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Apollo Health & Beauty, one of Doug Ford's biggest Customers at his DECO Labels and Packaging business, was one of the top suppliers of PPE for the Ontario Government, with over $62M in orders in 2020 alone.

(thread 🧵) Image

Doug Ford's relationship with Apollo Heath & Beauty goes back decades.

Rob Ford and Doug Ford were on hand to open Apollo's new facility in 2012, and they also got flagged with conflicts of interest for trying to lobby for tax breaks for Apollo at City Hall. ImageImage

As Premier, Doug Ford also had secret meetings with the CEO of Apollo Health & Beauty Image
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Bradford admits he has had beers in parks despite voting against it. OK.
He's worried about bad actors breaking bylaws (not "responsible adults"), despite him breaking the bylaw and his staffers being ok with dog owners letting their dogs go offleash in playgrounds (also bylaws breaking). Sounds like white man privilege to me.
@shawnmicallef This interview is insane! He keeps talking about bad actors but saying her has broken the bylaw himself more than once.
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We've seen the polls. Remember, those are almost always *province wide* polls.

We don't need to win province wide; we just need to win our ridings. And to do that, all we need to do is #UniteTheVote

But that means getting organized. Here's a thread🧵 of ways you can help:
First and foremost, if you're in #Toronto, you can pledge to #UniteTheVote behind the candidate best positioned to beat Ford's Conservatives in your riding.

To take the pledge, head to
If you're somewhere in the rest of #Ontario, you can help by amplifying our message. Follow this account, and join our amplification network on Twitter and Instagram - check here for instructions:
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.@m_layton asks @ BOH should masks be worn in schools? Dr. De Villa responds that masks in schools are provincial jurisdiction. Her advice is due to being in a period of high covid19 activity we should use all tools. She highly recommends masks in school. #topoli #onpoli #onted
.@m_layton asks why TPH doesn’t have the authority to impose masks in school? Dr. De Villa notes the province has made clear that schools are their purview. They have some leeway at a school level to impose masking.
.@KateMMulligan asks about the PHO report that suggests reimplementing mandatory mask mandates is recommended. What can TPH do and not do with respect to mask mandates? Dr. De Villa notes risk profile will go up and down going forward. Recommends masks now. #topoli
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1/"Home ownership can be an enabler and inhibitor of women’s “urban citizenship.” Applying a historical lens to current trends, it is important to question how these structures — both physical and social — impact women’s access to the city." #TOpoli… Image
2/"Housing is an important part of women’s “urban citizenship,” noted Mount Allison University Professor Leslie Kern in a 2005 study, and downtown condos can offer financial stability, proximity to services and amenities, and greater access to transit and jobs."
3/"In 2013, Toronto condo developer Tridel reported that one-third of its new units were purchased by single women. The growing number of single women buyers is sometimes referred to as the “pink mortgage” sector, and it has become a key driver of development."
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1/The war against apartment buildings was a war against women. "The citizens of Toronto the Good, however, strongly resisted apartment buildings, worried about property values & moral correctness." #TOpoli #onpoli
2/"They saw it as a very threatening form of development, much more so than residents of Montreal, New York or anywhere in Britain"
3/"They were called "women adrift." Single females, often from rural and small-town Ontario, who came to Toronto without any family in the early 20th century."
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Watching this now. Tune in! Will livetweet here. #topoli #onpoli
Tonight’s episode features @picardonhealth, @SabiVM and Dr. Peter Juni of @COVIDSciOntario. @picardonhealth and @SabiVM say it’s too soon to lift mask mandates. Easy to implement, cost effective, prevents future lockdowns. Dr. Juni says we need more data. #topoli #onpoli
Dr. Juni says we’re noticing increases in wastewater and other signals. Notes the lifting of mask mandates was too soon, done in the absence of supporting data. #topoli #onpoli
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All types of online slot tournaments have always enjoyed great popularity among casino players and for good reason - spinning the reels is fun but it’s so much more fun doing it to #TOpoli the leaderboard and add a nice #prize to your regular winnings.… Over the last few years, the basic concept has been further developed and diversified to embrace the greatest possible audience of punters and cater to various gambling styles and preferences.… There is more to it than the simplified division into buy-in contests and freerolls, therefore if you want to make the most of your time and money, read on to learn about different types of slot tourneys and races. Equipped with this knowledge,
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Peter Sloly resigns as Ottawa's police chief: Sloly's resignation comes as he's accused of bullying and volatile behaviour behind closed doors… #cdnpoli #onpoli #topoli #tocouncil
Sloly's resignation comes as sources tell CBC News he's been accused of bullying and volatile behaviour that has damaged relations with senior leadership and compromised the force's ability to cope with the truck protest.
Multiple sources have told CBC News that Sloly allegedly belittled and berated senior Ottawa Police Service officers in front of their colleagues, and has failed to put forward a solid operations plan to end the crisis.
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Liberal MPs like Chris Bittle want to brand the whole Toronto protest with this man.
I ran into him just before 6pm with protest supporters & opponents.
Both sides told him he was wrong & should leave.
The exchange was fascinating.
Then someone stole his sign & destroyed it.
The two men to my left who supported the protest said they were Jewish and asked the man if he knew how wrong he was. They also tried to ask why he was putting the message out there and if he understood how racist it was.
The woman to my right opposed the protest and this man.
She was also pleased to see everyone around this man telling him how wrong he was.
I honestly can’t tell you if this man is just a racist, a complete idiot or a plant.
He had trouble explaining why he was there and what he believed. He just kept pushing the website.
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There are a lot of people on here who are committed to removing exclusionary single family home (SFH) zoning in Toronto. Many of them say the it’ll bring down prices for homes.

