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Let's play Six Degrees of Kevin Putin

Pelosi said to Trump "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Mike Pence - Manafort - Deripaska - Putin
Don Jr - Torshin - Putin
Sean Hannity - Firtash - Putin
#MoscowMitch McConnell - Deripaska - Putin
Bill Barr - Deripaska - Putin

#GOPTraitors Image
Let's play
6 Degrees of Kevin Putin

Pelosi to Trump "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Mike Pompeo - Rybolovlev - Putin
Jared Kushner - Veselnitskaya - Putin #LeningradLindsey - Deripaska - Putin
Rudy Giuliani - Firtash - Putin
Rand #RedPaul - Kilimnik - Putin
#PutinWarCriminal Image
Lets play

6 Degrees of Kevin Putin

Pelosi to Trump: "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Steve Mnuchin - Blavatnik - Putin
Wayne Lapierre - Butina - Torshin - Putin
Tucker Carlson - Deripaska - Putin
Ivanka Trump - Rybolovlev- Putin
Eric Trump - Closet - Lost

#IStandWithUkraine Image
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BREAKING: LIZ Cheney SLAMS Republicans who endorsed Trump for president-
“Trump is embracing a J6 Defendant who called for the execution of members of Congress...You are endorsing his conduct on Jan 6th and every day since.” #NeverTrump Image
It was a response to Donald Trump embracing a Jan. 6 defendant at a diner during a campaign stop last night:…
For the sake of our democracy, #TraitorTrump must never set foot in the WH again.

If you love our work and want to support our work of fighting back against MAGA, please buy us Coffee here:
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Donald Trump just called for the “termination” of the United States Constitution.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Donald Trump, his allies, and his supporters are a clear and present danger to American democracy.
Retired conservative Judge J. Michael Luttig: Donald Trump and his allies are a ‘clear and present danger’ to American democracy
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This article is way too long to repeat here, but the breadth of her knowledge & expertise on 🇷🇺& Putin is fascinating— its a must read! Give her ALL the jobs!

Pertinent parts follow. I use abbreviations & emojis when poss to save character space.…
2/…If Putin wants Ukrainian territory so badly, why is he raining down such destruction on civilian areas & committing so many human rights abuses in occupied areas?

Hill: This is punishment, but also perverse redevelopment.
3/You cow ppl into submission, destroy what they had & all their links to their past & their old lives, & then make them into something new &, thus, yours. Destroy 🇺🇦 & Ukrainians. Build New 🇷🇺 & create Russians. Its brutal but also a hallmark of imperial conquest.
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Material on a foreign nation’s nuclear capabilities was seized at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago ‼️…
REMINDER: FBI agents were looking for any classified documents relating to nuclear weapons. Trump had said: “Nuclear weapons issue is a Hoax, just like Russia, Russia, Russia was a Hoax, two Impeachments were a Hoax, the Mueller investigation was a Hoax, and much more.”
🔥The KEY is that the FBI were looking for the nuclear documents at Mar a Lago. Think about that for a minute. #TrumpTreason #TraitorTrump
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🔥Trump will soon be indicted because he admitted guilt to a crime that he was not even accused of‼️Trump was trumped by the Feds. 🙌…
Trump assumed agents were looking for classified materials that they’d allege he criminally possessed. His assumptions were based on his gut instinct and not on a analysis of the law. Hence, his public boast that he declassified the formerly classified documents he took with him.
🙌Trump misread and underestimated the Feds. Trump did them a favor. Feds must prove for any of the 3 crimes that Trump KNEW he had the docs. The favor he did was admit to
that when he boasted that they were no longer
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The Republican Party is complicit in the biggest breach of national security in U.S. history.
A reminder of who the person is that this party has decided to defend to their last breath: The biggest traitor in American history.
Every time Trump had a choice between standing with the United States and our allies vs. standing with our worst enemies, he chose our enemies. Every. Single. Time.
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This short video is required viewing for anyone who wants to understand what the search at Mar-a-Lago means in the *real* world of espionage and national security.

@BeauTFC is always, always on point.

#TraitorTrump #Tre45on #TrumpRaid
And as for the storage room being next to the pool, I get it. When I first heard about the basement search, I thought of the fact the complex is at sea level (on a very narrow isthmus) in a Cat 5 hurricane zone. It could easily be flooded, with TS/SCI docs floating around.
There's two aspects to this. Criminal negligence in allowing SCI documents to be vulnerable to (additional) theft. Criminal intent in having them available for sale to our enemies. Transactions can be cash and/or in-kind. He already sold 39 M innocent Afghanis to the Taliban...
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What should be Trump punishment? All this:

To have extraordinarily long life with
-Sentence of life + 1,137 years (eligible for parole in 882)
-Cellmate Pence reading the Bible at him every damned day
-No internet
-Only 1 hr of TV daily: MSNBC tuned to Maddow
How should Trump End 2/
(in prison)

