid with #ASD. This is a thread about neuro disorders; how cruel society is; why parents of kids with #autism fight like they do and how this fighting impacts family dynamics.
My sister, Jen, is Developmentally and Mentally Delayed (DMD). She's 46. She is my parents' retirement. And my parents are tired. At 71 and 72, they spend each day ensuring Jen's mental, medical & physical needs are met. It's exhausting.
I am my mom's rock.
I listen to her cry.
I'm crying as I type this out because I feel so many people don't fully, nor want to understand why parents of #autistic kids are so angry at the government. My whole life has been spent watching my parents fight. Fight for inclusion. Fight for funding. Fight for support.
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At City Hall, following the Council debate on Housing Now. A thread:
Mayor @JohnTory is trying to suggest that adding any further restrictions on Housing Now (i.e. nonprofit involvement, rent control, deep affordability) will hurt our chances of getting good dvlp. Asks about "the market" #topoli
Tory is trying to tease out that we 'could' still get proposals that offer the things other Clrs & public want to see, & that Council could pick those applications. The current Housing Now plan is just a way to keep the process open #TOpoli
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1. It’s been a long time since affordable housing dominated a municipal election. But that is exactly what happened when mayoral challenger Jennifer Keesmaat took on John Tory for Toronto’s top job last October. #TOpoli #HousingCrisis
2. She ambitiously promised to create 100,000 new affordable rental units in 10 years, while the incumbent pledged to create a more modest but still impressive 40,000 new affordable rental units in 12 years.
3. The Mayor’s signature Open Door program launched in 2015 has never met the council-approved target of building 1,000 new affordable rental units per year. If Housing Now’s future success is predicated on the results of the Open Door program..
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Hey @m_layton if you were smart enough, instead of slamming the province, I'd work proactively with @MacLeodLisa to get those funds from the feds. Do we not have a homeless shelter crisis that needs solving? Your colleague @kristynwongtam has stated so. #topoli #onpoli #cdnpoli
As for you @TOAdamVaughan what exactly has your government done to reduce the numbers of illegals crossing the border? You know...the source of this problem? I recall the CBSA arresting a woman for human smuggling, but that's on the enforcement side. #topoli #onpoli #cdnpoli
The irony is @TOAdamVaughan, you could suggest to the Prime Minister to stop this problem by making Roxham Rd an official point of entry, thus stopping the flow...but all you do is tweet. #topoli #onpoli #cdnpoli
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Ford is right, his government has done more in the last 6 months than most. So, to celebrate, I thought we'd break down some of his "accomplishments." Are you ready? An #onpoli THREAD: (1/)
Lets start with Bill 47, the Making Ontario Open For Business Act. Ford has successfully gutted workers rights, given more power to corporations and the rich/powerful in Ontario, and prevented a crucially important $1 an hour wage increase from taking place. (2/)
The now famous Bill 5, of course, slashed #topoli's control over its own municipal elections, while also changing elected positions across the province to positions that Ford can appoint his buddies and campaign donors to. (3/)
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Gather round #TOpoli. This is a story of three Presto cards. Specifically, why I now have three Presto cards.
I recently broke my Presto card. It cracked while I was closing my umbrella to jump on a streetcar.
The driver was understanding, told me I could transfer what I had on the card to a new card, if I had it registered. I did.
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1/ Some more details on yesterday's #HousingNow Proposal by Mayor @JohnTory in #TOPoli.

Here's a Public-Map of the 11 Sites / 13 Addresses with Links to @_CreateTO - where available... #OpenData #OpenGov…
2/ ...most of these sites should be "As of Right" to build new HIGH-DENSITY Housing on what are now cheap/subsidixed Surface Parking-Lots near #TTC Stations - including new @CrosstownTO Stations in #TOPoli...and stations serviced by the new Vaughan extension...
3/ ...but in #TOPoli - the Deafult setting is "NO" - and Councillors have fought efforts to reduce CHEAP parking-spots at #TTC stations in the Past...…
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1. It’s important to be for something, and to not just litigate grievances.

I want to tell you why I support @jen_keesmaat for mayor.
@jen_keesmaat 2. I should first say that I worked alongside Jen for several years - my first planning job - at Office for Urbanism and DIALOG.
@jen_keesmaat 3. aside: Office for Urbanism (OU) was a small planning/urban design firm started by @jen_keesmaat, @aurbanist, and @haroldmadi in 2003.
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With Conrad Black defending Faith Goldy, here's a thread to revisit: #topoli #cdnpoli

The problem with Goldy goes beyond her white nationalism.
fwiw: she continues to count far-right extremists like Baked Alaska among her close friends
You are the company you keep.
Other conspiracies she had a direct hand in pushing: Pizzagate, Seth Rich, second shooter in the Quebec, Assad framed for war crimes
Re: her gleeful interview with then-leader of white nationalist org Identity Europa after he punched a woman in the face: If you're familiar with the alt-right, you get the wording here.
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Toronto my name is #28 in the Mayor column on your ballot.

They excluded me from Debates and tried to exclude me from being heard, but my name is on every ballot. every. ballot.

#TOpoli #electionTO #TORONTO #TOvote #voteTO #exlnTO #TOelxn #CommunityWellness #inclusion
#Ward1 Toronto my name is #28 on your ballot in the Mayor column.

They excluded me from Debates and tried to exclude me from being heard, but my name is on every ballot. every. ballot.

#TOpoli #electionTO #TORONTO #TOvote #voteTO #exlnTO #TOelxn #CommunityWellness #inclusion
#Ward2 Toronto my name is #28 on your ballot in the Mayor column.

They excluded me from Debates and tried to exclude me from being heard, but my name is on every ballot. every. ballot.

#TOpoli #electionTO #TORONTO #TOvote #voteTO #exlnTO #TOelxn #CommunityWellness #inclusion
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