There’s a lot of complicated economics on if that’s true.

We should still do it though… 🧵
First off, I think those who muddle and throw up issues around the economics of prices are obfuscating. Simply high demand and low supply equals high prices.

Folks who put up complications to this are usually coming from two places. One is fundamentally conservative, one not.
The conservative argument (usually called “NIMBYs”) is that the market is destructive and the state must regulate it to conserve things that people like a prefer.
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Will livetweet Minister Lecce's back to school presser, set to start 1:30, on this thread. You can tune in here: #topoli #onpoli #Onted
And we're 10 minutes late.
Minister Lecce up, thanks Dr. Moore. Acknowledges difficulty families are facing, notes that students should be in school. Pivots were required to ensure community safety. Confirms back to school on January 17th.
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It has been an honour and privilege to co-author this report on behalf of @svn_ap. If you are concerned about the need to comprehensively mitigate and adapt to climate change in the @cityoftoronto, please read this call to action and contact your City Councillor. #TOpoli
We are living in a crucial moment for action - climate change is on our doorstep, and we do not have a second to waste. In 2019, @cityoftoronto Council declared a climate emergency, and set a target of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2015, or sooner. #topoli
But progress has been limited, and we are not on track to meet that goal. TransformTO, the @cityoftoronto's climate change strategy, and recently been updated with a number of urgent actions to get us on the path to net zero by 2040. #TOpoli
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Great listening to @DavidElfstrom and @DFisman discuss the airborne nature of #covid19. CO2 meters are a great way to monitor whether an intervention is needed. #topoli #onpoli
Great to hear that @agotoronto has phenomenal ventilation (like breathing outdoor air, says @DFisman). It protects painting, and it protects us!
.@DFisman notes the Ontario chief medical officer of health needs to show leadership and declare this virus is airborne. It will save lives. #onpoli
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#ONpoli #TOpoli

THREAD of the most powerful people in Ontario right now (try and spot the trend)

1) Doug Ford - white guy who inherited wealth and political connections from father

2) John Tory - white guy who inherited massive wealth and political connections from father
#ONpoli #TOpoli

most powerful people in Ontario, continued:

3) Erin O'Toole - white guy who inherited political connections from father

4) Edward Rogers - white guy who inherited massive wealth and political connections from father
#ONpoli #TOpoli

most powerful people in Ontario, continued:

5) Galen Weston - white guy who inherited massive wealth and political connections from father

6) Degasperis, Cortellucci, and other developer families - massive multi-generational wealth and political connections
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#ONpoli #TOpoli

A couple of weeks from now, Doug Ford restarts his French classes with an assignment on "Le Petit Prince", but quits after he just can't get past the chapter with "Le Buveur" because there's nothing wrong with just having a couple of pops. Image

Doug Ford's next French assignment is to watch Un Ananas on Telefrancais, but Ford quits that too because he's concerned that Ananas immigrated from Central America and is on the Dole. Image