Prison means a healthier life

No cheeseburgers
No ketchup
No Diet Coke
No McDonalds
No orange makeup
No tanning booth
No long hair (That Thing that nests on his head will be shaved off)
No Adderall
No Cocaine
No Depends
No golf

The Trump end 3/
(in prison)

Healthier lifestyle
Vegetables (I'd love to have them feed Goya beans to him every stinking day. The aroma in his prison cell would be epic)
Government-provided healthcare
No fake doctor notes
Regular check-ups
No phone calls to Hannity
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Middlemen Thread/1

As Trump Mar-A-Lago raid by FBI was about nuclear secrets, Trump is too dumb to comprehend such documents. He would rather eat them (with ketchup). Trump stole our secrets to sell them. To foreigners

This thread looks at likely Trumpomobsters
Middlemen Thread/2

The obvious first target is Putin. If so, the obvious middleman is Russian General Mike Flynn, a convicted traitor who was pardoned by Trump and recruited to join the January 6th attempted coup d'etat

Flynn may be involved
Middlemen Thread/2

Obvious second target is Saudi. Trump's obvious primary contact is Bone Saw Boy Jared, but also the failed Pom-Pom Girl, Felicity Pomposity was selling America to Saudis. And Pompeo has recently been singing to Jan 6th Committee. Rat get your tongue?
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My first 'serious' reaction to the nuclear bombshell news about #TraitorTrump

This opens my 6th path. Yes. This will now be the 6th certain path to take Trump to prison for life (each separate & certain convictions)

Is POSSIBLY his most serious crime. Could face death penalty
We will know much more after we see the search warrant. Hopefully we see it today or early next week. If this is the subject matter, and Trump initially said yes release it, I believe judge will ok to unseal it, even if Trump suddenly says no no no, I do not want it unsealed
Why Path 6? Conviction? This is why 'certain' and 'life sentence'

Trump was CAUGHT holding government docs including top secret docs earlier this year, when National Archives retrieved 15 boxes from Mar-A-Lago. We know THAT crime HAPPENED

But it gets FAR WORSE
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Dear MSM:

I want to know how purportedly the DEMS are facing more pressure over the conservative Judges who 🤥 to get their stolen seats on SCOTUS overturning #RoeVWade than the #rethuglicans who by🪝or by crook put them there? This some straight up BS! #11thHour #bodyautonomy
2/ #MoscowMitch & his gang of thugs stole those seats right out from under us & the so-called protest voters in 2016 started this ball rolling along w #TraitorTrump & 🇷🇺 who interfered not only in 2016 but also in 2020 elections. TFG sycophants downplayed Russian involvement
3/in both elections. They purposefully withheld info, changed intel reporting & watered down election info & the IG found DHS altered reports on Russian interference in 2020 election in part because of politics.…
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Welp, the reason TFG picked “JD Vance” was bec he “fit Central Casting” “he had a 'beautiful'🏌️‍♀️swing & was a 'handsome son of a b---'."

TFG decided to pick Vance out of a lineup of candidates -- all of whom were falling all over themselves to win the his backing.

2/We got a glimpse into TFG's true 🤔 in a Politico story published Tuesday night. Here's the key bit:

"While his rivals relentlessly pursued TFG's all-important endorsement w repeated trips to Mar-a-Lago, Vance kept his distance after an early mtg —
3/& ultimately won over the image-focused TFG anyway, w him privately telling Vance he had a 'beautiful' golf swing and was a 'handsome son of a b---'."

Yup. That's it.

Central casting!

Analysis: The insane -- but true! -- reason JD Vance is now favored to become a US senator
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@SeananHerrick @LisaRoxy7519 @MacFarlaneNews @FaceTheNation I think it was a general consensus that the security protocols were in place 2 protect the Capitol. What wasn't known was how many within the system of 🇺🇸Govt, meant 2 protect 🇺🇸Govt institutions; were actually participants in the weakening of protections. Congress members,SCOTUS
@SeananHerrick @LisaRoxy7519 @MacFarlaneNews @FaceTheNation Justice, thru his wife, & 3 other Justices by association w/groups & orgs that financed & helped organize the #coup attempt. Then there's the Executive Branch that was infested w/#Traitors ! As 🇺🇸ppl trusted that 🇺🇸Govt institutions wld keep #TraitorTrump in ✅; 🇺🇸ppl trusted the
@SeananHerrick @LisaRoxy7519 @MacFarlaneNews @FaceTheNation security institutions 2protect the Capitol during certification. Another aspect of this is; it was common public knowledge that #TrumpCrimeSyndicate was seeking 2 use any actions from Biden/Harris/🇺🇸Govt supporters 2 declare martial law. When the Trump rally was announced Jan6th;
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26 years old. Think about that.…
Trump Lied, People died. Donny's vote steal/riot idea has been linked to 5 deaths, 140 officers injured, 17 still unable to work with taxpayer cost to investigate and prosecute. There have been four suicides by Capitol Police who were at the event.…
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Let's play
Six Degrees of Kevin Putin