As October 31st approaches, Doug Ford's French class has to learn the "C'est l'halloween" song, but Doug has a tough time with the lyrics - he pronounces it "Mulroney" for some reason. Image
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Ontario’s government is forcing cities to put density near transit. But Toronto planning is pushing back. This week they explain why density targets aren’t feasible in 11 station areas, including this one 1/… #topoli #onpoli
The city calls for 85 jobs and people per hectare, 45% of the province’s target, because this area has too much green space 2/
In fact the area looks like this. There’s a parking lot across the street owned by a developer. The city and local councillor @JayeRobinson are actively fighting a development there. 3/
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1/ A result of this decision by @UHN, some people have been withdrawing their organ donation consent in protest - given the ongoing campaign by the pro-lockdown lobby to demonize unvaccinated people.

This thread discusses the procedure in Ontario.

#TOpoli #ONpoli #cdnpoli #UHN
2/ To check if you are registered as an organ donor in Ontario, go to Service Ontario link below and follow instructions set out below.…

#TOpoli #ONpoli
3/ You can withdraw a previous organ donor consent in Ontario at any time at Service Ontario link below.

Click on "Register, Check or Update".…

#TOpoli #ONpoli
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Canada has no "national popular vote". It's an American idea for their flawed presidential election process. We don't directly elect our PM. Here the PM is the leader of the party with the most seats. A thread to explain. 1/
#MediaWatch #Elxn44 #Cdnpoli #Onpoli #Topoli #Toronto
American presidents are elected via archaic Electoral College system. Complicated but it basically gives states voting rights, not people. Last few GOP presidents won office but lost based on how many voted directly for them - the "popular" vote. Not relevant to our system. 2/
The other American scheme that is critical to know when weaponizing the "popular" vote, is America has a political duopoly, just two parties from inception. In this election Canada had 4 significant parties (LPC/CPC/NDP/BQ) and 2 lesser ones (Greens/PPC). So in America, 3/
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1/10 🧵#CDNpoli #Bolton #Elxn44

While you were sleeping, a number of serious developments have occurred surrounding the intimidation & violence that shutdown Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau's campaign events in Ontario

Please see what follows for details #DevelopingStory Image
2/10 🧵#CDNpoli #Elxn44

Conservative campaigners were implicated in #Bolton, heckling obscenities & intimidating @JustinTrudeau as well as Liberal Party supporters. For security reasons the event had to be cancelled & these partisan provocateurs were caught on CPAC video Image
3/10 🧵#CDNpoli #Bolton #Elxn44

Conservative candidate Kyle Seeback has taken responsibility for his rogue staff, apologized, & fired them

But additional details have come to light since this mea culpa was provided Image
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Tl;dr - Compared to US news outlets, Canadian corporate media ignored the IPCC's "Code Red" warning on runaway climate change. Why? A good analysis by @seanmholman in @TheTyee #bcpoli #cdnpoli… #fracking #LNG #SiteC
@seanmholman @TheTyee .."many of [Canada's] biggest newspapers seem to care less about global warming than their counterparts in the United States, on the eve of an election that will determine the country’s future action on #climatechange." @seanmholman on media and #cdnpoli #IPCC
@seanmholman @TheTyee .."At the 10 largest circulation newspapers in the United States... eight ...devoted between four and 30 per cent of their front pages to the IPCC #ClimateChange report. But a much different approach was taken north of the border."
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WTF? Did Toronto police do a shift change to beat on protestors and homeless people for 8 hours, or is this just overtime?

#ToRe #Toronto

Thanks, 🇨🇦.

Your country is a lot safer now that this peaceful housing activist was pummeled with a baton while on the ground.

#Toronto #ToRe
TL;DR How Toronto treats anyone discussing the housing crisis.

#TOpoli #ToRe
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Rapid Fact Check
The City of Toronto put out this press release early this morning.
Not surprisingly, it is full of lies and misleading statements.
Here is a quick breakdown:…
LIE: “In 2020, Toronto Fire Services responded to 253 fires in encampments.”
It was “fire events” which include false alarms and pre-fire conditions.…
Misleading/LIE: “As of June 21, there have been 114 fire incidents at encampments this year, including nine in the past week.” This includes false alarms. False alarms are the antithesis of “incidents.”
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