Pelosi to Trump "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Mike Pence - Manafort - Deripaska - Putin
Don Jr - Torshin - Putin
Bill Barr - Deripaska - Putin
Sean Hannity - Firtash - Putin
#MoscowMitch McConnell - Deripaska - Putin

Let's play:

Six Degrees of Kevin Putin
Pelosi to Trump "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Mike Pompeo - Rybolovlev - Putin
Jared Kushner - Veselnitskaya - Putin
Rand #RedPaul - Kilimnik - Putin
#LeningradLindsey - Deripaska - Putin
Rudy Giuliani - Firtash - Putin

Let's play

Six Degrees of Kevin Putin
Pelosi to Trump: "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Steve Mnuchin - Blavatnik - Putin
Wayne Lapierre - Butina - Torshin - Putin
Tucker Carlson - Deripaska - Putin
Ivanka Trump - Rybolovlev- Putin
Eric Trump - Closet - Lost

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‼️Trump’s lies that the vote was “rigged” sparked a campaign to terrorize election officials—especially @GOP in #Georgia who refuted Trump’s lies—with threats of hanging, firing squads, torture and bomb blasts.


Tricia Raffensperger—wife of @GaSecofState Brad Raffensperger—received multiple threatening texts:

“You and your family will be killed very slowly.”
“We plan for the death of you and your family every day.”
“Somebody in your family is going to have a very unfortunate incident.”
In November, the Raffenspergers went into hiding for nearly a week after intruders broke into the home of their widowed daughter-in-law. That night, Oath Keepers—a RW terrorist group that supports Trump’s bid to overturn the election—were found outside the Raffenspergers’ home.🤬
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Unity is first & foremost responsibility

Have you EVER seen a responsible #racist?

Americans view the unfolding events as internal affairs

They forgot - the US gov aggressively promoted globalization & insisted on being the leader of the "free world"


The world agreed & was rewarded with a shock

B4 #Trump, many "flaws" of the system were not obvious

#TraitorTrump exposed them all

- the system of C&B is dangerously unreliable
- human life is worthless
- unprecedented #corruption
- #DoubleStandards

#NoJusticeNoPeace ➡️

#Biden should've restored #RuleOfLaw b4 talking about unity - he put the cart b4 the horse

#JoeBiden's unity
- turned #racism into a political stance
- let #GOPTraitors off the hook
- reduced #RuleOfLaw to nothing
- "inspired" #CorruptGOP & it's base

#NoJusticeNoPeace ➡️
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Y’all need to read this entire article! The video itself is insane! He shows pics of Dem leaders “causing wars” & being in control for decades but completely ignores fact #rethuglicans started every war EVER! & #moscowmitch has bn in Senate for 30 yrs!…
2/The video begins with Trump’s eyes in the shadow, & its 2nd frame focuses the audience on the Capitol building – America’s Reichstag, where the decisions being denounced by the rally’s organizers were being made that day. The third frame of the video is the Hollywood sign in LA
3/This image immediately directs attn of an audience attuned to an American fascist ideology to the supposedly elite class of Jews who, according to this ideology, control Hollywood. Appearance of the Hollywood sign makes no other sense in context of a short video abt an election
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Wow, y’all watching #inners ? FFS! #TraitorTrump is THE most corrupt politician EVER! Trump plotted w the head of the Civil division at DOJ Clark, concocted a plan to oust Acting AG Rosen in order to FORCE the GA DA to void the election & say Trump won! JFC! This was on Jan 3
3/Jeffrey Clark, had been devising ways to cast doubt on the election results & to bolster Trump’s continuing legal battles & the pressure on GA politicians. Bec Rosen had refused the president’s entreaties to carry out those plans, Trump was abt to decide whether to fire Rosen
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1/ #CapitolRiots fueled by #AlexJones’ propaganda.

Alex Jones paid $500K organize the event, admits he was directed by #Trump to lead the crowd to the Capitol.

.@FBI Pls Investigate Free Speech System’s & Trump’s communications, donors & pre-election funding of infowars.
2/ .@FBI please investigate. My kids were taken away for countermanding defamation & because I spoke out against infowars, which I used to own. Pls investigate due process violations in D-1-FM-15-005030 & official oppression to silence anti-Trump speech.
3/.@FBI investigate why Alex Jones’ DUI charge was dismissed w out trial and all Travis Co rulings to protect him, investigations not pursued by DA and (indicted) AG for racketeering, perjury. Investigate $6500 donation to judge prior to order entry...
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When you take an oath to serve and defend the Constitution, that doesn’t include doing the bidding of a defeated president.

Our democracy is stronger than Donald Trump’s enablers.

The vote of the people will prevail.

#TraitorTrump #serveanddefend
Many thanks to true defenders of our Constitution: @carbajalsalud, @MikieSherrill, @AnthonyBrownMD4, @ElaineLuriaVA, @kaikahele, @JasonCrowCO6, @JakeAuch
Please help us continue to uplift the voices of veterans and military families:…
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